Sink or swim for Moyo

HARARE - Today, is a crucial day in the political life of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo (pictured) who faces his possible Waterloo following outbursts by President Robert Mugabe describing him as “devil incarnate” who had joined Zanu PF to destroy it from within.

Mugabe said Zanu PF did not need elements like Moyo who needed to be fished out.

High-level sources told the Daily News yesterday that following Mugabe’s savage attacks on Moyo, the 57-year-old will seek an emergency meeting with the 90-year-old leader today for direction on whether he will stay as minister or either resign or get fired.

While Moyo was not available for comment yesterday, sources close to him told the Daily News yesterday that a meeting between the two could be pencilled for today.

“Professor Moyo is faced with a do or die situation. He is likely to meet the president tomorrow (today) where the two will engage in a frank discussion. Prof (Moyo) is confused why the president would go all out to publicly attack him when he can use internal channels to discipline him.

“But Prof as you know him,  will not go down without a fight. He wants to know from the president if he has been fired and will also be keen to know if it will be possible for him to resign. It’s not easy to react after being publicly rebuked like this. Prof is distraught as all along he was of the belief that he was one of president Mugabe’s blue-eyed boys after helping him win last year’s elections.

“It also seems like the death of Cde Nathan Shamuyarira has opened old wounds for Moyo. If you remember in 2004, he clashed with Shamuyarira after the late hero had facilitated an interview between Sky News and president Mugabe without Moyo’s knowledge. Moyo was the minister of Information. Shamuyarira never liked Moyo,” said the source.

Moyo has, however found support from media and political analysts who said he was being victimised for trying to end polarisation in the media.

To worsen Moyo’s woes, a Zanu PF faction allegedly led by Vice President Joice Mujuru is baying for his blood and is putting pressure to have the Information minister fired.

The faction prepared a dossier  which was presented to the Zanu PF politburo last week which nailed Moyo as an insider out to damage the party from within, a view Mugabe is said to have agreed with and led to the brutal onslaught against the minister.

The Mujuru faction is said to be objecting to Moyo bouncing back as a politburo member and consequently as minister and then using the State media to humiliate them.

The ruling party is sharply divided between a faction led by Justice and Legal Affairs minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, a 66-year-old guerrilla war veteran and Mugabe’s key ally and enforcer, widely seen as a succession contender, along with Mujuru, 59, another liberation war veteran whose nom de guerre was Teurai Ropa and is leading the stakes to succeed the 90-year-old president.

The Mujuru faction accuses Moyo of being divisive having clashed with two late vice presidents Joseph Msika and John Nkomo while at the moment they accuse him of using the State media to fight Mujuru.

At the heated politburo meeting last week, Moyo was forced by members of the Mujuru faction to deny he was involved in any plot against Zanu PF or to abuse his party enemies through the State media, where his appointment of a fresh hierarchy of editors caused consternation. 

“Don’t plant seeds of division,” Mugabe said at Shamuyarira’s funeral at the Heroes Acre, apparently sledging Moyo, whom he re-appointed last year.

Earlier on Friday, Mugabe described Moyo as divisive and “the devil incarnate”, who sacked hardworking and loyal editors at State-owned newspapers and replacing them with opposition sympathisers. 

“You have our minister of Information wanting to put people one against another. 

“Don’t make anyone in the party a political enemy. You may differ with others in the party, but that should not make you want to attack them in the paper. It’s destructive ideology.
“We now have weevils in our midst. Zanu PF has weevils within its ranks,” Mugabe charged.

In the politburo, officials said Moyo was reminded of the attacks he had made against party heavyweights.

The last two years, he was accused of focusing his attacks through the State media on administration secretary Didymus Mutasa, whom the State media described as a “dwarf in oversized robes” and retired Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono, whom Moyo described as a “house nigger “. Gono enjoys a close family relationship with Mugabe.

Moyo has also come under attack over ZimAsset. His  answers had become “monosyllabic” around the economic blueprint ZimAsset in recent discussions, with the Mujuru faction claiming the blueprint was struggling to take off because it was being marketed and promoted by Moyo, a political scientist with little knowledge of economics.

“ZimAsset, is struggling to take off because Chapter 6 on funding and debt clearance only occupies one-and-a-quarter pages out of 118 pages, showing the bankruptcy of the authors in terms of financial literacy,” said one senior official linked to the Mujuru faction.

Another senior Zanu PF official said Moyo was slowly usurping power.

“He is behaving almost like president de-facto,” said the official.

“He was running the ministry of Finance and was to be found everywhere.  Elephants get killed, he is there; Tokwe-Mukorsi, he is there but gets chased away (together with nine other ministers by villagers). Diplomats were falling over each other to pay courtesy calls on him; he was overshadowing the minister of Foreign Affairs; Water. Only (Indigenisation minister Francis) Nhema stood up to him.”

The Daily News heard that officials in the politburo also questioned the nexus between Moyo and junior spin-doctor Psychology Maziwisa, with Oppah Muchinguri springing to Moyo’s defence. Maziwisa used to be a fierce critic of Mugabe a few years ago.

“Our leadership expects to coast through this congress by banking on everyone’s hatred for Jonathan (Moyo),” said one official.

Like others spoken to, he declined to be named citing the sensitivities of the matter.

“There’s nothing big being done. We’re reshuffling chairs on the Titanic.”

Political experts were exploring exit strategies for Moyo, which one official said includes teaming up with intellectuals in the Tendai Biti faction; go back to revive the embattled Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC, form his own party or go back to teaching.

“He is a beneficiary of land reform, so he can go back to the farm,” a senior Mujuru faction ally said.

“It’s difficult to see him being retained in the politburo after the December congress. He is an excitable character who can’t be trusted by anyone. He has no permanent friends.”

Sources said Moyo has become the prime target of the Mujuru faction’s ire, with senior officials saying there was complete breakdown in trust.

“We need to be in a position where we trust our leadership,” the official said.

“When you have politicians actually playing tricks on their own party, I think that erodes the trust the Zimbabwean people have in the rest of us,” the senior official said.

Moyo was not keen to take questions at the weekend amid reports that he wants to clear the air through talks with Mugabe first before speaking on the blistering attack by the president.

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Haiwa tibvireyi apa, gadzirisayi economy pane kuswera muchitiitira matakanana akadayi

Gudo - 9 June 2014

I think Moyo needs to talk to RGM first and then make a public statement. If i were him, I could just resign. somehow I have a feeling RGM was misinformed about Moyo. If you ask me, I was beginning to like this Jona guy. Since we are a consititutional democracy, i expect ZANU PF to understand that people have different ways of looking at the same issues and that should be respected.

K.Mutangi - 9 June 2014

Instead of focussing on the issues affecting the nation, Muagbe is busy trying to divert attention from his own incompetence which seen us in this sorry stete of affairs. At least Moyo did some things right when he spoke out against corruption and media polarisation. Even if he had an agenda it was a step in the right direction. We just wish he had been able to finish the job and get rid of a brutal dictator.

Comrade Hondo - 9 June 2014

Leave Moyo media iite freedom yes is suppose is everywhere handiti ndiye mouthpiece yegovernment?Siye kugwa nekugadzirisa matambudziko enyika basa rokugwa naMoyo,tipeivo serious economy imuke iyi tanyara nevanhu vasina plan

wezhira,mumbwarume - 9 June 2014

Mark my words, Moyo will come out tops and the old man will be made to swallow humble pie, remember the Masimirembwa case, what happened? people are taking advantage of Mugabe's age, he just goes on with who ever comes last, and its now Moyo's turn to turn the tables. Mujuru is a dwarf just like his Ray and Didymus. Muchinguri is behind Moyo and the old man listens to Muchinguri.

reason - 9 June 2014

manje, kemusoro unenge damba aka kaona moto, abused by Bob, like a condom, hahahahaha, seka hako nzou iwe. Johno kuenda uku, rakacheka nyika. And its june, remember Johno last year saying "its cold out there" now its time for reckoning, you will be dumped out of zany party and into the streets. we meet you there cde

chinoz - 9 June 2014

Please Mr.President,becareful not to be used by corrupt people. Mai Mujuru seems to want to protect her corrupt people who were clearly exposed by fearless Jonathan. The general pple support the fight against corruption & mai Mujuru is not so inspiring on that one.Leave Jona to do his work without fear or favour.

kurova immbwa - 9 June 2014

People are punished not for their sins but by their sins. I did not know that Jonathan Moyo played a part in retaining ZPF in power. Sacrificing the entire nation so that he becomes a minister. Sir Winston Churchill once said that "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last"

SHAVA - 9 June 2014

Professor Jonathan Moyo must be in a great state of political SHOCK! CHABVONDOKA The chickens are now coming home to roost!

Tonderayi Chanakira - 9 June 2014

KKKKK, Mugabe is really old. J Moyo is too bright for you Mugabe. I have had a chance to discuss contemporary issues with Moyo. The guy is too bright. Mugabe ca never do anything about him. whether Moyo is in or out of ZANUPF, he will still have power to decide succession of Mugabe. Moyo has brains. He is the sole author of Zim Asset that ZANUPF is bragging about. To Mujuru, you fail to see that Karangas and Ndebeles also want leading power. The Zezurus have been in power for over 30 years, and you expect the other tribes to allow you, another Zezuru to take power and perpetuate our misery under the false pretence of sanctions.

Danai Pazvagozha - 9 June 2014

Jonathan came back a complete changed man. He is loved now by almost everyone, mdc or zanu. Problem yake hombe is he want to be commander of everything. He like commenting on ministries he has no knowledge of bypassing the minister in charge. His biggest issue right now is corrupt individuals who are seeing him as a threat to their looted boot legs. If i were him i would threaten to resign. If mugabe let go this Jonathan that will be the death nail of zanu pf. Jonathan knows every trick used in last election and wont hezitate to spill the beans to the world

mafikizolo - 9 June 2014

Thank you

Thembela Masuku - 9 June 2014

Professor Jonathan Moyo still thinks like an intellectual with a PhD, not dead wood like Dr Chombo and Dr Made

David mangofa - 9 June 2014

Jonathan Moyo has never been a ZANU PF proponent from the word go. He is one of those who are on a payroll to destroy ZANU PF from within. It's a shame it has taken the powers that be so long to realise this. When he was initially appointed. Minister of Information, he intended to pull down ZANU PF by dragging ZBC and Zimpapers down with his policies and through AIPPA which then failed to achieve his goals. ZANU PF then did not see his purpose and bought it. Using transparency, he now tries to divide the party, while purporting to be exposing corruption. Zimbabweans are tired of corruption and would be delighted to see the backside of corruption, but for Moyo to be the advocate, raises a stink. He is one of the most corrupt, who destroyed ZBC and Zimpapers in the first place and nothing has changed in that man except a change in operational strategy. Despite our appetite for the elimination of corruption, MoYo is not the genuine advocate at all. ZANU PF is gullible in embracing such people like him and the likes of Psychology Maziwisa who have no real political input that helps the party apart from the gibberish they excrete from their mouths which is usually meaningless and only but detrimental to its policies. They preach about a revolution they don't know about and try to portray a knowledge they can only imagine. It's time ZANU PF wakes up and gets rid of such people who are doing nothing but help destroy the goals of the people which we had when we sacrificed our lives in Mozambique and on the front to free the masses.

Chando - 9 June 2014

When is Zanu(PF) going to be accountable to the citizens of Zimbabwe. This party has been destroying this country since 1980. Remember we had no corruption in 1980, prices were affordable, Salisbury United (now Zupco) was well run and buses moving on time, the country was self sufficient in food, we used to drink clean water from the tape etc. All these have been destroyed. Instead Mugabe keeps talking about Mgagao etc. We now want a country which is well managed please, not heaps and heaps of history.

P. Muramu - 9 June 2014

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pumps - 9 June 2014

Since we are a consititutional democracy, i expect ZANU PF to understand that people have different ways of looking at the same issues and that should be respected.

jobo - 9 June 2014

Jonathan Moyo is a clever person. He is so brilliant with his work that even this fall-out might be his own work.

Joyce Mujuruuu - 9 June 2014

The problem with the Associate Professor is his big-head. He wants to act as de-facto Prime Minister. He and Gono had their time - time for supremacy. He must realise that to succeed he has to be a team player. Even Messi does not play the game alone. This thing about Zanu PF having a military backed faction must stop. The people come first. Anyone who things he is bigger than the people of Zimbabwe will fall and fail.

New Tekere - 9 June 2014

Just a word to say thank you Professor Moyo for fighting corruption. We may not agree with you most of the time but we know it takes guts to take on the likes of Muchechetere. Left to Chombo and other corrupt Ministers, he would have been awarded with a higher post and maybe a third farm.

Chando Kupisa - 9 June 2014

well done Prof we stand by you,just jump that sinking ship, You are still young to mingle with those old dead wood,Your age group is in the MDC even Simba Makoni saw it already,Think of it mixing your brains with Chamisa,Makone,Jessie Majome,khupe,Mogiza at the helm, hey it will be a super Zimbabwe

kudzie hwanyanya - 9 June 2014

Although Jonathan might be a brainy guy, the man could perhaps do better with a little more wisdom. In any case, is the guy ACTUALLY intelligent or does he put a lot of energy on portraying himself as such through well rehearsed use of his double forked tongue?

Dinga - 9 June 2014

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DR T - 10 June 2014

we have prepared an office for him at uz so that ha comes back to his job of being a lecturer at uz

rmunemo - 10 June 2014

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The fear is that people are attacking the Person of Moyo and not addressing the issues he beleieves in....he is just losing favour because he is aganst corruption which the majority of Zanu Pf live on. Moyo be strong and now it's your time to be persecuted for the right thing

Defection - 10 June 2014

At this stage Jona is right because he is trying to lead by example . We need quality leaders who can spearhead our policies and rules regarding our cherished goals.

WATYOKA T . S. - 10 June 2014

You are making a fatal mistake on Moyo because that guy is here to stay. Moyo is feared by Mutasa because he is the generation of tomorrow. If a leader uses such barbaric tactics on his young ones, it means he does not need any successor. So Mzembi is better and Moyo is bad. There we differ. How can a man who likes PORNOGRAPHY IN PUBLIC be favored and one who denounces CORRUPTION in public be humiliated. The President is inspired but not with the Holy Ghost.

My President - 10 June 2014

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Treasure - 10 June 2014

It Temba Mlisw who should exposed and banned from the party for using the President's name in vain, lying and not following the ideology of the party! http://twitter/PaulPaulus13/status/464388764599620609 let's work together and help His Excellency President R.G.Mugabe stop CORRUPTION! He has enough on his plate to worry about? Together we can make a difference! Is it because Temba Peter Mliswa is part of the ZANU-PF faction that he is "Untouchable and above the law" as well as having "Friends" in high places? NO-ONE according to the NEW constitution is ABOVE the LAW! MLISWA'S British Parents cannot help him now. 3 R's for You! Re-pay Re-pent Re-sign God is watching!

Corruption - 11 June 2014

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