Maziwisa heaps praise on Makandiwa

HARARE - Psychology Maziwisa, Zanu PF deputy director for information has showered praises on charismatic preacher Emmanuel Makandiwa, saying he is an extraordinary man of God.

“There are very few men of God who can be spoken of highly in terms of their contribution to society. There are even fewer who are able to make you feel, during a church service as if you’re in the presence of God himself. Prophet Makandiwa is one of them,” Maziwisa wrote on his Facebook page recently.

The Zanu PF junior spokesperson added that the United Family International Church (UFIC) founder will play an important role in Zimbabwe’s future.

“There is another man, not a politician whose appearance on the scene, I believe will also be seen in due course as a turning point for Zimbabwe. He is a man of God and his name is prophet Makandiwa,” he said.

Asked to clarify how Makandiwa will help Zimbabwe he said: “There are certain things that we can’t do as mere beings which men of God can do like praying for this nation without ceasing and I dare say prophet Makandiwa does that very steadfastly and extremely successful.”

The celebrity preacher told a capacity crowd of over 100 000 attending Judgement Night 2 in April  that Zimbabwe’s ailing economy would soon be revived through God’s intervention. Maziwisa continued with his praise-singing, saying the country would be far worse off spiritually were it not for Makandiwa.

“Indeed, it is not going too far to say that although we still could have remained the God-fearing nation that we are without prophet Makandiwa, we would be far worse off spiritually if it were not for this extraordinary man of God,” he said.

“His colossal moral strength enables him to inspire optimists and sceptics alike. Of course, he is not perfect. But it is hard to think of any other man of God of equal anointing and substance. Without a doubt he deserves our commendation and not condemnation.” Makandiwa is popular for his miracle works and gospel of prosperity.

The charismatic preacher draws up to 50 000 congregants at his church services per week.

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Very true! God has remembered our country by giving us this very special gift, Prophet Makandiwa

for Jesus - 4 June 2014

well said mr maziwisa. prophet Makandiwa is doing great things beside praying for the nation, there are thousands of opharns and widows who are being looked after by this man, paying school feees, acommodating them, and giving them food. we have seen too little things from this man yet, greater things are coming i forsee.

wind - 4 June 2014

i couldnt have said any better ,Psychology . Zimbabwe was remembered and it is on God`s heart. Surely Prophet E Makandiwa has improved our ways of perceiving life. Every service, he advises us to get rid of poverty from our minds. His messages everytime are so inspirational. Surely Zim could have been worse , has it not been for baba`s prayers.We love you mama and baba

Divine Solution - 4 June 2014

We thank God for such a gift indeed

Fadzy - 4 June 2014

Give praise to GOD and not to man.

Z.A.O.G.A Pastor - 4 June 2014

The celebrity preacher told a capacity crowd of over 100 000 attending Judgement Night 2 in April that "Zimbabwe's ailing economy would soon be revived through God's intervention"...........WE are waiting for this in vain before end of this year as he propesised.

Z.A.O.G.A pastor - 4 June 2014

Thats very true.Prophet is a spirit being disguising us as human being so as to fit among us.I believe if the powers be of the government can engage the prophet for solutions ,the country would be far off better in everything.But the problem is they believe in Mhondoros and other spirit mediums.

Discliple C - 4 June 2014


DENNIS - 4 June 2014

Maziwisa uri Sascam chete iwe! A few years ago, maiti Dhiziri paChinhoyi. Nhasi randanda naMakandiwa, poor fatalistic behavior. Listen wena, sound economic policies and good political governance is the key to economic development of this nation, not zvanaMakandiwa zvomoda kutinyepera izvi. If your theory was anything to go by, Ghana would have been a world economic giant ka becoz ana Makandiwa ava ndiko kwavanotora simba ravo. Tinyararirei zvedu isu.NONSENSE!

economist - 4 June 2014

Weldone Sychology,unenge une sychological thinking yakanaka and ndomafungiro ako.......iniwo ndine angu mafungiro ekuti dai iwe semunhu ane sychological thinking yakadai waedza kuudzawo vazhinji kufunga kwauri kuita zvinhu zvaichinjawo, tanzwa nekudya mufushwa usina kana mafuta kumusha kuno kwatiri

Sabhuku - 4 June 2014

@Dennis you are dead correct. This Maziwisa guy should remember that the so called spiritual father of Makandiwa is Boateng from Ghana, yet Ghananians are walloping in utter poverty. Same goes for Magaya who claims TB Joshua from Nigeria is his spiritual father, yet Boko Haram is doing as they please killing people and abducting school girls and converting them to Islam. No one knows where these girls are being held, its the US drones which are searching for them now. Where is TB Joshua as a man of God? Asi zwikanzi ndege yadonha mugungwa wonzwa achiti the plane is under the sea which is obvious. Surely what Jesus said is true that in the last days many false prophets shall arise in order to deceive, if possible even the elect. Jesus even said on that day, these prophets will say to Him, Lord did we not cast out demons in your name, prophesied in your name, but ?He will say go away for I never sent you. So why are people ignoring what Jesus said about prophets and think that by looking after widows and orphans then one automatically becomes holy?

Positive Thinking - 4 June 2014

Praise singing won't get you far Maziwisa, you've tried that with ZANU PF and now you've decided to switch direction. Isn't it quite ironic that long before we had these 'men of God' the economy and standards of living were at acceptable levels. Why is it that when the going got tough for Zimbabweans, we saw the emergence of all these gospel enterpreneurs who have become rich over night? God is for us all and we reach him through His Son Jesus Christ and not through mere mortals who have entitled themselves 'Men of God'. The economy of the country will improve when a legitimately elected government that respects its own constitution and puts in place favourable policies comes into place. Is there no God in the holy lands of Israel, Palestine and Syria where people are dying everyday all because of greed and unfriendly policies?

Dr Know - 4 June 2014


SON OF A PROPHET - 4 June 2014

Probably Maziwisa akamborohwa imwe iya iya naMakandiwa. I ya yaairohwa nekamuvheti kecricket pandazo. Waibata? Akaconfessa ega kuti vakomana ndakabaiwa!! Waiziva?? Unobva washay kuti zvinombofambna sei

Watikiritai - 4 June 2014

Zimbabweans with ZANU and the Angel/Makandiwas - so gullible. Cry the beloved country for sure. Jesus came here so we should pray to our God directly and through some money grabbing prick like Makandiwa. Doing good for Zimbabwe by recycling the $ being taken from poor souls. Saka Grace is an angel thn since she has an orphanage! You steal $ and put an act to help so it covers the millions you are stealing...Psychology Msizwa, uriBoko Haram chaiyo.

ZANU hater - 4 June 2014

"Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35"For I came to SET A MAN AGAINST HIS FATHER, AND A DAUGHTER AGAINST HER MOTHER, AND A DAUGHTER-IN-LAW AGAINST HER MOTHER-IN-LAW;

Hood - 5 June 2014

WELL SAID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Prophet is a man of God for sure ..........i thing for sure is that the nation of Zimbabwe should acknowledge this and partake of this great man's annointing for the good of our nation. I for one has experienced miracle after miracle , testimony after testimony .Thank God for giving us a Great Man-My Father 'Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa' .God bless you and your family

Mwana waPapa - 5 June 2014

You may say sorts of all negative to Psychology , but that doesnt stop my father being a man of God. Psychology is writing what he knows about Prophet E Makandiwa and yet most ,if not all , you comment negative about the man of God yet you have never been at City Sports to hear him teach , preach, heal, prophesy. You have attacked almost all Men of God , now tell us where the true ones are found so that we go and fellowship there. Even those 1st world countries are suffering recession now , but they are the ones with the best economic policies, but hazvisi kushanda and up to now they have not a single idea kuti whats going on. God is now revealing himself that without Him , you are nothing , nomatter how good your policies are? Goshen was in Egypt , but famine , darkness, frogs, locusts,etc occured only in Egypt and not Goshen where the Israelites resided , so woe to you vasinganamate , things will continue to b difficult foe u , yet those whose seek the Lord will continue to flourish.

Divine Solution - 5 June 2014

Zanu PF created a conducive business Environment for Him because everyone in the country who used to look for a job now looks for a miracle, so that he can give them money at their Weddings and Conferences, nxa only the Poor flock there and are told "next year this time you will have a car" 10 years down the line same statement NO car, lol

Anti-ZPF - 5 June 2014

Mazivisa vakadhakwa teerera zvakataurwa nashefu vako Chinamasa pamusoro pezvemari yenyika nemaporofita varasika gwara remusangano venyu haunyare viv MDC_t

Madhunduru vepagatsi - 5 June 2014

The Bible in Luke 6 v 26 says "Woe to you when all people speak well of you, for their ancestors did the same things to the false prophets." Those who have spiritual ears let them hear and those with spiritual discernment let them understand.

Neutral - 5 June 2014

@anti zpf - tinadzo mota , iwe ndiwe usina . come ku City Sports uone ma reg numbers , AC , AD , hadzisi dzenhamo


economist since you began the experimenting hamuna kwamatisvitsa as a nation please move over. its time for the spiritual generation.

maria - 5 June 2014

Every king had to rely on the spiritual in their domain or nation.Look at even Queen Jezebel in the bible;she had witches and wizards in her palace.King Saul relied upon Samuel the Prophet until the day he thought he could do without a spiritual man that was the end of his reign.I think us as Politicians should learn the same principle.Zanu has an idea on this trick of submitting to a spiritual man that is why they seem to win when everyone else is against them.This is why we loose.We ignore people that matter when Zanu is busy giving them a massage.Let us learn also to honor our prophets and our men of God as a party and as a nation at large.Thank you Makandiwa we know your work even though we might try to ignore,We know you are there and we know you have influence.

MDC-T - 5 June 2014

Maziwisa well done. Never be discouraged about the negative comments. To all of you who are against Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, you may say all the nonsense but it will never stop God's plan he has for Zimbabwe through the hands of His GREAT Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Nonee - 5 June 2014

Maziwisa well done. Never be discouraged about the negative comments. To all of you who are against Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, you may say all the nonsense but it will never stop God's plan he has for Zimbabwe through the hands of His GREAT Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Nonee - 5 June 2014

Chii chatadzwa na Makandiwa ipapapa.Sei muchitsamwa paanopihwa maruva ake.nxaaaaa


Zanu hater & company u seize to amaze me. What has this Mazivisa guy done wrong. Poverty is not only lack of money but also LACK OF BRAINS & COMMON SENSE. Why are you fighting the Opinion of a fellow man who has seen light. When poverty affects the mindset a man becomes dangerous to society. Chakaipa chii kana umwe wedu aita zvakanaka. I am not a member of Makandiwa's church but he truly has brought some form of change to Zim. Thugs,whores I used to know are now off the streets & going to this church so if satan loses why are u angry if u are not the devil himself. Grow up pliz & for once appreciate one of us not criticize every being on earth especially if he is a black man

VOLVO - 5 June 2014

kana munhu agonawo ngaapiwe maruva ake ari mupenyu, iwe kana mwana wako chaiye akagona chinhu haumuti well done here? isnt that praising or giving it like you say to a human being. Chete jealous ndoyauinayo, ZAOGA pastor and you sound sour over another man of God who is doing well (and of course he is not gonna stop), am really surprised at you, I wonder if you really are one.

joze - 5 June 2014

Fact is fact.Makandiwa has been so instrumental in this country.We had lost all hope as a nation but he came and restored our hope.He prophesied about diamonds and minerals last year and that is the exact thing that is giving more revenue to this nation.I believe the prayers of the church,in particular Makandiwas church have been saving this nation from being in a worse state than it is.Lets give due honor to this man,he has revived the hearts of many,he has healed your sick and prospered your poor.Its in the nature of men to turn a blind eye to the good that has been done that is why every leader has been critisised to the point of giving up.Tsvangirai munomutuka,Mugabe munomuvenga,mapostori munomarova,mapurisa munofara paanorohwa,saka munhu waanoda ndiani ??

TYNASH - 5 June 2014

economist since you began the experimenting hamuna kwamatisvitsa as a nation please move over. its time for the spiritual generation.

maria - 5 June 2014

Dai Makandiwa ari murungu mese hamaimutuka imi.Ibvai apaaaa kujaira kunanzva butsu dzemabhunu ndisaka musingagoni ku appreciter mutemawo semi kana aita zvakanaka.

munhumutema - 5 June 2014

Lets give cheers to maziwisa and honor to Makandiwa.

TISU ANU ACHO - 5 June 2014

Makandiwa has done well.Praise be to God not men.Maziwisa has said his piece of mind.Be a political party's spokesperson and you will speak your pieces of mind also.

Nuetral - 5 June 2014

Honor a man if he has done well.Makandiwa i think we should all join your church !

Anesu - 5 June 2014

Well hydrogen and stupidity are really the most abundant things in the universe. And in Zimbabwe stupidity is the most abundant. You've been brainwashed by the false prophets so much that you are now calling them "Papa", "my father" etc and calling your stupid selves "mwana wemuporofita" and so on. Study the bible you morons. Uchadya cheziya kwete kudya cheminana. Akanyepa wani at the beginning of 2013 Makandiwa kuti gold richanhongwa mu street asi hazvina kuitika. That's a sure sign kuti muporofita wenhema nekuti zvaakaporofita hazvina kuitika. You are being lured to his cult by promises of earthly riches and if you read your bible you will know that it is the devil who uses earthly riches to lure souls to his kingdom. Why are people so gullible and so stupid? Why? Hapana asingazvizive kuti Psychology aifemerwa mugotsi nemurungu kuNdazo in exchange of the same material things promised by Profit Makandiwa. Saka hazvitishamise when he heaps praises on a false prophet wema material things uyu nekuti ndoohunhu hwake tinomuziva anoda zvinhu. Nxa! Wake up and work hard for your meals kwete kutemba zveminana yekunyepa yaMakandiwa wema miracle baby, miracle cars, miracle whatever. Shoko raMwari rinotaura kuti mumazuva ekupedzisira kuchauya vaporofita venhema. ndivava vacho vanaMakandiwa nanaBoateng n'anga huru. Hameno kune anenzeve dzekunzwa ngaanzwe!

Mafirakureva - 5 June 2014

@economist start pray my man GOD IS THE ONLY SOLUTION TO OUR CRISIS kwete zvako izvo diesel n'anga ndeyamwari here ukwane

proda - 5 June 2014

JOHN 6V29 '..This is the work of God that you believe in Him and whom He sent.' We believe Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has been sent by God unto this nation and the world.What we just need to do is to believe in God and to beleive in the one whom God has sent to us.

mwana wemukuru - 5 June 2014

zvakuda kingdom economics izvi iwe the so called economist kwete tumabk twako utwo

PRODA - 5 June 2014


proda - 5 June 2014

Makandiwa haasi mutumwa waMwari. Akaromba uyo kunaBoateng kuGhana.He is NOT a man of God. "Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven." Matthew 23:9. Saka kunemi imi vanozviti "mwana wemuporofita" or vanoti "Papa", "My father" etc. Profit Makandiwa, shoko iro manga makamborionawo here? Matthew 6 verse 19 to 20 inoti "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal;…" Imi takarasima nekunyeperwa kunzi tenga hengechepfu nemvura yeminana kuti ugoizora pa benz kuti uitewo yako. Tsve kuparidza salvation munhu anogaroparidza zvema "earthly riches". Mwana waSatani uyo! unofunga kuti uchamuona akamera nyanga here kuti ugobvuma kuti mwana waSatani? Repent and start following God NOT man! Let no man glory in man. Glory to God not to Makandiwa, Magaya, Mudzanire,Joshua, whatever!

Mafirakureva - 5 June 2014

When Israel cried unto God for help,God sent them a man as their solution-Prophet Moses. (EXODUS 3V9-10) "Now therefore, behold the cry of the children of Israel has come to me, and i have also seen the oppression with which the Egyptians oppress them.Come now, therere, and i will send you to pharaoh that you may bring my people, the children of Israel out of Egypt" This is still the case even today.Because of our problems as Zimbabwe,The Lord God heard our cry and he gave us a man: Believe it or not but even Jesus was a man sent to us by God as a solution to our problems.GOD will never leave his heaven to come solve your issues,He is a king high and exalted therefore he has servants who serve him.Do not deny his servants because they grew up among you,they were solutions being brewed in human bodies so that those who think they are wise might be proven foolish.Be careful not to reject your solutions just because they came in an unacceptable humanbody package.

Answered Prayer - 5 June 2014

@ Answered Prayer - You are surely one of those brainwashed ones. You cannot compare Zimbabwe's current situation with that of the Israelites who were being oppressed by the Egyptians. They were God's chosen people and they had multiplied in numbers after they came to Egypt during a time of famine when Joseph was the prime minister of Egypt. God sent Moses who rose from among the Israelites to confront pharaoh the ruler of Egypt in order to have the Israelites freed. Is this Makandiwa of yours confronting any political leaders of their wrong doing? Is he coming up with real socioeconomic solutions to iron out the problems bedevilling our beloved country? is he assisting with the crafting of any sound economic blueprint? All he does is make insane miracles of babies being born in 3 days. How does that glorify the Lord? How does that assist our country move forward? He instead promotes laziness and greed. Honestly if you promise your congregants that they will pick up gold nuggets from the streets, instruct them to "declare and decree" that by e.g. 2015 they will drive Benz's when they do not even work then you are a devil. Wake up from your deep slumber!

Mafirakureva - 5 June 2014

Jesus said to the disciples: John 15v18 "If the world hates you, you know that it hated me before it hated you. " We are not surprised you hate Prophet Makandiwa like that.He is the greater illuminator of the word of Jesus no wonder he is attracting your filthy rage and hatred.Beware, you are hating him to fulfill scripture like Judas.

Maziwisa Anoziwa - 5 June 2014

At least some political people can now see that its beyond out control but the spiritual generation has to take over...

tendy - 5 June 2014


jane - 5 June 2014

This is the spirit that should get into more people and you will see our nation changing for the better in no time.Acknowledge the man of God of this season and God will do great for this nation

lammie - 5 June 2014

Vanhu vese vakutaura zvakawanda wanda uye kutaura zvakaipa pamusoro pemunhu waMwari dai mambomira nekuti one day chete muchada chimwe chinhu kubva kwaari mugozoona kuti hazviite .

daindakaziva - 5 June 2014

@Mafirakureva- your problem is flesh is too much on you. Unofamba munyama stereki. So u expect Prophet E Makandiwa to confront the gvt , oh oh oh , exactly how the Pharisses perceived of Jesus, kuti the Messiah will come and deliver us from the hands of the Roman gvt. My father is a spiritual person , he fights spiritual wars , kana uri munyama , zveshuwa ndobvumirana newe kuti hauna hondo yauchaona. He prays for this country without seizing my friend. Benz tiku driver , iwe kana usina its because the declaration was not meant for u zve, hausi mwana wavo,saka oda benz yei, iwe usingatendi kuti mwana waMwari. Usafunge kuti pamba pako ukarara nenzara then automatically , yo neighbour ararawo nenzara. Come for tuesday services uone kana baba vedu vachi promoter laziness, Muchinyanya kuita comment based on what you get from internet


Vanhu you have tried evryother thing pane zimbabwe's situation this time try this God take it all to God becoz alone we cant do it.We have tried and look where we are right now....JESUS IS THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION.He has sent someone i for one will believe in him...

Pastor Great Future - 5 June 2014

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