Coalition suffers stillbirth

HARARE - The idea of a united coalition, or front, against the Zanu PF government can’t, and shouldn’t, even be debated.

However, the whole issue and subject has been poisoned by blatantly stupid strategies, mannerisms and machinations by particular individuals and groupings that have sought to claim a leading role in forging the “grand” coalition.

As if by some mysterious design, the current players chanting the grand coalition slogan are commonly sworn arch-rivals, or even political enemies, of Morgan Tsvangirai.

Then, in their lack of wisdom, they have tried to ride on that attitude and public position.

In doing so, they have plunged into the disaster of trying to fight and dismantle the Tsvangirai brand, before they start making any progress of their own.

That fight has been debilitating and taxing the Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube camps.

The simple logic and reason behind the point here is that, evidence is clear that Tsvangirai still commands massive grassroots support.

Trying to just wake up and dismantle that brand not only requires a very strong alternative, but also timely, effective strategies.

There has always been a lurking danger for anyone wanting to pull down the Tsvangirai brand, to be seen as conscientiously working on destroying “the people’s project”.

Bizarrely, and disastrously, the Ncube and Biti camps have jumped head-on into that risk, inevitably at very huge cost.

Emotional utterances by Ncube, Biti and their colleagues, venting out their loathe and dislike for Tsvangirai have overshadowed whatever sensible and justifiable points behind their positions in the eyes of the people they want to turn away from supporting Tsvangirai.

By and large, talk in the townships and villages has drifted towards, and become rooted in, the interpretation of the Ncube-Biti agenda as, yet again, another hired and sponsored vehicle to destroy the Tsvangirai brand and “the people’s project”.

Everything lies in the tragic trait by the rivals of Tsvangirai to misread and misjudge the situations and circumstances.

I got the sense that the Biti and Ncube camps misconceived the political developments and came to the conclusion that circumstances provided for a real opportunity to dismantle the Tsvangirai brand.

It appears they thought a combination of electoral failure and Tsvangirai’s personal scandals — both real and imagined — would trigger the magic.

My assessment shows that the Biti and Ncube camps miscalculated terribly, and spelled disaster for their project.
The popular support for Tsvangirai remains intact, and may even grow, through the boomerang effect.

The attempt to dismantle it by his rivals and failure thereof, can become to be viewed as justification for him, which can turn into sympathy, and, subsequently more support.

Secondly, again in very bizarre and self-destructive ways, the Biti and Ncube camps have the penchant for setting themselves up for both ridicule and failure.

This is most relevant in the current circumstances to the Biti camp of MDC rebels.

I have repeatedly said the group is staging a huge farce underlined by deception, false claims and delusional thinking.

They have paraded naivety before the same people they want to convince into dumping Tsvangirai. Biti and his colleagues have virtually been written off as a bunch of charlatans, crooked plotters and agents hired to destroy “the people’s project”.

I have no doubt there is no way out of the pit for the Biti group.
Given that the Biti group has even failed to find its own feet and continued to postpone moving out or forward, becomes a precursor for any prospects or chances of the claimed coalition coming through.

The fact that, despite all the backing and obviously funding the Biti group had obtained, they still have found it hard even to launch themselves, speaks volumes about the resilience of the Tsvangirai brand against the MDC rebels.

In one breath, the Biti gang is announcing a date for what they purport to be hearings for Tsvangirai and other MDC leaders, while in another, Biti himself seems to be hallucinating about ‘forming our party’.

The Biti group has struggled even to find an identity for itself.
On the other end, and in his own world, Ncube seems just waiting for some miracle to happen, because, after recently coming out of his hiding and huffing and puffing about his loathe for Tsvangirai, nothing else seems to be happening.

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will never give my vote to Biti and Welsh. Tsvangirai yes, or Zanu pf

Obert Nhoko - 9 June 2014

The guiding principle for national leaders should be national interest. It is terribly saddening that some of our leaders lack a vision routed in the interest of the people for the people's sake. I find it difficult for someone who signs off and in as a champion of the common people (wananchi) could work so brazenly against an opposition created and working towards the benefit of those very same people. My humble opinion has always been that MT like him or not, has always worked towards the betterment of the common man and has tenaciously worked towards the destruction of the current ZANU PF dictatorship. I am extremely disappointed that TB has instead through greed and lack of tact has severely undermined large parts of the gains of opposition we have witnessed over the past 10 years

Ian Stones - 9 June 2014

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pumps,, - 9 June 2014

Ana Biti dzongova shungu dzebere rinezhara kutevera madhongi akasungwa , vakanyanya kuita mutambamhuru nokugutisa mari dzemaDonor dzavarikuzhavirigwa vaofunga ndizvo zvinotonga nyika . Takagara tariona kare bvepfepfe rana Biti rakangarichatishaishira musangano wedu 2018 tosvika so zvaita zvakananga vakaratidza manhamba avo achiri mangwanani zvinoita tivake musangane tipinde tiripfumo rinopisa pa2018 . Tina ASIJIKI NOMAKANJANI PANACHEMATAMA

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 9 June 2014

Still birth indeed, Y is it taking them so much time to come out in the open kuti we have an alternative and therefore we are relinquishing our posts in parliament to pave way for by elections vadyiwe vana mBiti vavone kuti mukuru ndiyani. Ndandanda kuramba vachishandisa zita rinoti movement for democratic change, ko ngavachinje zita ka kana vachifarira pakati democratic vopaisa muzita ravo ka vapinde muvanhu tidashurane ne politics ka tivanyaradze zvipere izvi. I bet you kana councilor chaiye havamuwani ngavabvunze Madhuku. Save rwizi ruhombe.

Air Marshal - 9 June 2014

biti and welshmen are wonderful people but have missed the plot. morgan is not the best guy, but he listens to the people and is always aware of which enemy to fight not keep on urgueing with his fellow brother like what biti and welshman are doing. the enemy is zanu period not our brothers.

see - 10 June 2014

We will continueously rally behind Morgan Tsvangirai because on a number of occassions he has won the elections ,and The registrar general knows it .

Philosopher - 10 June 2014

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