Open letter to Beverly

EDITOR — I write this letter in response to the article that was in your edition yesterday about Bev going back to the dance floor.

Beverly, you have indeed disappointed us and you have made a mockery of God, yourself, Prophet Magaya and the church.

All Magaya ever did was to help you to live the God-kind-of-life and you refused that because you are attracted by the things of this world.

All these things are vanity Bev and you should make your decisions based on the fact that one day you are going to face God on the day of judgment. What are you going to say when He asks you what you did with the opportunity He gave you to repent?.

He sent you a prophet who was willing to help you financially so that you do not go back to your old ways but you failed to listen to the voice of God and to the voice of reason.

Do not be fooled by these people want to do a welcome bash for you and that are ready to put you back in the entertainment spotlight as they are only using you for personal gain.

Now you are saying you want to give back the shop to Prophet Magaya when he had initially given you that shop in good faith.

How can you bite the hand that feeds you, Beverly Sibanda?

I am very sure that all those people that have businesses did not get mentorship on how to run a business but they did so by the grace of God which is also in you had you given God a chance to show you.

God loves you dearly Bev, this is why He sent a prophet to make sure that you repent and that you are born again.

Do not give the devil a foothold by going back to the dance floor because even though you can justify the way you dance or why you dance at your shows, the devil will surely find a way to tempt you or he has tempted you already by reducing your clientele.

Go back to God and all these things that are not working out for you will work out.

It does not matter who accepts you in church because if an interview was to be done of the people in church that judge you and that do not accept you, you will find out that most of those people have also done probably worse than you have.

Jesus in the Bible addresses people that had brought to Him a woman that had been caught in the act of adultery. He says in John 8:7 “let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”, therefore no one has the right to judge you because by the same measure they shall also be judged therefore go back to the word my dear and make God and His angels proud because your body is the temple of the Lord.



Comments (23)

hure ihure, mweya wacho wakaipa uye unosimba rekubata ushe mumunhu. Even the late Evangelist Chiweshe likened a prostitute to a hyena. Ihure ibere.

Gogodera - 24 April 2014

Imagine is wakes up with no legs or any part of the body that makes rely so much on this trade. What is her plan B. History tells us only one or two artistes have decent life after the limelight fades. Regai tione

Ngundu - 24 April 2014

kana mweya wakaipa ukabuda mumunhu unoenda kunzvimbo dzakaoma wozodzoka zvakare wowana imba iya yatsvairwa yakashongedzwa. unonokoka imwe mweya minomwe yodzoka ine simba guru- interpret t

jb - 24 April 2014

it is only the Truth the Holy Spirit that can bring true conversion from within,not inducement by gifts or anything offered by these so called "men of God".Bev was surely a pawn for a publicity stance .

the analyst - 24 April 2014

you can take a girl out of the ghetto but u cannot take the ghetto out of her, regai auye to her own senses ega ko kujudga kwaakwei? ndimi munotoda magaya's help!

RUNGANO - 24 April 2014

bev is possesed and i think this time, her demon has come back with power

charles goodyear - 25 April 2014

haaa i wonder kuti tomboti aita accident mwana uyu,.chipo chekutamba chobva chapera.,anoowanepi mari yacho..ndo african movie ka iyi.

TAPS - 25 April 2014

kuvhairira nyasha kwana bev heeee i wasnt trained heee education wat wat kutoshaina. bvunza mbuya Dolly vaimbonziwo sisi Dolly zvinopera izvi. bvunza Katarina unzwee aimbozviitawo zvebhawa izvi varume vachitunda kumaband nhasi ava mbuya Katarina. kutopiwa shop nestart iwe woramba woda kuita zvechiuno industry. kutambisa mari yemunhu waMwari kutambisa mari yemapartners aaaaa uri dhodhi bev.

Alice - 25 April 2014

Maybe some biblical wisdom is due. Read 1 Corinthians 6:14 - 20 Apostle Paul teaches that all other sins are different from Sexual immorality because you become one with that person. Thus for a prostitute she or he has become one with far too many people and that makes it very serious spiritually. In the end the soul is really gone!

peter juta - 25 April 2014

bev aneshave rekuroya, kuhura zvese, dai zvake magaya akapa vamwe varimuchurch vanoshaya dai akaitabasa, sure kupa bere iri mukana wakadaro roramba mmmm karombe, dai ndirini hangu

mikhail Gorbajev - 25 April 2014

Judge not lest you be is written. It is the troubled soul that those with faith should try harder to save than give up on them. Jehovah we call upon you for deliverance from evil bondage

observer - 25 April 2014

Noone can save man other than GOD.Just invitiing someone to church or to lure someone with gifts or buying goods or food for the benefit of this flesh body does not bring salvation to that soul.The WORD should be preached to that soul which is the RECEIVER and if it can catch the signals that is send by the TRANSMITTER (The WORD),then the body wont go back for the things of the world (SIN).If She is the chosen of GOD one day the transmission will be received like that Samaritan prostitute but if she is not chosen then its damnation.Before you point fingers or call her all types of names check out yourselves first and see if you are saved.Dont just invite people to church Preach the Word that was JESUS' Commission.

Eagle - 25 April 2014

May you please Bev alone let her do what she wants the life is hers and only hers i think all of you have your own life.

Gwenaz - 27 April 2014

1 Johani 2. "Kana munhu achida nyika, rudo rwaBaba haruzi maari. Nokuti zvose zviri munyika zvinoti, kuchiva kwenyama, nokuchiva kwemeso, nokuzvikudza kwoupenyu, hazvibvi kuna Baba asi panyika."

Ngaruro - 28 April 2014

zvinoda mweya wamwari ndiwo woga unotigonera,nokuti hatirwi nenyama kana neropa asi nemweya yemuchadenga,

t1 - 1 May 2014

The problem starts when a certain pastor wants to lure people with gifts and promises of prosperity. Magaya's church boasts of 50,000 or so people (more fiction than fact). Were they all enticed to come to church by promises of businesses and cash handouts? So for now, let God deal with Bev, and let public opinion hang the pastor for his dubious 'fishers of women' style... . Get it?

Cho - 2 May 2014

Magaya wanted to make it big and he went wrong. The conversion of a person should not make stories. Was Bev taught the gospel and obeyed it by being baptized for the remission of sins. These guys are calling people to themselves through material things. Jesus said that for one to come to him, he or she must be taught of God, John 6:44-45.

djtn - 2 May 2014

MaZimbabweans munondisemesa ne your holier-than-thoug attitudes, intolerance.. It's disgusting how munokoshesa kuva moChristian than varidzi vacho veChristianity yacho. Don't call Bev names. Siyanai naye. Nyika irikudonha, imi Bev this, Bev that. Hezvo president spends $5m for a wedding yet flood victims ver Tokwe-Mukorsi dam disaster do not have adequate accommodation, food and medical supplies. Kurai mhani

SD - 2 May 2014

All you mothafuckaz are shitheadz. Fuck all yo beliefs we shall all die and all this shit will be inconsequential let the sista live her own life. Like you dont have your own. tsk!

Phoenix - 4 May 2014

The idea of paying pple 2 b converts was wrong on the part of the church. the heart is the 1st to convert then the person. Shame on Pambuka or anyone involved in these payments as they have dragged PHD in the shit-pool they swimming in.

toro - 9 May 2014

So much about promising people heaven on earth so that they come to "church" instead of preaching Jesus and Him being crucified which leads to salvation of the soul.

Semhalo - 13 May 2014

zimdancehall to the world

azon thirteen - 15 May 2014


romeoro - 25 May 2014

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