Horror crash: Heart-rending details

HARARE - On Monday, Kina Mburumai, 20, woke up to prepare breakfast for her husband as she always does. 

The couple then parted ways with a promise she would collect meat from her husband at a service station in Chitungwiza at around 1pm.

But this was never to be.

Instead of receiving meat for a nice dinner with her 30-year-old husband, Musiiwa Chanengeta, the driver of the kombi that killed 10 people along Seke Road, Mburumai got news through a relative that her husband had died in a deadly kombi crash.

A relative who had received the information from Chanengeta’s colleague broke the news to the bewildered wife.

“I served him tea in the morning and I was waiting for him at the service station at 1pm so that he could give me the evening relish,” the distraught and visibly shaken young wife told the Daily News yesterday.

“I don’t know what God has planned for me but I am devastated at the loss of my husband.”

Chanengeta is survived by two children aged two-and-half years and the last born is eight months.

The young mother said the deceased was the breadwinner.

She said she was praying for strength to look after her children during and after this difficult period.

Police spokesperson Paul Nyathi said Chanengeta was speeding at the time of the disaster. 

But Faro Mupandaguta, speaking on behalf of the late driver’s family, said they were not aware that Chanengeta was a reckless driver who had total disregard for life.

“As a family, we do not know whether he was the speeding driver that people are referring to,” said Mupandaguta.

“I don’t have much to say. This was an accident, we acknowledge it as such.” 

Mupandaguta said although he did not know Chanengeta’s driving experience, it was for quite a span, he said. 

“People are saying he was not a seasoned driver but he was driving for some time before the accident,” he said. 

The owner of the kombi is still to get in touch with the driver’s family.

The family does not even know the owner but only know that the kombi was inscribed “Ganato.”

A sombre atmosphere engulfed the home of the deceased driver in Zengeza 2 in Chitungwiza.

Several funerals were underway in the dormitory town yesterday.

Our crew arrived at the funeral at around 2pm and people were digging into a lunch of cabbage and sadza.

Some women in apostolic sect regalia were singing sorrowfully at the house.  

The deceased driver was a member of the apostolic sect and he was an ardent member.

Chanengeta’s wife was in full apostolic sect regalia.

Chanengeta’s mother was at loss of words on the death of her son.

Details of the burial were still being worked out by yesterday.

Mupandaguta said the driver’s rural home was in Zvimba under village head Chiyangwa.

84-year-old identified on WhatsApp

Nelson Tsikirayi Matambo, 84, lived with his wife in Zengeza 3.

A retired brick layer, the late hard worker was still sprucing up his house with some touch-ups.

On the fateful day, he was travelling from the city centre were he had gone to buy padlocks and paint for the job.

But he never got back home to his beloved wife.

He was the oldest of the deceased persons in a deadly kombi crash.

Describing his last days, Matambo’s son Peter said his father had a lengthy talk with his uncle Albert before he went to town.

This is something he had never done in many years, the son said.

The granddad of 26, was acting strangely as if he wanted to embark on a long journey which would take him away from home for a long time, his son said.

Little did his relatives know that he was not coming back alive.

“My father never frequented town but he just chose to do so on that fateful day,” Peter told the Daily News.

“On the rare occasions that he would get into town, he would not exceed 12 noon without coming back. On the particular day, he was not back by 1pm and people panicked.

“Our nephew later saw images on WhatsApp and identified his body. The message later came through, that he was among those who perished in the kombi disaster.”

Images of the accident were awash on social media way before the police had notified the relatives of the dead. 

Peter said he was okay with images on WhatsApp.

“It is a way that people are communicating these days so it helped us realise that our father was dead,” he said.

Matambo hails from Manzvire village in Chipinge under Chief Musikavanhu. However, he lived in Chitungwiza with his wife Rose.

All his children are grown ups and leading their own lives, some are in business development, in the medical field, in finance and sales.

One of his sons in Australia is jetting in tomorrow for the funeral, scheduled for Thursday at Warren Hills, Cemetery.

Rose, 77, said her wish was to stay longer with her husband. 

“I am in deep mourning,” she said.

“My husband has been taken. We lived here the two of us and I wished that we could have lived longer together.”

Peter said there should be strict road regulations for kombi drivers.

“Courts should give deterrent sentences to kombi drivers that speed,” he said.

“They should also look at vehicles’ road-worthiness because some kombis are not fit for the road.  the age of kombi drivers should be strictly wlooked at to avoid accidents,” he said.

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We are very sorry for what has happened to our relatives. I'm just want to encourage drivers here in Zimbabwe that life has no reverse, when you are reversing your mombi right now don't think that life also has a reverse gear (no), we only have one chance of life, if you loose it its for ever. so please especially combi drivers take your time to concentrate with your car. Tyaira motokari yako mumugwagwa kwete kutarisa yemumwe kuti irikufamba sei tarisa yako, ndipopaunozoyeuka motokari yavemusango. Please don't DRINK AND DRIVE, IF YOU HAVE EMOTION STAY OFF THE ROAD WITH YOUR CAR, you can cause accidents on the road. I think its better to have long buses on the road and take off the combi nekuti apedzavanhu. COMMENT FROM MUTARE

tapiwa - 21 May 2014

Owner is a CIO operative . Why is he not being arrested. Combi was not registered . Again those manning roadblocks why are they not being arrested . How can you trust such dogs on the road . Corruption everywhere.who shall we trust then?

Mangisi - 21 May 2014

Focus on Zimbabwean registered cars instead of focusing on foreign registered cars where you spend time asking for trivial things and being bureaucratic while looking for bribes. Look now.

Gee - 21 May 2014

Lessons should be leant here to avoid similar tragedy. Was this accident a mechanical or human error? If its mechanical one, then our Government should provide legislation that ensures that all public transport are safe eg certificates of road fitness. Its will not surprise me to hear that the combi had used tyres fitted on it hence it burst. Should we allow this to happen again and again and again. Life is previous. Noone deserves to die prematurely because of errors that can be managed. Unless If we are learned idiots who cant apply knowledge to solving problems.

Ziziharinanyanga - 21 May 2014

siyai vanhu nemari dzavo nemidziyo yavo, iyi itsawona iyi period

sinyoro - 21 May 2014

Hapana tyre burst apa

Maita Manyuka - 21 May 2014

It is not about age guys it is also about skill. My son has been a marvelous driver for the past 8 years he has been driving. he had his licence at 17 and I trust him. We are not told that the tyres burst so it is not about tyres. What I have noticed about tyre burst is we blame them when they would have burst during the accident not prior to the accident. Most cars are fitted with tubeless tyres and these rarely burst. Munhu akataddza ku driver anongoti tyre burts because painobuda mu road mavhiri anogona kuputiswa ne miti ne matombo ari kunze kweroad.

Maita Manyuka - 21 May 2014

may the departed souls rest in peace. drivers before you drive passengers, seek God's protection in Jesus name, you wont fail because most zimbabweans are christians ,they pray each time they get in your cars.

think - 22 May 2014

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ORIGINAL - 22 May 2014

One day I was coming from town traveling towards Chitungwiza and I stopped at Maruti traffic lights. The Ganato Kombi which was behind me did not stop even though the robot was red. I overtook it paKoala and when I got paDelport Rd there were police officers manning a roadblock . I stopped and told them what had happened at the robot . When I was about to leave the place the kombi drove through but the officers did not stop it. I now understand why they did not stop it, its because the owner is a CIO operative. Sure here kuti madriver emakombi enyu ofamba above the law because their bosses are CIO or whatever influential position you hold in the society. Vehama don't live as if there is no tomorrow. You may be untouchable today but that's not going to be forever, time will come when you will be answerable for your acts of cruelity . Chokwadi you employ munhu asina the required papers, newe wo kombi yako haina zvinodiwa. Kombi yako yauraya vanhu you don't even care and you think GOD will just keep quite, unonyepa iwe. GOD will fight for those that are oppressed by you. Imagine mhuri dzasiiwa dziri nherera nekuda kwehutsinye hwako. Shamwari MWARI ndiye ari kurutivi rwedu and going to FIGHT for us

Mazivisa - 22 May 2014

Wotoona munhu achiPoster zvemaCartridge, parikuchemanwa hama, wotoshaya kuti asi vanhu chii nhai

Command Center - 22 May 2014

zvirinani kuti vanhu vanonoke kusvika pane kukasika kusvika.vatyairi ndapota chengetedzai upenyu hwevanhu.kombi owners ,you might scot free today,but remember there is always tomorrow,God will not let you scot free.repent guys Madam Chang'

Dorothy Chenjerai - 22 May 2014

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