Moyo sets record straight on Kondozi invasion

HARARE - Former journalist-cum-businessman Edwin Moyo has written a book describing the ordeal he suffered at the hands of Zanu  PF politicians when he lost his lucrative Kondozi Estate during farm invasions a decade ago.

Moyo told the Daily News on Sunday that he still has fond memories of the time when he was  running  Kondozi farm measuring 250 hectares in Manicaland Province and how his character was assassinated by certain  politicians who did  not want him to continue his fight to reclaim Kondozi.

Titled No Going Back on Kondozi — Pillaging the People’s Hope the book is being published in Cape Town, South Africa and will be circulated on the local market soon.

“The book tells the story on how I lost Kondozi and what really transpired. It is for the future generations to really understand.

“A lot of stories were created and written about me which were not true, including some stories that I had the duped immigration officials to enter the country disguised as a woman wearing a wig to attend a wedding,” said Moyo.

“The other stories were that I was the front of white people and that I was on the run from police as I was wanted for fraud.

“I know that it was the work of the people who had disposed me off Kondozi Farm, so they were trying to tarnish my image.

“This is why I have decided to write a book on all the happenings at Kondozi inorder to set the record straight. I have successfully sued the paper that defamed me about wearing a wig,” Moyo added.

Asked to name the politicians who had taken over Kondozi, Moyo said he understood that Christopher Mushohwe minister of State for Manicaland was now running the farm.

“I have never been at the farm since 2004 when I was kicked out.  I understand that the army had taken over before Mushohwe who is now the new owner.

“I miss the community in Kondozi as I was working with them very well. It was a farming venture that was destroyed,” he said

The businessman, however, said he had nothing against Zanu PF over what happened at Kondozi as it was the work of certain politicians who acted on their own out of greed and envy.

“The politicians in Manicaland never accepted the project and threw spanners in my work which eventual led to them invading the farm,” said Moyo.

The farm was at the centre of controversy when Agriculture minister Joseph Made, Mushohwe, and Arda CEO Joseph Motovanyika together with Arda employees occupied it in 2004.

Registered as an Export Processing Zone the property and had a turnover of $15 million and employed around 5 000 workers. It was involved in horticulture.

Moyo was accused of being a front for his white partners Piet De Klerk and Adrian Zeenberg.

He has since started a new horticulture venture in Mashonaland East province and is running a company named Rolex which has secured European markets for its fresh produce.

“I have the support of the politicians in the province unlike in the Kondozi project.  I am working very well with the community as we selling vegetables to Tesco and Mark and Spencer in the United Kingdom and strawberries to South Africa supermarkets. We also sell blueberries to Europe,” said Moyo.


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In English they say you cannot put a good man down. After going through such a traumatic experience, Edwin Moyo has started afresh and proved to the ZanuPF zealots that good will always triumph over evil. Personally I blame Mugabe for all this chaos. Remember when the first wave of invasions began,then acting President Joshua Nkomo acted like a true leader should and ordered the invasions to stop. But he was overruled by the dictator Mugabe on his return from his many overseas visits. Mugabe's rule has always been underpinned by violence and instilling fear in his opponents and look what that has brought us.

Jojo - 27 April 2014

He is in ZanPf land that is why he cannot blame ZanuPF, but the honest truth is ZanuPF does not cherish good work and will destroy it as long as it is not done by their inner circle. If Alpha and Omega was done by somebody else it would not have lasted.

Maita Manyuka - 28 April 2014

Edwin Moyo was NEVER AND OWNER OF KONDOZI ESTATES. The fact he has published a book is a travesty of the truth. I have not read its contents but Moyo was merely an appointment onto the board of directors and held no vested interest. He lost nothing except a rather lucrative income. Barbara De Klerk

Barbara De Klerk - 15 July 2014

And I can categorically state that Edwin was a front for Kondozi. Other facts that need correction....Kondozi was not an EPZ and we never registered as one. If anyone wants more facts from a family member who is prepared to stand up and state the facts Im happy to respond.

Barbara De Klerk - 15 July 2014

I strongly suggest to all journalists out there to do their homework correctly. I was married to Piet de Klerk and have first hand knowledge of what Mr Edwin Moyo is all about and what he did. It would be in anyone's interest if they have any self respect, to contact any one of the de Klerk family members. That is if you have the where with all to stomach the horrendous exploitation, abuse and deceit and loss of our livelihoods in every sense of the word. Worse still it happened overnight. So if this supposed publisher would like to keep their reputation in tact for their own good, they too should contact the de Klerk family members for the correct information. Publisher, it is your choice if you want to publish a novel which reflect the truth or the dishonesty of Mr Edwin Moyo's claims. It is of great interest to me that the 3 de Klerk brothers, their wives and children, Mr and Mrs de Klerk senior all lived on the family farm - Kondozi , where did Mr Moyo live ? My advise to all fellow readers, journalists and publishers..... get your facts correct because once this book is published, Mr Moyo might be having to use "his wig again".

Lyn McGregor (ex de Klerk) - 15 July 2014

Having been born and raised on Kondozi farm, the third generation of the de Klerk family to have lived on and called Kondozi 'home' , I can't even fathom the utter load of rubbish I've kept seeing on endless news sites about Edwin Moyo being the owner of Kondozi. I only remember him entering into contract as a guise and protection for our farm, to save the last remnants of what we called home. My family had to suffer the brunt of farm violence, including a traumatic experience that will take me years to emotionally overcome myself. Where was Moyo? i don't even recall having HIS house burnt to the ground, everythign taken form him, and his very privileged daughters given a cardboard box to 'put only the things you REALLY love' to take with into the remainder of your life. So many memories burnt away, so many houses I've had to live in, that the semblance of what a 'home' is is quite unimaginable. The community he speaks of was MY community- my family- and there is nothing left but weeds and ruins. If people want to know the REAL story they need only to contact the 20 or so displaced de Klerks and their descendants, to get the full grasp of what really happened from 2011 to that terrible Easter weekend in 2014....

Thea de Klerk - 24 November 2014

2001 to 2004. The anger I feel seeps even into my hasty typing.

Thea de Klerk - 24 November 2014

I see once again Tesco backs the wrong people

steve - 30 January 2016


JZZM - 6 June 2016

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