Biti charade gone to the dogs

HARARE - There must be a limit to everything, or a stage where someone must draw the line, even when there is a lot at stake.

Because, some extents of hitting into the dark eventually erode everything, including the remaining little things one could salvage.

So Tendai Biti and his colleagues retired to bed last night after probably having watched some World Cup football, and, deliberately lying to themselves, blatantly and quite bizzarely.

They were saying to themselves something like, “so tomorrow we are going to stage another charade”, then, went on to hug or kiss their wives, or girlfriends, look themselves in the mirror — some admiring their healthy looking frames, while others shrank at skeletal images they beheld — before slipping into crispy white sheets, or something like that.

They woke up again, all set and determined to stage another farcical charade.

Biti and company claimed to have set a hearing for MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Not that Tsvangirai can’t be brought before such processes, but, even the dogs and cats at Biti and his colleagues’ homes now know that there is simply nothing of that sort in their series of hallucinations.

It is clear that the Biti group just can’t even talk to Tsvangirai for a single minute, but insists on the obvious gimmicks of virtual foolishness.

The Biti group have spent five months virtually staging such gimmicks — at very huge cost.

Here is why.

By pretending to have the capacity and opportunity to do what is just impossible, the MDC rebels have consistently reinforced three theories.

First, that they are desperately staging a charade, on the leash and pushed by hidden hands.

There has now been enough to reveal the direction of the hidden hands, and I find that of Zanu PF to be exerting much influence on the Biti group.

Secondly, by staging the endless episodes of charades, the Biti group is openly parading to the world the reality of their foolishness, self delusion and even hypocrisy — which has become their identity in the view of the same people for which the gimmicks are staged.

It is pure foolishness to switch on the stove, put a pot full of water to boil while singing “we are cooking” when there is not even a single grain of rice or anything else in the house.

Lastly, Biti and company are shooting themselves in the head by demonstrating to their handlers and funders, repeatedly, that they are just staging a charade.

There were some backers and funders that had genuinely hoped for credible leadership “renewal” mission to be attempted by the Biti group.

They are cringing at the horror of charades such as a claimed “hearing” on Tsvangirai, which virtually doesn’t exist.

Then, had it not been for the ample evidence showing that the Biti group rather has other missions, far removed from what they have been purporting, we would be wondering whether any people would take them seriously.

Because, the same Biti has been telling the few listening to him that, as he acts the Tsvangirai “hearing”, he is also “forming another party” or “working with Zanu PF”.

As well as, probably still shopping for Jacob Zuma’s whisky to take the charade to him.

But, even in their mission of destroying Tsvangirai and the MDC, the Biti group shall have their sponsors and handlers very livid and exasperated, because, this is a charade gone to the dogs. - Nehanda Radio

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Very true, I have never seen such a foolish Lawyer like Biti.Musoro wake wakadhakwa, he can`t even explain himself kuti anomboda kuitei .Maybe akamboindwa naye to Ngomahuru they will say something.

Gustavo - 20 June 2014

I just can't help remembering the true story of the great Abraham Lincoln who lost several elections before he became one of the greatest US presidents. Let the educated BITI&CO form their own party & leave MDC-T to be led by the uneducated. Sure,we don't need anyone in BITI's camp. We have a serious&committed leadership in our MDC-T.

Gurukushwa - 20 June 2014

Forward with leadership renewal chete

Nyamhangambiri - 20 June 2014

The 'hidden hand' had no intention of letting the Biti camp win this one. The idea was to (i) create a permanent split in MDC-T and (ii) weakening both faction by dividing its ledaership, so that the leaders would spend more of their time fighting fot supporters, influence and assets. Both targets have been achieved.

machakachaka - 23 June 2014

Only now can MDC Shit see that Biti is a fool simply because he revealed the truth. Leave ZANU alone nokuti Mandel gathering was Mudhosvo people only. Chidembo chikasura pachitsiga hanzi chitsiga ndiwe wanhuwa! Foolishness by Nelson Chamisa and Company.

Chasura - 23 June 2014

Biti is one big scum of the earth and an imbecilely.He thinks student politics is national politics and to bad mouth MT thinking that he can hoodwink the generality of Zimbabweans is quite perplexing. As a learned lawyer from the highly reputable school of law in Zimabwe he should know better.

aluta continua - 23 June 2014

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