We've suspended Tsvangirai - Biti group

HARARE - In a strange development that is likely to shake the opposition MDC to the core, the party’s rebels led by Tendai Biti on Saturday claimed to have suspended party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

They also claimed to have suspended other top officials including vice president Thokozani Khupe, Nelson Chamisa, Morgen Komichi, Douglas Mwonzora, Abednigo Bhebhe and Lovemore Moyo.

Biti who was addressing some party rebels in Harare this afternoon said the suspension was due to a breach in constitution by Tsvangirai.

CALLING THE SHOTS: Tendai Biti addresses a press conference in Harare this afternoon where he announced the suspension of other MDC officials, among them, their party president Morgan Tsvangirai. Picture: Annie Mpalume

He said the suspended individuals were promoting violence while at the same time purging targeted members of the party on personal grounds to “promote individual interests.”

Biti said the suspended individuals had diverted from the key values of the party.

More details to follow...

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Uku ndokurwara manje KwaBiti I think mari dzeZanu nemadonor dzakunakira Tendai Biti. This is total madness. Iwe Biti form your own party mhani!

Jacob Moyo - 26 April 2014

Takagara tazviona kuti Biti avekudhla mundiro imwe neZANU PF paakaita gweta raGono so taive takamirira zuva raanobuda pachena semanhamba egudo . Biti and Mangoma were our negotiators during the days of the inclusive government , and truly this guys were negotiating everything in favor of ZANU PF trying to hoodwink us they were reall cadres of the movement not knowing takatumira mapuruvheya kunotengesa msangano . Tinoti kana waguta nezvemusangano kangamwa ibva upere uende kuZANU PF . Umhlangano aungekhe ufe ngenxa kaBiti uhambile tino sizoqubekhela phambili kuzvinunura mumajoko evuranda eZANU PF . ASIJIKI UNGAFUNIYO KAHAMBE KUZANU PF 2018 TINENGE TAGADZIRISA BONGOZOZO ROSE

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 26 April 2014

If these guys could form a unity government with Zanu that would help a lot of Zimbabweans.

tomalo - 26 April 2014

ah biti i thot yu are learned and educated at the same tym .ko hauna kudzidza kubva kuna welshman here

wallace madhinga - 26 April 2014

Check Out on this news from Daily News and see how what they were saying is tying up. The Bitis are paying people working with ZPF and their donors to kill the struggle for a new Zimbabwe headed by Morgan .R.Tsvangirai http://www.dailynews.co.zw/articles/2014/04/07/tsvangirai-plot-western-donors-fingered-in-conspiracy

Makuzha - 26 April 2014

Heish !!!!!!! isimo sishubile kumfowethu uBiti hayi qina ngokuphuza amaphilisi . Fools never learn Ncube tried it where is he now ? Vele kasijiki ngendoda enguMorgan le ndoda vele iyifuni ukuba yipupet yo dokoza olunguMugabe.

Diibulaanyika - 26 April 2014

Munoti Mugabe agarisa and has failed the country.Ewonika kouyuka Tsvangirai atinemakore mangani achingoita fail to unseat vaMugabe ngaarowe pasi pauye new blood sekutaura kwake

victorwekwatsambe - 26 April 2014

Morgan is so big like an elephant while Biti is like a sick dog barking at this huge elephant bye bye Biti yo political career has come to an end .Sad neh.

Diibulaanyika - 26 April 2014

Morgan is so big like an elephant while Biti is like a sick dog barking at this huge elephant bye bye Biti yo political career has come to an end .Sad neh.

Diibulaanyika - 26 April 2014

aaaaaaaaaaaaah zvakaoma....... fight Tsvangson fight

max - 26 April 2014

This is a big strategy. Here is the downfall of MDC. Why didn't you use this strategy during elections. Tsvangirai you are gone. God is judging you, watch out. When you see people rebelling that's God's judgement.

task - 26 April 2014

National council voted. This was not a decision made under a tree. Look just how many National Chairmen votd with their feet to send tsvangison packing. Morgan is good as dead politics wise. Whatever happens from now it means the entire MDC top brass is disassociating themselves with the ZJC drop out morgan. Intresting times for zim. This is huge

mafikizolo - 26 April 2014

Although an MDC-T follower, I admire ZANU PF for having successfully infiltrated the opposition....to self destruct! Even the violence Biti talks of is carried out by those brought in for the purpose, on full pay. And for Biti not to see it, is bonus time to the CIO infiltration group! All ZANU PF wants is for their novice leader post Mugabe to be confronted by a none other than Tsvangirai.....and so far things are going according to plan, for it's only Mugabe and Tsvangirai who have the critical grass root mass. You could have done your leadership renewal after 2018, guys, and continued to work with Morgan!

Dr Lesson1 - 26 April 2014

You are right, Dr Lesson. There is a clear lack of vision and strategic thinking by these renewal guys. They now even believe that they lost all those elections!? Cry the beloved country. I will now rejoin ZPF ndcwork within......for they recognize the foolishness of breaking away even if they disagree and kill each other!

Mona - 26 April 2014


patrick kamupazanga - 26 April 2014

only donkeys live longer(george orwel)

patrick kamupazanga - 26 April 2014

Tsvangirai is not as big as an elephant politically, but his ego is. When an individual starts believing that the people's party cannot do without him, then that individual must be kicked out. Tsvangirai said Mugabe could not call an election without his ( Tsvangirai) approval, Mugabe called the election without Tsvangirai. Now the MDC has shown him the door. This is good for Zimbabweans and the region, finally a cry-baby is being removed from the political scene.

Democracy - 26 April 2014

Unfortunately the so called renewal team are being rened by Mugabe, to renew ZANU PF. You can Join Mugabe Mr Tendai, but the masses will never do that. Join the black hole tunnel that Ncube travelled through until it became too dark for him that he couldnt go anywhere.

Ziziharinanyanga - 26 April 2014

Ko kana munhu achirwara torega kutaura here? Tell tell signs are there for all to see.......its different from mocking him for it, but are we not allowed to speak now?

Mkaranga - 26 April 2014

Not so long ago Mr Biti's house was petrol bombed and suspects caught on a security Camera.Until now no suspects have been arrested.................???Zimbabweans beware of wolves in sheep skins.

Guranyanga - 27 April 2014

Biti you must learn from history and never from your sick hallucinations

Ziziharinanyanga - 27 April 2014

I was born in ZANU, my blood is ZANU and my thinking is ZANU but MDC T is Tsvangson and Tsvangson is MDC T. Tendai Biti, Mangoma you are just unknown group in MDC T. All people who support MDC T support it because the president is Tsvangson. Now you have thrown yourself in the dustbins of political history. You are foolish, self-centred and politically bankrupt without any sense of political direction. Pamberi ne ZANU. Pamberi nekubatana. Pamberi nekuzvitonga kuzere. Pamberi nebudiriro yevatema muZimbabwe.

Black kambizi - 27 April 2014

i don't understand why biti and his colleagues want to purse an undemocratic means to oust tsvangirai. the whole circus began with this so called renewal team. biti should be advised that he has been part of mdc-t since ncube broke away and they have been together with tsvangirai when mdc was defeated by zanu. so biti cannot renew tsvangirai. why not wait for the 2016 congress so that the people decide. dear leaders, this is politics and in politics it is neither money nor education that matter the most. what matters is the grassroots.

dexter madhodha - 27 April 2014

varume nyaya yamatanga iyi ihombe. kachinational council kenyu ikako kanosuspender vakuru vese veparty kakabvepi. hoo nekuti ndimi muri kupiwa mari mukati mobvisa tsvangirai. manje muri kuzvinyepera nekuti game racho takaribata kare. tsvangirai tinaye ende ticharamba tinaye kusvika zvinhu zvave mugwara tozoronga ramangwana remdc. kuda kutonga here varume- he-e? ichakwanawo nguva yenyu. zvisinei vakuru vaki kubvhundura mvura ndiko kuti ichene. zvose zvichadarika. tsvangirai tinewe. hazvinei kuti auna mari. takakuda usina mari saka ticharamba tichikuda.

Dhodhaz - 27 April 2014

This is Zanu strategy Biti & the so called the renewal team are confused chisi hachiyere musi mumwe yah biti wakurwara zvakuwana pinda pachirongwa

kagaba - 27 April 2014

aiwa nhaiwe biti, pawakagara ipiapo ndokuti vanhu vangati nama nama neropa rako? forget tsvangirai ne ropa revanhu zvakawirirana 14years ago. usatambe nevanhu.

chipazhamongo - 27 April 2014

Tsvangirai good bye you failed to lead a family chaiyo kwakuzoti nyika. You are very much incapacitated. Asvotwa na Biti ngaarutse.

Ben - 27 April 2014

It seems this suspension applies to the whole leadership except just a few notably Biti and Mangoma. If I may know who are the acting personnel's on these posts? The decision to suspend the entire leadership as it were I wonder if it was political or strategic. I wish there was a platform were we could discuss our party developments not on the media. Hope we will solve these problems.

Chimuswe - 27 April 2014

Infact we have actually dismissed you Tendai Biti and your thugs.From today onwards you have ceased to be members of the MDC T.Tsvangirai has got the people,infact expect some back lash from your constituency.

josefa chinotimba - 27 April 2014

This marks the end of political career for Biti. Now follow your friends Job Sikhala, Welshman Ncube, Auther Mutambara. Where are they now? No wonder why the zanu pf was saying you made civil servants suffer by giving them peanuts.

Simwena bantu - 27 April 2014

Biti is 100% right. How do you account that top member of MDC were beaten in the presents of Mr. Tsvangirayi. Several assaults have been done on some officials of MDC T but its President did not come in the out. We need a very strong and up right opposition to make sure scales of balance are checked.

dungas - 27 April 2014

For now I have too watch closely and see what stance to take. For they say do not argue with a ------- for they shall not notice the difference. Long live the MDC. The struggle continues

Gwenaz - 27 April 2014

uummh i wl nt speak.

jb - 27 April 2014

Biti........useless man........i never thought u can lower yourself to oblivion in this way, how can u betray the people's struggle coz of those few cents which u got from zanu pf. wake up man

WeGona - 27 April 2014

There is 1.Mdc - 99, 2.Mdc - N, 3.Mdc - T, and i foresee and Mdc - B for Biti

mavhado - 27 April 2014

That is why i have always supported Zpf. they are so consistent in their policies and political statements...not these political babies who can't even put their political house in order. Surely can you trust people like Biti and Mangoma with Military power? no wonder why Mugabe has ruled for 34yrs, coz seriously no one can take his place...

Chikati - 27 April 2014

History repeats itself. Sithole was expelled from ZANU and that was the end of his political career. The Secretary General when Sithole was kicked out was R.G. Mugabe. Biti as MDC Secretary General has kicked out Tsvangirai. The only option is for Tsvangirai to form MDC Ndonga. When Sithole was expelled his supporters said it was null and void, and the people would not support Mugabe's ZANU. The question is did Sithole were rule Zimbabwe, No. Mugabe and his ZANU rule Zimbabwe. If we are to learn from history, Biti and his MDC will rule. Tsvangirai should have stood down a longtime ago than ensuring that ZANU-PF stays in. I understand there are rumours that a Nigerian Prophet told Tsvangirai, he will never win an election nor rule Zimbabwe. When he attends that Prophet's church does he believe the prophecy will change. Thank you Tsvangirai for all you have done for the people's movement, it is time you rest and let others lead. My advice to Tsvangirai is to form MDC Ndonga.

Democracy - 27 April 2014

Zvino vakusunyana pamusoro pemaoko kusunyirana tumari twemaDonors twasara tushoma. Istruggle ipi yavari kuedza kutitaurira vana Tsvangira nanaBiti mushure me15 years. Struggle yekuhura necorruption. Zvino ngozi yaNehanda naKaguvi nemaGamba akarwira rusununguko yomukira zvimbwasungata.

Cde Disaster - 27 April 2014

biti has lost vision and political wisdom.

Cde truth - 28 April 2014

Vana Biti, vana Democracy inzwai mari yamakadya ndiyo yonetsa manje, your Party cannot do without Tsvangirayi much as ZANU PF cannot do wthout Mugabe, do you know kuti both Mai Mujuru and Mnangagwa dont stand much of a chance in succeeding Mugabe, much as as Biti let alone Mangoma cannot succeed Tsvangirayi, God will surprise Zimbabwe when a new political dispensation dawns on all political parties.

Muprofita - 28 April 2014

Muprofita you are right, Tsvangirai and Mugabe are cut from the same cloth. They both don't what to leave power

Democracy - 29 April 2014

You know...the reason why Zanu is in power is not necessarily because of corruption or rigging. It is simply because they are consistent. Consistency proves that a person is a leader and it gives us the voters assurance. You cant expect unexpectations from Zanu. You will always see it coming. Ndoozvinoda vanhu. Baba vemusha kana vasina gwara...vachingoti pamunhondo pamusasa ah...tese tinobva tatoziva kuti musha uchaparara. Consistency is Zanu's secret. MDC maparara. Self-Destruction chaiyo. Saka ndichiti pamberi neZANU ini...pasi nevasina gwara ava!!!

Observer - 27 May 2014

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