'We are the best'

HARARE - If the truth be told, and we can now happily do so seeing how fantastically well we have done as a newspaper and as a company over the past three years, never in our wildest dreams did we think or even imagine that we would do half as well as we have done when we re-launched the Daily News on March 25, 2011.

The story of the Daily News and its holding company, Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ) has a substantial dose of the fabled Cinderella fairytale attached to it.

After suffering the unjust indignity of being the only

media house to have been violently shut down for eight long years by President Robert Mugabe’s government in September 2003, for the “treasonous” crime of telling the Zimbabwean story the way it should be told, nobody gave us an iota of a chance of making it when we were given the green light to re-launch our operations.

With neither get donor funds nor the much lusted-after loot from the Chiadzwa diamond fields, both friends and foes predicted very confidently that we would not last three months in the market from the date of our re-launch. One media house that had benefitted from our forced closure was particularly nasty towards us.

Hardly a week passed in our first few months back then without this would-be-competitor writing patently inaccurate and malicious stories about the Daily News, the clear intention being to paralyse our organisation and discourage the market from supporting us. Their strategy simply did not work.

And how wrong all the other pundits were!

With a pragmatic approach of not playing to the gallery and living within our means from day one, we have not only confounded our critics, but have gone on to surpass all our initial three-year plans by a mile — to the extent that today, we are without doubt the only publishing house in Zimbabwe that is thriving commercially, without either government or donor support.

And needless to say, the unfriendly would-be-competitor that was spared by Zanu PF in 2003 and benefitted immensely from our absence in the market, has had nothing but trouble all these three years that we have been back.

Of course, we just don’t feel that it’s worth writing stories on their myriad of problems in our newspapers as they are so pettily wont to behave when they think they can take advantage of others’ insignificant challenges.

Anyone who is an avid newspaper reader in Zimbabwe will know that no other newspapers move faster off the streets than the Daily News, the Daily News on Sunday and Weekend Post. Ours are indeed the newspapers of first choice by some distance for most newspaper readers.

And our valued advertisers have also supported us in an amazing way where only a few thought initially that it was too risky to advertise with us. And unlike some competitors, all adverts that readers see in all our titles are fully paid for and not discounted in any way, even in this adverse market!

Another amazing story is that our overall relationship with arms of government has improved immensely over the past three years, compared to pre-2003, despite our hard-nosed, take-no-prisoners approach to reporting news. Yes, in addition to continuing to tell it like it is, as our motto goes, we also report without fear or favour — a disease that often afflicts our would-be competitors.

This good relationship with all stakeholders recently saw the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Staff College in Harare, among a growing list of important institutions that are engaging us, inviting me to address them. It was a wonderful and most productive engagement.

Indeed, we at the Daily News are always very grateful for opportunities such as this one, where we can exchange notes with influential people and thought leaders in our society.

As many readers will probably agree, our emerging democracy can only get stronger if the current relatively open marketplace of ideas in our country continues to obtain. For, it is out of a healthy contestation of ideas that the best policies can emerge in the country and be implemented for the benefit of all Zimbabweans.

To re-state a position that we have enunciated on many occasions, we at the Daily News earnestly believe that we have both a patriotic and national duty to play a central role in this marketplace of ideas.

In this endeavour, our duty is to our country, not to individuals, businesses and political parties and their factional leaders. Unless, of course, those individuals, businesses and political parties are advancing the interests of the country and ALL Zimbabweans.

This is also why we, as a national and patriotic newspaper always “tell it like it is” — and as already mentioned above, absolutely and unequivocally without fear or favour.

Fortunately, the vast majority of Zimbabweans appreciate this patriotic duty of ours, and support our work to the hilt. This by the way, includes the uniformed services, businesses and political parties such as the ruling Zanu PF and the MDCs.

For the information of readers who may not be aware of this, about 90 percent of our stories in the Daily News, Daily News on Sunday and Weekend Post — whether some people may perceive these stories positively or negatively, are very often given to us in good faith by very senior people in government, in business and within political parties, among others. All these valued sources of our stories on corruption, malfeasance and mismanagement work with us in good and patriotic faith!

In this light too, many Zimbabweans will have seen that our relationship with our parent minister, the minister of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services, Jonathan Moyo, is excellent.

It was indeed in this spirit that Moyo visited our offices a few months ago, whereupon he went on to commend ANZ (publishers of the Daily News, the Daily News on Sunday and Weekend Post) for setting up a modern media house with highly-qualified staff.

Moyo also noted on that historic visit that the company had an impressive human resources base which included experienced graduates from the country’s top universities who could compete favourably with the best in the world.

To underscore the above point, it is also very noteworthy that the minister has recently come out in support of the Daily News when it has come under dubious attack from powerful interests, as in the case in which we are facing criminal charges following a report filed by controversial businessman, Kamal Khalfan, over stories published in the Daily News last year linking Omani citizen, Khalfan, to underhand deals in Zimbabwe.

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We expect you to say that...wat can you say really? But the good thing is we know the truth

bruce - 14 May 2014

Why cant you leave the judging part to us your readers. Hw are you defing your "best" ? Do you mean best financially or misleading or biase etc? Everyone is the best depending what you are talking about? Do you know even the President is the best in the art of Mismanagement and best in making people do what they dont want whether they want or not , by default or design he is still the best in that regard. Tsvagirai maybe the best womanising opposition leader . So next time you use the word best- please specify the area you are best in.

lee moyo - 14 May 2014

All good wishes to you and your excellent, fearless newspaper as you embark on your fourth year since re-launch. Your many detractors confirm that you are going places!

Mntungwa - 14 May 2014

Please Daily News we want to see your paper here in Victoria Falls early and regularly. Otherwise more powers to your sharp pens!

Maurice - 14 May 2014

Many of us in the Diaspora do indeed depend on the Daily News website for accurate, trustworthy and independent news on Zimbabwe. Here is to more years of your reporting as is, and without fear or favour ...

Greg - 14 May 2014

Ma hater e Daily News tererai munzwe "Dont hate the player, hate the game".

wanguda - 14 May 2014

I can tell you that this stupid would be competitor is the rubbish newsday which I stopped reading long ago.

changu - 14 May 2014

Aiwa magara murinumber one asi dambudziko ratinarowo nderekuti isu kuno Mberengwa hatiriwani tinoti itaiwo risvike paMataga Growth point . Isu tineshuvo rekuti tiverengewo asi kana muchifunga vatengi vanongova mumadhorobha moga ndipo panukoniwa itaivo riwanikwewo paruzevha .

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 14 May 2014

ASSOCIATED Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ) has reportedly laid off all provincial stringers and plans to retrench several full time workers in the coming few weeks, it has emerged. Sources at the newspaper group which publishes The Daily News, The Daily News on Sunday and the weekly Weekend Post told NewZimbabwe.com that the company was facing serious financial challenges which have also resulted in workers receiving their April salaries last week. “As we speak, all freelance and sit-in correspondents in provinces have been laid off. The company has also indicated its intention to retrench full time staff within the next coming few weeks. "To make matters worse, we only received our April salary last week,” said a staffer who spoke on condition of anonymity. Provincial correspondents who were based in towns and cities such as Gweru, Mutare, Masvingo and Bulawayo were being paid $35 for every published story while some had a fixed returner fee. Some of the full- time workers who spoke to NewZimbabwe.com also complained that they were not on the company's pension or medical aid schemes. “We do not have pension or medical aid schemes. We are just paid our salaries. The company is short changing us because if we are retrenched we will not be able to get anything,” said another worker. Kikikikikikikik

Ban'a - 14 May 2014

This posting by @Ban'a above, taken from the Zanu PF hatchet website, NewZimbabwe.com, is another BLUE lie by those irked by the coming back of the Daily News onto the market. I work here at the paper and I don't know ONE person who was not paid their salaries in April. Please name one Ban'a if you are not peddling lies.

Matilda - 14 May 2014

I salute u Daily News. They have thrown everything at u and u'r still standing. Not even Mugabe's casino economy has felled u down!

Musorodamba - 14 May 2014

Everyone knows the links between NewZimbabwe.com and Zanu PF. That is why their main stories are always replicated in The Herald and Sunday Mail. They even swap staff and editors these days.

Khumalo - 14 May 2014

Of late you have been specializing in tabloid (rag) reporting. I am personally of the view that you have also become the mouthpiece for Makandiwa and Tsvangirayi. Not good for your credibility.

connie - 15 May 2014

Stats from Media Institutes show Daily News readership falling...The fact that ANZ has failed to pay workers&correspondents on time points to falling ad revenues.. The people who decide if you are the best are readers not yourselves and readers are voting with their dollars.....Bootlicking Tsvangirayi&being prophets of economic doom is not good journalism

wezhira wezhara - 15 May 2014



You are now a church "papa" magazine if you hvent noticed.

kitsi - 15 May 2014

handiti herald ne kwayedza nesunday mero, neonini ngedzedu isu veZanu, Newsday, meri and guardian, soudzen ayi, independent ne standard dzino sapotawo uyu Wishman Ncube iyo dheri news yega ndiyo inodawo tsvangson, saka yashaishei ipapa. Heyi, tounza masoja ikoko vakudashureri

chinoz - 15 May 2014

Your stories on service delivery in the country show that you take your role as the watch dog seriously. Please keep on doing the sterling work. You are the BEST!

Nkosi Mambo - 15 May 2014

Keep on 'Telling it like it is' Daily News. I enjoy reading your balanced news everyday, it's a Daily dose I need. Makorokoto-Amhlope!!!!!

Dr Know - 15 May 2014

cream always rises to the top I always buy the daily news for accurate and reliable news keep it up

mhashu - 15 May 2014

hapana apo

vamutumburanzou - 15 May 2014

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