Minister in maintenance row

HARARE - Samuel Undenge, the Finance and Economic Planning deputy minister’s estranged wife Angeline, wants her former husband to continue paying maintenance for one of their two children who has reached 18 years of age.

The minister’s ex-wife, through her lawyer, yesterday applied for the extension of her daughter’s maintenance claiming she is still going to school.

“The child turned 18 but she is still attending school and needs to be maintained,” said the ex-wife’s lawyer.

Before the court could delve into the merits of the application, Undenge’s lawyer Farai Nyamayaro said Angeline should lodge a new application for the matter to proceed.

Early last month, Harare Civil Court magistrate Tafadzwa Muvhami okayed Undenge’s application to suspend maintenance for the girl, on the basis that she is now 18, the legal age of majority.

The minister has been contributing towards the upkeep of his two children since 2005, paying $650 per month for both of them.

Though Undenge won the application, Angeline filed a counter application for an increase of the maintenance order from $650 to $1 800 for the two children, citing increasing costs of goods and services.

The court had earlier noted that the daughter had to make her own maintenance claim or the mother could still make a fresh application on her behalf on the basis that she was still a dependent and of school-going age.

However, Muvhami told Angeline’s lawyer to file a fresh application for maintenance not an extension, as the current order was terminated.

The application was however, withdrawn to allow Angeline to file a fresh application if she wants to pursue the maintenance claim.

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These ladies are now spoiled by our laws. Why more than 3x the money she was receiving for two children when only one is now being considered. How much is she contributing to the child's upkeep herself? Gold diggers!!

bambo - 6 May 2014

These women are GOLD DIGGERS just because Undenge is a cabinet minister does not justfy the amount claimed. i was in court when Undenge's lawyer produced a payslip reaving that the Minister gets $1200-00 so where would he get the other $600 plus he has his own life and familiy to look after. Infact the magistrate should reduce it to $150 (still is too much)

Charles Mangate - 6 May 2014

The self-chosen title BABA

Mukanya - 6 May 2014

Vana are both mother and father so the mother must also contribute. Undenge look after your daughter if you doubt do the Macheso go for DNA tests.

Maita Manyuka - 6 May 2014

Maita Manyuka, have you monetized all of the mother's contributions to the upkeep of these children? What figure did you come up with?

Pinzo - 6 May 2014

The law works in favour of women. Women are too lazy and want men to maintain them. Why then do they campaign for women's rights when they are implying that a woman needs to be taken care of by a man?

us - 7 May 2014

Koodos to the Minister and his hardworking current wife for taking care of the ex wife's children. Most women neglect this role of taking care of their stepchildren. This is exemplary leadership and parenthood which should be emulated and appreciated. However the ex-wife should appreciate the support being rendered, children are a responsibility of both parents hence she should also work hard like other women to add to wat she is receiving from the Minister.

Simba - 7 May 2014

Guys mukadzi uyu is now claiming too much $650 is a lot of money for children's groceries! over and above that, The Minister and His current wife are sending these Children to expensive schools, buying uniforms and all school needs!. Surely pakadai munhu anofanirawo kutenda. I agre with Charles Mangate- these Ministers dont earn much so imagine kuti after removing $650 anosarawo nei uye anozochengetawo mukadzi nei, iye Mukadzi wava Undenge akashinga veduweee this practically means she is working hard to balance the house after such a MASSIVE LOOTING!

Munetsi - 7 May 2014

I personally know Minister Undenge and i have witnessed how him and his current wife sacrifice for the upkeep of the Ex wife's children by sending them to expensive boarding schools, buying them school uniforms and other needs then pay the $650 monthly for the groceries. I was once their driver kudhara and i was being sent to these children's schools. As you know Ministers dont earn much, so in most cases the current wife could actually use her personal money from her Businesses to tek care of these kids- SHE ACTUALLY TREATS THEM LIKE HER OWN!,MAY THE LORD BLESS THIS WOMAN!. I was shocked to read an Article in The Herald where this Ex wife was demanding more money from the Minister saying "Undenge has money because he owns Starlotto!". THIS IS A LIE- STARLOTTO IS ACTUALLY OWNED BY HIS CURRENT WIFE so its unfair for this woman to claim money being worked for by mumwe mukadzi.

Simbarashe - 7 May 2014

Inzwai tsitsi! The Minister is paying $650 monthly for the kids plus boarding school fees,uniforms and other needs!. He also have other two kids and he pays $400 monthly, boarding school fees, uniforms and other stuff. Mathematically, 650+400=$ 1050, school fees for the kids lets just say $600x4= $2400. Total $2400+$400+$650= $3450! (EXCLUDING UNIFORMS and other costs) Apa Minister vanotambira $1200 per month! saka as Simbarashe said the current wife is actually paying for the upkeep of these kids. Mukadzi uyu anonzi Angeline anofanirwa kutendawo pakadai. Surelly im trying to imagine how MInister Undenge's current wife feels when she reads this article- its not fair mhani, lets not take advantage of other women's good heartedness. UNOBVA WATOSHAYA KUTI ZVINHU ZVACHO ZVIRIKUMBOFAMBASEI!!!...

TRUTH.COM - 7 May 2014

Iye mukadzi wacho arikumbo contributor marii. Regai kuti varume vazokungura kuti dai vana vacho vafa mhani nyarai vakadzi, munoda kukanganisa new marriage yaMinister. Munhu wopiwa maintenene inopfuura pay ya Doctor ii zvakaoma.

wenhamo - 7 May 2014

vedu kana mwana ava over 18 ane choice yoku sarudza kuno gara na baba vake kana amai. Udenge kana usingadi kuramba uchi bhadhara maintainace chitora vana vako ugare navo. Guys keeping a child is not all about money. Money is needed yes but there is more to it than paying maintenance. Parents do not fight over caring for children born in a matrimonial association. Makavabereka muchida, makafara, saka do the same in their up keep. Munoda kuti mwana achiri kuchikoro awane kupi mari yo ku fingure pavana vamakabereka . vana havana mhosva havana kukumbira ku zwarwa.

mai B. - 8 May 2014

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