Zanu PF councillor backs gay rights

HARARE - Richman Rangwani, a Zanu PF councillor for Mhondoro Ngezi, has come out in the open to champion rights of homosexuals, a move likely to spark censure from his homophobic party which advocates full enforcement of laws that criminalise same sex marriages in the southern African nation.

The controversy erupted during the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia held at the Netherlands ambassador’s residence in Chisipite, where the councillor who is also a headman was a panellist.

In his presentation, Rangwani, a respected headman who presides at the court of the paramount chief, advocated human rights, love and protection towards homosexuals, a move likely to draw a backlash from his party.

Rangwani  told gays, lesbians and western diplomats on Saturday that there was nothing wrong with homosexuality, and said many people were against homosexuality because they lacked knowledge on it.

He further said as an Aids activist, he had engaged with people in Mhondoro Ngezi to try and change their perception against homosexuals.

“If we have all this information in the community where I am coming from, things will be a lot different l can tell you,” Rangwani said.

“SafAids (a non-governmental organisation) came to my community and they have managed to talk to 250 or more headmen and let me tell you this, they understand.

“The problem is that the people do not have information about this matter.”

Rangwani accused politicians of being hypocrites who attack gays only after elections but seek their vote in the run-up to polls.

“Finally, the political situation in Zimbabwe, they only talk about it over the media when it’s after the elections, when everybody has voted,” said Rangwani.

“If this other group of people do not have rights or are not people, do not call (on) them to vote. I am always telling them, no, gentlemen, we need to sit down and talk about this matter,” the councillor said amid applause from homosexuals.

He vowed to continue fighting for the rights of homosexuals.

“I am saying today the International Day Against Homophobia is a milestone, wait and find out in the next two years and if God permits me to live the next five years, I would have done something personally, I am not afraid,” Rangwani said.

The Netherlands ambassador to Zimbabwe Gera Sneller said she and other civil society groups organised the event not to antagonise the government, but to enable people to discuss about the challenges homosexuals face.

President Robert Mugabe’s ruling Zanu PF has been protesting against any move to legalise same sex marriages in the country.

Mugabe in his Independence Day celebrations speech warned that he will chuck out all pro-gay rights diplomats.

European Union ambassador Aldo Dell’Ariccia and US ambassador Bruce Wharton attended the celebrations.

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The councillor has lost it, why did Sodom & Gomora distroyed by the heavenly father its becasue of these pathetic thing known as gays. The headman should revisit his bible and read it carefully. God never created Adam & Adam or Eve but he created Adam & Eve who were people of different sex. We need to pray for this people to turn away from their evil ways, the day of judgement is coming so they should have repented from their evil deeds.

Tawanda - 19 May 2014

councillor, we pray that you come back to your senses, something wrong with you.

wind - 19 May 2014

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ORIGINAL - 19 May 2014

The councillor had a great time that day bonking another male or being bonked by another male himself. What is there to understand about pervesion Mr Councillor?

sjambok - 19 May 2014

kanzura awa ingochani full time iri kumhanya nengochani dzechichena idzi plus mari yaakapihwa yakawandisa saka haachaziwa musoro wotenderera

nyanga - 19 May 2014

Homosexuality is perversion fullstop. Of course you can't arrest a person for being disabled.Homosexuals are just like people with a disability. Surely Mr.Councillor,there is absolutely nothing for a normal person to understand about same sex marriages.Even the Amighty God hates homosexual.

ROMBE GURU - 19 May 2014

Please musanyaudza vanhu ne zvemagay izvi.Magay vanhu vakaremara . Ngatisapedza nguva nezvengochani. Regai vanozvida vaite havo chero vasinganetsani nevanhu kwavo.Hapana chatingada kudzidza pangochani.

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peter - 19 May 2014

Hey the one thing Zim can be proud of is the anti-gay stance ...the councillor is talking absolute NONSENSE and the ambassador must not promote nonsense...would Netherland ambassador do the same in Saudi Arabia...pliz can diplomats learn to respect our internal values !

ronald - 19 May 2014

Councillor must be out of his mind

pop - 19 May 2014

Kumhata kwake musatanyoko bloody shit

garwe - 20 May 2014

That councilor is out of his mind, whatever that he got paid is blood money, He derserves to be chucked out of the town house chambers, so that he finds enough time to attend to his brains that seem lost

cde farai mteliso - 20 May 2014

Matsvagire amava kuita mari Ku Mhondoro uko ave kunyadzisa. Why do we allow NGOs'to operate in our country against our cultural values and norms?

Don Wezhira - 20 May 2014

Homosexuals know that their condition is abnormal and same-sex love is evil just as some of us who watch pornography know it is an unholy and evil vice. though we can not throw the first stone let us not glorify what is evil. The mark of the evil one is here with us today, those who want money are embracing or pretend to be embracing same sex love. All I can say is Zimbabweans let us not sell our souls to devil just because he promises to give us a good life but let us be satisfied with what we have as Zimbabweans: Our different cultures.

Busto - 20 May 2014

Its highly likely that he was paid by the white people pushing this agenda. Him being ignorant, he just had to go with it. What I don't understand about the gays and lesbians in Zimbabwe is that, they claim to be persecuted when in actual fact Zimbabwe is the least of those countries which does not persecute these people, what Zimbabwe does not allow is the fact that these animals should be allowed to openly misbehave, try to find out how many gays have been killed in South Africa in the last two years, then you will appreciate Zimbabwe

Shaaz - 20 May 2014

Does Mr. President know kuti vanhu fake vakudhindana zvaakaramba nxa. I'm sure before God take action on you Bob anenge atopedza news.

Wekwa Whisiri - 20 May 2014

Does Mr. President know kuti vanhu fake vakudhindana zvaakaramba nxa. I'm sure before God take action on you Bob anenge atopedza newe.

Wekwa Whisiri - 20 May 2014

kanzura ava munin'ina wasatani or a vey close relative of the devil

mubaiwa - 20 May 2014

I'm on the Councillor's side. It's wrong to be hated and abused by society for being Gay. People Just don't know it's not a choice. You should be able to love anyone you want to love. BEING homosexual is NOT wrong. Deuteronomy 22:11 "Thou shalt not wear a garment of mixture, as of woolen and linen together." Well guess were all going to hell then... If we did everything the bible said where would we really be? In religion this year (i attend a catholic school) we learned that no one ACTUALLY knows who wrote the bible, its only presumed many different Scholars, prophets or doctors (people of higher education at the time) combined their writings in symbolic and poetic ways to form what we know as the bible today. Not even one NAME was given as to who wrote it. Yet we all praise it like it has every right answer. When really we are reading the beliefs of a person we don't even know. Its not God's writing. I respect people who believe in religion and people who are idealistic but being realistic here, where does God exist other than in your faith?? There isn't even scientific proof he exists yet millions rely on him or use him as an excuse to hate people and their ways of life. I mean why NOT support gay marriage? Who does it hurt? no one. I mean marriage used to mean that a father would sign over ownership of his daughter to her husband...thank god we've moved on from such awful traditional ways but now gay marriage is wrong? Our world is very small minded.?

Love - 20 June 2014

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