Bishop in maintenance wrangle

HARARE - Christian Disciples’ Relational Ministries bishop Montana Nyikadzino has been dragged before the Harare Civil Court by his former wife demanding $500 in child support.

Nyikadzino’s ex-wife Stella accused the “man of God” of neglecting his two children and spending all his money on a new girlfriend.

She alleged the bishop recently bought a vehicle for the mistress.

Stella told magistrate Tafadzwa Muvhami that Nyikadzino removed their children from the expensive school they were enrolled at to a cheaper school so as to continue spoiling his girlfriend.

“He is a bishop and lives a luxurious life, stays in an expensive full house with his girlfriend and drives a (Mercedes) Benz,” Stella said.

“I once reported him to Justice for Children because he had refused to release children’s documents. He gets tithes and offering money.”

Nyikadzino, through his lawyer, said he was waiting for the divorce proceedings to be finalised at the High Court.

He accused Stella of being violent saying she humiliated him in front of his church members. He also said that Nyikadzino did not get a salary for being a bishop.

His ex-wife strenuously denied the allegations.

“I don’t cause havoc, even when I put a facade in front of people that we were happy, his girlfriend was sitting in the church among congregants,” the ex-wife said.

“I have never tried to defame him but rather tried by all means to protect his image and that of my children. I am not possessive as he alleges.

“He is the one who is violent and shameless. The other time he beat me in front of congregants and when we came to court the other time, he wanted to hit me when we went out.

“People are quitting his church because of his womanising. It has nothing to do with me.”

The bishop said the amount the ex-wife was claiming was excessive.

“It is also her duty to maintain the children,” said the bishop’s lawyer.

“He has not neglected his children because he usually sends money through Ecocash when he gets money from church members.

“The church membership drastically dropped because of the behaviour of the applicant.

“She accuses female church members of desiring her husband and tried to scandalise and defame respondent.

“She once stormed into a church meeting and caused havoc by assaulting the respondent.”

Magistrate Muvhami ordered Nyikadzino to pay $150 for the upkeep of his children even as divorce proceedings are underway.

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Bishop who gets 'chegumi' pays $150 maintenance for 2 minor children. Macheso pays $1030 for 2 minor children. If surely maintenance money is for the upkeep of kids, how come we have such a huge difference...pane nyaya

Timothy Nanda - 27 May 2014

i am one of the cgurch congregants. and in as far as i know this woman is physco who just wants to tarninsh the bishops's image. i know Stella personally. she is amental case who is under therapy as we speak. The Bishop has his own weakness i do agree as a human being but not as Stell is proclaiming. Only God knows the truth but what i also know is Stella is Lying and she wont get anything out of lying. ha Mai vakaoma. she fulfilling what she promised.

CDRM - 27 May 2014

The true God hates divorce yet the man of God is divorcing his wife with his 2 kids. Who follows this cruel so-called bishop ?? A BLIND LEADING OTHER BLIND PPLE. Jesus clearly says in the bible,'WHAT GOD JOINED TOGETHER,LET NO MAN SEPARATE'yet the good bishop has gone to court for divorce.

REGAZVIPORE - 27 May 2014

Bishop??? There are a lot of things that are very wrong here! 1. A bishop must be a husband of ONE wife! 2. He must be able to rule over his house .. maintain order nit through beating. But building an atmosphere of Love. 3. How is this "Bishop" going to wed other couple and pronounce blessings when he doesn't even have what it takes. Shame on you ... Mr .. Not Bishop.

Dereck - 27 May 2014

CDRM,after fathering 2 kids,the bishop should indeed look after physco Stella. We should love our wives both in good or bad health.The same is expected of wives to their husbands. The bishop has a very good chance to demonstrate what he preaches to congregants if looks after Stella.

IROMBE IRO - 27 May 2014

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WATER - 27 May 2014

When two people get married, they make what is known as marriage vows, that they will stick to each other, in good health and in sickness, till death do them apart. So if Stella has a mental problem, which to me falls under sickness on the marriage vow, then the husband, who happens to call himself bishop, has no reason to divorce Stella but instead take care of her in her sickness till death do them apart. Yes Jesus said it, what God has put together no man must separate. Its unfortunate the man who is supposed to be the word of God bearer, reading it to congregates week in week out, is the one doing the very opposite. There it is, Jesus said it again, in the last days many false prophets shall arise in order to deceive, even the elect. Jesus even said on that day they will come to Him and say Lord, did we not prophesy and cast out demons in your name, He said He will tell them to go away for He never sent them. Jesus further mentioned that its not all who say Lord Lord who will inherit the Kingdom but those who do the will of His Father in Heaven.

Positive Thinking - 27 May 2014

he alleged the bishop recently bought a vehicle for the mistress. Stella told magistrate Tafadzwa Muvhami that Nyikadzino removed their children from the expensive school they were enrolled at to a cheaper school so as to continue spoiling his girlfriend. “He is a bishop and lives a luxurious life, stays in an expensive full house with his girlfriend and drives a (Mercedes) Benz,” Stella said. “I once reported him to Justice for Children because he had refused to release children's documents. He gets tithes and offering money.” There it is, some leaders of the prominent churches vehemently deny that the luxurious lives they live is from tithes and offerings from congregates, claiming the be renowned businessman. There Stella, an ex-wife of a bishop is telling the nation, and the world at large how these church leaders afford such expensive lives even at the expense of their own children. I ask all church leaders ans founders to challenge Stella on this. Uchanzwa zwavachautara.

Positive Thinking - 27 May 2014

Great contribution from the great Positive Thinking. You seem to have studied the bible well. This so-called bishop is totally out of step.

zvarevashe - 27 May 2014

That is the problem with these new churches, they have no proper structures as to how all the money they contribute is spent other than on the Pastor's luxury vehicle and daily expenses. Churches like Anglican, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, S.D.A, Methodist and the like have strong foundations and firm structures. Priests and Bishops receive a living salary and not too many unnecessary perks which these Gospel enterpreuners demand from and 'persuade' their flock to part with. God is for us all and we get to him through his son Jesus Christ and not through mortal beings who call themselves 'men of God'.

Dr Know - 27 May 2014

Chi Bishop ichi, ndezve pasi rino kudenga havapinde kana icho chifundisi, ndeche pasirino denga havapindi. Dai mambo rega zvikurire pamwepo mwari baba achatonga ega.

codei - 27 May 2014

Satanist Leader not a Bishop. $150 haikwani kutengera vana chikafu, hembe, kuenda kuchikoro nekuvarapisa. Urisafisa vana vako nekuda chipfambi. Mutemo wenyika sayi chitendera kuti vanhu vabhadhare mari shoma isina chainokwana pamwana. Chinofanirwa kuonekwa ndechekuti vana vawana zvakakwana here kubva kuna baba. Mai ngabikire vawache nekuchengeta kuona kuti vana vamukasei. baba ava mudzimai vanomuda, chavasingadi its responsibility. Chengerai imi sisi vanoda zvemahara segonye remu sewage, very soon you will be crying. Chisingazivi pfambi iyi ndechekuti vanhukadzi tinocheneta masecretes akakomba mudzimba umu. Zirikutaura amai ava ichokwadi chinoitika. Pafunge iwe pfambi, unofunga kuti amai vangashushe a True Bishop here. She was just alerting you kuti ndi fake Bishop havana kumira mushe. Vanamati must respond to such early alerts kusati kwaita zvavana Madzibaba Nzira and Gumbura.

bln - 28 May 2014

Pamuchato tinovimbisa kuzova tese mukurwara, mukushaya, nemuupfumi. Kurwara nepfungwa kurwara. Bishop garai nemudzimai wenyu muvenemuenzaniso wakanaka kunyika yedu. Small houses nebasa raMwari kwete.

pastor - 28 May 2014

Honestly how does one publicly say they go to such a church. Do you know women suffer from post traumatic stress after having a child. and one has to deal with that as well as a cheating husband. Ok lets say its not even post traumatic stress. just dealing with a cheating husband is enough to drive you to a mental institute and worse she had children to take care of, church members who need councling etc. This Stella woman deserves a medal for even getting up in the morning let alone reporting this craziness. This is not the first wife he has abandoned mind you. Personaly I would never tell anyone I can sit for more than an hour and listen to this man preach the word of God. How does he give the mother of his children 150usd a month? who pays for their school etc. I agree with the lawyer who says women must maintain as well but this does not even cover half the living costs of anyone and maybe she was not working and needs to get back on her feet how do you do that with 150usd. Bishop muchinyara!!! rest assured the rest of the women will very soon come and air out all your dirty laundry while you stand on that Podeum.

kusanyara - 28 May 2014

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