Prophet Angel predicts Chelsea victory

HARARE - Celebrity preacher Prophet Uebert Angel last Sunday prophesied correctly that English Premiership giants, Liverpool would lose to Chelsea in their crucial league match.

Hours before the match kicked off, Angel stood before thousands attending his congregation and more on his Miracle TV and gave the exact match result of the titanic match.

With the Daily News reporters in attendance, Angel, clad in African attire, stunned the congregation when he said Chelsea were going to defy odds and beat Liverpool by a two-goal margin.

Chelsea, under the guidance of controversial Portuguese mentor, Jose Mourinho won the match 2-0 to throw the Premiership race wide open.

Angel, who is regarded as the pioneer of prophesies in southern Africa, sent the huge congregation into silence as few people gave Chelsea a chance.

Congregants including the Daily News crew were shocked by the prophesy to the extent that they had to sit through the entire service to see if this was going to be a humiliating outcome for Angel in the event of a Liverpool win.

In the wake of Angel suing SuperSport earlier this year for what his legal team calls a  complete fabrication of his utterances, could it be that, Angel, knows the outcome of the league or simply he does not want to be given credit for what he did not say.

SuperSport ran a story saying that Angel had predicted Liverpool would win the 2013/14 Premiership, a development which the Spirit Embassy founder strenuously denied. 

He said even if Liverpool win the championship, he never predicted it.

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Dailynews makunyanya kutevera vaprofita ve ma cellphone numbers ne ma team scores even madhara anobheja kuma betting shop amwe acho akatoisa mari pa Chelsea saka vakaprofitawo here?

Maita Manyuka - 29 April 2014

whats so special about predicting the outcome of a soccer match, predicting and prophecising are quite different things. i have predicted results for my three favourite teams, liverpool, barcelona and dynamos with accurate results. actually last sunday i predicted that liverpool was going to lose to chelseaa and this happened, can i say im a prophet. thje problem with today's treporters is that they cannot analyse and probe issues. they just rush to write issues without any scientific probing, thats the reason their articles(stories) are shallow. i long for the days of willie musarurwa(gono goto), bill saidi and the erudite nyarota.

cde churucheminzwa - 29 April 2014

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy according to Rev 19 vs10 izvi zvirikuitiwa navanhu inonzi prediction hazvinei nezva Jesu. These are called false prophets

kailuma - 29 April 2014

Ko nhai Profit Eubert Angel, zvema results ema football match zvinei ne the 2nd coming of the Lord? muri busy kuita masaramusi ,uchiita mislead the flock of the Lord. Makangofanana nana Makandiwa, Rotina Mavhunga, Boateng, Chris Oyakilome, Muponda, Nzira etc. Mese murizvidhuura zvema porofita. N'anga dzinopfeka masutu. Do us all a favour and register with ZINATHA tizive pamumire. Nxa!

Mafirakureva - 29 April 2014

What a precision in the prophetic the man of God was spot on . I was there as a Liverpool supporter i thought we were just going to bury Chelsea and start celebrating the victory

Killer Tee - 29 April 2014

kana chiporofita chotaurwa naSenior Major terera

Cde Chinodhuukadhuuka - 29 April 2014

God reveals in order to redeem

Karikoga - 29 April 2014

Prophecy fufilled, we salute this man. he is master of Prophecy

Edmore - 29 April 2014

Every hiden thing shall be revealed, we thank God for giving us his Prophets

Trymore - 29 April 2014

This is very true i was there ndichitodawo help

Macheso - 29 April 2014

The only Prophet I knw. zimbabwe we are remembered.

Product - 29 April 2014

these false prophets really have time...someone Godly would not in any way prophesy about football....its high time you great deceivers shy away to your own cubicles!

sibbs - 29 April 2014

Sando kuna Major

Netsai - 29 April 2014

Im a witness also, i was there when he say this, he never miss. God is still speaking.

Shony - 29 April 2014

Yangu itsaona kushaya muporofita zvino ndazomuwanaka uyu anonzi Senior Major. Izvi zvemaresults ebhora zvitori secondary pane zvkaitwa Sunday. Murume anoshandiswa naMwari uyu mhani

Daiton Somanje - 29 April 2014

This is to show us that GOD is still amoung us

Chichi - 29 April 2014

My life is covered, if he can see a match played as far as england what more me.

Tarisai - 29 April 2014

This man was spot on as usual but my issue is not on these soccer results which are minor but on the miracles signs and wonders that were taking place on Sunday. People making international calls with no credit and many more.

Gandanzara - 29 April 2014

Mbiri yakasvika nekuno bikita, muti murume uyu tinomudakuno, ndomuporofita wenguva yedu.

Webikita - 29 April 2014

Jesus is the king, bhora mughedhi Prophet, chelsea ndizvo.

Doctor - 29 April 2014

Itai muchiuya kwamutare major, zvinhu hazvina kumira mushe kuno, we like the way God is using you.

Anotida - 29 April 2014

Thank you Lord for this Man of God Prophet Uebert Angel

Chizoro - 29 April 2014

Ko muporofita havasati vaenda ku UK we thought he had gone already

protestor - 29 April 2014

This is too much,, thank u Jesus

Faro - 29 April 2014

This is too much,, thank u Jesus

Faro - 29 April 2014

prophet Angel doesnt watch any football and doesnt even know the names of the coaches of the clubs. he didnt even know the fixtures of the following day, all he was saying was coming from God. what a mighty prophecy

KULABU - 29 April 2014

vakamutsa vanhu vakawanda kubva mukufa, so many times. telling you those results of soccer is done only to show the power of God. Its done to show that God knows everything

Sabhuku VZ - 29 April 2014

the wisdom of God is not the wisdom of man. i guess thats why the bible tells us not to judge. because we tend to judge things based on our own wisdom rather than the wisdom of God. God just does some things just because he's God.

Chipolopela - 29 April 2014

To me the revelation i got from the prediction was that God cares even about the smallest things in our lives and he knows all thing because all things belong to him. that revelation has edified me in that i've learnt to trust God with everything, even the smallest things in my life.

Durant - 29 April 2014

Even Peter in the bible believed in Christ after he had caught a lot of fish. it wasn't his first time catching fish just like its not the first time Chelsea wins a match. but the manner in which the catching of fish had been done boost his faith. so it is the small things that we despise that can actually bring people to Christ. If that prophecy was to bring one man to Christ, so be it

Son of Major - 29 April 2014

Major porofitai chero zvamunenge maudzwa na Mwari. Of all the prophesies done on Sunday vamunyori iyi ndiyo yamawana yakanaka??? .Church yedu inonakidza iyi...wats so special abt soccer zvekuti Mwari vanenge vasingarizive? Isu wedu Mwari anotaura zvese....Rovai Papa varwadziwe

Kwedu Kutapira - 29 April 2014

Vanhu hamuzive zvamunoda shuwa. When the prophecy about Thatcher came, makati why Angel achingoporofita zvinhu zviri obvious, we all knew she'll die. Now aporofita zvinhu zvisiri obvious, u still have a problem with it. Munhu anonetsa shuwa. Shuwa Angel akaporofita maporofitiro amunoda imi hapana chinobuda. Magara hamugutsikane. You've made up your mind kuti you dont like the man, whether agona kana kuti atadza, u just dont like him.

Divalo - 29 April 2014

Please don't judge any body, God is for us all. Hasha ndedzei maZimbabwe? Lets pray.

Luke - 29 April 2014

Ndokuti Major Prophet

Titus - 29 April 2014

The God I know, knows everything, even all the things we regard as useless...m told He even kno the number of our hair-the question is, bvudzi chero akariziva rinei nedenga! Zvirimo mubible zvekuti anoziva huwandu hwebvudzi. What we must kno is that, a prophet receives a lot of information & it is him who decides what to say. 1 Cor 14:32A New Living Translation (©2007) "Remember that people who prophesy are in control of their spirit and can take turns." Which means, if he has control over the gift, he can ask God to reveal one's identity, he can ask God to reveal soccer results and all this is done note to please outsiders but to raise the level of faith

Saviour - 29 April 2014


Jonasi - 29 April 2014

This z e demonstration of miracle to reveal God's power so that people can believe & hv a high degree of faith. May è theological prophesy rule always. Mayidunyiswe inkosi. Amen.

Bheki - 29 April 2014

Veduwee, do not judge concerning something you are not fully aware of. Panzvimbo yekubatira Prophet Angel uyu matemo, pray for him. What you are saying about him is what you yourself should do, but do not judge please

Chionero - 29 April 2014

He is a true Man of God, remember he once correctly prophesy the South Africa Vs Ethopia match. Thumps up Major

Chitekete - 29 April 2014

If God is so much concerned abt petty issues lyk bhora hw muc mre your life..???God is still saying smethn..

MacDonald - 29 April 2014

Prophet muviri wese wooooooow Zvazvinhu

Tinotenda - 29 April 2014

let's look @ th real picture,is the devil more powerful than God?,is God limited on thngs th@ he should speak through the mouth of his servants,is he not th same God whose eye is upon the whole earth&is omnipresent,NB:th devil cannot b found everywhere bt always steals things th@ he sees in th presence of God 2 his self use,where is it written th@ n'anga should be above the prophet of God,is prophecy limited only to the obvious,God always makes the impossible possible,I dnt thnk anyone wants to be under principalities but above them,if th Holy Spirit came to teach you in ''all'' things then why limit him,teaching can also b termed revelation,lets not undermine God&start 2 tell him th@ you can do this but this one leave it for Satan,do not grieve th Holy Spirit,the only unforgivable sin is mocking th Holy Spirit&remember he lives in man,God cannot be mocked..Let the Prophet of God Speak

Lilian - 29 April 2014

U are a real man of God May your anoiting

Mutasa - 29 April 2014

Forward ever man of God, basa ngarirohwe vamwe vachingosara vachiti maziso tubhobho tubhobho

Major Daughter - 29 April 2014

God use thez man in ur mightly way,,,,,gv dem mor revelation....

Changara - 29 April 2014

Ku porofita bhora kunovhiringa papi second comming of Jesus. munopenga

Shyniesta - 29 April 2014

Major is Major. He is phenomenal. God speaks about anything.

Quinton - 29 April 2014

Amen major ndi major shuwa truly a man of God ,,,prophecy ye soccer papa kuti zvisemese ..asvotwaaaa ngaarutse

Nyasha - 29 April 2014

Saka vamunhu musinga ropafadzwe nekuti munotuka vanhu vaMwari hapana chavanenge vakutadzirai saka munhu waMwari oregedza kuporofita zvaaratidzwa here?

Jerry - 29 April 2014

making Jesus famous iyeeeeeeeeee...

Uchechuku - 29 April 2014

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