We won't wait for 2018 polls: Tsvangirai

GUTU - MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday said his party will not wait for the 2018 elections because people will die of hunger considering the rate at which the economy is deteriorating in the country.

Addressing thousands of party supporters at a rally at Dewure Business Centre in Gutu, Tsvangirai said it was his party’s responsibility to take action and bring change to the country.

“We cannot afford to wait for 2018 when the country is deteriorating economically like this. We need to take action and pressurise Mugabe and his Zanu PF to come to his right state of mind and improve the situation in the country, otherwise we all perish of poverty,” he said.

Tsvangirai said this should not be misconstrued to mean he would remove Mugabe from power forcefully through the use of violence but will take peaceful means to pressurise him to come to dialogue.

The MDC president said he was confident of bringing change and a better life for the people of Zimbabwe without the use of State security apparatus and MDC rebels whom he said had been bribed to sell out the struggle for change.

“I don’t need the army, CIO and the police to defeat Mugabe and his fellows splitting from our party because they are anti-change, why because I have the most important thing, the support of the people,” Tsvangirai said.

He added that said Zanu PF has destroyed the country to an extent that the MDC cannot wait another four years to bring change to the country.

“Right now I heard him (Mugabe) backtracking on his indigenisation policy but I once told them that the policy was not useful in transforming the economy and bringing investment in the country. They are now observing their blunders but it’s too late. We need an able party to lead the country and we are there,” he said.

Tsvangirai warned that his party will not participate in future elections in the absence of a level playing field, adding he will resist the use of military officials and other security forces in the running of elections.

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We are sick and tired to hear about this from Tsvangirai. How many times has echoed similar sentiments. I think he should just shut up and resign, paving way for a new leader. Avekutibhohwa mhani.

Jukwa - 27 April 2014

Iwe Jukwa do you want this country to be turned into a one party state? Let Morgan do his job; why do you think Mugabe and ZanuPF are so determined to destroy him? He is effective and has the support of the people. And he has thrashed Mugabe at the elections. The CIO will have to retrench more than half its workforce if Morgan is removed, that is how important he is.

Jojo - 27 April 2014

Biti naMangoma muri mazidofo kushandiswa nezanu,zvino hamulume, Save till death, muchamama, pfutiki wenyu madofo embwa hamunanzvi manje.

Chinotimba - 27 April 2014

well jukwa get used to it coz he aint going nowhere my famous friend. only with tsvangirayi and only with him is our future kana usingade well branch out and support anyone else chinja ndeyedu and the tent is small we need all level headed people but if it is too big for you find another tent unogona renta futi kkkkk chinja chete chete any leader will leave or be remove withing party constitution

MANI - 27 April 2014

Saka Sipepa Nkomo uyhathi ulepfungwa, uzabhocha, even in Bulawayo you will not get a single vote, MDC is Tsvangirai and the people still loves Save till wafa u small brains, go to hell, wakatuma nezanu nana Biti naChiMangoma nezvimwewo izvo zvinanambwa zvazvo, wake up , go back to MDC-T.

Cde Matimati - 27 April 2014

you guys are too good in talking, most of us young Zimbabweans don't even know what's write or wrong, i mean whom to follow between These big Two, the other one has got wonderful plans for the country but there is no change for over years. and the 2nd one is promising to take over and do the changes for the people, we do as he says, but he runs back after all that and keep on making noise at the back there. i now think its the best to live it like that, yes live it to the hands of God because we were never born to suffer like this.

Collet - 27 April 2014

To the Madzore brothers, its not too late to stop this association with the lunatics, please especially you Paul. Please listen to me, I like you, I love your music, it has given us fuel to go on with the struggle. But this is madness, inzira yekutsime yauri kuendeswa na Tendai naMangoma iyi. Hayina kwainoenda.(You are being led down the garden path).

Kufakwejeyi - 27 April 2014

Iwe Jukwa kwana.

Sekuru Chakuchichi Bota Remhunga - 27 April 2014

ZANU PF Chiwororo

Kapiri - 27 April 2014

It seems uSipepha uledlozi lendlala recently he was out of employment when the daily news was shut Morgan took him and gave him a job now bcoz his stomach is full he has already forgotten all that shame Sipepa uLizanga awulanqondo uvama ukusetshenziswa yizithutha obiti

Diibulaanyika - 27 April 2014

Manje ZANU PF ichatonga kusvika manyarara. Ngwena ndizvo

Cde Disaster - 27 April 2014

MDC party has been infiltrated ,if not madnesss is taking place right now within the party,they have become ambulance chasers !

kuwachana - 27 April 2014

Spot on Jukwa. This Tsvangison dude can not walk the talk. In the same breath you will hear him say he wont take part in future elections bla...bla...

Qiniso - 27 April 2014

jukwa changamuka

mikey - 28 April 2014

The struggle is not an overnight thing.It's long&painful but we will eventually smile. Let Jukwa & Co talk their nonsense. Hitlar had his supporters but he lost.At home,Ian Smith enjoyed support from some black pple but he lost.Traitors&supporters of the status quo will always be there but the right thing will prevail. Never mind sell outs like Biti & Mangoma,the noble struggle continues & will win big time.

Dharakishoni - 28 April 2014

The struggle is not an overnight thing.It's long&painful but we will eventually smile. Let Jukwa & Co talk their nonsense. Hitlar had his supporters but he lost.At home,Ian Smith enjoyed support from some black pple but he lost.Traitors&supporters of the status quo will always be there but the right thing will prevail. Never mind sell outs like Biti & Mangoma,the noble struggle continues & will win big time.

Dharakishoni - 28 April 2014

Tsvangirayi doesn't want to wait for 2018. What will he do instead of waiting. Is he telling us that he wants to snatch power through undemocratic means? How will his party still be Movement for Democratic Change? Or should it just be Movement for Change, if he does not want to come into power democratically. People's respect for Tsvangirayi will certainly be eroded if he continues with his bandit approach to political matters.

machakachaka - 28 April 2014

well said Jukwa, Tsvangirai is a toothless bulldog. apererwa murume uyu. same statements since formation of the party. 15 years achingotibhowa. tinyararirei va Teaboy.

wind - 28 April 2014

Hapana infiltration yamboitwa apa, ndo inonzi democracy iyoyi forward with the leadership renewal team hezvo uko bwaa

Nyamhangambiri - 28 April 2014

Keeping Tsvangirai as the leader of the MDC means the MDC will be an opposition party forever. He has been robbed of victory so many and what did he do? So what will he do when they cheat him again in 2018????

Mavhu Mavhu - 28 April 2014

People of Zim come to your true senses. Supporting Teaboy is like supporting a dead horse in a race. Anongo taura to remove Mugabe from office come with new ideas ava nu rust ngaabve

Boys dzepa gomba - 28 April 2014

If he cannot wait for the elections then he should go hang. Anoda kuurayisa vana ve vanhu hondo hai jairiki vanhu munotofa if you are not careful ne munhu akadai. Mustambe ne hondo hama dzangu.

Boys dzepa gomba - 28 April 2014

Apparently Biti and Mangoma will soon be swallowed by ZanuPF saka its better to still have MT and his MDC kuti pawanikwe opposition. The Bitis have shown ma branches e ZanuPF, anga abukira pa MDC saka we are pruning so that MDC can produce better fruits.

Maita Manyuka - 28 April 2014

its just amazing that people still believe morgan can make it .his blame game cannot convince the Almighty. it is only GOD who install leaders ( psalms 75;6,7 ),now tsvangirai is building his foundation on blaming and lying .he can sweet talk his followers but not GOD.

ole - 28 April 2014

Day dreaming of Mr Morgan Tsvangirai...AGAIN

silungisani ndlovu - 28 April 2014

Tsvangirai told us " Mugabe stole the election in 2000; he stole the election in 20005 and stole it again in2008. This time (2013) we will not allow Mugabe to steal it". What did he do to stop Mugabe? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! What is he going to do stop him in 2018? You have guessed correctly- again, nothing. Three times he has tried; and 3 times h has failed. So why keep him? He is not delivering. He must go, and go he must, now.SWK

Open eyes - 28 April 2014

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