Mugabe has no clue: Tsvangirai

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai told party supporters in Norton yesterday that he was not going anywhere as he took a dig at President Robert Mugabe who he described as clueless.

The MDC leader, who has successfully warded off a coup attempt from within his party, told his supporters that he had budgeted for a marathon and not a sprint race.

Speaking on the backdrop of a deepening economic crisis and internal party squabbles, the MDC leader said Zanu PF, although reluctant to negotiate, will be forced to swallow its pride by the worsening economic situation in the country.

“Zanu PF will not solve the present problems. For the past 35 years, we have known only one ruler and now we must ask ourselves what happened during those years, (former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian) Smith left a surplus and then Zanu PF began to loot, president Robert Mugabe never added any value to our lives, we were all devalued,” said Tsvangirai.

Signalling out his days as the former secretary-general of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), when, he claimed that two million Zimbabweans were employed, Tsvangirai said under Mugabe’s rule only 300 000 are formally employed and the figures are going down as industries and companies close.

“Mugabe removed dignity from Zimbabweans, people are now tomato vendors, the culture of liberation is destruction,” said Tsvangirai.

Turning to the internal strife in the MDC, Tsvangirai said some of his erstwhile colleagues thought the MDC was “a party when it is in fact a struggle”.

“This is not a party, this is a struggle. There were some who thought that this was a sprint but it is a marathon; until the struggle goal is achieved, we are not giving up. The MDC is the only agent of change in Zimbabwe,” said Tsvangirai.

Amid internal squabbles in his party, the former prime minister claimed that Mugabe has set up a taskforce to destroy the MDC instead of focussing on the economy which is teetering on the brink of collapse.

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vatsvangirai taneta of your statements. forgive us

wind - 12 May 2014

Yes Morgan, Mugabe has no clue just like you. The only difference is that Bob expresses his cluelessness in good English.

Baba Tindo - 12 May 2014

Tsvangirai says Smith left a surplus and ZANU PF began to loot. That's a correct observation from one who looted his own party funds at the expense of party programs and the orphans of the MDC struggle against tyranny.

How Dare - 12 May 2014

Tsvangirai says Smith left a surplus and ZANU PF began to loot. That's a correct observation from one who looted his own party funds at the expense of party programs and the orphans of the MDC struggle against tyranny.

How Dare - 12 May 2014

You are right Mr President. Dnt be deterred by those chancers. We the people are the real owners of this struggle and we are prepared to run with you. Together we will never fail. Just one praise by Zanu , our dear mbiti lost focus and crashed. This Gono case against his friend was used to transfer funds to his accounts. The people's project will never be bought, no matter what.

RAYMOND - 12 May 2014

Tinodya chirungu here isu nhai iwe baba Tindo

chebundo - 12 May 2014

I notice that no acknowledgement as to the number of people who attended this rally has been given, however I applaud Dr Tsvangirai for keeping in touch with his grassroot support. It gives us all the encouragement we need to keep on forging ahead with the struggle for real change.

Dr Know - 12 May 2014

If Mr Morgan you had touched the grassroots before elections or during the inclusive gvt like you are doing now you could have been @ the state house by now. turning to your assertion that the president is clueless. i think you are misplaced cause even if hes clueless he is able to shun factionalism in his party. ko imimi murikutadza MDC ka party how about the whole nation. you are failing to contain the problems of your Party what about the nation????

mandiridza - 12 May 2014

Despite the internal sqaubles in the MDC and Save's seemingly waning support the truth of the matter is that both Zanu and MDC supporters are suffering. Only the big wigs in Zanu are living the good life. All we need is for a change of government. Not these "looters" when the whole nation is suffering. by 2018 tinenge tanzwa sure. Morgan is more regardless of what people might say about him. Zanu has nothing to offer, they said they were going to create 2 million jobs but almost a year after their "resounding" victory, there is also "resounding" job losses and economic collapse. People are losing Jobs instead of getting jobs, companies are closing, ndiyo ZimAsset yacho here?

Da Vinci - 12 May 2014

Mugabe has a clue, but as he is trying to reorganize this country, Tsvangirayi is organising a mass protest. Have these protests taken us anywhere, or they have helped make the economy worse? Tsvanirayi knows that the protests do not help this economy, but a bad economy is exactly the tool he wants to use against Mugabe. So the march is not for a better economy, but to make things worse, so that Morgan benefits.

machakachaka - 12 May 2014

Tsvangirai, u are the one that is clueless. Please do not blame Mugabe for your failures. Please start organizing yourselves first then pop your ugly face into other peoples' affairs. Handiti Biti kusiya kwaakaita , its becoz u do not want to give others a chance. U have failed finish and klaa. Haufirepo pauri ipapo. I tell u, MDC-T is soon going to be history. Daily News, please have u no other person to cover besides this idiot called Morgan?

Dr Mbutu - 12 May 2014

Of cause Mugabe has a clue but does not care.Remember Harare&Byo,you voted against him,now everyone including Uzumba Marambapfungwe etc etc is suffering. Raymond,Dr.Know&Da Vince spot on.Yes let's keep fighting till final victory which is certain. True , maZANU are also suffering big time but vanoti,"Ndomene haichemedzi." Uhu ndihwo udofo hwavo. They want Tsvangirai to do everything for them while they are busy fighting him.Shame on them.

KAURAI MOSE - 13 May 2014

What kind of a leader who gather pple and start to tell them that they are yet to suffer-Morgan. Mugabe has clue only that we the pple who are supposed to take it along with him are negative. One thing for sure is that Morgan will never rule Zimbabwe and u are wasting your time supporting him. Elections spoke volumes about Save's support base in this country and never be fooled that he was rigged never gentlemen we the pple voted for pan-africanism in the name of ZANU-PF and MUGABE. If MDC-T was really concerned about the state of the economy they should be challenging ZANU-PF's policies and measures of economic revival by coming up with their parallel ones and giving justifications just like what economist do when they believe the policies are not good. But instead mdc-t is always thinking of elections even if results hav been announced yesterday which tells us that they are after power not solutions. Coming up with a idea or opinion doesnt matter whether u are in power or not and that is what they should be doing now rather that preaching campaigning against the government which was mandated yesterday. Believe in yourself first before you believe in foreigners

truezimbo - 13 May 2014


SEX MANIAC - 13 May 2014


SEX MANIAC - 13 May 2014

Thanks Morgan,it took the revolution so many years until to the armed struggle and many splits from Zapu,ANC,ZANU FLORIZ,UANC,ZANUPF,ZANU NDONGA etc.And now what is sinnister about traitors leaving the peoples'project? It's health for the part to have people like Biti leaving the part before we get there.Ask people like cdeMhanda, cde Mukudzei Midzi ,Chigowe Gumbo who will tell all those who think that revolting against the leadership of apart, can be disastrous to their political careers. Biti is finished and he must be told point blank that we no longer want to be led by those who are educated because they are a problem ,they keep on confusing us with their degrees and they destroyed our country and we don't eat their fluent english. GO SAVE GO TIRI TOSE

CHIGOCHA - 13 May 2014

Comrade President I salute and you deserve the best from every rightful thinking Zimbabweans. You almost took us to Canaan until ZANU destoyed everything in our path. Chirambai makashinga Save. When you address rallies do not even mention the name of the sell out Mbiti. We will complete the struggle with sell-outs. Lets him join the Welshman Ncube bandwagon of derailing the struggle. You have my last cent Honourable RMT. I salute Comrade Tsvangirai. Biti is sponsored by CIO, jonathan moyo and gono boyfriend ya ........

tavonga gwekwe - 14 May 2014

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