Mapositori leader flees

HARARE - Members of Madzibaba Ishamea Mufani Johane Masowe Church, who battered police officers and journalists using their shepherd’s crooks on Friday, have abandoned their shrine, with the church leader reportedly on the run.

When the Daily News crew visited the shrine yesterday, not a single person was in the vicinity, with abandoned shepherd’s crooks, dirty white garments, worn out shoes, and rotting food still stashed in lunch boxes lying at the shrine.

Fearful church members have abandoned the church, with roads leading to the shrine bereft of any human activity while other small churches in the vicinity went about their Sunday service.

The police have finally moved in to calm spiralling tensions surrounding the shrine following bloody violence on Friday.

Police have launched an initiative to resolve the impasse amid fears of further violence.

The vapostori have deserted the sacred shrine days after trouble flared following violent clashes which saw anti-riot police coming under attack and fleeing for dear life.

Police officers and members of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) were injured following protests against a decree to ban the church. The embarrassing assault of police officers has culminated in the arrest of dozens of sect leaders in connection with the violence.

It is thought that the ACCZ will attempt to broker a local resolution independent of the police, but maintain the church is banned.

Police have vowed to bring to book any person fingered in the violence. And as investigations continue, most of the church members have vanished.

The sect had to forego their crucial Sunday service, as law enforcement agents have turned on the heat.

Residents of Budiriro 2 said the tension that was created by the mayhem has since dissipated and were going about their business without any hindrances.

The ACCZ, whose ban message to the shrine delivered in the company of police and journalists incensed the vapositori, maintains it will not tolerate the abuse of women and children.

Archbishop Johannes Ndanga, head of the Administrative Court, said the church remains banned notwithstanding the members’ violent reaction.

“They have deserted their homes, but it should be understood that we are there to save the children because there is rampant abuse in this church,” Ndanga said.

“We are hunting for the church leader who has also fled his home and there is a prize.”

The vapositori accuse ACCZ of being provocative and interfering with their church business.

The church is said to have denied over 400 children of school-going age access to education.

“Further, the church practiced ‘operation recovery’ in which church elders were demanding that all girls married after losing their virginity must be sent back to their parents’ homes,” Ndanga said.

“You force your congregants to sell their properties so as to guarantee them entry into what is termed Canaan,” he said as he announced the ban of the apostolic sect.

“There is severe abuse of church congregants and their families or relatives by way of not allowing pregnant women to attend either ante-natal and or post-natal care from trained medical personnel as this is regarded as satanic.

“You coerce church members not to possess technological gadgets such as television sets and cell phones under unfounded religious claims where Madzibaba Ishamea is calling himself ‘God’.”


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only god knows

saunyama - 2 June 2014

The Madzibaba church should be banned for ever because there is serious abuse of women and children. The Government should not be apologetic in any way but protect the rights of children and women.

Lizwelethu Tshuma - 2 June 2014

The Madzibaba church should be banned for ever because there is serious abuse of women and children. The Government should not be apologetic in any way but protect the rights of children and women.

Lizwelethu Tshuma - 2 June 2014

Denying minors access to education is wrong, so is abusing women and children, the law should take its course, banning the church sounds good to me. And in a totally unrelated situation, despite an honest attempt to effect justice on the part of the Police, i felt deep satisfaction, seeing images of members of the Zimbabwe Corrupt Police getting a taste of their own medicine. It felt good.

taps - 2 June 2014

not only this one should be banned but all those who worship on hills,bushes and anywhere without proper buildings well inspected,should.they are so simmiler to the ZPF bases which should be elso banned.why hiding iff all you doing is the right thing.Ndanga is not a jurge.hance should be banned.The Z.R.corrupt officers diseved that,vanongofungakuti mapositori ese ndeeZANU,mamwe haasi

mutigori - 3 June 2014

These are not ZANU pf but police recruits : observe all clean shaven heads. They are retaliating the embarrassment they suffered at the hands of these vapositori.

deception - 3 June 2014

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The issue of these people masquarreding as mapositori has been long and over-due. Abuse of women and children is even in the Johane Marange sect where young girls are given in for marriages. While Johane Masowe is abusing so many, Johane Marange is equally the same and enforcement of law musn't be applied selectively. We would like to see Ndanga and the police doing the same to Johane Marange. For years and years, abuse of pple has been rampant. VokwaMarange were not even allowed to listen to radios and watch tvs.

baba T - 3 June 2014

takuzo kuwundurai sei huku

madzibaba - 3 June 2014

I really wonder why this guy had to bring in the police forces in the first place. why didn't they sit down church elders alone "VADARE" and talk it over. Involving police was what angered these guys and I don't blame them

Tichman - 3 June 2014

Ndanga must be arrested for provoking and starting the violence.The church was there before he was born.How could he go there armed with Police and a gun.Where is he getting that power.Mapostori should rise and fight satan

mike - 3 June 2014


LODZA - 3 June 2014

in my own opinion,i would like to suggest kut the police should have acted in a more proffessional way of taking church leaders,talk with them and then reach a concensus rather than appearing armed,i dont blame the vapostori for acting lyk tht bcoz t was self defense to me,though an appropriate measure should be taken to prevent these abuses bcoz hw cn they deny hospital medication,forced marriages,no education.this z totally violation of human rights,

Mpostori - 3 June 2014

Vanhu ngavabatwe pliz

Wasu paWatsomba ngeNyakatsapa - 3 June 2014

zvimwe mungataure asi , I suspect kuti the police were being used by Ndanga to settle a score. Ndanga's charch can't be very different from yamadzibaba . hapana chitsva apa

fool - 3 June 2014

ndanga is fighting flesh and blood war you can not win fight a spiritual war you can win first seek a solution from God seek the face of God first .other wise Ishmael might not be found only if he had rape case to answer he is only under fear and abuse of human traditional and customery act regarding marriage .Zimbabwe does not have a law that control church marriage it is known that vapostori even vekwamarange can marry up to twenty or so no limit ndanga is biased he is afraibd of attacking johane marange because of its popularity to hail with acts that destroys other churchs.iam ready to represent the true apostle people should send there children to school and also go to hospital rev ndanga should first educate vedare and Ishmael to avoid bllod shed is Zimbabwe now Nigeria our president supports the vapostori for a long time .If you do not know should first approach us .

Themba - 3 June 2014

Our government's biggest failure is leaving mapostori ese zvawo to do as they please. Vana havarapisiwi, vana havaendesewi kuzvikoro, young girls as young as ten are married off. Izvi Zimbabwe yose inozviziva kuti zviri kuititwa nemapostori ese zvawo. Morover, vanongopinda chechi dzavo pasina mvura kana matoilets vachishandisa makwenzi. Vanobhabhatidza vanhu mumvura dzesewage. Nyangwe kuchinaya vanhu vanongopurwa nemvura kana zuva even vane zvana zvicheche. This we see even from a distance what more is going on in these churches far away from public eyes. Howver ever since president and VP stooped so low as to address mapostori vakapfeka magamenzi, mapostori ave kuzviwona senhengo dzinokwikwidza, even having a section yavo kuHeroes Acre. Truth is most of the people who go there are some of the most illiterate of our people, hence vachibatwa kumeso nematsotsi anozviti maprofita. I say this is the opportunity for the nation to register and legitimize these sects.

samaita - 3 June 2014

Apa samaita marova tine dambudziko rekuregera zvinhu zvichienda out of hand before attempting or pretending to solve or addressing the issues. Hey wake up mhani Zim!!

Kunjaz - 4 June 2014

At some point the truth comes out and often times people get surprisingly surprised by it. Izvi ndizo zviri mapositori including madzibaba Ndanga wacho. Chashamisa chii ipapa. Refer to history on how the apostolic movement started in Zimbabwe.

Josifanosi Tarehwa - 4 June 2014

@ samaita "...Vana havarapisiwi, vana havaendesewi kuzvikoro, young girls as young as ten are married off. Izvi Zimbabwe yose inozviziva kuti zviri kuititwa nemapostori ese zvawo. Morover, vanongopinda chechi dzavo pasina mvura kana matoilets vachishandisa makwenzi...." Wakaita census yemapostori ese rini? Uri bhambi. Usadarikire kunwa mapiritsi epfungwa unokonzeresa. Chupit.

point order - 4 June 2014

arresting someone, simply because he tried to defend his right of worship is the 'HALMARK OF SHEAR MADNESS' arrest those who abused women and children not banning the church

'madzibaba shegede' - 5 June 2014

I have a few questions; 1. The congregants, why dont they just go to school. Does the leader follow them to their houses and stop them from schooling? 2. Hospitals and vaccinations. If they take their children for vaccination, how does Madzibaba Ishamea know ? 3. Of the 400 who deny their children education that the Police/nation is worried about, how about the 90 000 that are denied education thru lack of schooling materials,teachers, fees etc. by ZanuPF Are these four hundred more important? 4.Ko iye munhu anomanikidzwa here kupinda pa sowe?

fatso - 5 June 2014

If it is for reasons of protecting children and women from abuse, the first church to be confronted is johane marange where small girls are donated to be wives of old men.Children are denied access to medical attention.While we want sanity to churches, lets not apply the law selectively.Applying the law selectively is another form of satanism. Ndanga go to johane marange and do the same.

john muzata - 6 June 2014

The major item about churches is exploitation of both the state and church followers by the leaders.Government should get taxes from church donations while all churches should be registered under a national code of conduct.All churches should be subject audites by the state. Ndanga is working selectively based on grapevine and politics.

john muzata - 6 June 2014

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