Mapositori denied bail

HARARE - Three members from Madzibaba Ishamea Mufani’s Johane Masowe Church, who battered police officers and journalists using their shepherd’s crooks, were denied bail yesterday over fears they would endanger public safety.

Harare magistrate Vakayi Chikwekwe remanded Milton Murinda, Dennis Banda and John Mutasa in custody to June 16.

The court could not ascertain the accused persons’ ages or names amid allegations that they were forced by their church leader to burn their national identity cards as part of their church doctrine.

Chikwekwe said: “The three accused are facing a very serious offence which can attract a prison term. None of them possesses national identity cards and their identities are questionable.

“They all proffered wrong addresses which were proved by the police and they tried to flee from the crime scene thereby becoming a threat to the administration of justice if released on bail.”

Prosecutor Michael Reza had opposed bail and urged the courts to remand them in custody because their sect had unfinished business with the police and Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ).

“As members of the apostolic sect, the accused have big issues with the police and ACCZ,” Reza said.

“So bad are the issues that on the day in question, they assaulted everyone who wore shoes or police regalia.

“There is likelihood they will continue assaulting every police officer and everyone who has shoes if released.”

Reza said there was overwhelming evidence linking the trio to the offence.

“Evidence is overwhelming because they were caught committing the

offence, in church robes, at the scene,” Reza said.

“There is video evidence though there is no documentary evidence to show who the accused persons really are because at their church when a person joins, the national identity card is burnt because it is linked to ancestral worship.”

Reza said the accused persons could take flight or interfere with investigations upon release.

“There were in excess of about 200 people on the scene but so far only about 20 have been arrested,” he said.  “Police are still investigating. The sect leader is also on the run with police hot on his trail.”

Murinda, Banda and Mutasa told the court that they were of fixed abode and could produce national ID cards at the court’s order.

Allegations against the three arose on May 30 at Budiriro 2 Park, Johanne Masowe Echishanu Madzibaba Ishamea’s sect site.

ACCZ president Johannes Ndanga and a 26-member delegation comprising police and journalists, went to the site to address the congregation over issues of women and child abuse.

Part of the congregants challenged Ndanga to read his speech in Shona claiming they were not conversant with English.

Ndanga then ordered police to arrest one of the congregants who kept interjecting as he read the speech.

Other congregants then began singing an allegedly “violence-inciting song” called Umambo hwepfumo neropa before all male congregants armed with sticks of about one metre long started charging at Ndanga.

Murinda, Banda, Mutasa and others, who are still at large, started throwing stones and assaulting police officers, ZBC journalists Relax Marufu and Tichaona Meza and an ACCZ delegate Langton Muchena. They all sustained serious injuries.

A ZBC truck was damaged on the rear and front windscreen, and a tripod camera stand valued at $1 350 was damaged.

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discipline needs to be restored by making these culprits an example that authorities are to be respected

snowman - 3 June 2014

Tinokumbira hurumende kuti ione kuti vanhu ava vapiwa mutongo unoita kuti zvisazoitwa zvakare. Hurumende ngaiisa mutemo unorambidza vakadzikuroorwa vari pasi pe 16years. chechi dzose ngadzimanikidzwe kusubmiter costitutions dzavo kuitira kuti government izive zvavanoita muchuechi mavo. Other wise we end up with extrimists , who will develop to terorisim. governbment must investigate the Johane Marange, and all the white garment chuchies who are practising extrime polygaminism.

Willard Tarumbira - 3 June 2014

Since when have we seen Police descend on people during worship? What type of engagement is that? It's either the full story is not being told, or the Police were just "used", or "abused", as we saw in the Nolbert Kunonga Vs others case. Johannes Ndanga- which faction does he belong to, political or religious? And why were anti-riot police present during the"banning" announcement? How are associations banned? Should they not be through an order of a court of law? I do not for once condone the abuse of children and women, or anyone for that matter, but I smell something must did not go right in the way the banning order was executed. I stand guided.

Hwezhahwezha - 3 June 2014

The vapostori must be given a prison sentence, how can they do so to our police?

Sir Philip - 3 June 2014

Certainly this is a poorly written story. Was there a court order? Why was this man called Bishop Ndanga doing there? Is he a policeman, prosecutor, judge or what? Were the police serving a court summon? The only crime these vapositori committed was beating the police? But certainly if state agents take the law into their own hands Zimbabweans will also take law into their own hands. Remember State Agents are not law unto themselves. It is a fair game. If they go around raping or beating or insulting, etc, etc people under the banner of being state agents - well some brave people will always challenge them. Vanga vajaira kurova mbwende dzakaita sana Tsvangirai. Gwendo guno hamba yakasangana nowanga ane sanhu.

dick mboko - 4 June 2014

dick mboko hauna kuverenga nyaya. If you did then may be you are part of this BOKOHARAM CULT. Pasi nemi child and women abusers.

bln - 4 June 2014

why did this so called Ndanga go with police&zbc kuchurch?Was that anti_riot police who are overpowered by untrained pple?police stop being used by faction leaders like Ndanga,you deserve to be bitten for your unnecessary interference.makapuwa chidzidzo.

wezhira,mumbwarume - 4 June 2014

dick mboko hauna kuverenga nyaya. If you did then may be you are part of this BOKOHARAM CULT. Pasi nenemi child and women abusers.

bln - 4 June 2014

God has siple principles and must be adhered to, the bible is a standard book for Christians and anything out of that cannot be tolerated, the leader of a church cannot be a God, there is but one God, our Law is based on the laws Moses wrote on the tablet, do not steal, do not kill, etc, the church of God emphasizes on these bad things as being sinful, therefore when law people approach the church of God, do they retaliate or assist, hakuna church yakadaro ine machristians anorova vanhu vemutemo

tichaona - 4 June 2014

Mapositori manga majaira mutemo mutemo musanyengedzana kurova mapurisa yet you are full of shit even your bishops kutora twuvana moita vakadzi muchamama munoorera mujere mukasvika vakadzi ivava vaamahure etc,respect the laws of the land if you don't want to be in trouble pamunenge muri kusaziva mwari ndewemunhu wese imi vanamboko.Batai mboko idzi mapurisa musatyisityidzirwe memapositori inhamo chete chete mwari ndewedu kana zvidhakwa tichatopinda denga imi muchisara kugehena to hell respect police fullstop,munochaiwa mukaita weti apa vana mboko.

Cde Chinotimba - 4 June 2014

With all due respect...uyu ACCZ president Johannes Ndanga akaenda kumasowe to stop the people from praying? In my view that's direct provocation....why did he not approach the issue professionaly? He wanted to create drama and visibility otodana majournalists nemapurisa! Until we respect each other things like this will continue to happen. Zvino mukakwikwidzana neshoko ramwari munopera ndimi....Jesu vakamuka wani!

Geza Mugomo - 5 June 2014

The Government must protect people from these extremists through Acts of parliament. We need an Act to stop extremists from exploiting worshipers. Every church must submit its constitution to the government so that it will be easier for the government to monitor .

Willard Tarumbira - 24 June 2014

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