Zim designer Zinyama weaves magic in the UK

LONDON - United Kingdom-based creative director and visual consultant David Zinyama has a unique vision and sheer talent that would blow you away!

His work features a variety of styles, concepts and inspirations.

David, who has now become a ''celebrity'' on Instagram, is considered by many as one of the best upcoming graphic designers.

Dental Dilemma

He describes himself as a “hands-on” designer and has a unique intuition-driven way of creation.

Below are excerpts of an interview in which David (DZ) talks to Pamela Samasuwo-Nyawiri (PSN) about his perspective on the current state of the graphic design industry in Zimbabwe and how as how working in the industry has boosted his career in graphic design.

PSN: Firstly, can you please give a brief overview on who you are and your background in the creative industry?

DZ: I am a freelance creative director and visual consultant with over 5 years in the industry. I have worked on a diverse range of projects for individuals, small and large sized businesses. I specialise in identity and corporate branding, digital and print design, as well as photography and film.

Picture Illusion

PSN: Have you always been artistic since childhood? Or was it something you discovered later in life? How have you evolved as a designer since then?

DZ: I wasn’t always artistic. This is something I discovered later on in life. I used to do music and there was a time I needed my CD covers to be designed. At the time I didn't know anyone who could do such a task so I acquired Photoshop and from there I would say my talent grew. Other musicians then started to ask me to do their work. This became some sort of income. As I was a teenager it was pocket money to me but I knew it was something I would eventually do if I pursed it.

PSN: What does your typical day look like? Do you follow a specific routine or schedule?

DZ: As a freelancer, there is no such thing for me as a typical day. I do not have a fixed time that I work but work starts within the first hour of me waking up. I start with checking my to-do list as well as replying to emails. I normally have my meetings during the day and this is normally discussing project briefs or progression of projects.

The Fall

Most days I spend the whole day just working on designs. As a freelancer I sometimes work overnight inorder to complete projects on time.

My schedule is not always the same. Sometimes I can have a photo shoot somewhere that takes me away from my usual working environment.

PSN: Can you describe your work?

DZ: There are two aspects to my work. I'm largely a corporate designer, so I work for corporates. And there are manipulations where I like to bring both design and photography together. The manipulations I create are mainly only for the audience I have on Instagram.

I decided to do manipulations just as a way of showcasing how shallow or deep I can go when it comes to graphic design and photography, as the work on my website was more corporate and really didn't show the level of skill I had or my limits. I have always had the passion of creating conceptual digital art, and I found Instagram as a great platform for me to do this as my work is accessible to anyone and everyone through those that follow me or stumble upon my page

PSN: Do you have any designers you admire and why? Have you ever had opportunities to work with any of them? If yes, how was it and what did you work on?

DZ: There are many I can name but one that had  grabbed my eye the most is a digital artist by the name of Michael Oswald. He has a very unique style that can be done and performed consistently that I admire. I have not had the chance to work or collaborate with anyone, but hopefully this is something I can do in the future.

Self Scatch

PSN: Where do you find inspiration?

DZ: A lot of my work is all based on life issues, feelings and thoughts. A thought to me can create a whole scene or concept in my head and I love to sit down and execute that visually. If I wake up today and I feel like sharing any thoughts, I will get my camera out and express this through imagery. Some days I just like to create random pieces. The TV, books, quotes and whatever is going on in the world can also inspire me.

PSN: What is your opinion on social media and how has it has influenced your career?

DZ: As I said before, social media, like for me my main one is Instagram, it has been a great, powerful and promotional tool and career boost for me. It is a great way for me to market myself and show people what I can do. The concept of being able to share work, see what people think, it is great for someone like me.

PSN: What kind of successes have you had in recent years? Have you ever thought of quitting?

DZ: I would say the only success I have had is my growing client base not just in the United Kingdom but in places such as U.S.A, South Africa, UAE, Australia and many more. I love what I do and I think it is the passion that keeps me going. I have never thought of leaving it behind to pursue another career.

PSN: What challenges do you face as a young talented African living abroad?

DZ: I do not think there have been major challenges to talk about.I have always tried to produce the best I can because I try to use every piece of work I produce to sell myself just like any other artist. I wouldn't think being African is a factor; it doesn't have any advantages or disadvantages. It all goes down to the type of person I am and the quality of my work.

PSN: What is your view on designing standards in Zimbabwe and what changes do you think need to be introduced in Zimbabwe to produce more talent like yourself?

DZ: To be honest, I would say it is either you got it or you haven't. What I see as bad, to someone is good. I think better printing processes and techniques need to be introduced in Zimbabwe to maximise the quality of designs.

PSN: Which project in your career are you most proud of? What are you working on right now? And what do you see yourself doing in five years’ time?

DZ: I cannot really say there is a project in my career I am most proud of because I always engage myself fully with every project that comes my way. At the moment I am working on a large amount of well thought-out conceptual manipulations that I hope I can exhibit across the country one day. When the day comes, I really hope this is something that will be good for me as I have never held an exhibition before. In 5 years’ time, I think it is every artist’s dream to show their work to the whole world, but I hope I get to some point where at least a few pieces of my work will be well known on a global scale.

PSN: What advice would you offer to someone aspiring to enter in the industry in the same manner you have done?

DZ: Never stop chasing your dreams. It is passion, consistency and hunger that gets you to the places you want to be.

PSN: When you are not working what do you do to recharge your batteries?

DZ: In my spare time, I love to lie down and either read the Bible, motivational stories and books, or watch TV. This keeps me sane.

PSN: Any final thoughts and advice you wish to share with our readers?

DZ: No matter what you do, no matter what it is, do it with your all. If it is a talent, make sure you practise every day without fail. The more you do it, the more you get better.

David is contactable on Twitter @davidzinyama, Instagram @davidzinyama and you can visit his website www.davidsinyama.com

*Pamela is a Zimbabwean fashion journalist and fashion accessory designer based in the United Kingdom. She can be contacted on pamsamasuwo@live.co.uk

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David is a talented young man and is a joy to work with. May The Lord God guide and protect David in the challenges ahead in his career.

Pastor Makotose - 23 April 2014

im inspired .. iam a fan i like desynin he`s da best kip t up man u are holy talented God bless u

ba chido - 23 April 2014

this guy has got talent.......this is ZimBhoo!!!!

ndini uya uya - 24 April 2014

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