MDC split a boon for Mthwakazi

BULAWAYO - Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) says the ongoing dispute in the mainstream MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai is a blessing to their existence and cause.

Mqondisi Moyo, president of the Bulawayo-based secessionist party, said the second split of the once vibrant labour-backed movement has left MRP as the party of choice.

“Normally, we do not prefer commenting about issues happening in Zimbabwe but in this case, I would like to say the squabbles in the MDC which have culminated in two factions emerging is a positive development to us,” Moyo said.

“This has opened a way for some to support our cause of having a separate state run by people of Mthwakazi for the Mthwakazians.”

He said the current economic downslide was also coming in handy to prove that the present government was not willing to improve the lives of the people of Matabeleland.

MRP caused a stir in January this year when they launched the party in the second largest city with the sole motive to secede Matabeleland and Midlands provinces from Zimbabwe.

However, political analysts were quick to dismiss the project as doomed and over ambitious.

Some described the project as misguided and misinformed but others pointed to high levels of discontent in the region owing to years of marginalisation and under development.

But the controversial MRP president said they were not there to please anyone but to push a cause they believe in.

“We have received a lot of criticism, threats and all sorts of negative remarks but for the record we are not here to please anyone as long as we are certain that our cause is sincere and genuine,” Moyo said.

He said their fight was similar to President Robert Mugabe and the late Vice President Joshua Nkomo’s fight to upstage the Ian Smith regime.

“The same way Mugabe and Nkomo received resistance not from outsiders but from within their fellow comrades who viewed the liberation war as looking for a needle in a haystack but they achieved their ambition as much as we are going to do in the long run,” Moyo said.

Asked why they have not been visible ever since the party was launched on January 7, Moyo said they were working on building their structures in four provinces.

Bulawayo, Midlands, Matabeleland North and South are the four provinces that the Mthwakazi State seeks to secede from Zimbabwe in the event the process happens according to their plans.

“We are still on a membership drive and we are proud to say we now have provincial executives in all the four provinces and the fifth one in South Africa. At least some people are now getting to agree with us on our mission. Our people are not motivated by money as is the case with other parties. They are just pushed by the cause”.

On the actual secessionist process which they see as the final hurdle of the project, Moyo said his party was doing many things on the ground.

“For now, we are yet to reach that stage, but what I can say is we will set up a committee that will eventually engage the government of Zimbabwe and other stakeholders in that regard.”

Moyo lamented the heavy-handedness of the Zimbabwean security forces against their cause.

“It seems what is criminal in Zimbabwe is a not crime in Mthwakazi. For instance Job Sikhala and Tsvangirai have said all sorts of threats against Mugabe but have not been arrested. Here if you say similar threats they are quick to pounce,” he said, citing the unfinished case of Paul Siwela, leader of the Mthwakazi Liberation Front who sought refuge abroad.

Mthwakazi Liberation Front was formed in 2010 but the party had little road to run after their project failed to materialise due to a number of factors resulting in its disintegration.

Its leaders ended up at the courts facing treason charges.

Comments (11)

I find this wild assertion by the crazed MRP spooky and outlandish .

awful - 8 May 2014

"mthwakazians", kkkkk, vapfanha mukawanza mbanje muchidaro manje-manje muchange mavakuIngutsheni.

Moyo Lunatic - 8 May 2014

This Mthwakazi party is a pie in the sky because Zimbabwe belongs to Zimbabweans regardless of ethnicity. These guys are power hungry and they want to rule and loot state funds when they are in power in their mthwakazi land. They can not claim that matebeleland is theirs because Shonas are the rightful indegenous people of that land. Ndebeles are settlers from Zululand. So Shonas will argue that that land is not for splitting by some power hungry men.

Ibva Apo - 8 May 2014

vapfanha siyanai nenyika yedu iyi dzokai kwenyu kwamakabva zasi kwekuseri kwaLIMPOPO uko munopiwa chimedu chenyika yenyu ikoko kwete muno munyika yezimbabwe

kijo - 9 May 2014

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Where does one find the offices for Mthwakazi in Byo, I need to join this worthy cause, the people of this region are being systematically sidelined by foreign nationals of Zimbabwe, lest we join this worthy cause in droves our future generations will most certainly lose out on the MRP values

Observer - 9 May 2014

Vakomana ava vavakutokanganwa kuti nyaya yemombe dzaChaka haisati yapera uye Tugela ari kure. We want tu remain a nation, no enclaves, no Bosnias here. 1858 is not that far off in our memories.

Don Wezhira - 9 May 2014

What a dream.

believe chizeya - 10 May 2014

In the late 1830s, some 20,000 Ndebele, descendants of the Zulus in South Africa and led by Mzilikazi Khumalo, invaded the Kalanga Rozwi Empire. Many of the Kalanga people were incorporated and the rest were made satellite territories who paid tribute to the Ndebele Kingdom. He called his new nation Mthwakazi. So which land are they exactly claiming because they are the colonialist. They should go back where they came from. It was their king lobengula who sold the land to the whites. They should either shut up or go back where they came from.

mercy - 12 May 2014

We will fight to remain in Zimbabwe. These dissidents want Gukurahundi 2, Tell them to go back to SouthAfrica, they will never get this land on a silver plater. The Ndeverez killed my ancestors. They are the ones who came to Zimbabwe running away from Shaka, and they should go back to Zuluiland where they come from. Righ noe Paul Siwela is in the diaspora acquiring guns to come and fight a liberation struggle. The issue is the Ndebelez simply hate Shona speaking people and they feel that they dont want to be ruled by Shonas. They tried this under Joshua Nkomo who we rate as the most powerful nationalist to emerge in Zim but failed. Their best bet is to submit and co-exist with Shonas, finish

SMOYO - 5 September 2014

the remaining truth is one day we will have our own state, the state of Mthwakazi. so makubuhlungu kini badli bembeba sorry thengani amapain ezze liyelala. liyangnyanyisa. we wont co-exist with failers who simple fail to at least manage what was inherited

Nkunzi kaMzilikazi - 9 March 2017

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