Bev prepared to hand back boutique

HARARE - Sexy Angels front- lady  Beverly Sibanda, says she is prepared to surrender the boutique handed to her by Walter Magaya’s Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Church if the ministry insists on stopping her from going back to the pubs.

Sibanda, who has gone back to striptease after a short repentance, told the Daily News yesterday that she was forced to return to stripping because PHD Church members refused to accept her as a born-again Christian.

“I do not have a problem with Prophet Magaya, but his church members stigmatised me,” Bev said.

“They are failing to understand that I have repented. As a result, I always felt unwanted in the church.

“Apart from suffering from isolation, I did not get enough advice and mentorship from the church on how to run the shop, hence I was struggling to keep the shop open.

“The business is getting low each day because of a lack of knowledge on how to run it on my part.

“PHD just gave me a shop but they did not educate me on how to run it and as a result I failed to realise the desired profits.”

Bev said PHD Ministries will remain a church of choice for her but she is not going to allow them to bar her from pole-dancing.

“I am still loyal to the church, but if they insist on stopping me from entering bars and night clubs, I am prepared to hand over the shop they opened for me,” she said.

The dancer said she had already lined-up at least five shows in South Africa and is expected to leave today.

The church’s official comment is that they will let her be.

“If she wants to leave we cannot stop her, as for the shop, we will just let it be,” the church said in a statement.

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my question to my sister bev is what is Jesus saying. when one day you stand in front of him you wont mention magaya, his church etc but it will all be about you. all what prophet magaya tried to do is to tell you what him the Lord Jesus would want you to do, so its up to you. by the way attending church does not make Jesus happy, but doing his will is what makes it. We keep praying for you because Jesus' love you has been shown greatly. I just hope you will understand it. just a few years ago a "popular" person in the name of micheal jackson said no to the prophet of God t.b. joshua. hope we are not going the same way my dear. look for that information if you can and let not your managers and friends and even money deceive you for when we stand before him they will all not be there and possible they would have accepted the grace better than us when their time comes.

see - 24 April 2014


Truth Matters - 24 April 2014

Thobela... Bathoong ngoaninyana yo le Magaya bana ba ratana, ha ke tsepe ho re ho bolelwa shop was all about making her repent. Gimmick ea Magaya ea ho shappa kuku ea Bev fela. Ha re bana phela tu! Morena!!

Ke mo sotho - 24 April 2014

This was in itself an unscriptural way of conversion. You do not take people from their things by giving them shops. You preach "Repent or perish" and leave the subject to make a decision to walk out of sin and let God and let go. Dont draw them with promises of lucrative business. However in Socio psychological circles you can use this to people's life styles but this method cannot regenerate souls. You will be sinner owning a botique as much as you were a sinner naked and girating in a pub. But thanks for trying, if it was not a popularity stanca.

bro - 24 April 2014

Please do not judge for ABSOLUTELY NOONE is good except God alone. Instead of working to salvage your own salvation on the day of reckoning you are busy judging people like Bev as if matova kudenga kare? If most Zimbabweans are true believers like they claim to be, would be having 1m orphans failing to attend school nekushaiwa 1$ imi chibudisa ma10000k muchechi? Musi wacho zvese nechechi dzenyu nemaporofita emari enyu muchamiswa pamberi pedare.

Only God - 24 April 2014

Bev, salvation is yo personal relationship with God and not church members, they are also in desperate need of salvation just like you. Hauna kutendeuka kuti ufadze vanhu asi kuti ufadze Mwari. Rejection was a test that u were supposed to pass. Kwauri kudzokera kune miedzo yakawanda remember ".......musatirega tichiwira mune zvinotiedza........." Unozotadza uasingade hanzvadzi

Langton - 24 April 2014

Ok. Ko vaye vaitituka when we said it was grandstanding and saying hee prophet magaya did a good thing and you people are just jealousy where are you now?? Remember the father of magaya TB Joshua said the missing plane was to be found a month ago?? Now you see, you cant cheat God!!

kitsi - 24 April 2014

How many girls and men do we see in church every sunday after they have spent half the previous night in a night club? A personal relationship with God is what's important, not pleasing another human being by attending their church as if they are Holy themselves.

Dr Know - 24 April 2014

Profit Magaya hamusi maingoda kungoisawo here apa? Watinoziva anoita lure souls with eathly riches ndiDhiyabhorosi. Jesu haatitenge nemari nekuti takatengwa neropa rake kare....

Mafirakureva - 24 April 2014

Iwe Mafirakureva haikona kurova mupini wakaviga imbwa....urikureva here kuti magaya akatorova chunhu pachimukadzi ichi?? Normally utaure zvunhu uchibuda pachena

Bvombori - 24 April 2014

Apa Pakaoma, nyaya yataurwa naBev ihombe, a lot of Christians vanotadzisa vamwe kunamata. Masmall house chaiwo azere muchurch. Vanhu kutorira nendimi asi uchipomba. Mwana wako kuita street kid iwe unemari. Nhasi tinoshora mwana uyu asi tichimutarisira Pasi. Madzimai aitya kutorerwa varume and varume vaitya kutaurwa. Basa makasiira panzira. Iyewo prophet waida mbiri, Ko Mwari vanoti chii? Kwete, this is an opportunity to reflect on this wave yatora nyika yedu. Tinorasika nekutsvaga mari kwete Mwari.

musungwi - 24 April 2014

@bvombori kasi hausi kuona here kuti profit vakatonama apa?

bhoramusango - 24 April 2014


BIG LINX - 25 April 2014

aaaaaaaa Beverly so she doesnt have zeal for the business pfungwa dzirikubhawa. she is sounding as if prophet vakaita mhosva kumupa shop as if prophet vakaita mhosva kumuitira zvakanaka. zvine basa rei vanhu vakaseka ko ndovakakutendeutsa here vanhu ivavo. prophet vaseka here mwari vaseka here denga raseka here. munhu kana achida zvebhawa ngaangoita akanyarara kwete kuti hee mentorship hee education heee this that how many people are running businesses vasina kana mentorship but vane desire. bevery hauna ambition chete une chiuno nemakumbo chete ndoupenyu hwaunoda.

Alice - 25 April 2014

After I saw a documentary of Magaya helping a vagrant in Unit N chitungwiza I gave him enough respect. He lifted him up, bathed him and clothed him and gave him a roof over his head, he went to help the Tokwe Mukosi flood victims, so Bev is just one of those he has helped. He will tell you the word of salvation and it is up to you to accpet it. Bev should have attended some workshops on how to run a shop, aidya capital ne profit, that is the problem with people whio just get money from nowhere. I personally have not attended Magaya's church but I gave him some respect on some of the activities he has done. Some of these who make so much from offerings you see them the next day at Premier Auto buying the Range Rovers Autobiographies and the Jaguars whilst poor souls are languishing. One of them has a documentary which he shows feeding his wife's relatives and calls it philaphropism.

Maita Manyuka - 25 April 2014

We give you a shop and you want us to run it for you how stupid!!!

protestor - 25 April 2014

Shiri ne shiri ayisiye muririyo wayo

michael Muroyiwa - 25 April 2014

It is with much regret that Bev is going back to her old trade after the Man of God had done a good thing to show her light. While I do not take Bev's excuses seriously especially on the botique business, I think we need to introspect today's church based on the allegations sighted by Bev.

Tawananyasha - 25 April 2014

Junior Banda or Bev or whatever your name is; going to church is not about anyone else! It is about YOU and God. You think even as we go to church, we are not criticised? But who cares? It's about your soul.

Dana Jones - 25 April 2014

Bev remember Paul former Saul took time to be accepted by people but because he had truly repented he stood for the question is, 'What had lured you to leave your strip dances to that' was it that you had repented or you were after benefits.....But after all the word of God in Matthew says if one had put his hands on the plough and look back is not worthy of the kingdom.......

Ngara Wamambo - 25 April 2014

..................... ameno

akpos - 25 April 2014

Its either you are of GOD or you are not, Bev needs counselling with regards to Christian values, how can she be a pole dancer in a pub and be a born again christian, was she delivered if i may ask, the demon is still there and someone needs to tell her that the evil spirit is back with other spirits, seven times more, was this part of the bible read to her as reality and as not a threat. She needs serious help on this matter unless if she wanted to hit the headlines with a premature repetence, Bev is walking out of a sensible business that can help save her soul, a bad seed yields a bad crop and at harvest, it will be burnt, gnashing of teeth, the word needs to sink as we preach, the word is the basis on which christian values are established, this funny born again business, tisatambe namwari, kuti nhasi tiri muchechi mangwana papole srip tease mubhawa, imi hazvityise izvozvo, hakuna mukristu akadaro, siyayi munhu azvarwe patsva mubhawa.

tichaona - 25 April 2014

I think there was a need to consider the 'celebrity" status of Bev as she was making a decision to be born again. It apears she was segrigated in church! never welcomed in a way that gave her hope! The was suppossed to be assigned a senior pastor to be new family. Looking at the number of congregants in these and related churches, there is minimum fellowship unless someone belongs to a particular church department. if you look at when Legeon was born again, the demons pleaded with the Lord and suit refuge in pigs that were ultimately destroyed. Bev's deliverance may not have been complete, the power of the Holy Spirit which comes by the hearing of the Word didn't convict her os sin. she needed more Word that would build her up. Intercession team at PHD - do more for the in prayer for situations like this. One thing we ignore as Christians is prayer. The Lord says to his Disciples " Why sleep ye? rise and pray, lest ye enter into temptation." For special assignments, prayer is very very important- a fellowship with the Holly Spirit. To many of us in church let's understand that a church is purely a hospital- you will find all inequity and infirmities- the Lord actually says imi makaremerwa huyayi kwandiri saka muchechi munevakaremerwa Jesu ndiye anotura mitoro. So expect some folks vanemitoro muchechi and some will stop you from your break through!

Shumba - 26 April 2014

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