MPs endorse Tsvangirai

HARARE - Seventy MPs yesterday pledged their loyalty to MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, disassociating themselves from Tendai Biti and his co-conspirators who plotted to topple the opposition leader.

Tsvangirai held a parliamentary caucus with MDC legislators at Harvest House.

And out of 91 MDC MPs in Parliament, 70 turned up for the meeting, with 12 sending apologies but expressing support for the MDC leader.

At least nine MPs have pledged loyalty to Biti.

The meeting was chaired by Tsvangirai. The MDC leader told the legislators that he would not countenance indiscipline in the party.

Douglas Mwonzora, the MDC spokesperson, said the meeting was called to update legislators on resolutions of the meetings of the MDC national executive and subsequently the party’s supreme decision-making body outside congress, the national council, that met at Harvest House on Tuesday, to deliberate on the state of the party.

“President Tsvangirai held an MPs’ caucus  as he wanted to advise the legislators of the national council meeting held this week which expelled former secretary-general Tendai Biti and other eight MPs who held an illegal meeting at Mandel Training Centre,” Mwonzora told the Daily News yesterday.

“The caucus confirmed that Tsvangirai is in charge of the party and was the legitimate leader of the MDC who has the backing of the majority of the legislators.  All of them who were present pledged to stand with Tsvangirai together with the entire party leadership in our political fight with the rebels that have been expelled from the party.”

Tsvangirai advised the MPs to inform party supporters in their constituencies countrywide on what has transpired and the decision of the party in booting out Biti and his team.

Legislators conspicuously absent at the meeting were Biti, Harare East; Solomon Madzore, Dzivaresekwa; Paul Madzore, Glen View South; Moses Manyengavana, Highfield West;  Willas Madzimure, Kambuzuma;  Samuel Sipepa Nkomo, Lobengula; Bekithemba Nyathi, Pelandaba-Mpopoma; Evelyn Masaiti, proportional representative; Watchy Sibanda, proportional representative; Settlement Chikwinya, Mbizo; and Reggie Moyo, Luveve — all of them loyal to Biti.

The nine MPs attended Biti’s meeting on Saturday and passed a vote of  no confidence in Tsvangirai, calling on him and other MDC leaders  to step down.

Tsvangirai  briefed the 70 legislators that Biti had no right to protect the nine MPs from recall in Parliament as only the leader of the opposition in the house, MDC vice president Thokozani Khupe can make that call.

Mwonzora said the MPs were grateful to Tsvangirai. There was no dissenting voice, with all of them pledging loyalty to Tsvangirai and denouncing Biti and his team.

Even the 12 who were absent from the meeting pledged loyalty to Tsvangirai.

Acting secretary-general Tapiwa Mashakada read out names of the nine rebel MPs and said they had been summarily expelled in terms of Article 12 as read together with Article 5. 11. (A) of the MDC constitution.

Mwonzora said the MPs would be withdrawn from Parliament in line with section 129(1) (k) of the national Constitution. He said all the MDC MPs who participated in the Mandel meeting would be withdrawn from Parliament.

In a letter to Speaker of the National Assembly, Jacob Mudenda, Biti branded Tsvangirai a leader of a “fascist clique” that needed a court order to overturn the decision of his Saturday “national council meeting” which the Tsvangirai-led group sledged as “bogus.”

Biti said in his letter no one could recall the nine MPs.

“In this regard, I was instructed to inform you Honourable Speaker that: No one in the MDC other than the secretary-general has a right to write to you on any issue with respect to our Members of Parliament particularly in terms of Section 129 of the Constitution,” read Biti’s letter.

Mwonzora said Biti was wrong in his interpretation of the MDC constitution as he had no mandate to write to the Speaker seeking to protect himself and other MPs from recall.

“Biti, as a lawyer, is being dishonest as he knows the law and what the MDC constitution says,” Mwonzora told the Daily News.

“He is deliberately misleading the nation that only he has the right to write the letter to Speaker of Parliament as this should be done by our vice president Thokozani Khupe.”

Comments (51)

Those endorsing Tsvangirai are endorsing: 1) Incompetence 2) The theft of party funds 3) The use of violence against political opponents. 4) Fickleness in leadership. 5) That political leaders may behave irresponsibly in their private lives such as impregnating and dumping women young enough to be their daughters and 6) Disrespect and disregard for the role of law and constitutionalism.

Dzikamai Mapetese - 1 May 2014

It early day yet to see the direction which the party will follow. Most are only appearing to endorse Tsvangirai fearing that they may lose their parliamentary posts. If the Speaker rules in favour of the Biti group we are likely to see more MPs shifting to the Biti-Sipepa group. Most MPs in their private conversations have displayed disrespect of Morgan Tsvangirai following his poor leadership skills exposed by the GNU. The Lorcardia Karimatsenga saga as well as the impregnating of Loreto Nyathi by Tsvangirai painted him as a man who is ruled by his sexual appetite.

Twoboy - 1 May 2014

Dear Morgan, when will you respond to Mangoma's letter? The issues raised by Mangoma are pertinent and they are crying out for an answer.

Sipepa Biti - 1 May 2014

Come on guys there is still the possibility of resolving issues amicably. Morgan can resign in dignity and a fresh pair of hands may take over.

Sodindo - 1 May 2014

We don't care whether Tsvangirai misappropriates party funds or impregnates all the loose women out there. He is our hero. Fambai nebhora Save. Ignore the malcontents such as Biti and Sipepa.

Aggrippa - 1 May 2014

What are the MPs endorsing? Are they happy that Tsvangirai has failed to give proper guidance to the party? Surely the man proved to be clueless during GNU. He treated Mugabe like his great ancestor while Mugabe in turn treated Tsvangirai like a naughty school boy. Mugabe had his way and everything went ZANU PF's way. Mugabe refused to have Bennett in govt and Tsvangirai foolishly agreed. We all remember when he cowardly ran away to Botswana after the 2008 elections leaving his supporters confused. That man,Tsvangirai, is not even fit to be a village headman.

Toropito - 1 May 2014

Pambili Mogiza. Biti and company go hang

masakiemari - 1 May 2014

You know some people when they are sick lose their mind . Surely sick Biti who gave you the power to suspend the party president and his deputy chairman and his deputy ? noway in the world has such stupid thing has happened. Viva Morgan ongafuniyo ahambe ngokuthula Biti phuza amapilisi uyekane no people 's umfo kaTswangirai ngoba uzofa ngestrace

Diibulaanyika - 1 May 2014

we need the brains in Biti, Mafume, and Mangoma. tsvangirayi has no brain

jurist - 1 May 2014

@jurist Then if Bit has Brains form your own party simple as a b c d leave Morgan alone then go on win elections that is what people with brains do

Diibulaanyika - 1 May 2014

What are the issues at hand? Firstly Biti group points out Tsvangirayi's short commings in leadership and also accused him of silencing other member by intimidation and violence. Now is this false or true? Tsvangirayi says Biti should not speak about these issues and says this amounts to indiscipline which warrants to be fired from the party. Choose your direction!

dungas - 1 May 2014

We have never heard Morgan forbidding Mbiti from saying what ever he wanted provided it was good for the party noway may be you have read it from the herald but sorry i do not read the herald

Diibulaanyika - 1 May 2014

I don't understand these lawyers anymore. First, the Biti camp allege that the other faction didnot follow the constitution in suspending Elton.They go on to suspend the opposite camp.Did they follow the said constitution in doing that.If they are legitimate,why then rush to write to the speaker of parliament?Gore rino tichaonesa.

Tahir Iqbal - 1 May 2014

Kwahi MaZimbabwean akafunda. Baba vangu Soko: If you think Tsvangirai is a good leader uridofo. We can do better mhani people. When are we going to wake up? From Bob to Chematama? From the frying pan into the fire.

Hedzinoi Nhau - 1 May 2014

Democracy means the involved of the majority. MPs representing 70 constituences say Tsvangirai should continue then Biti and 10 of his men are minority and can't decide r the majority. What it shows is Bm are doctors in the making when given the chance to rule the nation. We don't need dictators any more and once Mugabe is gone Zimbabwe should be free forever.

Ziziharinanyanga - 1 May 2014

Pamberi na Morgan Richard Tsvangirai

Alvin - 1 May 2014

You see some people have been born under Mugabe they know no other leader so they believe that only mugabe is a leader idiots like hazvinai nhau think so bcoz they have been brain washed at border gezi camps

Siamababa - 1 May 2014

VaTsvangirai musha ngautsairwe. sweep your house. musha wanga wazara marara vanaBiti navana Mangoma imi mechiti idomocracy. Marara ngaraswe kunze. Akaramba achidzoka isai mubin arasirwa kure.

gweje - 1 May 2014

Why Zimbis against each other? And those who write furstvwe know they are from the paid media intelligence desk. Wake up people

Ex-CIO - 1 May 2014

watch out those who are writing comments supporting biti and his faction are same people who attended mandel meeting ti 'suspend' tsvangirai. they are writing comments to hoodwink the masses so that we would think that they have symphathisers.

independent - 1 May 2014

Chegore rino vanhu wee. Hameno ikoko.

Sekuru Chakuchichi Bota Remhunga - 1 May 2014


Rabison Nyundo(THE HAMMER) - 1 May 2014

Seems we have some Biti-Mafume loyalist somewhere, commenting on multiple forums to make us believe they have sympathizers. Smell the coffee, its cold out there especially without followers.

Mwanawevhu - 1 May 2014

true Mwanawevhu, ndazvionawo wena sekunge vane majority wena. handei paGround Biti I promise u kuti haulume. chawangoita ndiyo inonzi shayisano chete you are weakening Tsvangirayi so that your Gono will win come 2018 but wakurumidzisa the dust will have sunk and Save will erode overflowingly.

twicks - 2 May 2014

biti et al go hang.Morgan bhora vote is on morgan nyangwe zvadii.chero vakuru varipo panyanga munyika vakatora mukadzi wemunhu.vakaba mari yema diamonds.vakarovesa vanhu 2008 nepa gukurahundi wani.newe biti your hands are dirty too.mkadzi wemunhu uya wawakaendeswa ku high court wakanganwa.yu are all bennet puppets.....morgan is my man

die hard - 2 May 2014

This is the major difference between Zanu (PF) and the MDC. The MDC is too democratic to survive from opportunists. Zanu members know very well that if they go against the leadership even in a constitutional way they are out. They have respect for leadership too. Why couldn't Biti and company wait for congress to deal with the leadership issue? Why is the leadership change appearing to be urgent now?

Tichafa Tazvigwira - 2 May 2014

People will always have differences. If the Biti group thinks the have better to offer, THEY MUST JUST FORM A NEW PARTY. they still have 4 years before the next election. You bring down an existing building to build another one when there is space to put up a completely new one and take all the followers with you.

Kumba - 2 May 2014

Biti, pay Lekhota a visit in SA. If you disagree with existing establishment and believe you have enough followers, go and form a COPE on the side and leave the existing structure like that.

Kumba - 2 May 2014

vana MBITI kwanai mhani, haa

jb - 2 May 2014

Mbiti, imbiti yomunhu vese namentally deranged Mangoma. Pamberi naSAVE mhani.

Professor - 2 May 2014

Biti and crew ndiwo ngawabude mhani. Kana munhu asina kumborohwa neZanu Pf ndizvo zvaanoita. Morgan handei mberi siyanai newanozviti tine madegree akawanda. Mbiti imbwa mukwetekwete newose wari kuti Mbiti naMangoma wari right!!Pfutseki mhani ah kwatabva kure mhani naMorgan wedu uyu.

lofombo - 2 May 2014

biti anongohukura go to hell

mzlik - 2 May 2014

The problem with Biti et al is that they do not have grassroot support.Why dont they call for a rally and we can gauge the kind of support they have. Some of their disagreaments with Tsvangirai are quite understandable but also their intentions are questionable. Once the donors realize that these guys do not have grassroot support, I dont think they will continue funding them. So to Biti et al, I say, enjoy the money while it lasts.

Dzingai - 2 May 2014

vana tungoma nambiti,kurota kwakanaka asi kwete kurota muchiyamwa

nonsense mm - 2 May 2014

Pamberi naTsvangira, leave his private life, he is our heroe. Politics and education are two different things. Check the CVs of most African presidency and give salute to our President R.G Mugabe.

Muchaneta - 2 May 2014

mbiti and company selfish idiots they must go to hell .mbiti and co u are free to form yo on party mdc100 mdc10000 leave tsvang alone we knwo yo plans u want to create aweak party come 2018 so that yo friend gono wipe out the oppos and u will be rewarded handsomely u are aflip floper .Mbiti and ngomayabooka u dont have grassroot support so dont waste peoples time usaid morgan failed but where were u are also failed and yo stupid advice failed the party u think that u are too clever but clever for nothing

djking - 3 May 2014

Takambokuudzai ana Mbiti, Majority rule. Makaita miscalculate manje matove history

Dickson - 3 May 2014

mbiti iya inogara mumvura ichimwa mvura ichigeza nemvura ichidya hove yaaa ndaiziva iya yokugwara iyo pasi nayoooooo!!!!!!!

karanda mission hospital - 3 May 2014

Morgan ndizvo

deeds - 3 May 2014

we are now talking about politics. Biti and crew are agitating for democracy whilst they are at the same time trying to overthrow the leader of the true democratic party. is it still democracy or power here. they should be more upset about the continuing economic slumber than the party leader. Bti himself is a quite suspicious figure, representing Gono for a start was not so wise. if mangoma and crew are able to cast their weights behind such a flip flopping man, then they are all Zanu PF or they havent yet understood that. biti is well learned of course but leading a political party and economics, banking or law are different things. if the biti crew is serious, let them surrender their MP posts to the main mdct party and contest in the by elections with their minor party to see whether they got support from the people or just because they were behind PRESIDENT Tsvangirai. They need psycology lessons, maybe biti's sunglasses are preventing him from seeing that he is the second welshman Ncube. tsvangirai is a manof his word, a true democrat, go and ask mugabe and he will tell u. politics is busy manifesting itself guys, be awake

henderson - 3 May 2014

Biti naMangoma want to make a lot of noise in politics similar to that of Kerete of Zanu PF.

zimbabwean - 3 May 2014

Well Done MPs for endorsing your Leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you track all these traitors, they are all in real life, in second marriages. They want the same to happen in MDC. They will never be satisfied with what they did first. They are most likely going to leave their factions for another faction.


Heya munotora 15years kuti muone kuti Tsvangirai idofo. Saka imi muri madofest. Tsvangirayi ari better. Zvino 90 vs 9. Kudyiwa nedofo kunorwadza vakomana, especially uchiziva kuti ndadyiwa nedofo

tirimo muzanu - 5 May 2014


Boma - 5 May 2014

Hang on guys!! I thought 'SOME PEOPLE WERE INTELLIGENT SEMAGWETA' but have failed to figure out the easiest things on earth"direction of the wind" and "who has the people"

Hokorinya Ziyendakuda - 5 May 2014



can somebody quote the section 129 so we can see and learn for ourselfs.we african partriotic democracy.biti lawyer,ncube a visionary who got the balls,dabengwa a veteran nationalist can guide on that one.but you need to have tsvangirai imperialist democracy crumbled room for neo colonialism in zimbabwe mdc have never comented on this from day zee. answer why?could the puppet womaniser go back to growth point life thats where he can be accepted,where bulies, bouncers and holigans rule.

tapera - 6 May 2014

Want it or not Tsvangison has got the people, its not about being the best strategist, its about having people following you. These guys they dont realize that people voted for them becoz of Tsvangison. Tsvangirai is popular than his party. Can anyone tell me where tsvangirai was beaten by his councilor or legislator. Now Biti and friends they can stand infront of the people thinking they have people support, zodzo(Inointing) iri pana tsvangison. Wining or loosing tsvangirai is popular. Ask Bob with all the support of the police, gunmen he hired NIKUV knowing well their support was not enough to win election on free and fair over Tsvangison. Just wait and see the degreed are joining hands. Welshmen Ncube joins hands with Biti thinking their degrees can get the backing of the people Lets wait and see.

babasviri - 6 May 2014

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