Angel maintains Liverpool stance

HARARE - Manchester City’s win of the English Premiership over rivals Liverpool has reignited debate on the alleged prophecy by charismatic preacher, Prophet Uebert Angel following his much publicised lawsuit against Supersport.

When the curtain came down on the Premiership yesterday, the Daily News sought Angel’s comments after Supersport last year reported that the flamboyant millionaire Spirit Embassy leader had predicted that Liverpool would win the English title.

But Angel denied ever making such a prophecy and yesterday his pastors maintained that did not make the prediction hence his lawsuit against Supersport.

In January Angel tweeted: “I never prophesied Liverpool winning any cup. I don't know where SuperSport got it-Even if by some chance Liverpool wins doesn’t give me credit.”

A pastor with the church yesterday maintained that while Angel is known to have prophesied accurately soccer results in the past, he never prophesied that Liverpool would win the title.

He said: “In fact contrary to recent reports that he sued when he saw Liverpool losing in March, Angel’s recant was not in March 2014 but on the 1st of January 2014 on his official twitter account when the league was just half way the mark and wide open for any top half teams to clinch the title.

“We even went on to produce a disclaimer video footage on YouTube which was uploaded on the January 2014, two days after SuperSport had published the story.”

In an interview with Daily News just after his Exodus Night held on the December 31, 2013, Angel said “Maybe there is another Prophet Angel who prophesied that. As for this Uebert Angel, he never gave such a prophecy, never give me credit for prophesying something I didn’t.”

Angel’s camp pursued the case against SuperSport in January in South Africa but his legal advisors referred it back to Zimbabwe to seek jurisdiction in the country where the case is centered.

“This is the reason why the case was raised in March in Zimbabwe where SuperSport’s agent Skynet was cited in the matter.

“However, SuperSport never provided evidence to prove Angel said it and everyone in Angel’s church has never heard him say Liverpool was to win. It is yet to be seen what action they will take now that Liverpool has lost the title race,” said the pastor who refused to be named as he has no authority to speak to the press on the matter.

Pressed by the Daily News if they were not trying to manage a prophecy gone wrong, the pastor said: “The Angel in the papers is not the Angel we know. Prophet Angel from the beginning of January even to you guys reiterated that Liverpool would not be taking the cup just as he said in your paper in January. Supersport must just apologise but I am sure knowing the humility of this man (Angel), this case might be solved amicably”

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This man was done injustice and the criticism he got on things he did not say was just too much. I respect him for taking his stance on this issue

Cde Chinodhuukadhuuka - 12 May 2014

Prophet Angel NEVER predicted anything about LIVERPOOL this video released in January 2014 …

Taurai - 12 May 2014

I respect this man that against all adversity he maintained his stance that he did not prophesy about Liverpool.

Declan - 12 May 2014

Well the press can prosecute and condemn you before your case is heard

Sis Rosie - 12 May 2014

From January this man denied this report , comments from the public where now biased against this man. Where is the evidence that Supersport have on this issue?

Divalo - 12 May 2014

It was never said, that Liverpool will win.Was just a dream from supersport. We follow What the Prophet of God say.

Solar Pannel - 12 May 2014

I dont know much about him besides what i read in the papers but for sure the media must listen to his side and report as such not formulating public opinions

Westly - 12 May 2014

If God knows about FOOTBALL much MORE does he know about you.Major kwava kumberi

Susan - 12 May 2014

Prophet Angel ndokuti muporofita chaiye

Tapiwa - 12 May 2014

Very sorry to Liverpool supporters. we knew there was no way for them to win because it was never said by the only man who can see what is happening in Europ while he is in Africa through the power of God

Webikita - 12 May 2014

My father never say anything about Liverpool, thats why yakajiwa

Lisa - 12 May 2014

If only Prophet Angel said it maybe there was a chance for them to win. manje havana kumbotaura anything to do with Liverpool. SORRY MAFANS.

Alford - 12 May 2014

The media these days is no longer reporting things as they are but are twisting public opinion. If you are against journalist they try to drag you down

Fred - 12 May 2014

Sue them Papa

Precious Mutukwa - 12 May 2014

Hatidzore tsvimbo nekuti Gudo rabata kumeso vanhu ngavasungwe Papa

Mwana waPapa - 12 May 2014

As a Liverpool supporter i was paine for not winning the title but as for this man there is no need to persecute when he actually came out in the open the open that he did not predict anything on Liverpool

Emmanuel - 12 May 2014

Major Prophet Angel NEVER NEVER predicted anything about LIVERPOOL winning......Unotoshaya kuti vanhu varikumbozviona kupi unotozo wona kuti mupfungwa ndimo manzvenga !

Mwayera - 12 May 2014

mwari vaitoziva thats why Prophet vaingoramba even Liverpool iri paTop

Neria - 12 May 2014

The only man who can communicate direct to God

Superhero - 12 May 2014

Take the truth from the horse's mouth and you still want to write what you want people to believe. Shame on you all those who oppose the work of Christ.

Mukamba - 12 May 2014

I am a Liverpool supporter but takarohwa mwari havapikiswe

Nyasha Mugeri - 12 May 2014

SuperSport erred drastically by lying but we have forgiven them and that does not mean that the lawsuit will be dropped. No ways.

Chionero - 12 May 2014

I never miss any of Prophet Angel's services, not even one day he gave such a Prophecy. Whatever he says will come to pass.

Owen Pangani - 12 May 2014

If there is one prophet i know who is straightforward is this man. He doesnt mince his words. Anotaura sezvazviri and most of the people on this forum just grabbed the story by the neck and do not have the facts. The man does not want any credit on things he never prophesied and the paper went on to write him as the person who said Liverpool is going to win the EPL. Yet he never said it

Chauruka - 12 May 2014

This is a true Prophet.

Chama - 12 May 2014

This man's prophetic is spot on and he is even saying do not give me credit for things i never said. My surprise people did not want to believe him.

Chipolopela - 12 May 2014

Liverpool will never walk alone. Prophet Angel was very frank and open on this issue from the start so lets not put words in his mouth. He made it clear that he did not prophesy about Liverpool.

Sabhuku VZ - 12 May 2014

God is concerned about evrything that has got to do with us and this man is not defending anything all that he has been saying from day one is that he did not make any prophecy on Liverpool as was reported by Supersport.

Son of Major - 12 May 2014

as much as i was following this supposed prophecy and as much as i got to know that prophet angel did not prophecy about liverpool winning, i was in church yesterday as he prophesied the match between liverpool and newcastle way before the match had begun, as i followed the scores on my mobile phone i got confirmation PROPHET UEBERT ANGEL IS TRUELY A PROPHET OF GOD AND I WOULD BACK HIM 100% TO HIS WORDS AS FROM YESTERDAY AND EVERY OTHER DAY.

betty - 12 May 2014

Myself i new Liverpool will never win, why do these people test the man fo God, he never said it.

Wellinghton - 12 May 2014

This man is straight forward. He came out in the open way back and my surprise people want him to agree on things that he never said. Liverpool is my favourite team but credit must go to angel for standing by his word and lets take it and move on.

Killer Tee - 12 May 2014

Ichangosungwa chete supersport nekunyepa kwayakaita

Tadiwa - 12 May 2014

The paper will be sued for wrong reporting. They were not in the service and yet they claim the things they did not have any knowledge about. This will be a lesson that do not assume but get real facts. Why not interview the guy before you write your stories.

Tongai - 12 May 2014

The truth is, you see this Prophet doesn't miss, now you were trying to frame for him, this will not work. he never gave such prophecy. Plus Liverpool yacho yakadyiwa

Moyondizvo - 12 May 2014

I will keep on worshiping God nometter what they say to the people of God.

Muchaneta - 12 May 2014

Prophet Angel SANDO DZENYU...

KUDA - 12 May 2014

Supersport will be sued for wrong reporting. They were not in the service and yet they claim the things they did not have any knowledge about. This will be a lesson that do not assume but get real facts. Why not interview the guy before you write your stories

Chinoz - 12 May 2014

Big up to this man of God and i don't understand why the media wants to crucify him on this prophecy yet he said it before that he did not prophesy anything in that regard.

Saviour - 12 May 2014

Thats what happend in soccer sorry to liverpool. And to Liverpool suporters dont blame it on Prophet Angel, not even a single day he gave such a Prophecie.

Mhozi - 12 May 2014

I support Prophet Angel,im always in his services he never gave such a prophecy. Nezuro chaiye akataura kuti Man City is winning 2 - 0

Vimbainashe - 12 May 2014

"accurately prophesied soccer results in the past" the most abused word in Africa is "prophesied"

LOLZ - 12 May 2014

I grew up in Zaka I'm so proud of you Prophet Angel how amazing it is that God would use one of mwanawevhu like this. Don't worry about the haters we outnumber them keep doing what you were born to do we are blessed. Major ndimi!

MacDonald - 12 May 2014

Papa You are the one . We thank you Prophet Angel and may God continue to use you mightily We are watching Miracle TV and it is a blessing for us..

Daiton Somanje - 12 May 2014

The man of God said it before on the 1st of January 2014 that he did not prophesy anything about Liverpool and even if they win the man of God has nothing to do with it. This is not about Liverpool winning or losing but the fact that the man of God did not say that is what matters

Chinoz - 12 May 2014

Kana Angel asina kuzvitaura let him SUE SuperSport for sure .

Ajisa - 12 May 2014

Prophet Uebert Angel is a man who is used greatly by God. A lot of simpletons just like to criticise for nothing yet they do not attend a single church service. As a Christian i have no problem with this man whether you say he is from Zaka , Bindura , Bethlehem ,,,,,,Do I write Like i CARE? NO! I DON'T CARE

Durant - 12 May 2014

If you were not in the service then you would not be in a position to understand the whole issue

Killer - 12 May 2014

simpletons easily believe without getting the facts . This story was copied by a lot of papers without credibility yet this was all hocus pocus the man of God never uttered such a prophecy with regards to Liverpool.

Prince - 12 May 2014

I guess super sport now knows why they got sued.. LIERS

JUNSO - 12 May 2014

God is concerned about evrything that has got to do with us and this man is not defending anything all that he has been saying from day one is that he did not make any prophecy on Liverpool as was reported by Supersport.

Zivhu - 12 May 2014

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