Forbes probes Angel's wealth

HARARE - Charismatic preacher and leader of Spirit Embassy Church Prophet Uebert Angel, has become only the second Zimbabwean to have the story of his life and entrepreneurship published by world acclaimed publication, Forbes Magazine.

The first was business mogul, Strive Masiyiwa. The story probes Angel’s source of wealth, how he became a millionaire and his business interests abroad.

While, the story does not quote him directly, Forbes Magazine went around the world investigating his source of wealth.

The following is the full unedited Forbes Magazine story:

The BBC calls him young and charismatic.  Uebert Angel is an enigma who has private audiences with heads of state, parliamentarians, philanthropists, billionaires and once the late world icon, Nelson Mandela.

Business analysts have argued that his unlimited access to world leaders and leading businessmen has given Angel an advantage over his peers in the real estate business.

Regardless of this, Angel, after close investigation, is one of the thousands of successful entrepreneurs across Africa who are creating  million-dollar fortunes. These entrepreneurs do not inherit wealth; they earn it.

The prophet, a former finance lecturer and financier by profession, has two degrees from the Salford University in Britain. He has business experience and qualifications.

He also obtained a postgraduate degree at Bolton in Manchester and has a pending Masters’ degree in applied philosophy from the University of Wales in Cardiff.

His eye for the finer things in life facilitated his business acumen. In 2005, Angel established Club Millionaire, a concierge establishment providing services to the cash-rich but time-poor individuals around the globe.

Angel timed the launch of his business well. He set up his company long before the concierge boom flooded the industry in 2102  to secure his fortune. He then ventured into real estate, starting with residential and then moving into developing commercial properties.

His real estate construction companies traded under various holdings and trusts in Europe, Africa and Asia.

He then forayed into building a noteworthy media empire, with secular and lifestyle television channels and a Christian charitable record label that owns the rights to the music of multi-award winning artists like Sonnie Badu.

Aside from Africa, some of Angel’s companies are registered in Europe and Hong Kong. Hong Kong is favourable due to investments not being taxed in the region.

The corporate profits rate is 16,5 percent, there is no capital gains tax and no accumulated earnings taxes on companies that retain earnings rather than distribute them.

Angel is reputed to have such a keen business sense and entrepreneurial skill that he is able to start small companies and grow them. He then sells them and invests the money in real estate and other projects.

In February, he bought Great Hampton Limited in Britain, a company with 30 000 square feet of choice real estate as its chief asset.

The structure, which is close to the Birmingham University School of Law, is said to be valued at around $2 million and will be worth more after the renovations  and improvements he is putting in place.

The Zimbabwe-born British national, who is also the bestselling author of Healing is Easy and a sought-after conference speaker, was voted the most influential Zimbabwean last year and won the Newsmaker Award in the same year.

He is also a Peace Ambassadorial Award recipient.

His fame is huge and his contacts impressive. He has presidents and the rich in his speed dial.

There is a lot more to Angel than just business. He is a strong believer in the Giving Pledge initiative, founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, which encourages wealthy people to donate at least half of their money to charity.

The Giving Pledge has so far persuaded more than a hundred billionaires to give the majority of their wealth to charities. South African billionaire Patrice Motsepe is on that list.

While Angel is not in their league, he has engaged in philanthropic endeavours which have not gone unnoticed.

Last year, after a donation of $1,4 million was given to him by friends and well-wishers for his birthday, he donated all of it to charity.

Using his own resources, Angel is also building houses for the poor and helping parents pay school fees in what he and his wife, Beverly, the patron of Hand of Mercy (Home) have called Adopt a School-Adopt A Child programme. Hand of Mercy intends to help at least 100 000 people by 2017, a feat he says is possible if they concentrate on community development rather than individuals.

While Angel has a lot of business interests, there is another side to him that has attracted the world’s attention.

He is a staunch believer in Christ and claims to have the gift of prophecy. Some argue that his businesses and his contacts have grown primarily because of this.

Others stress that he is the darling of the masses because he helps  the less-fortunate. Angel returned to Africa from Britain while his business empire was at its peak, to help develop the continent.

Such is his influence in Africa that when he moved back to Zimbabwe, the Christian organisation he started, Spirit Embassy grew from 12 to 5 000 people in four weeks and is now approaching the 10 000 mark.

His business adventures have slowed down since the media latched onto his uncanny ability to predict events.

He has given accurate prophecies about the deaths of Michael Jackson and former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, the Kenya Mall massacre among many world events.

His predictions include the date and time, even a year before they occur, putting him on the forefront of the prophetic movement in southern Africa.

Last year, media reports claimed Angel was worth $60 million, a figure he denies. His wife backs him up on this subject.

Beverly, a former finance lecturer, exudes humility. She is intelligent, but an individual of few words. When asked about her husband, she will only talk about their charitable initiatives.

“Whatever you find or see is already committed to our very own giving pledge initiative, so, come to think of it, what do we really own if it is all for philanthropy. Zero is the answer!”

Angel’s success is clear but there is still a lot about him that is shrouded in mystery. — Forbes Africa

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Waal what an article. The second Zimbabwean to feature into such a great magazine Forbes. Speaks volumes for this man Angel. I like the fact that his business ventures started way back before his church to silence those critics who always talk rubbish. You have put Zimbabwe on the map for sure.

Cde Chinodhuukadhuuka Zoraunye - 2 May 2014

Thank you for putting Zimbabwe on the map and for such charitable works in Zimbabwe and out of Zimbabwe

Karikoga - 2 May 2014

This is the only man i know who can Prophecy future, the first time i saw him i was shocked, he tells something that not even my wife knws. may God continue to use him for the change of our nation.

Ramy Gs - 2 May 2014

This is a great achievement for a Zimbabwean otherwise Forbes Magazine was featuring more people outside Zim. Your businesses across the globe finally caught the eye of this magazine for sure.

Milbar G - 2 May 2014

World wide, this is the man who responded to God's voice, a prophet of our time,

Anesu - 2 May 2014

It is great to have another Zimbabwean feature in this Forbes magazine

Muzaya - 2 May 2014

This is what i am talking about! A Zimbo featuring in such a high profile magazine such as Forbes this is history in the making

Bokole - 2 May 2014

The only successful Prophet of our moment, you lead by example man of God, some of us experiance a total change in our lives the moment we have an encounter with him.

Yolanda - 2 May 2014

Izvi zvakanaka kuti muZimbo abuda muForbes Magazine. Ava veForbes havabuditse nonsense sezvinoita tumwe tumapepa but kana vaita interest newe then you are something else.

Chauruka - 2 May 2014

This is BIG news is the making another Zimbo in Forbes Magazine

Leah - 2 May 2014

I knew about his business in 2004-5, and then church 5 years ago, this man is successful, he is God' mouthpiece, if all church leaders copy the way Prophet Angel does his things, no one will suffer,

Edmont - 2 May 2014

This is my father. Keep it up Major. Watch this the businesses started in 2005 and Spirit embassy in 2008. Ndakakuudzai kuti Senior Major varikumberi mhani

Lilian - 2 May 2014

Bid Up Prophet, Dis is good tidings for sure. Proudly Zimbabwean conquering the globe financially.

Rasta - 2 May 2014

Africa we are remembered to have such a man, it needs a great eye to notice the gift in this Prophet,

263 - 2 May 2014

What i like about this man is that his businesses started way back before his ministry otherwise the critics were always talking negatively about him yet he is sponsoring the church.

Helga - 2 May 2014

Forbes is a highly recognised publication and you don't just feature in there if you are a nobody. This is great and good news to have one of our on brothers featuring in here.

Chimbambaira - 2 May 2014

This is what we want i.e to invade other people's territories and invest there.

Jokonia - 2 May 2014

Most preachers only focus on the word, telling people God is coming soon, its all good but i saw a difference in Prophet Angel, he taught Practical things, Prosperity wise. I really like his prosperity gospel everyone needs good life

Sakala - 2 May 2014

I enjoy reading the Forbes Magazine and when i saw this article i was very much thrilled that our own brother is featured again

Adolph - 2 May 2014

Keep it up and invest more in Asia

Henry - 2 May 2014

Now i get it

Sis Rosie - 2 May 2014

big up PAPA silence your critics

tendi - 2 May 2014

I have always enjoyed his teachings on his tv station and i didn't know he is conquering the world in business as well

Mwape - 2 May 2014

Just like the name Angel, he is an Angel for sure, a Prophet is supposed to be rich, so as the followers, the is no way you lead people and teach them poverty.Our lifes will never be the same under this mighty God used Prophet.

Chichi - 2 May 2014

We thank God for sending you to Africa, his chosen people.

Ramy Gs - 2 May 2014

I love this man of God

Tariro - 2 May 2014

This is the real deal in investing across the globe . This man knows what he is doing. Big Up

Muyamba - 2 May 2014

That's my father

Tinotenda - 2 May 2014

Forbes is not just a magazine, i salute your level man of God, honor and respect to you.

Madamombe - 2 May 2014

Vanhu! vanhu! vanhu! kutaura zvavasingazive hezvo Forbes yaburitsa wani

Vharazipi - 2 May 2014

This is a high profile magazine and for such a man to feature there speaks volumes of his stature

Declan - 2 May 2014

Vakomana murume uyu anemari dzake wena ukaona munhu anobuda muForbes avaneCash

Zuze - 2 May 2014

Major kwava kuseri kwekuseri

Lisa - 2 May 2014

Thank you for the charity man of God, if you have enough to give to the needy thats a sign of being blessed.

KUDA NZOMBE - 2 May 2014

This man is really levels ahead and Forbes have alluded that his business acumen puts him a cut above the pack

Jerry - 2 May 2014

2nd Zimbabwean i love this thank God for Prophet

Hozo - 2 May 2014

Ndozvinoratidza kuti mwari anoshanda akomana mwari akadai ndomudawo

Luckson Mazarura - 2 May 2014

He is a blessed man and to conquer such markets (Europe and Asia) is not easy unless you have the guts and the will power

Joseph - 2 May 2014

Charismatic Prophet for real I love you man Of God

Lisa - 2 May 2014

Ndokuropafadzwazve uku. maridziripo zvadzo apa. hapana kana chawedzerwa kana kubviswa apa. mwari ngaakudzwe nekugona kwake

Eugenia - 2 May 2014

Prophet makapenga

Teurai - 2 May 2014

The second Billionaire in Zimbabwe God is Good guys

Manyange - 2 May 2014

This is good news for Zimbabwean investors that we must learn to spread our wings to other countries

Killer Tee - 2 May 2014

Ndozvinoita mwari watinonamata anotisimudza kudarika vamwe vese

Makosi - 2 May 2014

Africa we are blessed to have mighty, blessed Prophets,

trymore - 2 May 2014

I respect Forbes Magazine and for it to feature this man means that he is really something and does not rely on one source of funds

Boris - 2 May 2014

Forbes Africa features high profile people and this man is one of them and is the second Zimbabwean. I like this this.

Fred - 2 May 2014

That shows how faithful the God he serves is. Zimbabweans you are blessed to have a man of God like Prophet Angel in your country.

Nanayo - 2 May 2014

What can i say when a Zimbabwean features in such a high publication? All i can say is thank you Papa.

Prince - 2 May 2014

This is the first Prophet to be in FORBES magazine

Sarudzai Moyo - 2 May 2014

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