Why is Zanu PF crying more than the bereaved?

HARARE - A couple of curious developments that merit analysis have taken place since the failed leadership putsch within the MDC broke into the open.

The first one is that Zanu PF surprisingly appears more aggrieved by Morgan Tsvangirai’s alleged incompetence and dictatorial tendencies as MDC leader than the supposedly affected supporters of the party.

Indeed, one only needs to go through Zanu PF propaganda, to see how sympathetic the ruling party is to the MDC’s rebels, and how pained authorities appear to be by Tsvangirai’s continued leadership of the MDC.

The obvious questions to ask here are why is this the case, and why is Zanu PF literally weeping more than the bereaved in this idiotic MDC leadership war?

The second curious thing that is happening is that Zanu PF is surprisingly expending so much time and effort trying to convince Zimbabweans that the party of liberation indeed won last year’s disputed elections.

In this charade, hardly a day passes without the State media going to lengthy and often ridiculous extents to demonstrate that the party not only won the July 31 elections convincingly, but also that the MDC lost the plebiscite dismally.

This has resulted in the rather tragi-comic situation in which nearly nine months after that disputed poll, there are more headlines about how the MDC lost that election, where rebel leaders have become “authoritative” voices on Zanu PF’s supposed victory, rather than what the ruling party is doing to advance its “winning” election agenda.

The obvious question to ask here as well is: if Zanu PF is so confident and convinced about its victory last year, why is it not acting like a real winner and letting its victory speak for itself?

Does the party really have to rely on squabbling MDC leaders to validate its victory?

We can only conclude from the above that notwithstanding what eventually happens in the leadership tussles within the MDC, Zanu PF does not want to face Tsvangirai in 2018 and appears intent on eliminating him from that ballot in which President Robert Mugabe is unlikely to participate in due to advanced age and declining health.

This is why the rebels are currently, albeit temporarily, in vogue in the State media. However, even these rebels know that when the key objective of killing off Tsvangirai politically has been achieved, if indeed it gets realised one day, they will be violently spat out with the kind of contempt only Zanu PF is capable of meting out to its avowed enemies.

Secondly, and by deduction, the lack of confidence in its own victory points to possible shenanigans by Zanu PF during last year’s disputed polls, hence the inexplicable desperation to be seen and embraced as victors by Zimbabweans.

It is important to remember at this point that an electronic version of the national voters’ roll is yet to be availed to interested parties since that election: all on the spurious excuse that the electronic equipment that contains that information broke down then and is still broken down nine months down the road!

Sadly, as Zanu PF continues to play its thuggish and diversionary games, the Zimbabwean economy continues to bleed profusely and to shed thousands of badly-needed jobs — causing further and untold suffering to the majority of the country’s citizens who are already wallowing in abject poverty.

This is the reason why we at the Daily News have been very clear from the outset about both the MDC’s silly “cockpit” problems and Zanu PF’s continuing misrule and mismanagement of the economy.

The clear picture that is emerging is that the MDC’s problems are not just mostly contrived and triggered by interested external forces, they are also ultimately stupid — and indeed serve no other purpose other than entrenching Zanu PF’s desired one-party rule in the country.

Yet, the country has never needed a stronger and more united opposition than at this point in our history to help steer our country to firmer ground politically and economically. Yes, the quality of life in a country is very often synonymous with its quality of democracy!

Although many in Zanu PF may not realise this yet, their future depends on a strong opposition. Indeed, Zanu PF was at its most organised and rational in recent years after it suffered a humiliating drubbing in the 2008 elections, which led to the formation of the unity government.

No-one in their right mind can dispute that the GNU, for all its imperfections, saved Zimbabwe from imploding altogether.

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This is a good article. Tsvangirai is big news in the ZBC, Herald and Sunday Mail non stop since the elections and that means he is doing something right otherwise why spend so much resources on a person who is said to be dead and buried? We never hear of Ncube, Dumiso or Makoni; its Morgan 24/7 and that clearly shows he is force to reckon with. Why is ZanuPF and Mugabe not focussing on dealing with corruption? Its sad that a lot of people are actually being hoodwinked by the ZanuPF lies.

Disaster - 7 May 2014

This is a well-reasoned and logically argued contribution by this Staff Writer.

Khetai - 7 May 2014

why spend most of the time on issues surrounding Tsvangirai? this is because he a force to be reckoned. if you are the winner who won convincingly you would rather live in your victory than consider the loser. your loser ceases to be a factor but alas not with these bunch of thieves. deal with the corruption issue lest you think we have forgotten

kt - 7 May 2014

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Pumps - 7 May 2014

Once again, this article is factual. After elections, a victory party assembles a management team to run the country affairs, i.e. social and economy. Alas, 11 months later, Zimbabwe is threatened by hunger due to lack productivity on the farms grabbed from Zimbabwean white citizens. Instead of exporting food, we are importing. Mines have closed down due to lack of investment to recapitalize plant. Hence the manufacturing is a secondary industry, that supports the primary industries i.e. farming and mining, has also shut down laying off thousands of people. Is MDC and Tsvangirai bashing the answer to our economic and social problems? Emphatically no! How does Zanu-PF leadership intend to lead a productive nation by grabbing and stripping thousands of asserts and reassemble twenty for the whole world to see and say "this is what we produce." Forget about Tswangirai. Focus on accountability and productivity. Rigged elections are by itself, a lack of credibility and accountability of the Zanu-PF government. Even China has advised them to tackle corruption head on. The truth is that, Zanu-PF has mutated into a mafia cult. They will never be accountable in anything. Problems are not rigged but solved. God save Zimbabwe.

Mbareboy - 10 May 2014

On the face of time the in-fighting in MDC does not make sense but look at the July 2013 elections to say they did not make sense is an understatement. Mugabe was able to rig the elections because MDC leaders had failed to implement the reforms due to breath-taking incompetence. In view of this it is really irrelevant whether the MDC breaks up, they are useless.

Wilbert Mukori - 15 May 2014

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