Lawyer speaks on Angel's football prophecy

HARARE - South African broadcaster SuperSport has filed an application against a $1,5 million lawsuit launched by Spirit Embassy Church leader Prophet Uebert Angel.

The broadcaster carried a story on their website at the end of December last year claiming that Angel had made a prophecy that Liverpool will win the 2013/2014 English Premiership title.

Currently, the 18-time English champions lead the log standings by two points with four games to go before the season ends and are hot favourites to lift the title for the first time in 24 years.

There has been confusion as to whether Angel will now change the prophecy to say Liverpool will win but his lawyer told the Daily News yesterday that the Spirit Embassy leader had never made such a prophecy in the first place.

Angel’s lawyer, Tinashe Tanyanyiwa of Manase and Manase Legal Practitioners said: “Whilst the matter is sub judice we can confirm that SuperSport has filed their plea.

“Our client’s position is and has always been that he never made the prophecy and whether Liverpool go on to win the title or not, he does not want credit for it. Attributing that false prophecy to him demeans him.”

Although SuperSport is a South African company, Angel in his lawsuit argues that the High Court in Zimbabwe has jurisdiction over the matter since they are represented in the country by their local agent, Multichoice Zimbabwe.

In the past Angel has been quoted as saying:  “I never PROPHESIED Liverpool winning any cup. Don’t know where SuperSport got it from. Even if by some chance Liverpool wins don’t give me credit.”

In an interview with Nehanda Radio on January 1, 2014,  Angel said “This is a typical case of news agents mixing truth and a lie so it sounds believable but as Christians let’s hold on to the truth only. We love you all and Jesus loves you more. We respect SuperSport as a great conveyor of news on sports but here they erred drastically by lying.”

Angel’s aides yesterday insisted that even if Liverpool go on to win the title, he would never want credit for the prophecy as he never made it.Lawyer speaks on


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The lawsuit by Uebert Angel Mudzanire is a scare tactic. He wants to frighten those who dare question his dubious "forensic" prophecies. People will never be silenced, Mudzanire. Brace for more criticism, young man!

Dhonorayi - 17 April 2014

There is no way he can change. why do people think he can change,? for what, mbiri yekuporofita iripo kare, kwakaporofitwa zvikuru zvakadarika apa.

Norman - 17 April 2014

There is no way he can change. why do people think he can change,? for what, mbiri yekuporofita iripo kare, kwakaporofitwa zvikuru zvakadarika apa.

Norman - 17 April 2014

There is no way he can change. why do people think he can change,? for what, mbiri yekuporofita iripo kare, kwakaporofitwa zvikuru zvakadarika apa.

Norman - 17 April 2014

I think pple should stop bad mouthing the prophets nhasi it was magaya auya kuhope chaiko akandibata musoro wat eva that meant its hard to believe that god is fighting for them while we struggle to put them down the same goes for Makandiwa and Angel respect madhara enyu ndatenda

Tariro - 17 April 2014

Hatidzoretsvimbo nekuti gudo rabata kumeso

Manyange - 17 April 2014

The man of God said it before on the 1st of January 2014 that he did not prophesy anything about Liverpool and even if they win the man of God has nothing to do with it. This is not about Liverpool winning or losing but the fact that the man of God did not say that is what matters.


If you were not in the service then you would not be in a position to understand the whole issue

killer Zivhu - 17 April 2014

Even Liverpool wins supersport ngaisungiswe chete

Gift Musara - 17 April 2014

No change, what for, hapana kumbopiwa chiporofita chakadaro, mbiri vava nayo muporofita noreason to claim this .

Dreadmore - 17 April 2014

The truth is, you see this Prophet doesn't miss, now you are trying to frame for him, this will not work. he never gave such prophecy,

Christopher - 17 April 2014

Hakuna chiporofita chakapiwa kunyepa uku, mashaya kuti monyepei manje. kuchinja panochinjwa kana pane zvakambotaurwa, manje hapana zvakadaro.

Webikita - 17 April 2014

I support Prophet Angel,im always in his services he never gave such a prophecy, this is a lie, and i dnt think if he is going to change, like he said.

Vimbai - 17 April 2014


Tongogara - 17 April 2014

This is bad journalism sungai akataura izvi asi Mufundisi Liverpool yacho ikahwina mari yaenda kaaa

protestor - 17 April 2014

No reason to change, he never say that, mbiri kuna Jesu. major ndizvo,

RWS - 17 April 2014

these false prophets are confusing people, they prophesise on earthly things that have nothing to do with the heavenly Father. in short they are occults, being used by the devil. the biblical prophets did not showcase their powers but interpreted God's power. these gospreneurs (today's prophets) are using arcane powers to hoodwink their followers to part with their hard earned dollar through use of recondite and magical powers, these prophesies have nothing to do with God, they are the devil's messengers.

Cde Cherucheminzwa - 17 April 2014

Win or lose, there nothing said about it by the man of God

SHOLL - 17 April 2014

Hatidzori tsvimbo nekuti gudo rabata kumeso. pamberi nekusungwa kwesupersport, vanyepi

Madamombe - 17 April 2014

Hapana wo here akarecorda chiporofita ichi,,i think he gave it to his congregants,obviously they will be keen to protect him,,to save him from the reproach in the event that it fails to happen.

David - 17 April 2014

Guess hakuna a prophet who can be so open as what Prophet Angel is portraying in this case. As per your say, Liverpool is leading and he is saying NO to saying that. How many prophets can come out in the open as he has done. If it was me with the current log i would be getting all the credit for that news, but as Prophet, Major has come out in the open and said i said nothing like that. Guess lets celebrate our hero and appreciate the authenticity shown by Prophet Angel.

Mwana waPapa - 17 April 2014

Toda chiporofita chinotaura kukura kwenyika economically, a prophesy that tells us what's to happen in the future for the people of Zimbabwe. Joseph's prophesy that

Fishu - 17 April 2014

Toda chiporofita chinotaura kukura kwenyika economically, a prophesy that tells us what's to happen in the future for the people of Zimbabwe. Joseph's prophesy that foretells that people need to be ready for years of hunger and years of fullness not chiporofita chinozobuda zvinhu zvach zvatoitika, dzinenge dzave nyambo

Fishu - 17 April 2014

This man is straight forward. He came out in the open way back and my surprise people want him to agree on things that he never said. Liverpool is my favourite team but credit must go to angel for standing by his word and lets take it and move on.

Cde Teu - 17 April 2014

Big up to this man of God and i don't understand why the media wants to crucify him on this prophecy yet he said it before that he did not prophesy anything in that regard. Even if Liverpool went on to win the fact still remains the same that he did not prophesy about Liverpool.

Chokuda - 17 April 2014

Liverpool will never walk alone. Prophet Angel was very frank and open on this issue from the start so lets not put words in his mouth. He made it clear that he did not prophesy about Liverpool.

Takaipa - 17 April 2014

Pliz the media stop trying to boost your positions by making false statements about our prophets to sound believable. SS should be punished for that. This is a true man of God.

Palmario - 17 April 2014

Why going to courts, hanzi ukarohwa dama unoparimwe zve, Jesu chaiye atambudzwa akati 'BABA VAREGEREREI HAPANA CHAVANOZIVA' imi makosheyiko... iyo mari yacho chaiyo zvayo kani...

Chokwadi - 17 April 2014

So if he did not say any prophecy on Liverpool why did supersport run such a story? Did the prophet say anything on the Liverpool team? but zvanga zviri pachena kuti Liverpool iriku winner

Cde Fatso - 17 April 2014

Being the man of God that you claim to be, why don't you give the other cheek to be slapped as the Bible teaches us? And to sue for a whooping $1.5 million-Heavens help us.

Dr Know - 17 April 2014

biblically there is 1 prophet per generation, how many do we have in this generation, food 4 thot, they prophesyd of things that built and edified God's kingdom, in what ways are some of these prophesies edifying the kingdom? and it is written in Acts that some will say ndiri waPaul or waJohn but that must not be coz tese tiri vaJesu, iyi yekuzoti mwana wamuporofita ndeipi iyi, zvakanyorwa kunzi vachauya maporofita ennhema vachamutsa vakafa, vachati gomo ibva apa uende apa nezita rangu asi pakupedzisira ndichavati handikuzivei, you will see them by their works. and lastly why is it that all of Zimbabwean "prophets" first went to west africa, Ghana in particular to get "god" to give them power? some 1 help me here

marshall - 17 April 2014

Take the truth from the horse's mouth and you still want to write what you want people to believe. Shame on you all those who oppose the work of Christ.

Cde Nemi Tinopedzerana - 17 April 2014

Liverpool for life and we will never walk alone we are with you Prophet and it is high time the world must know that your word is your weapon. You never said anything and that is good enough. As a supporter i would want it to win and as a Christian my prosperity lies in believing God's prophets.

Abednigo - 17 April 2014

The papers are putting their own opinions instead of the truth from the prophet. There is no confusion whatsoever all people need to do is listen to the youtube clip that was posted on the 2nd of January 2014 whilst Liverpool had so many games to play. Dont put words in his mouth. Remember this guys prophecies have never missed so far and i dont think he will ever miss coz he stands by his word that is why he is saying do not give me credit for things i never said

Leonorah - 17 April 2014

Confusion is for those who do not understand the prophetic. The issue is clear and Major never said it and that settles it as for SuperSport well, that is a story they will live to tell.

James - 17 April 2014

If you understand the prophetic then you would not be confused. At times you confuse yourself by taking things that were never said and want to make people believe that they were said. Bhora pasi kana chiporofita chotaurwa naMajor. Vanonhonga tsono zvavo

Jimmy Jimalo - 17 April 2014

many are the afflictions of the righteous,but the Lord delivereth him out of them all. Do not sue Angel you said or you did not say it I can not judge you, who am I ,but why sue?

mariyeti mpala - 18 April 2014

liverpool wont win the EPL NDARAMBA PA GWERUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU vana Zii na Franco vanoponjesa mabhasikoro

tafadzwa - 21 April 2014

busy doing my masters dissertation zvangu inyaya yei yemuri kupopota iyi.....kikikikiiiii

dudu - 22 April 2014

I dont think Sir Angel as a man of God should rush to sue..He should seek justice from God

jacktheswede - 23 April 2014

Anomboita nezvei Hebheti Angle wacho? Murudzii ane mazita echirungu? Ngaapedze nyaya dzake. pamwe akataurira bhebhi rake rikazosvitsa kuSuper sport.

In the dark - 24 April 2014

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