Zille piqued by Mugabe cheers

HARARE - South Africa’s Western Cape premier, Helen Zille, has expressed outrage at the standing ovation granted to President Robert Mugabe.

Africa’s oldest and one of the longest serving leaders received the loudest cheer at the south lawn of the Union Buildings in Pretoria at the presidential inauguration of Jacob Zuma on Saturday.

It was Zuma’s second inauguration after his re-election, the first being in 2009.

Mugabe, looking resplendent in a dark suit and blue tie, arrived in Mercedez Benz, and then slowly made his way down the red carpet with his wife, hand-in-hand.

He smiled and waved his clenched fist salute as loud cheers reverberated through the amphitheatre.

Zuma later took the oath of office before signing the swearing-in certificate and later addressed the nation.

Zille, who was officially sworn in to her second term as Western Cape premier on Monday morning, blasted South Africans for sending the wrong message after the 90-year-old Zimbabwean leader was applauded by the vociferous crowd.

In a twitter rant, Zille said: “A huge cheer goes up for Robert Mugabe, commander-in-chief blah, blah, too depressing. What message does that send out?”

Mugabe, who was in Singapore for a “another routine eye check-up” according to his spokesperson, headed to Zuma’s inauguration soon after his arrival in Harare on Friday.

He had a cataract operation in Singapore on the eve of his 90th birthday in February and returned to the southeastern Asian State two weeks ago amid mounting doubts about his health.

On Tuesday, Britain’s Channel 4 News flighted footage of Mugabe entering Singapore’s Gleneagles Hospital with his wife Grace and security aides.

His wife unsuccessfully attempted to bar the filing of the arrival.

Meanwhile, Mugabe is back home from Zuma’s inauguration and wished him a successful and stable five-year reign.

Other dignitaries to receive a standing ovation were former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda and Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan.

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Any chance we could give Mugabe over to the South Africans? I am sure they would be happy together.

Kufakwejeyi - 27 May 2014

@kufakwejeyi, considering that you are a church mouse on whose authority would you give bob to the s/africans. Iwe go there and your idiotic chematama.

reason - 27 May 2014

There is nothing wrong with South Africans applauding Bob ecah he visits SA, it has happened several times and we know the reason why. What is wrong would be kungotukana zvisina tsekwendwe vanaReason just because one doesn't like someone's personality as if they are not Zimbabweans.

Gudo - 27 May 2014

Why were these morons in S Africa cheering Mugabe for? For wrecking the economy? For holding on to the world record rate of inflation? For having 90% unemployment? Absolutely barmy. Mugabe is like a drunk who buys his friends beer at the bar but is unable to provide for his family.

Musona - 27 May 2014

Let them cheer for now, when Zuma emulates him they will realise their stupidity. Makes one wonder why they they do so, when the evidence of his destruction of this beautiful country is there for all to see.

saundy - 27 May 2014

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WERTHJITFCF - 27 May 2014

The have succeeded in what they set out to do...upset white people.I wish SA could have Mugabe, if only it were possible...

Grouba - 27 May 2014

Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich by promising to protect each from the other.

SHAVA - 27 May 2014

Whatever side you want to take, God gave Africa to Africans. South Africa is not for the Boers, the Nomads. We own Africa, Kille does not own anything here. Kille is white and a swine in human clothes. South Africans jeered their brother in arms. All MDC activists are boys and girls having mischief time. Have a good mischief time. There is a time to grow and its your stage now. Take it seriously. Mugabe is never right and is never wrong. We are all part of the system and depends who is occupying what seat in the system. You steal and think things gonna be okay with stealing. You are joking guys! Go hang. Mugabe is for me, anondiitira parizvino until elections or some other system takes him off stage.

Africans are Black - 27 May 2014

Please do not be mistaken here south africans were actually laughing at mugabe not cheering ask any southafrican if he or she likes mugabe the answer is simple no and they hate him .

Diibulaanyika - 27 May 2014

hey Africans are black-tell that to all your black brothers and sisters who live in the west!!!when will they come home??the world is now a global village-get used to it otherwise you will rot in your own mire!!

patience - 27 May 2014

@patience what makes you think that every one who does not like mugabe is not in zim .Only an idiot thinks like that of course some of us are right in the country although like anybody esle at times travel to other countries to buy few things come back home ,Home is where i belong.

Diibulaanyika - 28 May 2014

In a twitter rant, Zille said: “A huge cheer goes up for Robert Mugabe, commander-in-chief blah, blah, too depressing. What message does that send out?” Answer: Tango Raphael Omega Sarah Alpha , Winston Churchhill Pamela.Repeat, Winston Churchill Pamela. Zille, do you copy. Say again do you read me. Message intercepted and deciphered. Mesage is clear, I repeat, mesage is loud and clear. 'Loud cheer means "Hey Jaycob, now is the time to kick the Boer from the farms". Confirmed. The Voer Trekker will be flushed from his foxhole now.Niggers want their land back from Cape to Limpopo. Winston Churchill Pamela Zille, your fears are confirmed. I repeat, your fears are confirmed. Advice: Abandon ship, repeat, abandon ship. The Titanic will sink soon. Over and Out.

Shame - 28 May 2014

@Shame wonder if they will still cheer when they can't feed themselves any more ,have a collapsing economy etc. Nothing in this country works thanks to you know who.

saundy - 28 May 2014

Shame, I think you are narrow minded. South Africa has a functioning legal system and constitution, you are dreaming if you think the land stealing that happened here will be tolerated in S.A or any other African country after everyone saw the results. You are mad. I know of 3 white farmers who were given land in Zambia and are producing. Some countries don't see color but ones potential. Its been 14 years since land was stolen, if it was supported why is everyone not doing it? You are a racist, work and buy your own farm if that what you enjoy. I am black and bought a farm

brains - 28 May 2014

Why can't the South Africans have him if they want Mugabe, and they can give us Zuma? Please, we are very ready to give him to you at no price, zero price, any time. Because even the corocodiles of limpopo needs a change of diet, as they are now used to eat Zimbos who present themselves in their hunting ground as these Zimbos try to flee Mugabe's Zimbabwe. But if you love Mugabe so much, what do you think Zimbabweans slaves you have there find it better to remain in enslavement rather than coming back home. Think of what you did to them during xenophobia, but alas, they are still there with you, in larger numbers infact. Also, if you love Mugabe so much, why did you not vote for Malema, Mugabe's exact replica. You see, I have seen it happening. people cheer to Bev when she is doing her awkward dancing, but not even a single man wants his wife to emulate Bev. People may just like some things just for funny, but many people misinterpret it for fame. It is like a a young mosquito that thinks that people are clapping hands for it, and yet they are actually trying to kill it, but missing.

Danai Pazvagozha - 28 May 2014

The collapse of Zimbabwe's economy is an advantage to South Africans and so when they saw the man responsible for all this (Mugabe), they had to reason to cheer. At the same time they have their favorite pass time violent as they are beating up foreigners, especially Zimbabweans and looting from their small spazas. What a shame.

Dr Know - 28 May 2014

Go to hell you stupidt old dirty pig.Our President is an icon and role model to many.Leave him alone.Go and hang.Long Live Our President,Commander-In-Chief of ZDF and the Grand Master of The Order of Merit.Pamberi nemi Gushungo.

MATIGARI - 28 May 2014

We have whites in Africa as we have blacks in Europe or US. Racism is primitive,retrogressive& satanic.Only idiots think in terms of race like 'Africans are Black.' What is so special about being black or white?? We are all human beings & should learn to co-exist harmoniously.We need peace in this world. Remember, corruption is a very serious crime in China. To HELL with racism.!!!

GLOBAL VILLAGE - 28 May 2014

Dr Know's observation is very correct. Matigari may love a despot like RGM but everyone knows who ruined Zimbabwe. Anyway,even the worst dictators all over the world have their own supporters as well BUT they will go when time comes..


Shame you are the MAN. Majority of south africans are living in utmost poverty whilst the white man is enjoying the fruits of that country. Zille you can go to hell, blacks in the Western Cape are the most marginalised and who is governing that province. You want to further the interests of your kin. Rest be assured what happened in Zim is coming to South Africa. Whiskey, tango, foxtrot to you copy!!

Nyakudirwa - 28 May 2014

@brains, you are the one who is narrow minded. what do you mean land was stolen. whose land is it anyway. How can one steal their own land. You are an idiot for buying something that already belongs to you. You think we care what the white people and gay people like yourself think.

mwana wezanu pf - 28 May 2014

People in Africa are still going on about black and white. lol the world has moved on expect Africa. Be happy with your color and move on. We need Strive for our president who has moved on and is a successful black business magnate. A new party called Non Racist Zimbabwe Front should be formed and our logo is color blind. An equal number of all color will represent it and Strive will be the president. Every human in Zimbabwe will get a chance to be heard and no more stealing from racist whites or blacks. Our anthem will be Lucky Dube's "Different Color". Imagine that. All thieves will be locked in a color blind jail and they can all bond and live happily ever after All the racism is about stealing not color.

black and white - 28 May 2014

President Mugabe, a true african statesman.

Tendai biti - 28 May 2014

@mwana wezanu pf go and hang matitle deeds ndinawo wena iwi unechii. You are narrow minded, I don't support gays just because I bought than get for free. Vakangwara like Gono chaiye akatenga nekuti Mabank don't look at anything but deeds. Zvengochani zvabva papi that's why the country cannot go forward with people who mix non related issues

brains - 29 May 2014

To take land from one who bought it is stealing&giving that land freely to a black man won't enrich anyone. This black empowerment,indigenization etc is just politicking designed to hoodwink the gullible ZPF povo so lazy that they can't work for themselves.They always think of handouts&looting.They foolishly think blaming a white man is patriotism.SHAME SITEREKI.

DANGAMURA - 2 June 2014

NDIPOO DOLLAR NDITENGE CHINGWA. Ndoo hupenyu hwama jairaka vana Matigari and "Tendai Biti".Munochinjawo riniko nyika imbofemawo

Don Dadda - 3 June 2014

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