Zanu PF propping up Tsvangirai

HARARE - Let us be very candid, Zanu PF is unwittingly doing their very best to prop up Morgan Tsvangirai’s fortunes by continuing to attack him ceaselessly and viciously at a time that he has probably been at his weakest politically in the past 15 years.

The party of liberation appears to have forgotten its tortured history with the popular opposition leader that the more they savage him, the more they unwittingly raise his profile and standing. And by Jove, does Tsvangirai need this unsolicited support more than at this point of “cockpit” problems in his party?

Most rational Zimbabweans would have expected that after President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF retained power last year, albeit in very controversial circumstances, they would for once have the good political sense of letting the former trade union leader wallow in his misery on his own, and let him deal with the attempted FROM P1

leadership putsch in his party without appearing to aid his internal party opponents, and being seen to be too eager to finish him off politically.

But alas, that is not in Zanu PF’s genetic make-up.  Its leaders are well known for tending to snatch political defeat from a seemingly unassailable position!

With donors clearly moving away from him, at least for now, and fatigue beginning to have a noticeable toll on many of his battle-weary supporters, it is quite clear that Tsvangirai was running out of momentum until Zanu PF decided to unleash their unnecessary war machine on him.

The result of this typical folly by Zanu PF has been dramatic.

Boxing for months from a position of definite weakness, Tsvangirai now finds himself again — thanks to Mugabe, Zanu PF and their propaganda machinery — not just as the pitiable and innocent victim of Zanu PF’s well-documented thuggery, but also as the only hope for the millions of down-trodden Zimbabweans desperately yearning for a change in their worsening fortunes under Zanu PF’s unmitigated misrule of the past 34 years.

One just needs to witness the crowds at his rallies, as well as the pro-Tsvangirai discourse on social media, in remote villages and at drinking places, for example, to realise that the charismatic MDC leader is well and truly on the ascendancy again.

And at this rate, the hunter (Zanu PF) may well soon wake up to find that they have once again become the hunted -- as stunningly happened in 2008 when a similar set of circumstances saw Tsvangirai drubbing Mugabe hands down in that year’s cursed presidential elections that saw authorities take nearly two months to announce the outcome.

The majority of Zimbabweans believe those elections were rigged to keep Mugabe in power.

It’s really now a chicken and egg riddle for our rulers who have been recklessly riding on the back of a tiger for the past few months and can now not dismount from it, lest they get eaten by the hungry beast!

Whispers around the offices of the Speaker of the National Assembly,

Jacob Mudenda, are not helping matters for Zanu PF, if they are true, amid allegations that he will soon be making a ruling on the case of the MDC’s nine rebel legislators that perpetuates the suspicion that this was never going to go Tsvangirai’s way.

Even if this were to happen, it would neither assist the rebels nor the blunder-prone Zanu PF hierarchy as the MDC rank and file numbers are overwhelmingly on Tsvangirai’s side.

If anything, this would only likely fire up more sympathy and support for the opposition leader, as is clearly happening now.

The next few months will be very interesting for political observers in this country, particularly as the economy continues to dive stubbornly and precipitously southwards, costing the nation tens of thousands of critically-needed jobs and causing untold misery to millions of already-struggling Zimbabwean families.

Watch this space!

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boreholes - 9 May 2014

Time is ticking.Age is adding.

makoni justice - 9 May 2014

I used to respect the original Daily News which was objective and un-biased, unlike this new Tsvangirai mouth piece. Did Zanu-pf instruct either Biti or Tsvangirai to expel each other? Did Zanu Pf instruct Mangoma to write that letter? Grow up you fools, you are no better than the Herald of yester-year, and are no match for the current Herald, which while still partisan, is merely reporting facts happening within the MDC-T. As for their corruption expose', Daily News can only drool. Yet you used to be the ones well known for that. Maybe mazara ma-grad trainee in your newsroom, but whatever, the reason, you are stale ma face

simba - 9 May 2014

kapepa aka kakubhowa aka. not objective, pro-Tsvangirai, always speaking doom on our beloved nation. yu are loosing slowly. ndinongokaverengera pa online not wasting my dollar

wind - 9 May 2014

Keep it Daily News. If u feel offended by the above comment, you are free to read your Herald. Musaverenga pepa redu reDaily News. Get it through your head. Knuckleheads!

Chin Li - 9 May 2014

uuummmm.....have u ever discovered that the more u hate someone the more popular he gets......same thing u r doing daily news...u r making mugabe popular by writing negative things about him and his party,u r no different from herald

parapinda - 9 May 2014

Report news nhai vanhu imi, kwete MDC-Tsvangirai propaganda.

Sheikh - 9 May 2014

Isn't it amazing that those who criticise and keep wanting to change the Daily News' reportage can't seem to be able to do without its news? This website like others on Zimbabwe is free, which means if you don't like its contents you can go to the ones that gel with your biases or thinking. Common sense?

Musorodamba - 9 May 2014

Wind--- The fact that you read the Daily on internet means utoribigger. Ramba wakadaro

GM - 9 May 2014

Reading a paper on internet does not mean it's objective, it's comparing notes and wanting to know what's happening around us. The scribe of this article is misleading both readers and Tsvangirayi, it's him who is trying to prop up Tsvangirayi not ZANU PF. If he (Tsvangirayi) is a confused women fucking political figure, then he is doomed period.

Hlongwane - 10 May 2014

Daily News - it does not work! You are giving MDC-T wrong message. This is exectly the folly that made MDC-T to lose dismally the last election. Infect there is more sinister agenda in such reporting. Alas! We are all in the same frying pan!

dungas - 10 May 2014

Tsvangirayi ndewedu achatonga chete whether Mugabe and ZANU PF like it or not

zimbo man - 10 May 2014

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T Man - 11 May 2014

Daily News, keep doing what you're doing and that is telling it like it is. You are doing a sterling job informing us with issues happening as they happen on the ground and we are very grateful for that. I personally choose not to read the Herald because I find they are not very truthful in their reporting, to those that think the same about Daily News, do yourselves a favour and just stop reading it. No-one is forcing you.

Dr Know - 12 May 2014

@Hlongwane. If you can read please use your little brain and read the instruction that says you must "... refrain from using abusive and vulgar language...."That pub language of yours gives us a clear picture of what you are-a cheap and full of hatred low brainer.

Sinikiwe Shumba - 12 May 2014

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