MDC supporters back Tsvangirai

HARARE - Thousands of angry MDC supporters gathered at the party’s Harare headquarters, Harvest House, yesterday to express their solidarity with their leader Morgan Tsvangirai following Saturday’s brazen rebellion by some of the party’s senior officials, including secretary-general Tendai Biti.

The overwhelming support will have come as a welcome respite for the beleaguered MDC president and his close lieutenants over a weekend in which Biti, the party’s de facto number two, finally came out in the open in his opposition to Tsvangirai after months of frenzied speculation and strenuous denials.

On the other hand, the rebels would have seen from the mad supporters — if ever any of them was in Central Harare yesterday — that they were facing a battle royale if their mission to wrestle power in the party is to succeed.

Long fingered as the main player behind the so-called renewal team, Biti was part of the faction that congregated on Saturday to “suspend” Tsvangirai and other senior MDC leaders such as vice president Thokozani Khupe, national chairman Lovemore Moyo, organising secretary Nelson Chamisa and Spokesman Douglas Mwonzora after an executive meeting of the rebels.

That dramatic development played out as another damning MDC dossier surfaced claiming that a group of Rhodies, comprising of mainly disillusioned former commercial farmers, was heavily involved in the alleged multi-pronged plot to destroy Tsvangirai and effect illegal leadership change in the MDC.

The pumped-up supporters who converged at Harvest House yesterday had erroneously learnt that Tsvangirai was going to convene a party meeting there to respond to his supposed suspension.

They sang, danced, chanted pro-Tsvangirai slogans and belligerently bayed for the blood of the rebels as they waited in vain for their popular leader.

The frenzied gathering, that braved even yesterday afternoon’s rains, was later addressed and calmed down by Chamisa and Mwonzora who had addressed a media conference at the party headquarters earlier.

Heavily-armed police kept a beady eye all day on the demonstration of power by Tsvangirai’s supporters.

Meanwhile, Mwonzora told an earlier media conference that the MDC was seriously considering expelling Biti and recalling him from Parliament as allegedly demanded by his Harare East constituency.

He also thoroughly rubbished the supposed “suspension” of Tsvangirai and other senior MDC leaders by the rebels.

He said party members in the Harare East constituency were in the process of drafting a petition stating how Biti was no longer representing their interests in Parliament.

Mwonzora was flanked at the media conference by Chamisa, Eric Matinenga and Obert Gutu among other senior MDC luminaries. 

Tsvangirai was said to be addressing a rally in his rural home of Buhera.

The MDC spokesman said the party would be guided, in all this, by the country’s Constitution which stipulated that if a Member of Parliament was recalled by his or her party, that legislator would cease to be an MP and a by-election would have to be held for that constituency.

“He (Biti) went against the party constitution. We are obviously going to consider expelling the secretary-general from the party and recall him from Parliament. We are worried about a secretary-general who preaches and breaches the constitution,” Mwonzora said.

The MDC also warned Parliament against being used by individuals who disregarded the law with gay abandon.

Mwonzora said Biti and expelled deputy treasurer-general, Elton Mangoma, were also under investigation for misuse of party property, adding that they were allegedly using party property in their private companies.

At the “bogus meeting” of the MDC rebels, Biti was mandated with writing to Parliament to notify the speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, that no parliamentarian or councillor would be fired unless there was in the constitution of the MDC a clause that called for recalls.

Mwonzora said Biti’s meeting showed that he had formed his own political party and would bear the consequences.

He further said Biti’s “bogus” meeting had been attended by only nine out of 91 party MPs, while only 33 out of 195 members of the national council had been present there.  With regards to the national executive council which has a total of 54 members, only eight attended the meeting.

He said some of the people who attended Biti’s meetings were from Welshman Ncube’s MDC faction as well as the Zimbabwe Institute, which he claimed was working as intermediary between the renewal team and outside forces.

Mwonzora told the gathered journalists that the fact that the Biti meeting had not been held at the party’s headquarters showed that it was meant to be clandestine and never meant to be transparent.

He added that Biti as secretary-general had no locus standi to convene a national council, national executive and national standing committee meeting without the approval of Tsvangirai.

Mwonzora claimed that despite months of strenuous denials about Biti’s leadership renewal campaign, Tsvangirai had known about it for a long time, adding that it was clear that Biti and his “cronies” were working with Zanu PF and State security agents to destabilise the MDC.

He described Biti as a political opportunist, who sometimes “confuses the good lawyer, the politician and the opportunist in him”.

He also denied allegations that Tsvangirai had abused funds, adding that his party would “definitely” survive both the putsch and its lack of funding.

He said in any event, Biti and Mangoma had been responsible for the party’s finances and should know better about where they put the party’s money.

Meanwhile, the Tsvangirai faction is on Tuesday expected to convene its own national council meeting which will formally decide Biti’s fate.

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Biti and MDC Team are indeed dead in the water already. Zvinosiririsa!!!

Kamba - 28 April 2014

The reporter is surely a strong Tsvancry bootlicker or he did not pass his maths, thousands and a few hundred/handful supporters are two different things. Chimbonyaraiwo kunyebera vanhu veduwe.

reason - 28 April 2014

Dossier? What dossier? The Rhodies working with Mugabe and Zanu PF to oust Tsvangirai? Really? Really? Really? The western countries and NGOs working with Mugabe, CIO and Zanu PF to topple Tsvangirai? Really? Really? Really? Well done Biti and Mangoma. Zimbabwe needs leaders like you and Welshman Ncube who have open minds and not open zips. Tsvangirai must go, and go he must, now.

Open eyes - 28 April 2014

If Biti and Mongoma think they have what it takes to take over the leadership, why dont they call for a rally anywhere in Harare and see how much support they have for their silly project.

Disaster - 28 April 2014

eeehh, zvakaoma

wind - 28 April 2014


PLENTY - 28 April 2014

Polical campaigns means money. Now MDC_T where is it going to get money?

dungas - 28 April 2014

MDC leadership should be accountable to the people, You can't lead a democratic party through kitchen cabinets, kangaroo courts and dictatorship. The people are now fed up, they are waiting for you to direct them into battle. Ungadiwa hako nevanhu vakawanda but we need to move forward otherwise zvakadhakwa coz we gave MDC leadership our everything, our own blood to sacrifice but hapana hapana. Leadership renewal is inevitable but should enable us to move forward together. Save should not not remain passive otherwise sm1 should rally the troops into battle. Now is the time!!!

Jimmalo - 28 April 2014

Biti and Mangoma just adress a rally to show your powers and support i do not support tsvangirai but politicaly you are dead.

DAVID - 28 April 2014

POINT OF CORRECTION Mr writer- Tsvangirai and crew are the rebels!!!Than you

wil - 28 April 2014

It's not possible to say Morgan has the support without conducting a proper vote. The reporter simply put his own opinion into the matter. Supporters are intelligent they cannot simply follow a leader who thinks with his male organs. We need good strategic leaders like Biti

Sipepa - 28 April 2014

To Biti and the other democratic forces in the MDC I say, thank you very much for a job well done, you have shown the dictator and his group the door

Nyamhangambiri - 28 April 2014

Tendai Biti has finally seen the light. There is a leadership vacuum in Zimbabwe and he is using Mangoma and others to have Biti expelled so that he can join Zanu PF. He is part of the Mugabe's serious succession plan together with Gono. I am still yet to figure out Simba Makoni's position. Those in Zanu PF eyeing top posts should wake-up. Zanu PF is certain and confident of a 2018 but they lack the Leader. Really no one would vote for Mnangagwa even in Zanu PF.

Sormiyo Waenda Norivha - 28 April 2014

What's so special about Tsvangirai? The Daily News no longer tells it like it is. Tsvangirai lost 3 presidential elections against Mr Mugabe and also lost the Buhera North constituency election against Kenneth Manyonda in 2000. Why should a responsible party keep a perpetual failure at its helm? I do not understand why the Daily News people feel so strongly that Tsvangirai still have a part to play in opposition politics. I am beginning to strongly suspect that the Daily News is either owned by Tsvangirai and his supporters or funded by them. The Daily News needs to revert to its early policy of telling the truth as it is. These days the Daily News has become more biased in its reporting than the Herald and the Sunday Mail.

Maricho - 28 April 2014

Sipepa if these guys had done a popular yprisings we would have seen celebrations all over but alas they will never set foot in MDC areas. Tendai Biti himself is alone in his constituence as I speak.

Maita Manyuka - 28 April 2014

If you really believe that Herald and Sunday Mail are better than Daily News Maricho then why do you spend so much time reading this site and writing your comments here as you are doing? I don't think either the people at Daily News or their readers will miss you if you don't follow them!

Morena - 28 April 2014

I agree with you @Morena. @Muricho should really not torture himself/herself reading and consuming what distresses him/her. Rega isu tinonakirwa ne-site ino tiiverenge. Kkkkkkkkkkk!

Khetai - 28 April 2014

Maricho shut up you know nothing Manyonda killed people Talent Mabika at Murambinda what do you say about that you are an idiot

Samuel - 28 April 2014

Mbiti naWerushman Ngube wake vapera manje. They are now both free to join Sekuru openly!

Moses - 28 April 2014

Usiku chete, kuchaedza, tichaona who is who. Emotions will subside and conscience will prevail. Whoever survive this debacle with a sizable majority will rule. ZANU PF watch out. Musapururudza, zvakananga kwenyu.

Boterekwa - 28 April 2014

@reason you are so clever handiti. Unlike the author of the story you were at Harvest House yesterday and you counted all the people who were there one by one. Hahahahahah! The lack of reason among some Zanoid and Biti followers is gobsmacking.

The Real Reason - 28 April 2014

Is Tsvangirai now running the MDC using a mob? The abused mob still see some hope of removing the corrupt Zanu from power through Tsvangirai's leadership. But those whose eyes are open can see that Tsvangirai lacks the strategies required to outsmart Zanu in an election and take over the presidency of the country.

Kondo - 28 April 2014

Sorry Biti the former Zim FINANCE MINISTER -this is were your journey ends ,its so painful -you think MDC can survive without Tsvangirai,just call a rally anywhere in Harare as a show of force.It wont succeed without the blessing of Morgan.REMEMBER what happened to Welshman,Gwisai,Sikhala etc etc anyway your name will be mentioned in the history books my brother.

isaacm - 28 April 2014

From some of the contibuters who areblamingMorgan one can see that they are cio who angry that they plan has hit the bottom of the hardest rock .politics of infiltrating other political parties is old fashion and does not work at this time. viva Morgan vele asilali ngaye uyisikoko.

Diibulaanyika - 28 April 2014

It is unfortunate that some of the senior MDC-T members are so naive to believe that they can one day be running the country without Morgan. The issue here is that Morgan is the biggested variable in Mugabe's succession plan. He knows very well that Gono cannot stand against Morgan and win an election. So the issue is to try and convince those who are revolting against Morgan that they will be given good positions once Gono is on the throne. But let me warn you guys, the moment Morgan goes, that is in the manner you want to him to go, then that will be the end of you as well politically. Let Morgan lose an election at the congress, and people will be very pleased to see him go. You will also gain credence that you are democratic people. Surely, I do not think Morgan will be that naive to refuse to go once he has lost an election at the congress for it wont be good for him and his legacy. Instead of writing a letter demand that he gives you powers, you should have demanded that you go for congress for leadership renewal.

Gukurahunder - 28 April 2014

Many questions arise here. 1. The Daily News has a dossier proving that Rhodesians, the CIO and Zanu are collaborating to overthrow Tsvangirai? Ridiculous and amusing. 2. Do Tsvangirai and his kitchen cabinet now resort to calling mobs to Harvest House to deal with party issues? Let us guess what would have happened to Biti if he had set foot at Harvest House! 3. When Mwonzora says the MDC is considering expelling Biti,is this his personal wish or an agreed upon party position? When did they meet to deliberate on that position? 4. Assuming Tsvangirai continues as party president, what will he do differently to stop Zanu from cheating him of victory or from rigging the elections? 5, To those who say Tsvangirai should go on I ask, "What do want to achieve?" And to all readers, patriots, compatriots and democrats on this forum, and in Zimbvabwe, I say be careful not to convert Tsvangirai into another Mugabe?

Mavhu Mavhu - 28 April 2014

biti na mangoma makangozvarwa muri vatengesi. sorry kune hama dzinorarama nehutchiona we HIV asi iwe biti zvirinani ungoziva panema piritsi ako. hatifi taka kutevera. zidzoro ndorangosara.

chipazhamongo - 28 April 2014

The lack of objectivity of the author is very disheartening. I happened to pass by Harvest House on my way from church and you do not need a rocket scientist to tell that the crowd was not thousands of people. Cars could drive through the crowd, it was hundreds of people and not thousands. One wonders how this article deliberately refused to give the voice to the other parties, what do they have to say, this story is unbalanced and the writer should go back to journalism school and stop feeding us with sensationalism. To the Save supporters, don't you think you give to much credit to Zanu pf for everything that goes wrong, if Zanu is that smart and you dont know how to deal with them, then why are you in opposition. Stop being cry babies and deliver results. This so called movemnt started when i was in grade six, and now i am in grad school, honestly we should never reward effort but results, of which Save has failed to deliver any result to us.

Spear - 28 April 2014

Maricho the Daily News is only stating the facts on the ground and is not taking any sides if I am reading properly. Kenneth Manyonda spend his time in Parliament illegally, his victory was nullified and it was on appeal until end of term, so MT did not lose. 2008 you all know what happened if the results where correct as you want it to be why did it take months to announce them when it took hours to announce the results of the run-off. Who were in the negotiating team for copac and the point people of the coalation, Biti and Mangoma so why would you want to blame Tsvangirayi without putting the rot on all of them. By calling a kangaroo court outsidethe structures of MDC, Biti and company actually formed their own party so they should not bother to talk about Tsvangirayi, if he is tha bad let the people decide pa congress which of course the Bitis can't participate because they have gone their own way, and if he wins they can meet him 2018 presidential then we will see who gets more vote (of course zanupf will win by any means necessary because elections in Zimbabwe are decided at ZEC and RG's Offices not in the ballot boxes) so it is very simple. If Biti and company are good politicians they can now start to prepare for their own congress and strategise for 2018 elections. Isn't Tendayi Biti learnt from ZanuPf that people want Bhora Mughedhi anongopindawo achiti Go Bhora hanzi ndizvo zvinodiwa ne chembere dzeku Dotito.

Maita Manyuka - 28 April 2014

Biti and Mangoma and that laughing stock will regret the whole of their lives.What they forget is that musangano wakafirwa uyu and people lost their loved ones and today they sell out. That why Zanu ichiuraya if it sees an element that wants to deny people of their hard earned independence. Biti uchakurira muvhu sembambaira.

munyarari wakachekwa - 28 April 2014

Biti and Mangoma and that laughing stock will regret the whole of their lives.What they forget is that musangano wakafirwa uyu and people lost their loved ones and today they sell out. That why Zanu ichiuraya if it sees an element that wants to deny people of their hard earned independence. Biti uchakurira muvhu sembambaira.

munyarari wakachekwa - 28 April 2014

Tsvangison, Biti and the MDC we have reached the end of the road. We have been telling you that you failed to develop the party. We thought you guyds were matur politicians but we only seeing it now that you are trade unionist. Basa rapera chibvai. Zvirinane kuvimba naJehovha pane marara aya.

sekai - 28 April 2014

I can see that u guys you take what u want as correct news, issues like HIV, etc shows that you are one sided u. MDC have problems, if you attend Tsvangirayi,s rally you can see that. Varume ava vagara vava kuvandirana sice 31 July 2014. Dai vagara pasi and agree on way 4ward. If not, 2018 MDC wil be 100% out of pally. Hapana kumiramushe apa. Who ever acha leader Zanupf 2018 is going to have 80% if this MDC-T SAGA CNTNOUS

t - 28 April 2014

@ spear do not blame this news paper . you just went past harvest house maybe before the crow grew big or when the numbers had gone down. The reporter was camped there he was not just passing by like you so it likely that you are lying.

Diibulaanyika - 28 April 2014

Biti is just another power hungry individual. All he has ever wanted was to be president and he has chosen the wrong timing to show his ambitions. He is going to be politically irrelevant soon. Job Wiwa Sikala will take his place as MDC secretary general. This is the end of Biti's political career. He has just commited political suicide. He can go back to representing Gono in court

freedom - 28 April 2014

Lululu!!!!! Biti has done what ZANU PF failed to do from 1990!!!! You are very bright indeed!!!!! You will be truly rewarded

Courage - 28 April 2014

Biti an Mangoma mairasa. Why do you preach democracy when you are not democratic? Shame on you guys and sorry to say that marks your demise in Zimbabwe politics.

tanda - 28 April 2014

So Biti na Mangoma you were negotiating in bad faith? We thought you were negotiating for the people yet you knew you were not? Shame on you guys. So Biti wainyima maCivil Servants mari so that you discredit Morgan? Shame on you!!!!

tindo - 28 April 2014

thank you daily news for telling it like it is. expose all the dirty. we don't want our country to be dragged into war. biti and team you are now history. thank you mwonzora, matinenga, chamisa and others.

dexter madhodha - 28 April 2014

varume musatambisa nguva muchida kubvisa morgan Tsvangirai nechisimba murikuzvinyengedza, morgan means more imi we national executive ndimwi madofo makatadza koona chitsotsi che ZANU pf chekubirira mavekuda kushungurudza president wedu manje penyu papera tangaiwo party yenyu tione kwamunosvika national executive yenyu yeku suspenda president wedu haisiri MDC mdc ndisu mavhotazi na MARGAN kwete imi masubodinates pasi kusanganisa iwe mbiti

DOFO - 28 April 2014

Just for a break read about Psychology and Immigration MAZIWISA below:

Watikiritai - 28 April 2014


Watikiritai - 28 April 2014

Iwe mavhu mavhu uri dofo ko chaitadzisa biti nenational executive kuona chitsotsi chaitwa ne ZANU PF PARiging chii. iye biti aiwe minister of finance aingobhadhara mainvoices nemarequisition eNEKUVU asinga tarisi masupporting documents kuti chii chaaibhara isu takamuisa kuti awe minister of finance kuti apote achiona kuti zanu pf ya abuser maridzenyika sei achipota achitiudza kana kuramba zvaasinganzwisisi chiionai abatsira kubhadhara vanhu vaitibira maelections hanzi takangwara hapanaba mr biti hapana anokutiwerai munodakutishandisa hatirwi hondo mbiri yatakarwa namorgan ndiyoyo ticharamba tiinaye kusvika zvanaka iwe uchamirira vana vatirikubereka ndiwo wachakutewerai mr biti,tsvekutsvaga chitsotsi cheZANU PF MAVEKUNETSANA haafungai mhani varume I give you 24 hours to withdraw your statements go and apologize kune mukuru tisati nakudzingai kuparament chaiko

DOFO - 28 April 2014

Rovai Mbiti idzokere mumvura uku tichiridza Mangoma kuti mhururu dziwande,Those rebels have just dug their own graves by their actions, if their actions were genuine why didnt they convene a legal congress with President Tsvangirayi in attendance and tell it in his face in the presence of all national executive and council members that they were effecting such action? They fully know that President Tsvangirayi has the people's support.Those so-called disgruntled former illegal farmers GO TO HELL, 4get about getting that land back, go and give your money to the dogs or dangle more bait 4 Mbiti and Drums.Tsvangirayi haabviswe nevanhu 33 kana achibviswa anobviswa nevanhu 15million nokuti ndivo vanomuda.

zimbabwe yedu - 28 April 2014

After what had been going on, with Biti conspicuously quiet, while people were speculating what was going on in Biti's mind, having said what he said soon after Mangoma's suspension, Biti now knew what was going to be of him during and after congress whether held yesterday, today or tomorrow. So in order to avoid the impending result of the congress, Biti had to pre-empty the congress. He was not going to come up with anything, hence taking the route he has eventually taken. His colleagues in the executive new him, hence they did not want to pre-empty him, but wait for him say or do something. He fell into the trap. Biti, you should have waited for the congress. That's constitutional, than seek to oust your leader through the congress. I loved you inside, and not outside the movement like you are now. You could have waited to deal with this while inside. You have rendered yourself irrelevant. Thank you for the time you have been with the party. You have the democratic right to do what you did, but not it as constitutional right. I hope it will work for you. Go well. Tiri muBoterekwa.

Boterekwa - 28 April 2014

Biti Mangoma...we will miss u.....thank u for revealing your true colours. we know your so called democratisation strategy for Zimbabwe Wanachi

joy - 28 April 2014

Kuseka kwevari mugomo kuti vari pasi tipeiwo mapfihwa.......Biti has shown juvenile political maturity....let alone longetivity in the future?????

joy - 28 April 2014

biti i hope you get to read this.varume this is not the time to be playing games nehupenyu we vanhu.if these old men in zanu had been this devisive you would not be pamuri ipapo muchiti kanyira madhaka.this is a time to put your heads together and work for the betterment of zimbabweans ever head of UNITED WE STAND,DIVIDED WE FALL?even muzukuru wangu ari ku primary will tell you he has heard that b4 surely

mandishungurudza - 28 April 2014


Rabison Nyundo(THE HAMMER) - 28 April 2014


Rabison Nyundo(THE HAMMER) - 28 April 2014

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