50 attend Biti rally

HARARE - Tendai Biti has suffered another blow to his campaign, with a poor turnout on Saturday at a Manicaland rally confirming the scant support suggested by his rival Morgan Tsvangirai.

But the Biti camp insisted that Saturday’s meeting was an internal consultation with structures not a rally.

However, pictures released to the Daily News, showed that the meeting was attended by some elderly people who are not in party structures.

Tsvangirai said last week that Biti had no social base.

Meanwhile, thousands of supporters attended Tsvangirai’s rally in the capital, Harare yesterday.

While Biti did his part in Manicaland on Saturday, his supporters failed to do theirs.

Despite heated contests to fill the top district jobs in the breakaway MDC, supporters were missing in action.

Officials said repeated appeals for organisers to ferry more supporters to the Manicaland meeting failed to boost the audience, although Biti arrived hours later than scheduled to address them.

Officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said they had expected a bigger turnout, and accused the organisers of failing to do a good job.

In his speech, Biti repeated the familiar themes of his campaign of recent days, that Tsvangirai and his cohorts were expelled and had no locus standi to recall anyone from Parliament.

Tsvangirai — who has a strong base of supporters and the ability to bring out his supporters — was a beneficiary of Biti’s low turnout as he addressed a bumper crowd in Epworth yesterday, dwarfing the numbers at his nemesis’s rally.

Jacob Mafume, the Biti faction spokesperson, said they were meeting structures from selected districts and provinces.

“It went on well. We will be doing rallies eventually and they will be public,” Mafume told the Daily News

“It was one among many. It was one that TB (Tendai Biti) visited. We need a different approach to rally tourism. Once that’s done, we move to the next step.”

Mafume said they were holding meetings countrywide and yesterday faction leaders met structures in Chinhoyi and Matabeleland South.

“We are basically having conversations with structures about what has happened, get their feedback to allay their fears about the reported recall of MPs,” Mafume said.

He said the ongoing consultations were not rallies, and alleged that the Tsvangirai faction had misled the people that it was a rally and claimed it was an “agenda setting for the media.”

“There was no rally, rallies are announced in advance,” Mafume told the Daily News. “You can’t grow a rally like a mushroom. Everyone knows how rallies are convened, you book permission with the police, you advertise the rally. People forget the purpose of rally, which is to rally, to deal with major issues. What we are doing now is to meet our structures.”

Mafume said they were explaining to people about the dispute.

“You can’t call rallies for praise and worship of political leaders,” he said. “You can’t run a party like an evangelical crusade. Some of these people have already intimated that Tsvangirai is a son of God. We are explaining to people patiently. There are economic hardships. People want conversations with leaders.”

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you cant compare a 15 year old child with a 2weeks one. Give TB chance he will grow, he is a strategist.

bhoramusango - 5 May 2014

I hope the Dailynews do not find them on the wrong side of History and Democracy. Why should Biti not form an alternative option? Why are you so negative to his efforts. Was Rome built in one day. What is the option if Tsvangirai one day is incapacitated, do you think Chamisa, Gutu, Mwonzora can be viable options not to mention Khupe and Lovemore Moyo.

Biti - 5 May 2014

From Biti to Kiti

Chidondova - 5 May 2014


wind - 5 May 2014

Daily News is a seriously compromised paper. So unbiased, so fawning upon Morgan. How can he be right and everyone who worked closely with him be right ? From Ncube to Bennet to Mudzuri to Mangoma to Biti ? Cmon people your desperation for change is like a grown man's desperation for a wife that leads him to take any bar fly. You are blinded by hatred for zanu to the point of wanting to spite it. Tsvangirayi is not the leader we deserve. You as the masses are not the right people to elect leadership. You have proven it. Democracy is an illusion in which the mob elects anyone no matter how rogue. Biti must persevere and patiently make his case and this takes guts and endurance. Its like wooing a woman whom everyone wants. Gadzira story yako bro uchawinner chimoko !

bollo billings - 5 May 2014

Neither Daily News nor Newsday have photos of Biti's rally. coincidence?

Munhu - 5 May 2014


bollo billings - 5 May 2014

Daily news is trying to do a hatchet job on Biti and we can all see it. Taura hako Munhu these people are the publicity machine ye M tsvangison C

bollo billings - 5 May 2014

Dailynews, no wonder you had problems with the government before its because of your biased reporting cannot you learn guys from your past mistakes

Nyamhangambiri - 5 May 2014

So you want daily news to inflate numbers.Let them report as it is.You were crying for a splinter and the ball is in your hands and you are playing it but your are not scoring.So who is to blame here,unfortunately you shall again say Tsvangirayi is stealing your your numbers.Lets play the ball.

Chemical Solution - 5 May 2014

vana Biti vakaluma ava.its a matter of wailing time to justify his money from zanu pf.

mabhogora - 5 May 2014

Nyoka iripo haiedzwe negavi. time will tell who is wiser and who is a strategist. Remove emotions and attitudes from this. Implore reasoning and facts. Facts will stand today, tomorrow and forever. Just an Eye Opener: The democracy and constitutionalism that Biti and company sing and dance about is the very one they trample upon. TO HIS ARDENT SUPPORTERS (mind you its your constitutional right to do so) I pose these questions which if you are honest with yourself, would make you introspect 1. Where in the world or in the enlightened history of democracy is a leader asked to step down by a member of a party and he does so? 2. If leaders are to be removed by an individual by way of a letter, then what is the role of the congress? 3. If a party member pursues the agenda of removing an elected leader outside congress is he a democrat? 4. If a leader rightfully refuses to be removed form his post outside congress, why would call him undemocratic and a dictator? Who is fooling who here? It is glaringly clear, for those who want to see and not obsessed with Tsvangirai hatred, that Biti and his so called camp of democrats are hypocrites of the highest order. The constitution of MDC is very clear, leaders are changed at the congress. Why then do these super democrats want to change this. I quote Promise Mkwanazi's statement on VOA: 'Leaders are changed at congress' but one wonders why he was on the forefront of leadership change outside congress? Don't misleed yourself and think Zimbabweans are as foolish as you think. Time will tell comrades. Dreams are allowed, but not when you are wide awake.

VISION 2020 - 5 May 2014

I'm always amazed by how many people want the Daily News to lie and report issues from their point of view. Don't the Herald and the Sunday Mail do that enough without anyne wanting the Daily News to do the same?

Kt - 5 May 2014

I am a strong proponent of press freedom, but your bias against Biti is nauseating and defeats the purpose of balanced reporting. Your bias has become so obvious.

connie - 5 May 2014

@connie just come out clearly, press freedom, whatever this means to you, is only when the media report what you want. In this case, you want the Daily News to support Biti in which case there would be then true press freedom in Zimbabwe. How twisted.

Khama - 5 May 2014

Well done comrade Biti and company. You are commended for your courage to challenge DICTACTORSHIP. Today its 50 people and tommorrow you never know.

DM - 5 May 2014

Connie ari right. We know the slant of your news reporting imi.

bollo billings - 5 May 2014

Biti is wrong to assume that people will just follow him blindly just because he is more educated than MT. Honestly speaking with less emotion attached because I stand to gain nothing, either MT or Biti wins. But Biti might be a strategist yes, however Zimbabweans are not in any way suffering from a shortage of political parties. By forming a splinter group these guys are just sickening the population. If they were for the mending of the economy and not after personal gain maybe. But clearly these are just power hungry practitioners. What strategy would convince right thinking Zimbabweans to follow these non functionaries who didn't make any change in the GU?

Regalia - 5 May 2014

Please vanhuwe leave the Daily news to report it like it is kwete zvamunoda imi

masharks - 5 May 2014

Please vanhuwe leave the Daily news to report it like it is kwete zvamunoda imi

masharks - 5 May 2014

i attended several of biti rallies, to be honest with you guys he is far from it. He needs more time may be 15 years. all we know is leaders are changed at a congress, period

mabhunu muchapera - 5 May 2014


silungisani ndlovu - 5 May 2014

Go BITI GO !!! will support you through and through , build a strong party with credible and patriotic leadership . I propose Movement for Democratic Governance (MDG) for our new party . Viva Biti Viva !!

Chematama mukwasha weZANU - 5 May 2014

leaders are changed at a congress but NATIONAL elections can be done BEFORE 2018 at an time according to MDC. daily news hates Biti. 2.---- billion yakapiwa MDC since its formation and now the sponsors are on Biti side, Tsvngson party will be broke by June next year saka chamisa udza vanhu vachegete ma T-Shirts for next elections 2018 nokuti mari hapana. Pakaipa apa

tibvu - 5 May 2014

@Khama I am not carrying a brief for Biti or his campaign but just pointing out the twisted bias against Biti by the Daily News. Read this: "Biti gets booted out of the MDC." "Tsvangirai is allegedly suspended" Why cant both parties be either "booted out or allegedly suspended or expelled". "Tendai has suffered another blow to his campaign." When did he suffer the other one? Perhaps in the Daily News editorial room. Lets call a spade a spade . The Daily news is showing extreme bias. That's a fact.

connie - 5 May 2014

In Zimbabwe, only splinter Churches have managed to gain popularity! Guti, Mugodhi, Marange, Makandiwa, Utabwashe, this and that prophet e.t.c. No, Not with politics! Our ZanuPF politics is embedded in our forefathers, masvikiro edu nemidzimu yedu, The fact is no-one who was consecrated to appease the spirits neither himself nor his descendants take the role of holding nhumbi dzemudzimu (machira, ndiro e.t.c). All those who divorced ZanuPF told the world that they had elder party leaders on their side! What a shocker to the President! He pleaded with them but they could not listern....Simba, Dumiso...e.t.c nguva inofamba imiwee! The guys dug their own political graves, the elder leaders never came!. Mbuya Nehanda naKaguvi vakazviramba kuti midzimu yengozi ibate nhumbi dzemusha. Inotovakirwa kadumba kayo kunze kwemusha ukooo!. In the opposition cockpit Professors tried all their acquired knowledge & wisdom... Mutamabara, Ncube including the St Marrys 'champion' of M..99 fell in the political oblivion. Its not bout education! Chinoz aidai akahwinha here? Whoever in the ruling party would say today, i have expelled the president from the party, I assure you will not win the hearts of the people. The same with opposition...Biti and crew will not get support, they have declared them selves 'Mudzimu Wengozi' In Zim, It requires the political party leaders' will to hand over the button and God's decision is supreme, no...not an individual/s. Maybe with time, maybe!

Reality Facts - 5 May 2014

Education ipi when the country is burning. Remember the PHD filled cabinet that Mugabe had. I have lost faith in these so-called educated gikis. Give Morgan a chance!

gandanga - 5 May 2014

Biti is just another power hungry fellow. It is mind boggling why he chose to suspend eight of the cadres, if morgan tsvangirai is a dictator why not replace him with his deputy. what Mbiti wanted to do is create a leadership vaccum by suspending all the big guns and not suspending himself. Surely the failure of the MDC cannot be attributed to MT but also the brains of the party vis-a-vis the biti mangoma and company. MT was the face of the party and Mbiti and company the engine room. They failed to formulate strategies to get into power with Zimbabwe and they have yet again failed to get into power at MDC. these people are dunderheads and what they are doing is just derailing the people's struggles

chidembo - 5 May 2014

A very big fire can start as a small spark. Morgan has become a serial victim of rigging and this will continue to be so beyond 2018. Shinga TB. Let's march on. We wasted enough energy on Morgan Tsvangirai.

Kondo - 5 May 2014

Chidembo, the problem with MT is that he thinks he is super wise and does not take advice from his officials or surbbodinates. So he messes up in his wisdom and end up being outsmarted by Mugabe. We never heard Biti criticising Morgan in public before. It is because he was good follower. But he has now seen that Morgan haashandiki naye.

Mavhu Mavhu - 5 May 2014

I know both Morgan and Tendai are not Zanu(pf) but Zanu(pf) surely loves Morgan Tsvangirai. He does not disturb ther rigging of elections!

African Warrior - 5 May 2014

daily news I used to consider u as an unbiased newspaper bt this time u have disappointed me as u seem to b taking Tsvangirai's shame on daily news. u have disappointed us.

ceebeekay - 6 May 2014

daily news I used to consider u as an unbiased newspaper bt this time u have disappointed me as u seem to b taking Tsvangirai's shame on daily news. u have disappointed us.

ceebeekay - 6 May 2014

This power hungry lawyer in the name of Tendai Biti wants to divide people.He knows he now history and these are kicks of a dying horse.He once refused that he formed his party but what is surprising he is now forming structures.Beware of starting a project that has already flopped.The few sympathizer are rushing to grab positions,so whom will be the supporter,l fill pity for this guy,he is educated but not a strategist.Those who complain about Daily News being a sympathizer to Morgan do not know what they wanted.When the sme paper wrote about MT suspension you applauded,now they are telling you that Biti rally in Manicaland has flopped you are now complaining.Press freedom is when journalist tell it as it is like what these guys have done.Only time will tell

hezvoko - 6 May 2014

Dailynews haina nyaya musati inovenga Tendai Biti (TB). Kana pakauya vanhu 50 pakauya vanhu 50. Musade kuti iti pakauya vanhu 5000 ipo pakauya 50. Hapana anoda TB yenyu iyoyo. Hezvoko wa 1time

Peter - 6 May 2014

"However, pictures released to the Daily News, showed that the meeting was attended by some elderly people who are not in party structures." How can one tell from a mere picture that this or that elderly person does not belong to the party structures without any verification?The way your reporter puts it across here seems to suggest that there are no elderly members in the party structures.

Svinurai - 6 May 2014

biti arikutozvirwarirawo nebrain akatowana vanhu wakawanda ngaachiite paharare ambonyatsoona. iye apo chematama apo chikakarara chezanu.

joel - 6 May 2014

biti arikutozvirwarirawo nebrain akatowana vanhu wakawanda ngaachiite paharare ambonyatsoona. iye apo chematama apo chikakarara chezanu.

joel - 6 May 2014

biti imboko

LARY - 6 May 2014

Kuti Biti ndokuti mboko. Gugude kwai kwai. Mupeyiwo maARV

observer - 6 May 2014

Even if he gets 50 at a rally as long as he speaks sense they will come some day . We are tired of this Retard who calls himself a leader . He has failed to notice that his old fashioned calls for blaming ZPF on all his failures wont make him President . Just wait and see . Biti ndizvo

BITI Ka 1 Mushumani - 6 May 2014

I cannot support Tsvangirai because he and his supporters have become the flip side of Zanu-PF. Tsvangirai like Mugabe, thinks he is indispensable and his supporters like Zanoids, are violent and fanatical.Biti and his sympathizers are at least trying to usher in a more viable solution to Zimpolitics, free of corruption and hero worshiping party leaders.I am moved by ideas and not a fanatical mob of overzealous supporters.

tafamutekwe - 6 May 2014

Telling it as it is . Biti will fall into oblivion,Poor tsvangirai maybe he stands better than Biti who had great disregard for civil servants in his time as Minister of Finance.You can dream all you can but you are a poor politician and a party that will have a few supporters

POLITICS ZERO - 6 May 2014

Biti is a non starter who is very much power hungary . He must stop confusing the people of zimbabwe. People say he learned with only a Degree anofunga kuti ndiyani asina degreev muno Muzimbabwe. Go to hell Biti

makumbe - 6 May 2014

biti was influenced by Gono. maiti gono anosiya basa otora mbiti kuita lawyer rake .zanu yakangwara varume. party ya mbiti hakuna kwainoenda

mujibha - 6 May 2014

Hey madhodha, dont we have better things tu do? Rally every wkend sometimes four rallies...the election is four years from now, tikasangwara politics will become an obsession.

Don Wezhira - 6 May 2014

Unobva watozvishaya kuti zviri kumbofamba sei.Umwe woti ndava ini kuno umwewo nekuno.

Sauti - 6 May 2014

Power hungry people ar a problem, vana madzore vanoziveyi iri dofo rinonzi Solo rava ne 8 yrs achiita degree resocial work paUZ apa, musatinyangadza vanhu imi

vani - 6 May 2014

OOH what a nonsensical piece of journalism from a TSVANCRY boot-licker, No matter how much you try daily news, the open zip idiotic leader is finished just like your paper. You can a few hundred idiots who gathered to hear the sex manic guru waffling as usal. Eventually they ended up rioting and they got a good hiding from the epworth residents. For your information daily news, epworth is a hvane of criminal and squatters who can't even contribute 5 rands towards the bankrupt TSVANCRY.

reason - 6 May 2014

Biti is now free to join ZPF why is he wasting tym akuita kunga Madhuku educated but so not in touch with POVO

protestor - 6 May 2014

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