Bev disappointed us

EDITOR — I am disgusted by Beverly Sibanda.

After all the confidence we had in her, she is planning to go back to dancing.

I read in a local paper that a welcome bash is going to be held since she is planning to come back on the stage.

I was really shocked considering all the effort Prophet Magaya had put to ensure she starts afresh in life.

The least she could do was to appreciate and work hard in order to maintain her Christian walk.

A Christian’s life is not always rosy. You can’t expect everything to be alright all the time.

When things get tough people should just stay strong and put their faith in God.

She is claiming that business is not going well at the shop but at least why not hold on and pray for a breakthrough.

When she left pole dancing we were actually happy for her but now she has disappointed us.



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moti zvaienda nepi? mwana anoda rubatsiro uyu...kutiza church here veduwe

idaishe - 23 April 2014

Munhu atadza kutendeuka plus mari ye dancing vs yemu shop hazvienzani yeku dance inouya faster faster

protestor - 23 April 2014

Pathetic kuda mari kudarika Mwari here? The love of money........... I feel sorry for the woman who gave birth to Bev oops

Moreblessing - 23 April 2014

Moyo wake unogona usina kubva kubhawa akangobva nhindi chete. She needs total spiritual deliverance and then deal with the physical

FUNGAI - 23 April 2014

Our sister bev had her chance of being saved,if she chooses to go back to the night clubs and ridicule the people that tried to help her,and potray to the world that Jesus is not the answer,much to the amusement of many night club owners,then fellow believers should leave it to God.He alone has the final say.Just watch and see.

believe chizeya - 23 April 2014

There is more money in dancing than that shop bz she will be making quick bucks and no running costs and in addition to that she also sells her bottom so it is money from different directions i think it is a good move and the magaya guy is also looking for money through organised theft

DAVID - 23 April 2014

You can convince people about the goodness of God but it is only the Holy Spirit that convicts unto salvation. Pastor Magaya was playing God when he provided for Bev and true conversion is by God's grace.

Kay - 23 April 2014

Zvipiko, vanaMagaya naPambuka vaida publicity chete nekuumba confidence kupovo hezvo Bev odzokera kwake chaiko. Am sure vachatsvaka vana jah kuti vauye futi. Manje maprophets aya mafake. KwaMakandiwa kana 1 akapona muurwere. Damn!!

Tawa Zaru - 23 April 2014

you can remove bev from the bhawa but you can not remove the bhawa out of bev.......anywere sooner or later mr Magaya we patienyly waiting for bevs confession

bothwell chiteve and arnold chiteve - 24 April 2014

Miracle hombe kutendeuka kwavanhu zvinova zvinhu zvisipo muchechi yanhasi maporofota ari busy kuporofita bhora zvinhu zvisinei nekuponeswa kwavanhu,ukaona munhu achifunga kudzokera kunyika haana kumbotendeuka infact she saw nothing deffirent muchechi nekwaanga ari and you wonder now kuti church chii these days Paul anotaura kuti i count it all dung that i may gain christ but what is being preached in todays church is prosperity ,football ivo vanhu vasina kuponeswa maprophets anogamuchirwa nevanhu vakavenga kristu asi ivo vachiti ndevachristu dai Jeremiah,Ezekiel or Isaiah varipo would they be recognised like these prophets dai vakauraiwa kare vaudza mhondi nembavha dzirikudya mari dzenherera nekuba mari dzemadiamonds atakapihwa naMwari kuti tirarame but ava kubatsira vanhu vashoma its now time for people to check where they stand because vachristu vawanda nhasi

zagreb - 24 April 2014

its up to bev. all i know is that if what we are hearing and reading true, then this lady is playing with fire, its not about prophet magaya, but about God in heaven. i also pray for her because in truth God love her as much as he loves every. it all depends on how we return that love, i mean pay it back.

see - 24 April 2014

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The prohet has played his part and its now all up to Bev to decide what she wants to do with her life. Ukhulile sisi. .

KB.. Ngwenya - 24 April 2014

baba Charamba vakaimba vakati...kuchachemwa apo anouya mwanakomana Jesu,vaakafira ndivo vakamuramba...naiye anorangarira achiti tarisai baba,.kuya kwamakandituma,vanhu vacho vakandiramba.

tps - 25 April 2014

These Prophets should know the scriptual use of their gifts.According to the Bible it is to edify the church not to give businesses or buy goods for people.This is the fulfilment of Matt 24:24.False Christ & Prophets have false teaching and can prophesy what come to pass like Balaam.If Bev was preached to the Real Word of GOD the decision was or will be up to GOD to save her or not.If she is a seed of GOD and if the Word strikes on her one day she will hate why she ever done this dancing.Preach the Word dont give shops,plasmas,fridges and all sorts of goods to these poor souls.

TRUTH - 25 April 2014

nhai weduwee chiiko chinombonzi Bev chamunogara muchingotaura. vanhu varikutendeuka vakavanda, havasi kutendeutswa navanhu asi naMwari vavo. kana nguva yemunhu yakwana anotendeuka izvi zvekuda mbiri yekuti heee ndakazotendeutsa nhingi hazvishande izvo. Hezvoooo

blazo - 27 April 2014

VanaMagaya mukada zvekuita mbiri muchitendeusa mahure vana Berve ava, munosara musina vanhu muchurch vachifunga kuti mapera. Honai vadzokera manje. Zvimwe siirai judgement day kwete kungoti zvese zvese.

Rebe - 29 April 2014

the God we serve is great, ndivo vachatonga and for u bev mira panzvimbo one

masie - 1 May 2014

@David you need Jesus in your life,why make unsubstantiated claims about Magaya ?Do you have evidence to your allegations ?Magaya is a man of God and for ou to make those malicious allegations against him one day you shall be made to prove it.Do bring nyaya dzenyu dzekudakwa pano muchitaura zvamusingazive.

Johnso wekuMbare - 8 May 2014

whats so shocking mr editor? are u a fan of magaya or wat....a person is entitled to change his or her mind. so if u leave daily news today and become an editor at herald can we say u r sick? dont be silly mr editor....daily news is not for christians only,be neutral in yo comments

parapinda - 9 May 2014

that was for kepizha

parapinda - 9 May 2014

Had Bev been really converted into a Christian? If so how?

Semhalo - 13 May 2014

Kuna Bev You have a common problem which is a struggle between the flesh and the spirit, deep down your heart the spirit is willing yet the flesh is drawing you down. I know you are crying inside of you behind the glamour and the artistry associated with Bev, you know you are searching for ultimate satisfaction in life, people will condemn you but you must know that God's door is still open for you, Jesus still loves you, people may appear to love you, but there are far from it. After every dance or perfomance ,when you are by yourself and when all are gone-take time to read this. Please anyone who knows Bev let her read this message, if she ignores it ,tell her Jesus still loves her.

Muprofita - 13 May 2014

people are usually deceived by some acts. Beverly did well she was offered a deal and she accepted it. magaya wanted publicity and he got it, that had nothing to do with God. saka people dont judge Berv please. who said she idnt have a church of her own zvamaida kumutendeutsa? dancing in a bar has nothing to do with kutendeuka people don't be naive. please leave her alone ane kwaano nomata Berv iyeye and Magaya's church is not heaven

mafirakureva - 13 May 2014

piease everyperson has got his or her own tarlent .pole dancing is just a job

shadreck gwese - 20 May 2014

bev go bck 2 prophet magaya and get deliverance

NYASHA SITHOLE - 26 May 2014

The problem with a lot of churches that are mushrooming these days is that they harldy preach deliverance they only preach about attaining wealth (prosperity).

Thandie - 3 June 2014

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