Mujuru faction after Moyo's head

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s unrestrained attacks on Information minister Jonathan Moyo reveal a dramatic shift in the balance of power in Zanu PF, with vice president Joice Mujuru’s faction earning the president’s ear, analysts have said.

The “nucleus” of the plot is inside a faction headed by Mujuru, which is baying for Moyo’s blood claiming he is using the State media to antagonise the faction led by the Vice President in their battle to succeed the 90-year-old Mugabe.

Mugabe reportedly met Moyo on Monday but details of their one-on-one showdown remained a mystery while members of the Mujuru faction are reportedly putting pressure on the veteran Zimbabwe leader to push out the Information minister.

Yesterday, Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, who is believed to be a member of the Mujuru faction, piled more pressure on Moyo.

Asked by the Daily News if he knew the outcome of the Mugabe/Moyo meeting, Gumbo said: “I have not been briefed and as such I know nothing about the meeting,” he said.

Questioned if the party was cracking the whip on Moyo, Gumbo said: “It is the prerogative of the politburo and the President to rein in divisive elements. The issue will be discussed in the politburo and if action needs to be taken, it will be taken.

“But the president was very clear that he was not happy with some members who are trying to divide the party. The president emphasised that we should remain united and concentrate on service delivery. He made it clear that he was unhappy about some divisive elements and that party members should promote unity.”

As the saga rages on, the country’s military said the army had not approached the country’s leadership to save Moyo from being expelled.

Air Force of Zimbabwe commander, Air Marshal Perrance Shiri, refuted media reports that Moyo had rushed to their hierarchy seeking to forestall his expulsion from Zanu PF.

Shiri told State TV yesterday: “As military, we have been schooled into understanding that the gun does not command the party, but the party does command the gun. We do not interfere in the politics of Zanu PF, we only get involved in politics when the country is under external threat.”

No-nonsense zanu PF administration secretary, Didymus Mutasa declined to comment on Mugabe’s meeting with Moyo.

“Mwana wangu, (my son) I cannot give you a comment,” Mutasa told the Daily News.

“All matters to do with the president, you speak to Charamba (George). He is the best person to answer your question whether the president met with minister Moyo.”

Charamba was not picking up his mobile yesterday.

While Moyo could not be reached for comment yesterday, as his mobile phone went unanswered the whole day, he has in the past insisted that he does not belong to the faction reportedly led by Emmerson Mnangagwa, which is also angling to succeed Mugabe.

But the Mujuru faction insists that he belongs to the Mnangagwa faction and have prepared dossiers against Moyo which they believe will also weaken the rival faction or those whom they believe to be working with the Information minister.

They reportedly prepared a dossier nailing Moyo, whose contents enraged Mugabe that he savaged the 57-year-old minister for two consecutive days.

“Don’t plant seeds of division,” Mugabe said at Nathan Shamuyarira’s funeral at the Heroes Acre.

Earlier on Friday, Mugabe described Moyo as divisive and “the devil incarnate”, who sacked hardworking and loyal editors at State-owned newspapers and replacing them with opposition sympathisers.

Mutasa at the weekend told party youths in Mutare that a strong chemical was needed to kill weevils in the party.

Mujuru and Mnangagwa are seen as the two major protagonists leading the race to succeed 90-year-old Mugabe. And as the party hurtles towards a crucial congress scheduled for December, stakes are in favour of the VP, who has received a boost by Mugabe’s blistering attack on Moyo.

A Mujuru faction member yesterday said they had prepared “deadly” ammunition against Moyo.

Said a Mujuru faction member yesterday: “The dossier presented at the politburo was worked out over time and it details Moyo’s involvement in destabilising the party from within. There were a number of issues which angered President Mugabe including this Jukwa scandal, and Moyo’s previous fights with top Zanu PF and government officials.

“Do you think it’s a coincidence that in the past Moyo fought vicious battles with both late vice Presidents, Joseph Msika and John Nkomo, Nathan Shamuyarira, the late General Solomon Mujuru and even the president himself when he was expelled from the party.

“And in the few months he has been in Cabinet, he has fought with everyone including Vice President Mujuru, Cde Mutasa, Gideon Gono, Obert Mpofu, the police, Temba Mliswa and others. Is it a coincidence that Jonathan (Moyo) has fought with the three vice presidents?” charged the Mujuru faction member.

But analysts said Mugabe’s attacks were a ploy to divert attention from real issues.

Pedzisai Ruhanya, the director of the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI), said Mugabe’s attack on Moyo was redolent with tribal connotations.

“His (Mugabe’s  attacks are in bad taste and should not be taken seriously,” Ruhanya said. “People should not lose focus to the glaring fact that Mugabe and the authoritarian system he constructed for 34 years are the national problem, not Moyo.

“Mugabe could be accused of trying to promote Zezuru hegemony in Zanu PF. These tribal fault lines will haunt Zanu PF in this succession issue. Why is Mugabe parroting the Joice Mujuru rants against Moyo?”

Mnangagwa comes from the Midlands, a predominantly Karanga-speaking region, while Mujuru, like Mugabe, are both from the Zezuru ethnic group.

Alex Magaisa, the former advisor to ex-prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai and a political analyst, said Mugabe is singing from the same hymn book with Mujuru, but warned that the faction should not sit on its laurels because Moyo was plotting a comeback.

“Now Mugabe is speaking the same language with Mujuru, accusing Moyo of being a weevil, we know the modus operandi of a weevil is to drill and consume the inside of a seed, Mugabe is using the same script. This suggests that the Mujuru faction has scored big against their rival faction to which Moyo belongs.”

Tellingly, Mutasa, immediately after Moyo’s humiliation called for his annihilation.

“Mutasa has previously declared his support for Mujuru as Mugabe’s successor,” Magaisa said.

“So there is a sense of victory there. But nothing is permanent in politics,” he said, adding that Mugabe’s vitriol might be a high-sounding nothing.

“If Mugabe wants to get rid of Moyo, he has the power to fire him. Making a public criticism suggests that he might be scared of the repercussions of firing him and might just be trying to please the Mujuru faction. It’s too early for them to celebrate. They must avoid the premature celebration syndrome.”

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Why does RGM stoop so low as to buy makuhwa a mai Mujuru & Dydimas?This is a childish game.Please Mugabe, be a bit more serious&for once work to resuscitate the ailing economy. This Jona mantra should never be entertained at all. The nation is watching with keen eyes.

MAKUHWA CHETE - 11 June 2014

this article really reveals the issues at play here. The zezurus want to continue leading Zimbabwe, despite the economic misery that they have led us into. We are the laughing stock of the whole of Africa because of inept leadership. The Karangas can never accept it. Do not thin Moyo and Munangagwa are alone. It will be folly for Mugabe and the Mujuru faction to believe that the Karangas are a servile lot who exist to be led by the people from Zezurus. No. The battle rages on in silence. It is only action that will speak. Also Sekerayi is ant acceptable to lead ZANU as he is also from the Zezurus. Wait and see.

Danai Pazvagozha - 11 June 2014

It only takes one to read struggle within the struggle by the late educated professor Masipula Sithole to under ZANUPF internal politics. There are three ethnic shons groups Manyika,Karanga and Zezuru. The Zezuru had their time we want either a Manyika or a Karanga this time around. However the person should have good leadership qualities and have people at heart not a cruel individual.

aluta continua - 11 June 2014

In your comments, how could you allow tribalistic sentiments to be published? I think the factionalism that people are talking about are in ZANU PF, that has nothing to do with all the Zezuru people who are trying to earn an honest living in this doomed economy. Could people keep their tribal hatred to themselves. We want a prosperous Zimbabwe not one divided on tribal lines

Onias Mpofu - 11 June 2014

What people are missing here is although Jonathan Moyo is a brilliant academic, the party he is trying to force himself in doesn't like him and will never like him. They will continue to use him to win elections and let him serve in whatever capacity at their mercy, that's why they made sure he didn't win the tsholotsho seat, they want him to be an appointed MP whose constituency is Mugabe. That way they make sure that he will continue to be grateful to zanu pf. Remember what Mugabe said about him last time that he might be learned but he lack wisdom, indeed in politics wisdom is more important than acquired academic knowledge, so time has come for Jonho to wise up and stand up to zanu pf otherwise they will continue to use him as contract worker and make him appear as a bootlicker forever.

magezatsvimbo - 11 June 2014

"The president emphasised that we should remain united and concentrate on service delivery," said Rugare Gumbo. What is he talking about Zanu PF "concentrating on service delivery"? The national economy is in dangerous meltdown, there are no jobs, no water and the nation is drowning in sewage! What kind of a sick joke is this! Mugabe and Moyo met and it is clear Mugabe will not dare dismiss this "devil incarnate" even though he is "destroying the party within". Minister Mutasa has had to put away the gamatox he had ferreted to kill the "weevil" Information Minister. Moyo knows too many of Mugabe's secretes including how the tyrant rigged the 2013 elections. It will be suicidal for Mugabe and the Politbu-ro to fire someone like that. “It is the prerogative of the politburo and the President to rein in divisive elements. The issue will be discussed in the politburo and if action needs to be taken, it will be taken," said Rugare Gumbo. Yes it is the prerogative of the President and Politburo to do as they please, they have always done so all these 34 years, but do they have the courage to commit suicide kamikaze style because exactly what they will be doing if they fired Moyo. It is one thing for simpletons like Gumba and Mutasa to pile on the pres-sure to have Moyo fired because they clearly do not have the foggiest idea of the “devil incarnate” they are dealing with here. Mugabe is a lot smart enough to know Moyo has his balls and those of everyone else in a vice-grip!

Wilbert Mukori - 11 June 2014

for all your borehole installations, pumps, maintenance and repairs. email.

boreholes - 11 June 2014

Could people keep their tribal hatred to themselves. We want a prosperous Zimbabwe not one divided . Lets all work together for a better Zimbabwe.

JIMMY - 11 June 2014

Tissue paper/ condom once used cant be used again. In fact the user, ( ZANUPF) cant even look at, let alone touch the used tissue / condom (Jonathan) as it is disgusting to do so. ZANU people like Moyo are so dumb they never learn. The big boss always applies the ' used tissue/condom theory'. Uses you, dumps you, looks for another to use, dumps them and so on. Instead of quitting Jonathan is going to stay, absorb the insults, pretend as if its all nothing, then try and appease the big boss in the process forgetting that the big boss never forgives. The few times vitriol of such magnitude was lashed out ,it was against Joshua Nkomo and Tsvangirai. On both occasions 'consequences' followed. People died in numbers and on both occasions the two(Nkomo and Tsvangirai) escaped death. Moyo may be wise but politically he is not. This whole issue about Gono, and it started during the boss' tour of Gono's farm. Remember the boss' statement then. In politics you must never swim upstream. Gono ibhiza ramambo these days. Touch him and you have touched the boss himself and there are bound to be consequences.

mosquito - 11 June 2014

These experts of yours...magaisa and pedzisai....they are both useless...zimbabweans always think if someone has a phd, then they are experts. The real experts are quite. Magaisa and Pedzisai are attention-seekers. They are the least modest people I know. They should learn to be quite and let the people who really know zanu pf speak. there are a lot of academics in europe, with knowledge of zanu pf. these two know nothing. Look at their profiles where they work. They can't even produce an academic paper...basa kungowawata......he zimasset this ...zimasset night boa boa...nonsese.

primrose - 11 June 2014

Thanks to the analyst who raised the tribal issue lest we forget. Manicaland has always been treated badly by ZANU- Chitepo, Sithole, Tekere and Makoni. Why Mutasa us siding with the Zeruru Mujuru boggles the mind. The Manyikas should form strategic alliance with other tribes to stop the Zeruru dominance

Samupindi - 12 June 2014

For the record, Joice Mujuru is not Zezuru. She is Korekore, from Mt Darwin.

Munalula Wina - 12 June 2014

Tine Mishonga yechivanhu inowedzera nguva pabonde kuti irebe, inokudza nhengo dzana baba mumazuva 7, inosimbisa musana, inopedza zvirwere zvepabonde, inorapa asima, zvirwere zveshuga uye newekuuchika unoita kuti pamuviri pabate. fonai pa 0737286007.All herbs does not have side effects and comes from Malawi.

DR T - 12 June 2014

If you arrest prophets of God, Zimbabwe you will have removed your protection and you will be led by a woman a sign that the glory of God has departed. You will witness invasion by the europeans. Be ready to return the farms.

Muzita RaJesu - 12 June 2014

Please listen when Joice Mujuru is speaking. NdeChinenzi Chikorekore kwete Chizezuru. Chikorekore is as different from Zezuru as Chikaranga is different from Chimanyika. The best person should take over from Mugabe whether MuNdebele, Mundau, MuVenda, Muzezuru whatever! Kana murungu as long as ari Muzimbabwean and promoting Zimbabwe and all its people.

murimi - 12 June 2014

Why worry about Mugabe stooping low. He in fact is a lowly chap. Whats new

bhonzo - 12 June 2014

Hama dzangu chinhu chakaipa kuda kutamba nenyaya dzemazwi akashata anosanganisira kutaura zveTribalism munyika yevanhu vakafunda seZimbabwe. Ngatitambe nemamwe mazwi ehe ikodzero dzedu dzokutaura. Asi zvakanakawo kuvetine miromo inerukudzo. Democracy haingoreva kutaura zvokungosvoropodza vatongi venyika. Dai nguva dzehondo vanhu vaingotukana ivo vari divi rumwe chete handifunge kuti nyika ingave yakatorwa kuvadzvinyiriri. Party Democracy haireve kutukana nokuderedzana pamberi pevanopokana memi. Honai kufumurana kunoita avo vanofunga kuti ndivo maChampion eDemocracy munyika. Tarisai muune kudambuka dambuka kurikuita mamwe mapato pamusana pevanhu vasinganyatso nzwisisaich chinonzi Democracy. Kana musiri MuZANU PF please ndapota musaComment zvamusingazive. Vanonetsa hondo havana kuiona vakaita yokunzwa.

Mapondera Lovemore - 17 June 2014

turn to prayers for a beter leader or else we head to a pit of hell

zimbabwean - 17 June 2014

Zvimwe ndezvimwe guys. Jonathan son of Saul the Benjamite mahwani. Mufana iyeye can 'happen'.Wherever he is, he is always 'happening' Haaaaaaa, heeei!!!!!!!!!

Fairtalk - 17 June 2014

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