Mugabe must retire: Tsvangirai

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday said President Robert Mugabe should throw in the towel because he has failed to revive the economy.

Addressing a bumper crowd in Epworth in Harare, the former premier said he will not waste time on expelled secretary-general Tendai Biti but 90-year-old Mugabe, who he said had vandalised the national economy.

He reiterated his call for a multi-stakeholder national dialogue on the economy and also growing concerns about the aged president’s health — key in driving national programmes.

He called for a convention of churches, civics, unions and political parties to formulate a response to the deepening economic crisis, adding he had an eight point plan to get the county working again.

“I don’t want to say much about these guys (MDC rebels) because I feel pity for them,” Tsvangirai said.

“I won’t be distracted by opportunists who stand for nothing.  My eyes are fixed on baba Chatunga (Mugabe) because he has failed to run the country and we believe it’s a matter of time before he comes to us for negotiations.”

Analysts say what is needed now is pressure on the government to change course and open negotiations with opposition leaders, something that has since been dismissed contemptuously by the ruling party.

And with the next scheduled elections four years away, Tsvangirai said there is need to reach a consensus beyond parochial party interests.

But the opposition leader, who is struggling to contain disunity in his own party appears to have little leverage and analysts say it is time for Zimbabwe’s neighbours to use their influence, before the chaos becomes uncontainable.

“We don’t want a second unity government but this time we want a convention that comprises of churches, civics, unions and political parties and we map a roadmap,” Tsvangirai said. “In that roadmap, we will tell Mugabe to go and rest because he is no longer relevant.

“To get the economy working again is not a problem, but the problem is people who don’t want to leave office.

“We have an eight-point plan to get the country out of the quagmire that it is in. First, Mugabe has got to come to us for negotiations because he is clueless about the economy. Mugabe must come to the negotiation table because his ZimAsset is not working.

“How can you have policy that is not backed by money? When ZimAsset was launched, we were told that their friends from Malawi would help fund it and we have seen no money coming.

“Even their friends, the Chinese, refused to give them money saying where is the diamond money? Where are the billions that you borrowed?”

Tsvangirai said the convention must also deal with electoral reforms that will lead to free and fair elections.

“The second matter in the eight-point plan is that the government should initiate reforms because we don’t want to go to elections with Nikuv and the military running elections. We will also look at education and health,” Tsvangirai said.

The former prime minister said he would not use violence to get Mugabe out of office.

“Do you want us to take guns and remove Mugabe violently? I have refused this and said I don’t want blood on my hands and we will follow the democratic way to remove the dictator,” he said.

Turning to the MDC rebels, Tsvangirai tore into Biti and his camp, branding them “opportunists.” Talk of a coalition between Biti and other opposition parties does not bother him, saying the alliance was doomed ab initio.

“I said to them (MDC rebels) come and let us fight baba Chatunga who has killed the economy and they decided to leave us,” Tsvangirai said. “They can go and form a united coalition of disgruntled and failed politicians who hate Tsvangirai with a passion. A coalition of people with malice and hatred will never succeed.

“I used to think that (Elton) Mangoma stood for something and we have discovered that he stands for nothing. We used to think that Biti stands for something and we have discovered that he is concerned about power, his ego and opportunism.”

The former trade unionist said he was not power hungry and was ready to relinquish his position if he is voted out of power at the October extraordinary congress.

Comments (40)

Thank you for telling like it is MDC-T president. Those who live in glass houses shpuld not throw stones as the glasses wl crack leaving them in the open. I say good riddance.

SANDILE NARE - 5 May 2014

Iwe Tsvangirai where are you going to get the money to run the country when you cant even secure money to run your own party. You have lost relevance.

Nyakudirwa - 5 May 2014

How many years this man has been telling this? 15years we are sick and tired.

bhoramusango - 5 May 2014

Think about how you are going to look after all your women without a cent in the coffers. No one will donate to a poor man. You are broke and clueless. Yes Mugabe is old but you are also uneducated so which of the two is worse than the other. Mangoma na Biti have professions and jobs what about you? Politics is not a career blazo.

Mugabe - 5 May 2014


wind - 5 May 2014

When Tsvangirayi went into elections in 2013, he was confident of becoming our next president, right to the day of the vote count. He even siad he was going to announce the election result and noone was going to arrest him because he would by then won the election. This shows he had confidence in the electoral system. When he lost the election, he then said the elections were rigged. Now he is saying Mugabe must go. Mugabe should have gone, if Tsvangirayi had done his homework well and defeated him. This economy did not get better when Tsvangirayi was part of the government, but he chose not to shout about it. Why is the economy only of concern to Tsvangirayi when he is not in government, and was not an issue when he was our prime minister? Is this not to say that Tsvangirayi only wants to be in government, even if it means conning his way to State House?

machakachaka - 5 May 2014

It boggles the mind to see some people attending this eternally losing fool's rallies. Once a dofo always a dofo.

jacktheswede - 5 May 2014

Mr Tsvangirai is pretending as if things are better in his party and has a solution for the political woes. He was actually dribbled by the 90 yrs he is castigating, Sorry you are not a solution any more to the Zimbabwean situation. Lets wait and see may be the Biti and Mangoma group can be our savior. Mr Tsvangirai be informed that you are no longer relevant to the Zimbabwean politics, Mugabe is rather visionary, sensitive, professional, educated and organized than you are. You lack the qualities and ability to lead Zimbabwe, you better concentrate on something else for your life and leave those who have the capacity to take up the bull by the horns.

nyams - 5 May 2014

Nyoka iripo haiedzwe negavi. time will tell who is wiser and who is a strategist. Remove emotions and attitudes from this. Implore reasoning and facts. Facts will stand today, tomorrow and forever. Just an Eye Opener: The democracy and constitutionalism that Biti and company sing and dance about is the very one they trample upon. TO HIS ARDENT SUPPORTERS (mind you its your constitutional right to do so) I pose these questions which if you are honest with yourself, would make you introspect 1. Where in the world or in the enlightened history of democracy is a leader asked to step down by a member of a party by simply writing him and he does so? 2. If leaders are to be removed by an individual by way of a letter, then what is the role of the congress? 3. If a party member pursues the agenda of removing an elected leader outside congress is he a democrat? 4. If a leader rightfully refuses to be removed form his post outside congress, why would someone call him undemocratic and a dictator? Who is fooling who here? It is glaringly clear, for those who want to see and not obsessed with Tsvangirai hatred, that Biti and his so called camp of democrats are hypocrites of the highest order. The constitution of MDC is very clear, leaders are changed at the congress. Why then do these super democrats want to change this. I quote Promise Mkwanazi's statement on VOA: 'Leaders are changed at congress' but one wonders why he was on the forefront of leadership change outside congress? Don't misleed yourself and think Zimbabweans are as foolish as you think. Time will tell comrades. Dreams are allowed, but not when you are wide awake.

VISION 2020 - 5 May 2014

Tsvangirai dzidza kunyarara kana usina chinemusoro chekutaura ndiwe une zvose izvi wakaudzwa before elections kuti the playing field was not level nema adiviser ngatiregeyi kupinda muma elections iwe wakati iri level ndiri kunwa tea nevakuru, hatikwikwidzeyi wakabva waruza zvine mutsindo, pa 2005 split takakutsigira takashoropodza Welshman Ncube iwe uriwe une problem

Nyamhangambiri - 5 May 2014

Nokurasika kunoita Tsvangirai chokwadi feya feya mu ring na Mai Mujuru 2018 haa hwinhe nokuti vakangotanga kunwa tea naye anetenge atozviruza

Nyamhangambiri - 5 May 2014

Tichawona kunowira tsvimbo nedohwe.Politics hadzina zvekuti wakafunda zvakadini,ukangogona kutaura chokwadi nenhema zvako zvinotofamba-ndokusaka vana Chinoz varimowo,infact Chinoz with his little education is better in politics than many learned persons.When u say Tsvangirai is not educated u are not saying a political fact.The so called educated leaders are the most oppressive leaders if u do not know,vote for them and the economy will never improve and u will die a poor man.Please use your brains and not your bottom.Do not be duped by politicians.

dindingwe - 5 May 2014

stvangirayi chete chete

mabhunu muchapera - 5 May 2014

Tsvangirai let me be honest with you. When Mugabe come to power in 1980 we never heard he was having affairs with girls and changing the constitution to suit him. Yourself in less thn 15 years being the president of an opposition party how marriages have you tried (2) How many relationships did you have? (3) On corruption- You are the most corrupt oppostion leader zimbabwe have witnessed since independance. You now talking about economy. Tell me where would you get the money when donors dont trust you anymore with their funds. You can not even raise money for your party what about for the whole country? Food for thought. You are power hungry. You are man who is after power . If you really serious about changing how the country is being run yourself you were not supposed to change MDC constitution to suite yourself. You have tried fr 15 years to get ride of Mugabe and you failed. Why cant you get resign and ask povho to choose another leader. Be like the Late Mandela. You have failed the nation. How can you be a leader of a country when you are hure rinoitisa vana every corner of Zimbabwe uye uri mbavha. Tiudze imba yauri kungara ndeyani? is it for Zanu or MDC? The problem with you Tsvangirai its your character & and you dont have the brain to rule the country. If you think one day you will be the president of Zimbabwe . Forget it you are day dreaming. I dont blame Biti and his group. Vakaona kuti there is no difference between you and Mugabe. You just think about yourself and your kitchen carbinet. There is democracy in MDC. On fraud I will remind you here in Uk Tsvagirai vakaba mari nehama yako Hubert Makuvisi more thn £50000 which we used to contribute towards the party. instead of suspending Makuvisi you decided to sent him as an ambassdor to Germany during the GNU. Oh my God. You were given investigation report about this money but you never took any action because you were involved. une musoro unenge hwehonye.

JOHN - 5 May 2014

I have heard time to go through all comments above. I stand as a neutral person who neither supports Tsvangirai nor Biti. My advice is this: Let us as Zimbabweans do away with personality politics if we are to ever be a successful democratic state. Personality Politics fails us because we fail to be prudent and analytic to real issues. if i may ask one question, All the people who are pledging their support for Biti are not in anyway Supporting Policy but an individual. That kind of ideological approach to choosing leadership is detrimental to our state. How do you pledge support to a promise that we will come up with new strategies, which strategies? Number 2, Biti Tsvangirai Mangoma and Chamisa and the rest of the bigwigs were and some still are in the highest decision making board of the MDC T. Had Tsvangirai( MDC T) ousted Mugabe(ZANUPF), they would all brag as the Party that unseat Zanu PF from Power. I believe i am right. Now that they failed as MDCT, the same people now think the blame is on an individual?????? Wont it leave us with these Questions among others: Is Biti not a Power Hungry person? What would it have cost Biti waiting for their Congress in 2016? With this kind of Political immaturity being shown if i may call it, do you think Zanu Pf will be beaten in 2018? Is this move to the best interests of Zimbabweans who desire to see an end to the Leadership that is in Power? Whose interests Is Biti serving? Lets all think deeply of our desires as Zimbabweans for our country by 2018 and pursue that which drives our nation forward after careful considerations. I personally pledge allegiance to The Republic of Zimbabwe. I am not an expert in Politics but i have a mind that can discern between Egocentric people and man of Service. God Bless The Republic of Zimbabwe

Dillz - 5 May 2014

Zimbabweans if level of so-called education is anything to go by in running a country then Zimbabwe should have been a world class superpower. Lets forget about our over valued empty education that has led our country down the pit. Tsvangirai without the so-called education has managed to predict our predicament on our economy. The NIKUV inspired PHD holders failed to rig the economy. Lets give Tsvangison a chance for now!!

gandanga - 5 May 2014

Lets be political mature and stop personalising issues and focus on problems

chitayitayi - 5 May 2014

May I ask this question to people who are still supporting Tsvagirai. Are you saying we should forget about chihure ,umbavha hwake uye he is triblist, employing & promoting hama dzake. Does this person fit fr purpose to be a LEADER OF ZImbabwe, Varume ne vakadzi svinurai. What I am saying in summary we need a leader with clean hands who knows how to run a country. Tsvagirai NaMunangwagwa are the sme. If Tsvagirai is given the keys fr the state house anouraya vanhu sezvinoita Munamgwagwa. Tsvigirai is already showing his true colours. He is the one who used to come here in UK, america,Germany for sanactions to be imposed on Zimbabwe kuti nyika inyure. Nhasi yanyura & is now blaming Zanu. He should also shoulder the blame.TSVAGIRAI WILL NEVER RULEZIMBABWE

totito - 5 May 2014



On numbers. How many people attended 1st MDC meeting in rural areas. I am talking about a rally. If your know the aswer then say well done to Bitis Group. Hatisi kuda maDictator anaTsvagirai

totito - 5 May 2014

Its amazing that zimbabweans are reviered for being one of the most educated lot in the world yet we find ourselves in this quagmire. We blame Tsvangirayi for being a failure yet the people are the ones who do the voting. Zimbabwean are busy enriching our neighbours by running big operations in the region yet the country disintegrate. before u criticize anyone look at how u as a citizen has helped resolve the situation.

gondo - 5 May 2014

Sadza rinonaka rino oneka rega zvaro. Those with the ball are marked so Mr President remember you have the ball and you will be marked. But do not be intimidated the end is near, we will reach Canaan together. We will takeover the baton from The Mbitis and complete the race. The darkest hour is before dawn

RAYMOND - 5 May 2014

Sadza rinonaka rino oneka rega zvaro. Those with the ball are marked so Mr President remember you have the ball and you will be marked. But do not be intimidated the end is near, we will reach Canaan together. We will takeover the baton from The Mbitis and complete the race. The darkest hour is before dawn

RAYMOND - 5 May 2014

The majority of the people who are insulting Morgan did not vote, but thet want morgan to win the election. Biti is history in politics because it has been proven that to win an election in Zim you have to sweep the rural vote and were does Biti stand. Rural people do not eat education and do not tolerate organised speeche. So that camp has failed before it starts. Welshman failed in that same boat too. Political invironment in Zimbabwe do not favour the likes of Biti and company. Biti will only devide MDC -T votes because of the little people who want strategy were there is no need for it and think being a president you want to be educated this is colonial mentality obviously. I don't support a person who tremples for democracy but violeting the same

jakaja - 6 May 2014

ko nhai mdc mapindwa nei?kuda hukuru here? kusada kurairana here? matokanganwa, zvamurikuita hazvishande,zivai kuti tine hama dzaka gadzikwa pama zenge anopisa .vakapisirwa misha, vakaurawa,vakabinywa ,nokuba kokukuteverai.nhasi motanga mashiripiti. munoitei. nyarai. kusvika pamuri nhasi apa, vanhu vakazvipira ,saka musadaro miriranai chinguva chomumwe chichasvika chokutungamirira kana chokutonga.kwete kuita se muzivi wenzira yeparuware.hapana aka zvarirwa kutonga asi unotona paitonga mumwe ,wosiiravo mumwe anenge apiwavo mukana.pamberi nokubatana .Zimbabwe woye

nyikadzino - 6 May 2014

Totitto I will answer some of your questions. If your brother is in politics and he is voted in a position in the party you lead will you deny him, Tsvangirayi does not employ. Bona akazvarwa Sally aripi kana ukataura zvechihure? Did Tsvangirayi lose an election in 2008? Who changed the MDC constitution, Tsvangirayi cannot have absolute power to change the constitution. From some comments I see here I think Zimbabweans are a dull lot concetrating on trivia when the country is burning. BLike my collegue here said, where has a leader been forced to resign through an individual's letter, where in the world does a group sit in a kangaroo court outside party structure and pass a vote of no confidence in some leaders of the party, If you allow such chaos they will turn it when they come to government. Weslhman Ncube decided to form his own party not to fire the other leaders who refused to follow him, I respect him for that, but these so-called learned lawyers hey they should wait to be advocates I don't think they can win a single case in court, Gono should be wary by now anoenda kuJeri na Biti uyu.

Maita Manyuka - 6 May 2014

just as dillz said i support a zimbabwe that can employ its people a fair zimbabwe with no corruption. That being said what zimbabwe needs is not a politician as a president. For our problems do not need politics but an economist or at least someone with a good economics background to save us and our economy. I think simba makoni would be an ideal candidate because all we need is food on our tables, jobs for the people & weed out corruption at all levels. thats what we all need not politicians they will only fight for their personal goal & consolidate their power. think about it.

romeo - 6 May 2014

All kinds of noises may be made but at the end of the day everyone knows Tsvangirai has the people at heart and is our only way out of this situation we find ourselves in. In a free and fair election Tsvangirai will win hands down.

Dr Know - 6 May 2014


Nyakudirwa - 6 May 2014

Ana Morgan hamunawo zvimwe zvekuudza vanhu here . Kungoramba muchingoti Mugabe this ,Mugabe that . Chimbotiudzaiwo zvamuchaita kuti matambudziko aya munoapedza sei . Wasting people"s time ne the same old story for 15 years . Chinjawo mhani . You have failed and I don't see you winning even kuita chairman we Burial Society zvakatokuramba . This is the beginning of the end . Actor waita virus firimi raperera panzira

BITI Ka 1 Mushumani - 6 May 2014

Surely tsvangirayi haufunge. Ungati iwe uri kudzingwa muparty yako woti Mugabe ngaaende uri normal here? Vakambonzwa kuZANUPF kuchinzi President anyorerwa tsamba kana kususpendwa nePolitibro? Usade kuhwanda nechigunwe chakadimbuka the reason you are having restless nights is that there some within the west who still think kuti kana vaMugabe vakabva iwe unopinda mupower ndiwo warikukupedzesa mafuta uchiita tumarally tusina nedirection. Vanhu vanouya pamarally ako vamwe ndewekutoda kuona kuti tsvangirai munhu akamboita seyi anokokera kutambura kwenyika yose not that they like you.

Takeiteasy Marcaves - 6 May 2014

But Biti haana nyadzi. Idzo ndidzo dzinonzi Mboko. Unotadza kuita coup baba bona woswera uchiita coup paHarvest house. That is no our focus. You have lost the reason of tge struggle. Kucritisizer tsvangarayi inonzi defered struggle

jojo - 6 May 2014

What poor journalism, i was there in epworth , Open zip shut mind addresses a handful of idiots- maybe that is a bumper crow to a blind boot-licker who penned this story.

reason - 6 May 2014

Zimbabweans lets stop this behave, think about our children's future. Do you see future for your children, future is not about plitical affiliation. This country's economically down, some ministers are advising schools arrest fees defaulters. Where do you think the parents will get the money. You closed all the companies, people are slaving now under black person rule look at Hwange Colliery, Shabani, National Blanket, Kango, Marvo, Ziscosteel etc. When are we going to be united from this suppression. May God intervien. Pepole have suffered enough. People should standup, and be heard, you have the backing of the Lord our mighty.

babasviri - 6 May 2014

MAKUDO ndemamwe hama dzangu.Ese ane mahobi.

chakachaya - 6 May 2014

Nhai Zimbos if you want man who displays poor morals,corruptibility and questionable judgement as President why not just stick to Mugabe??? Why go for meone with the same qualities but hungrier and younger??? Start demanding better leaders.....Our future generations deserve better

wezhira wezhara - 7 May 2014

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