Tsvangirai warns Zim on verge of collapse

GUTU - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says Zimbabwe’s economy has deteriorated to such catastrophic levels that it is just a matter of time before President Robert Mugabe comes “running” to him for assistance.

Addressing a large gathering of villagers at the weekend who attended a memorial service for the late father of recent MDC returnee, Job Sikhala, a highly-charged Tsvangirai declared that he was the solution to the country’s crisis and that Mugabe would soon have no choice but to beg him for help.

“Mugabe knows very much that I am the solution to the crisis. I will not go to him to beg him to resolve the problems the country is facing. The country is now on its knees and Mugabe knows that he needs me to deal with this. He needs the MDC and Zanu PF is aware of that,” he said.

Tsvangirai said Zanu PF had fooled itself and the country when the party celebrated a “dubiously-won election” through its bhora mugedhi slogan as the country’s coffers were now “completely” dry.

“They were busy celebrating bhora mugedhi but there is now no dollar mubhegi (people have no money). People are struggling to survive because the economy is deteriorating. We need to solve this and Zanu PF cannot do that without me,” he added.

The MDC leader allayed fears among his supporters in the rural areas that his party was disintegrating following its recent leadership disharmony, which recently resulted in the summary expulsion of deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma, national executive member, Last Maengahama, as well as youth assembly secretary-general Promise Mkwananzi.

He described his party’s “cockpit” problems as “minor challenges” compared to the crises that were being faced by rivals Zanu PF.

“Our party might face some challenges but they are just minor and cannot be compared to what our rivals are facing. Zanu PF is far worse than us as we speak now and we will get out of this and bring change to the country,” Tsvangirai declared.

Tsvangirai also called on all MDC founders to “come back into the fold” to complete the change agenda that they had set when they formed the party in 1999.

“I am happy today we celebrate the life of the man who brought a vibrant young man to this earth to fight dictatorship and replace it with democracy. We had our differences with him but today we are here with Job Sikhala to complete what we started together in 1999, that is, to bring positive change to the suffering people of this country,” he said.

Economic analysts have observed that the country’s economy went into a steep nose-dive soon after Zanu PF’s disputed electoral victory last year.

To this end, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange lost a whopping $1 billion in value just a mere week after the July 31 elections, with no end in sight to the grim bear market.

The analysts attribute this precipitous market decline to Zanu PF’s populist policies such as those on indigenisation, which they say should be either revised or scrapped altogether to bring back investor confidence in the country.

Hundreds of companies have closed shop since the beginning of this year alone, with thousands of desperate workers losing their means to a livelihood in the process.

This has led to current unemployment rates hovering above 80 percent, and worsening, after the government gazette recently announced the de-registration of 176 companies, while another 634 might be de de-registered in the next three months.

As a result of all this dire economic prognosis, a significant number of workers have gone for long periods without pay, while civil servants are up in arms with government over delayed pay increases.

Concomitant with all these difficulties, the delivery of essential social services is also almost on its knees as both national and local government fail to provide basic necessities like water, healthcare services and a functional education system.

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Day dreamer Tsvangison. Zimbabwe is slidding down yes, but for us to expect Morgan to rescue us is stretching it a bit far. He is clueless this dude. He was dribbled by a 90 year old after getting tea and biscuits.

mafikizolo - 14 April 2014


godfrey gudo - 14 April 2014

saka ndirikupazha nenhamo iwe uchiziva hako kuti unezvinokwanisa kuti raramisa varume itai serious hamuna kana basa nevanhu mese. u will be panished soon muchaona

Chidondova - 14 April 2014

zviroto zviroto save

jayz - 14 April 2014

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pumps - 14 April 2014

One wonders what Morgan would really do to turn around this hopeless situation when he can't even run his own party properly!

David Kasiyamhuka - 14 April 2014

Things are just getting worse in this country of ours batho ba modimo.

Morena - 14 April 2014

"Mugabe knows very much that I'm the solution to the crisis." With respect, I think MDC-T is led by an illiterate drunkard. No single individual can say he is the solution to the crisis. It's high time the arrogant imbecile was replaced by someone who can use his brain. Mangoma is right, Tsvangirai lacks the gravitas to lead a democratic movement.

Tipe Maserious - 14 April 2014

guys be serious nezvamunoita

munhuchete - 14 April 2014

In case you have all forgotten, you would not be enjoying the stability of the US$ and other currencies had it not been for Tsvangirai. Morgan is the only man who has kept this country from being declared a one party state. Morgan is the only person who makes the CIO viable, otherwise what else would they do if they are not watching him? Tsvangirai is dead right- he is the solution to our crumblimg economy because the election was stolen from. Its a matter of time and something will happen soon.

Disaster - 14 April 2014

I wouldnt put even my dog under the care of Tsvangirai. The moment i realised he is the same as Mugabe agabva andi buda. He think he is alfa and omega. He is proving to be far worse a dictator than Mugabe. Whatmore if we give him power to be commander in chief? What solution does he have for this economy? All the western financias have abandoned him

mafikizolo - 14 April 2014

Uyu munhu uyu anonzi Tsangirai achamira rinhi kurota , real dreaming with his eyes wide open! aaah ndashama ini! Mukati kunoedzawo pamurume uyu,handifungi kudaro.l think those who witched him are dead,had they been around they would feel sorry for the poor Morgan.

Chaitichouya Chikopokopo - 14 April 2014

Who would one choose between a multi-degreed nanogenarian and his corrupt administration who have raped and run this country into the ground over the past three decades Versus an untested, albeit over-sexed 60 year old? I suspect that most people would want to see what the other man could do given the chance!

Khetai - 14 April 2014

He's telling the truth. If he can't be afforded the chance to donate just a handful to the flood disaster community. Will they allow him to do anything to prove he has something to offer for the whole country. Yes he might be dreaming but ZANU is just doing too much to personalize this country and ignore the suffering of the masses. People are not allowed to think independently. Even if you do that who's prepared to initiate your little idea? I'll agree with him but also maintain that he's sometimes overzealous like a child!

Regalia - 14 April 2014

If Tsvangirai has the solution as he claims, why should it have to come via Zanu PF and Mugabe? Why doesn't he just provide it if he has the people at heart? If he is not careful people will demand the solution from him by force.

Open eyes - 14 April 2014

Morgan Tsvangirai...beware of MDC-T Party is now at the verge of collapse...not ZANU-PF government....ukhohlisa abantu abayizithutha...not really Zimbabwean who know the burden of the illegal Western government sanctions you imposed at them........

silungisani ndlovu - 14 April 2014

Morgan Tsvangirai...beware of MDC-T Party is now at the verge of collapse...not ZANU-PF government....ukhohlisa abantu abayizithutha...not really Zimbabwean who know the burden of the illegal Western government sanctions you imposed at them........

silungisani ndlovu - 14 April 2014

ZANU PF will rush to say Tsvangirai is a daydreamer and yet they know his policies identify with Investors' interests and what he is saying is the truth.

Dr Know - 14 April 2014

The country is in dire need of a man that can see us through.only time will tell

believe chizeya - 14 April 2014

It is unfortunate could anyone be enslaved by vile hatred for Tsvangirai's person and/or his party and what they stand for. The truth is that just that once, yes once, when sanity prevailed and political actors in Zimbabwe resolved to work together, Zimbabwean, all Zimbabweans, meaning exiles and locals and crossborders, doctors and ministers and the self employed breathed a genuine sigh af relief. Had God the will, we would work together Mugabe and Tsvangirai, Robertson and Gono, for the better of Parirenyatwa and Tokwe-Mukosi, the National Railways and Bindura municipality, or Sanyati could you please. So that the marauding traffic officer could be tamed- if the 3-Battalion sniped into Chiadzwa, they may soon invade the roads too.To have in capital in the country, not donor HIV like assistance. But only if God had the will.

maombo david - 14 April 2014

Tell us what you will do to save the economy Tsvangson instead of day dreaming.

Qiniso - 14 April 2014

Kupopoterana mungapopoterana henyu asi chokwadi ndechokuti zvinhu hazvina kumira zvakanaka munyika. Kutuka Morgan does not help us, anemge nani becoz akaita challenge the status quo zvikafamba. Takaita Unity government yakabatsira pane zvakawaanda chose kunyange vazvinji vachishora becoz they hate MDC. Be realistic guys VaMugabe vatadza pachokwadi if we want to be honest in our judgement. Sezvo politics dzemuZimbabwe dzichiti akunda musarudzo anogadzira hurumende yake ZANU yoga haingachazvigoni hence the need for a second force. Ukuvo vanhu veMDC-T, chamuri kudzingirirana nacho iyezvino kubvisa Mugabe pachigaro kwete kubvisa Morgan. Morgan aifanira kuita sei kana ZANU yabiridzira? Ndiyani akaenda kumapurisa akati ndiroveivo ndiri pamwe chete nemurume uyu? Remember ZANU ine madegrees e violence. Morgan might not be the right candidate for a Zim president but he is the most preferred for the struggle against ZANU. Tarisa zvakaitika panguva yehondo, general Tongo was good as the commander in the bush but paakanga ave kufunga kuti zvake zvaita akabva anakurwa so Morgan can still give way after accomplishing his mission. Look at the late Nelson akaona kuti haana simba rokutonga akapa Thabo. So the moment you maMDC start making arguments amongst your selves ZANU will focus on hat and make it news that will be screened and broadcast over the whole week. Remember politics idzi kana usiri madziri hauna chaunowana so be critical pakufunga kwenyu kwete kungoshora musina chikonzero. I think I like Morgan nokuti ane chivindi but not kuti atonge Zim.

Zimbadzve - 14 April 2014

Nonsense mhani Tsvangison your party is on the verge of collapse, not Zim. Even yu yu are ckueless mhani

Bashoma Haward Munyuki - 15 April 2014

Muchamuda henyu MT. Muchabva chiri kumeso. Nhamo iri kuuya

GWEJE - 15 April 2014

erhh. chamatama. You are now the opposition that has become the prophet of doom. when the nation listenned to you in the early 2000's you led this nation to stay aways which killed our industries and destroyed our goodwill in the ability to compete for contrats regionally. if we listen to you now you will lead us in the same if not worse situation. Please shut the %$@! up! Bring a solution and stop pointing at the problems. we see them, you see them, so what is amazing. Show us this so called leadership and rise up do the work. those who look for credit dont work much they shout. those who get credit have already done the work...

whyalwaysme - 15 April 2014

Mune Nhamo mose guys...hw may pple are energetic in Zim..but u still need the 90 yrs old to run the race intstead of kuzorodza nyama

chnyora - 15 April 2014

Positive thinking will bring our country back to life.Musangotukana kana kushora ma ideas evamwe.And musaita kunge musingagare muZimbabwe.

Harris Manezho - 15 April 2014

But if he has a solution and he is a partriot why does he want to be approached. His party is in government. Why not just volunteer the solution? Does he want to secure a deal through people's suffering and then call himself a man of the people or he is a hostage taker of some kind? Zvino Bob anotika "we will never sacrifice principles on the alter of expediency" Mberi kwazvo obva ati "never ever".

kudakwashe kagura - 15 April 2014

History has it that the involvement of the MDC in the GNU combined with the introduction US dollar turned the economy. Zanu left alone still using the US dollar has failed to sustain that growth. So it MT is not dreaming. There are some who wish he was dreaming. He is talking from experience. For how do you explain that the same economy using the currency recovers under the GNU and then declines as soon as the MDC is out of the power sharing arrangement. People are talking like this because the stomachs are full. Wait until deflation bites. Supermarkets shelves will be full of food but cash will be scarce. You will then understand what he is talking about. Those who say he is not the solution give what do you bring forth as a solution to the current economic crisis. Good at criticizing; solutions zero.

Mzwazwakankoviyo - 15 April 2014

Hon EX-PM MRT , i am sorry to say this but it appears you are more desperate for power and recognition than ZANU -PF needs solutions to the impeding closure of the corrupt government of the day . PLEASE FOR ONCE STOP MAKING THESE RECKLESS AND MISGUIDED SENTIMENTS OF YOURS , WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR DRAMA . YOU ARE BUSY POLITICKING AND PLEADING WITH THE ROTTEN , CORRUPT AND "ILLEGITIMATE" GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY RATHER THAN CRAFTING STRATEGIES AND CAMPAIGNING FOR THE 2018 ELECTIONS. as a political scientist i find it more ridiculous and stupid for you to claim that you are the solution to the country's ills of today when in fact the nation is in a state of quagmire because of your poor strategies and weak leadership character. you have failed Mr Tsvangirai.

SHELZ - 15 April 2014

Some of you and not all of us, Zimbabweans have proved the whole world that they can't separate patience and cowardice, idiocy and wisdom. What's so special bragging about being led by an octogenarian while able bodied people are seated on their brains? The problem is not president Mugabe and Tsvangirai but it's me and you!

Regalia - 15 April 2014

MRT's solutions are only good in the short run. He is eager to get our country back onto it's feet and become like Zambia, now all smart and pretty, but owned by foreigners.. In the long run, MRT remains a liability! Moreso, his arrogance is now a dangerous insight of a possible dictator in the making!

Chirombowe - 15 April 2014

"cockpit' yendege yemashanga on auto pilot manned by the idiotic open zip shut mind.

reason - 15 April 2014

Tsvangi ndizvo achatonga chete. Mugabe wacho chii chaatiitira kuwondomora zvakambenge zvavakwa paGNU. Zanu zero mbavha dzega dzega hutsinye kutisafisa. Enough is enough 90 yrs ngaazororere akundikana. haters go and hang. Tsvangi has the keys why after elections zvese zvabva zvadonha meaning kuti zanu is clueless. Mbavha dzevanhu. Save havana kwavanoenda. Save for life chikara chamugabe ndivo varume vatinoda ava vano challenger gushungo kwete mbwende dzese dzinoti yes boss harahwa yauraya nyika. To hell namugabe wenyu. Democracy yakaudzwas naTsvangi kwete masellouts vana Mangoma & cruel. Ndini ndadaro.

Tsvangi supporter - 15 April 2014

The way some Zimbos attack Tsvangirai in person to extend of getting to his undergarments leads me to one conclusion. They are too ignorant no matter how educated they are. It is common and open knowledge that Tsvangirai is not the one who is ruling so you can not be angry if he tells the truth. It seems most of these people vote for their oppressors. its quite buffling to tell the least. It is the mind set of unprogessive people of such a nature who are taking Zimbabwe backwards either they do not vote or they vote for their oppressors. Because they cannot differentiate between red and black. They are happy with recycled dead wood even if one remains minister for donkey years. Dead minds are dangerous to society and Zimbabwe at large.

Icho Charira - 16 April 2014

This time we will all perish and die no GNU to save us now. At least we realise sanctions are not the cause of this economic shananigens Good luck Zpf in the revival of the economy tese tirikunyura apa.

protestor - 17 April 2014

ZANU PF policies do not work. Full stop. Morgan represents a departure from a corrupt dictatorship which has seen a few Zimbabweans become rich at the expense of the majority. MDC brought economic hope, economic confidence and investments. This is what drives the nation forward. Whether you like it or not Morgan and MDC T are an integral and essential component in the economic matrix of Zimbabwe. Morgan is not ignorant, he is our esteemed beloved leader. He earned his name and position despite all the negative reports about him and the people's party.

Ndaneta - 18 April 2014

What did he do when he was there for two years , this Tsvangirai shld be dreaming truely ,

madhara - 21 April 2014

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