'Tsvangirai did not flee medical bill'

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai paid his $4  358 hospital bill an hour after consulting doctors at the Trauma Centre, his spokesman said yesterday.

Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, told reporters at a press briefing held at the party's Harvest House headquarters, that the veteran opposition leader left the hospital through the VIP entrance, accompanied by staff at the private hospital.

He made public the receipt given by the hospital on Wednesday when the bill was paid, reflecting the change of $17,47 the Trauma Centre gave Tsvangirai when the bill was settled.

He said the ex-premier was unfazed by the “sustained onslaught” from the State media, which he accused of peddling outrageous lies that he had fled his medical bill using a back alley.

Accusing the State media of practicing "yellow journalism", Tamborinyoka said  there was a relentless attempt to peddle malicious and slanderous rumours as news.

"President Tsvangirai has spoken to his lawyers about the malicious report around this issue," Tamborinyoka said.

"Despite the needless propaganda, president Tsvangirai remains in high spirits, ready to proceed with his avowed mission to bring positive change in the lives of the people of Zimbabwe.”

A frenzied media coverage of the ex-premier’s health has irked Tsvangirai, who on Wednesday invited journalists to his home to prove that he was not hospitalised as claimed by some sections of the media.

“We wish to set the record straight for the millions of Zimbabweans, who have been at the mercy of some yellow journalism over the past few days," Tamborinyoka said.

"Zimbabweans woke up today to the news that president Morgan Tsvangirai had fled the hospital without paying his bill. For the record president Tsvangirai left hospital around 1100 hrs yesterday and his bill was paid an hour later around 12 00hrs in line with the agreement reached with hospital authorities. His total bill of $4 358 was paid and we take great exception to the reckless journalism that is claiming he had not paid.”

Asked how his boss incurred such a huge bill, Tamborinyoka said “he had been going to the hospital for four days to undergo tests and checks.”

According to Tamborinyoka, the “exhausted” opposition leader left the hospital wearing his suit and not in a huff. He was "also not barefooted as portrayed in some media.”

He said some of the hospital staff connived with the police and some sections of the media to undermine the reputation of Tsvangirai.

Stocking Tsvangirai’s legendary rivalry with  President Robert Mugabe, who has been receiving frequent treatment in a top-notch Singapore medical facility, Tsvangirai’s spokesman said the former PM was being vilified for preferring to be treated locally.

“He has retained faith in local institutions and for that faith, he has been repaid by malicious lies and concocted drama, including a police report for a bill he had already paid,” Tamborinyoka said.

Instead of focussing on “speculation and concoctions” on Tsvangirai’s health, Tamborinyoka said the “gutter media" should dissect the economic woes bedevilling the country, incessant power cuts, water shortages and the failure by government to pay civil servants on time.

The press conference was attended by MDC acting secretary general Tapiwa Mashakada and Women Assembly chairperson Teresa Makone.

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vakomana, ibill rudzii re$4000 for just one hour of consulting a doctor

Boss - 30 May 2014

Pressing defamatory charges, kutsvaga mari ka uku. Ichokwadi blazo havana mari zvachose. Ooooh! Zimbos corruption muMDC futi. Saka zvirikumbofamba sei. Ndazvishaya neniwo

Imika - 30 May 2014

If he had made an arrangement with the authorities, who filed the police report? Why was the nurse who aided the escape suspended? While he might not be broke as others have suggested, he definitely tried to skip the bill. tough luck Save, makanyangira yaona

mdhara - 30 May 2014

MaCIO please musakomende zvisinamaturo. we clearly understand your motive. you cannot fool us.

danga Remombe - 30 May 2014

Next time vanhu vanaziva zvipatara zvekusaenda. Nyangwe dai munhu asina kubhadhara ipapo ipapo keunda kumapurisa is it a business idea or a political idea. No wonder others prefer to be treated beyond borders.

Perfect Moyo - 30 May 2014

Kwakwakwa thought damage control was only done in other parties. Kana akatiza akatiza apa muri kungochinja mastatements initially u said Mai Tsvangison was going to pay e bill kkkk maiwe zvangu Save Tsvagai manew advisors

Jack Munyai - 30 May 2014

.the print media is now fighting a bitter war against the Peoples Movement, the MDC T.....we the grassroots supporters will not be swayed by those vicious and frivolous accusations and counter false statements about our dear leader in order to weaken the cause.....but of course all is a bunch of horse manure.......this kind of news quickly vanishes as we move foward to change in this country.......ZANU PF is now bereft of new ideas to stimulate this dying economy, the thing is, all eyes are being swayed away from this state of affairs to cheap politicking ........the once, popular paper The Newsday has also joined in this bandwagon of deception.......day in and day out they write negative headlines......... people in Zimbabwe have been reduced to poverty by this regime which continue to loot our national resources like demented hyenas.......Tsvangirai is the man of which this country looks up to from now and the future.......hats off, The Dailynews!

Steel Wire - 30 May 2014

The bill was high as this hospital charges are so pathetic. It is a know fact that trauma centre will keep you there even if you well so they make more money

soneverso - 30 May 2014

The Herald has removed all comments related to CG Chihuri on their online publication.

Zuruvi - 30 May 2014

It seems someone was overwhelmed by public interest. Wow!! what a Nation we have in Zimbabwe.The struggle continues!!

Zuruvi - 30 May 2014

For as long as MT lives & leads MDC-T, ZANU PF propagandists will work round the clock to tarnish his image. It's a pity that these propagandists are so desperate that they spread cheap lies in their futile game. It's clear, MT is the man of the moment& commands a huge following. Did ZANU PF really win the last election? Then why worry about a dead&buried MDC-T?? Ooh MT,chikara che ZANU !!1


The reality is that Zimbabweans are very literate. By trying to "tarnish" Tsvangirai's image on a daily basis, the reality that these propagandists are failing to appreciate is that it is resulting in the opposite effect. Y are they keeping on hammering us with negative news over a person who was resoundingly beaten in last year's elections?

Reality - 30 May 2014

MaCIO haana nyaya awo unofunga kuti munhu waPresident vemusangano angatiza achiendepi asi vesecurity department pavakaona zvinhu zvangazvoipa . MaCIO eZANU PF angaazara pachipatara vanemweya wekubaya Jekiseni reAnthrax panaSave ndosaka vakangobuda pasina vazhinnji vanoziva . Pliz Save musadzokera kuchipatara ichocho munobaiwa Jekiseni rineviruses neMhandu idzi mukarova pasi

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 30 May 2014

Any one who believes the leader of the largest opposition party in the country and a former Prime Minister of the very successful GNU could run away from a $4 000 bill can believe anything.

Perfect Moyo - 31 May 2014

I thought the same spokeman had on record stated that Tsvangirai was never in hospital. Manyepo e Mdc and Daily News are now catching up with them.

Nyakudirwa - 2 June 2014

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