We need a transitional govt: Biti

HARARE - Former Finance minister Tendai Biti says President Robert Mugabe has failed and should therefore relinquish power to pave way for an independent transitional government.

Biti, who is also former mainstream MDC secretary-general, told a news conference in Harare yesterday that under Mugabe’s present  rule, Zimbabweans are worse off than they were during the hyperinflationary period preceding 2009.

“We think that this government has failed so there should be a National Transitional Council that must be concerned with governance matters. You cannot expect a government whose average age is 67 years to deal with the problems that are affecting the country,” Biti said.

Biti’s sentiments dovetail with his former ally Morgan Tsvangirai who has said the country cannot wait until the 2018 polls because of the pressing economic challenges.

Biti added that Mugabe’s current regime was the weakest the country has ever had since 1980, accusing it of robbing citizens of their hard-earned cash by unjustifiably hiking fees for social services such as health and taxes.

Biti, who leads a breakaway MDC faction code name the Renewal-Team, was flanked by National Assembly member Solomon Madzore and faction spokesperson Jacob Mafume.

He said his faction was against the idea of holding fresh elections, saying it would be a waste of time as Zanu PF would still rig the election.

His faction wanted a government led by technocrats.

“The current government is the most redundant, most mediocre and the most clueless since independence. We used to have governments which used to have pockets of energy in a few ministries, but this particular government is arrested by indifference,” Biti said.

He added Mugabe as the chief executive of the country is always away impacting on the smooth running of government.

“Problems are never resolved by the same mindset that created them. It doesn’t happen.  We need to come up with a government to address the current deficit of leadership. It can’t be a government of national unity, but a technical government.”

Biti also proposed a Sadc-led curatorship of Zimbabwe in order to salvage the country’s economy.


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Biti never ceases to amaze. We are lucky that he is not part of Zanu pf which is governing, or part of the MDC-T faction that has a chance to govern in future. Keep on dreaming, Tindo.

machakachaka - 6 June 2014

You cant get head or tail of what Biti is trying to put through here. So he is saying even if he were to become President of MDC-T, he cant stop Zanu Pf rigging. But he accuses Tsvangirai of having failed to stop Zanu Pf rigging. Is he not confused be4 he starts?

liberty m - 6 June 2014

you enjoyed in the GNU when MT appointed you finance minister. Now you want another GNU in the name of curatorship. No more back door, finish forming your own party, look for support, win elections and then do the curatorship you want. Leave Zanu pf alone, it has ZimAsset to solve the problems soon as was prophesised by Makandiwa at judgement night 2.

stondovi - 6 June 2014

Biti is just trying to cover up for his dirty work with ZANU PF. He is a shameless traitor.Just imagine, betraying&sacrificing all the millions of Zimbabweans for personal gain. Honestly this guy is just like Judas Iscariot...BITI wanyadzisa !!!!

zvinorema hama - 6 June 2014


CALLAZ - 6 June 2014

Biti is a political prostitute: one day he was praising that zanu had a clear campaigning message which was understandable hence reason for winning previous elections and today he is singing a different song accusing the same zanu of having clueless people. Honestly there is deficiency of common sense in this ailing lawyer.

kapwepwe - 6 June 2014

Biti is right the country should be governed by technocrats because the mind-set who landed us in this mess cannot govern. But he failed to realise is that he is an integral part of that mind-set! The technocrats should be tasked to implement the democratic reforms and hold free, fair and credible elections in 6 to 12 months.

Wilbert Mukori - 6 June 2014

A country run by technocrats but still will be needing a president. I dont see Mugabe resigning. Dream on we were in this before during the Joseph Made, Simba Makoni, Nkosazana Moyo. Jonathan Moyo technocrat era rubbish. The country became worse.

Kiyoto - 7 June 2014

Go back to rejoin mdc.t and play a lesser role. You let down the party down by failing to mobilise youths to register to vote. Im glad you mentioned zanu rigging as a factor even if you became mdc.t president. So dont blame Tsvangirai plz

Mthuthu - 7 June 2014

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DR - 7 June 2014

Biti, Biti, Biti, Biti, you are a useless fellow. Dr failure in every respect, just shut up.

Cde One - 7 June 2014

Now that Jonathan Moyo is on the spotlight for destroying Zanu PF from within, just like Biti used the same strategy for 31 July Elections. These two prodigals should join since they use the same dirty tricks. So it means Degrees are only meant to enhance your reasoning along your line of specialisation at the expence of common sense. Indeed Degrees are brain killers. Look at Welsh, Mutambara, Biti, Prof Moyo. They never cease to amaize, even laymans are reasoning better than them

generalo - 7 June 2014

Biti is funny, very funny indeed. It's now dawning on him now that they will never win any election with Zanu Pf in power because they will rig the election . I am sure they have now realised that changing the leadership in MDC won't stop the rigging machine from functioning. As i have always said,right now muchina iwoyo urikutoiswa oil so. What pains me most is that, saka varume vese vaye vari muZanu Pf akaomana vamwe vacho vakaenda kuchikoro vakadzidza so,but what touches me most is how they continue clinging on power zvinhu zvakaita the way things are,i have never expected such level of selfishness. Shuwa shuwa vamwe takakura varimo mu government but up to now they are still there. Guys,for the sake of the suffering masses,sometimes we just expect a level headed person to just say guys i have failed my people,let me pave way for others to bring their input. Shuwa nyika yawakarwira shuwa here,how do you feel uchiona ichi struggler like we are doing in Zim. Please God help us. Do these men know kuti there are people like us who never got an opportunity to finish our studies nekuti things suddenly changed and life became harder. Some our parents failed to pay for our fees because of these hardships. I have seen lots of people guys who are suffering. Yes,the government doesn't give people jobs,but its responsible for the economic malfunctioning. We want to go to work and fund our education, our food, our shelter and sanitation etc. What pains me most is that all these guys are living large.

Shona Rusere - 7 June 2014

Zvese zvaari kutaura biti kutemba 4 billion ichauya, nxaa kutengeserwa mombe uchiratidzwa kuti hona tsimba remombe iri mombe yacho ihombe iwe usingaiwone, ngaatibvire. wats on offer for that billion u think whites can just giv u cash

tichadya mangwiro - 7 June 2014

Biti is joking. He wants easy things thats why he is saying transitinal gvt. Without a sacrifice its impossible to lead a nation. This fellow is sefish and proud.

lionel - 7 June 2014

BITI,wadii wanyarara hako uchironga 'GRAND COALITION ' yako naNcube naDabengwa? Asi Mafume akati pane imwe "grand coalition" yeZANU PF,hameno kana uchiiziva. Zvimwe 'GRAND COALITION' idzi ndidzo dzicharonga upfumi hwenyika nokuitonga.


Just because you sided with Esau and abandoned the camp of Jacob. Things will get worse and worse and worse. This is a spiritual war that this country finds itself in. Whether you bring techno whatever but still walk on this lame mind set never will anything go right. People must simple return back to God and ask for forgiveness. The other thing that you Biti and your former boss failed to realize which God disgusts is to advocate for the rights of gays and lisbians. Zimbabwe is in turmoil just bring your so-called technocrats and see if the problems of this country will be over. Fear God and you will gain wisdom.

Regalia - 9 June 2014

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