Mixed responses to rapists' death sentence

BULAWAYO - Debate has been raging over what penalty best suits rapists amid concerns that courts have been lenient.

First Lady Grace Mugabe has suggested that men who rape young girls should be beheaded because they have no place in a normal society.

Daily News reporter Dereck Nyathi took to the streets of Bulawayo to glean citizens’ views on what they think the law should do to ensure offenders get a clear message to curb swingeing rape cases. 

Moria Mabaso, 25.

“I support the idea that rapists should be beheaded as most of the victims are young girls who risk HIV infection and enduring life-long trauma.

“Rapists should be given a death penalty because what they do is as good as destroying a young girl’s life. I agree with what Grace Mugabe said because how can a father rape his own daughter?

“Government should not hesitate to introduce harsher sentences. Why should they be allowed to enjoy prison life? They deserve the death penalty.”

Jimmy Ndlovu, 21

“Men who rape are a shame and they should be executed for their wild behaviour. I have seen a lot of articles in newspapers where old men of about 60 years are raping six-year-olds.

“Sentencing that kind of person to a mere 15 years in jail is a travesty. It is unfair for the victim who could have been infected with the deadly HIV virus and pregnant at a very young age.

“I agree with Grace Mugabe, rapists should be sentenced to death.

“A lot of kids have been affected at school. Some commit suicide after they get raped, their lives change totally.”

Bridget Nyoni

“No one is perfect in this world and I don’t agree with the idea of rapists being beheaded because some people rape driven by primitive cultural beliefs.

“Someone visits a traditional healer and he is told if he wants to be cured of whatever disease he should sleep with a minor. The point is, not everyone rapes intentionally.

“It is funny how people would come up with ideas of killing rapists, when they ignore massive corruption that happens in the country.

“They should call for beheading power-hungry people’ who get rich at the expense of other people.”

Melisa Phiri, 23.

“If rapists are beheaded they would simply die without feeling any pain therefore the government is right when they slap them with lengthy prison sentences.

“Rapists should not be sentenced to death but should be slapped with life in prison so that they work hard there and feel the pain that they would have caused their victims. They should be left to suffer in prison until they die there.”

Comments (22)

Castration might be more appropriate for this crime?

Penny - 17 June 2014

The same sentence should be given to those who make false claims then. There are some who take advantage of the position of the government about gender equality and abuse that advantage by making false claims just to fix men. WHAT DO WE DO TO THOSE?

Mafirakureva - 17 June 2014

What about women who are raping men? Vonzwii? Ndava ndovakanyanya kuwandaka?

fairtalk - 17 June 2014

I agree with Grace Mugabe, death sentence is the way to go. it should be made as painful as ever. They shouldnt enjoy our taxes vachidya havo varere mu prison. Lets think of the girl child, the trauma, the destroyed life, these man dont have a place in this world.

chingasiyeni - 17 June 2014

Innocent until proven gulity lets behead those who created this tough environment munoitwa zvese zvese

protestor - 17 June 2014

I don't think we should put a blanket and say all rapist should be sentenced to death by whatever method. We need to realise that some people commit rape as a result of mental health sicknesses . I would suggest the courts/police do thorough investigations that would rule-out any mental health issues especially for those who rape minors. I know of someone who was sentenced to several years in prison for rape only to be released after spending a few years behind bars following a review of his case after the woman had been caught bragging that if men don't pay her for sex she would report them for rape as she did to the gentleman who was in prison.. What I am saying is that lets not condemn anyone reported for rape but let every case be onsidered on its merits.

matombo - 17 June 2014

Be-heading? Zimbabwe is not a blooming Islamic fundamentalist state. What about if the accusation is false? They should serve a long sentence. What about 70-year olds who marry 40-year olds, what do we do with them!

Rejoice Ngwenya - 17 June 2014

i agree with bridget, there are people who are committing serious economic crimes which are crippling the economy and the entire nation but are left free .their crimes are tantamount to treason but they are not even arrested,if a government is swindled millions worth of diamonds and nothing is done to the officials involved. which is worse destroying the livelihood of the entire nation and someone later accused of rape after failing to meet the payment of sex. men of this country must stand up and fight this idea because women are now settling their old scores which took place during the liberation struggle where they were promised marriages which in most cases never materialised.rape of cause its a very serious crime but should be thoroughly investigated

kabila - 17 June 2014

What is going on with people today. zvimwe zvacho zvinorwadza. huipi hwawanda zvedi .hazvinzwisisike

zvinorwadza - 17 June 2014

Lets have a referendum on castration. Its the only answer

imbganyoro - 18 June 2014

The rape death sentence case will be abused by women or men would would want to settle thier domestic problem by false claims of rape. This is hard fact that should not be ignored.

gweje - 18 June 2014

when those that murder are sent to jail then you propose death sentence for rape its illogical. yes rape is cruel but death sentence is too much.. talk of castration or cutting of the manhood.

thulani - 18 June 2014

While as much as I agree that harsher sentences should be given to offenders especially considering the gravity of the case.How can a 60 year old rape a 3 year old.My feeling is that if it is of ritual purposes then the whitchdoctor should also dance to the tune.In most cases you will find the nganga telling the culprit that if they need any cure of some sort,they should then act in such a diabolical manner.Those people should also be executed.

TOM - 18 June 2014

the solution is both party should suffer women and men for raping what ever size or age to be he-headed.

somnhle linga - 18 June 2014

I would support castration, because the perpetrator will see the ladies, long for them, but will never do anything to them. That would be a very befitting punishment.

Jasper Bruno - 18 June 2014

oh what a controvesual issue but if you say rapist must be beheaded , it must happen to both and woman cause woman thinks that only men are rapist. if it is regardless of gender am to buy an idea of death sentence

munhu - 18 June 2014

i think rapist especially of minors should definitely be beheaded. izvi zvemamarried women and mvana dzinoreporter rapecases coz havana kubhadharwa or what, is something which should be investigated properly, but varume navakadzi ngavafe kana vabhinya anyone below 16 weduwe. they deserve kuuraiwa chaiko

tobaiwa - 18 June 2014

For conclusive cases of rape where its proved beyond doubt that the perpetrator have abused a minor, lets have the manhood removed, but if its involving adults I think the current jail terms are fine. I do not believe in one human being taking away another human being's life for whatever reason.

Gudo - 18 June 2014

With this in mind,and the law is the law,pastors,political leaders & any other perpetrators alike of the offence(women included because its not only a young girl who's life is scarred after being raped)should face the axe am i right?

Do Us A Favor - 19 June 2014

viva i am for it 100% if you rape you must die ,with the number of woman that are there on this earth why would you sleep with a baby or force urself on some1 who is saying no?

roy - 19 June 2014

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