Mangoma kicked out

HARARE - In a move that analysts said last night could either end or heighten the strife within the MDC, the opposition party yesterday summarily expelled suspended deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma, national executive members Jacob Mafume and Last Maengahama, as well as youth assembly secretary-general Promise Mkwananzi.

The four are part of the so-called renewal team within the MDC that has been agitating for the removal of party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

The stunning decision was reached at a National Council meeting held at the party’s headquarters in Harare where the quartet was accused of attempting to effect a coup d’état, among other serious allegations.

“It was felt that after being charged initially, he (Mangoma) continued to transgress party policy and was thus suspended in terms of section 5.11 of our constitution,” Douglas Mwonzora, the party’s spokesperson told the Daily News last night.

“He was suspended together with Jacob Mafume, Last Maengahama and Promise Mkwananzi because it was felt that they had crossed the Rubicon.

“A total 131 members of the National Council voted for their expulsion and only one voted against it. The other three abstained,” he added.

Analysts whose opinions were canvassed by the Daily News last night were not surprised by the development, with one saying “this (expulsion) was a long time coming”.

“The reality is that the situation in the MDC had become untenable.

There was now an open rebellion such that something had to give, as it would have led to the complete break-up of the party if the leadership had not taken this evidently difficult decision.

“This, of course, does not mean that the problems are over, far from it. We should see, at least for the next few weeks, a lot of shouting by the expelled and other disaffected parties. But at the end of the day this (the expulsion) had to be done,” the analyst said.

In an earlier provocative move of their own, the expelled rebels addressed the media last weekend where they thoroughly rubbished Tsvangirai’s leadership of the party.

The latest development also follows the leaking of a damning MDC dossier this week that claims that Zanu PF is working with Mangoma and the rest of the rebels to unseat Tsvangirai and disrupt the effective functioning of the party.

Some Western embassies are also named in the report as having allegedly pooled together millions of dollars to help the coalition of MDC rebels in this unclear plot.

Both Mangoma and Zanu PF strenuously rejected the accusations this week.

Authors of the sensational dossier claim that Zanu PF does not want to face the MDC leader in the 2018 polls, which President Robert Mugabe is unlikely to participate in due to advanced age and poor health.

It is further alleged that the rebels are aware that Zanu PF is using them to remove Tsvangirai from the 2018 equation, while Western donors are supposedly blindly and unwittingly supporting the project.

The 17-page document, seen by the Daily News, also details how the MDC rebels supposedly started putting their plan together to depose Tsvangirai, with the active support of Zanu PF agents, way back in 2012.

Central to the rebels’ strategy, the document alleges, was financial sabotage of Tsvangirai and the MDC’s campaign in last year’s disputed elections, the diversion of party funds, as well as political espionage.

On top of the reported spying and manipulation of private issues, the rebels and Zanu PF also allegedly put together sophisticated propaganda programmes and other well-oiled plans to bribe party structures in a bid to turn them against Tsvangirai.

It would appear that some of the claims in the dossier were central to Mangoma’s  charge-sheet.

The expelled MDC deputy treasurer general also been accused of having embezzled party funds, ostensibly to use them to win over party structures.

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it was long overdue to fire this Idiot and enemy of democracy

Shumba - 11 April 2014

well done,this was long long overdue

Eluvah - 11 April 2014

Elton Mangoma is far from being an idiot

Denison Mazana - 11 April 2014

individuals come and go but the mdc is here to stay. please ask welshman for confirmation.

n. mush - 11 April 2014

Kwasara vamwe vasiri kuda kubuda pachena vane same agenda. Let them go, what is it that they think they can do as leaders. They will soon realise that they are nonentities in the MDC.

Nyashanu - 11 April 2014

What if Mangoma is right, can we really turn a blind eye to what Morgan has been doing, from one woman to another. imagine if he becomes head of state anotora vose vakadzi vemu zim. i see ka IDI AMINI muna Tsvangirai but maybe he deserves another shot. but hey muchindauyu ane mudanhashindi usingaite.

sinyorita - 11 April 2014

good for us, good for our party. well done tsvangirai. you showed your power as a legitimate leader.

triashill - 11 April 2014

good for us, good for our party. well done tsvangirai. you showed your power as a legitimate leader.

triashill - 11 April 2014

good for us, good for our party. well done tsvangirai. you showed your power as a legitimate leader.

triashill - 11 April 2014

Mumwevo wandifonera achida kuziva mudanhashindi. mudanhashindi kamudzi kekuti ukadya hauchagadzikani kana kurara haurari uchingo googla.

sinyorita - 11 April 2014

Waziva kwake waziva kwake doto rechapungu....usazvitsvake. hadzitenhereki regai dzivate pazhe dzinopaziza dzimwe.

Chidondova - 11 April 2014

Why expel Mangoma? So is this democracy? I suggest that MDC reverse its decision, it is a strategic blunder and it does not reflect well on MDC as a "party of excellence". If you cannot tolerate diverse viewpoints or alternative opinions then you are not democratic at heart.

Alex Makanda - 11 April 2014

I have supported the MDC from its inception and mobilized thoroughly for people to register and vote in the last election. I am not going to vote for Tsvangirai in the next election. I respect what he has done for the party and country. I believe he played his role similarly the same to his excellency. But because he they/he think that no one can lead besides them. They are against democracy. Come to SA and have a test of democracy. Imagine what could have happened to Malema if it was Zim. Tsvangirayi you have overstayed and you have nothing new to offer the party and people of Zimbabwe. You were the one who commended the ZEC team and latter on beaten by the same.

Menace - 11 April 2014

My bro Alex Mukanda munhu wese ane democratic right bt kana ma rights ako ava kukanganisa evamwe ,they are no longer tolerated therefore unosungwa nemutemo for example une right iwe yekuputa fodya bt ukange wava kuputira fodya pane vasingadi fodya then you are also violating someone's rights so nyaya ye ma rights yamuri ku preacher iyi asekuru chengerai

chapungu - 11 April 2014

I still dont understand why everyone is accussing Tsvangirayi of being undemocratic. Is Mangoma's action democratic? Does the MDC constitution say its president should step down immediately after receiving a letter of disgruntlement from a disgruntled individual? And his actions are tantamount to a coup for sure; he asked Tsvangirayi to step down so he, Mangoma, would fill in the position without the required procedures being followed. Now he says Tsvangirayi is acting unconstitutionally. I'm sure he knows the procedures in that party. And before he ran to the High Court, i'm sure he should have explained to us exactly why he was suspended rather rubbishing Tsvangirayi's leadership

ndini - 11 April 2014

What then is the difference between Mugabe and Tswangirai?

George Bango - 11 April 2014

@Alex Makanda, Yu cant compare democratic practice and there is no better one.In itself the rule of the majority is not fair, what about the minority? Mzansi ne Zim isu tine more years tichizvitonga....more experience!

Don Wezhira - 11 April 2014

My bro Alex Mukanda munhu wese ane democratic right bt kana ma rights ako ava kukanganisa evamwe ,they are no longer tolerated therefore unosungwa nemutemo for example une right iwe yekuputa fodya bt ukange wava kuputira fodya pane vasingadi fodya then you are also violating someone's rights so nyaya ye ma rights yamuri ku preacher iyi asekuru chengerai

chapungu - 11 April 2014

Mangoma is now free to join Zanu PF tym to take off the mask he will be more than welcome to join the Revolutionary party and form part of the gravy train.Whoever are his pay master shud b ruing this moment chickens have come to roost

protestor - 11 April 2014

haiwa zvipi kovo ngazviinde magoma you are confused go go go go go go in peace usadzoke.

chipazhamongo - 11 April 2014

If Tsvangirayi and the NEC are to show their balls they had to do this. In fact the same constitutionalists were violating the constitution. I in the same vein believe that they were waiting and anticipating this action so that they can move on without feeling guilty. Now they can say they were expelled rather than leave and hope it will paint Tsvangirayi as an intolerant dictator. This will work to the donors albeit temporarily as they will soon realize that these rebels are just after money.

sabhuku - 11 April 2014

Zvaiita zvaenda nhubu dzoda kuputsa musangano . 2018 Touyako ZANU PF torai nharadada dzamaipa matender kuti dziputse musangano . Vatengisi bvisa Hez voko

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 11 April 2014

Mangoma should have communicated his message better by using structures of the party rather than using the press to destroy the party from within..

Remigio - 11 April 2014

Our president Morgan Tsvangirai is a true democratic leader. He encourages and genuinely seeks other people's input in MDC-T. He accepts advice and has promoted freedom of expression within the MDC party. He has always promoted the sharing of ideas within party structures. President Tsvangirai has never refused to step down as party president, but has clearly said, “Let's go to congress”, so Mangoma could not wait for congress??? Well done our MDC-T executive council by firing these terrorists. Mangoma and his renewal team deserve such drastic action. You have removed rotten tomatoes from our beloved party, well done. Mangoma was entitled to his views, but he used the wrong platform. One cannot discuss sensitive issues with journalists and through the press. My advice to Mangoma and others in future do not rush to the press, the same journalists, whom you shared your grievances with, are the same people who will bring you down. Democracy is not liaising with the press, better wait for party congress where one has the opportunity to challenge for leadership position in the party. Hatidi vapanduki vanhu vanoita sevasina pfungwa. Mangoma and his friends are just power hungry lots. They are now free to launch their own political party. Mangoma was part of the MDC leadership that campaigned for 2013 general elections, why didn't he share with us his brilliant ideas? If he had MDC at heart, why didn't he contribute positively for the benefit of MDC and Zimbabweans in general? He was busy back biting musangano wedu. A very wise decision to fire these hooligans. Our main target as MDC is to remove Robert Mugabe and his useless government team.

Chabvondoka, UK - 11 April 2014

Ok Zimbos let's do the reality check game: 1.Is it true that Tsvangirai and his MDC-T are still out of power? 2.)Is it true that there is still disgruntlement among MDC-T members and the general population? 3.)Is Tsvangirai's support within the MDC-T and with the general population increasing or waning since 2008? 4.)Are the number of political parties increasing or decreasing in Zimbabwe? 5.)Is the international community still taking Zimbabwean politics seriously? 6.)Given the current scenario, is it really worthwhile to die, lose limbs or get disfigured in the name of Zimbabwean politics?

Reality check - 11 April 2014

Am a fan of mdc t but I think it is time we find a name for the party not a personal one .no one is bigger than the party ,let us not allow people to mess up without facing the consequences .Tsvangirai is dragging the name of the party into the mud by what he is doing ,he needs to behave like a leader.Integrity lacks in this man ,OBVIOUSLY THERE SHOULD BE A CDE OF CONDUCT IN THE MDC T as a party , something must be said and done about such behaviour.

njombo yesimbi - 11 April 2014

Tsvangirai has clearly said, "Let's wait for the congress, where anyone can challenge anyone", so where is the dragging the party into the mud. You can wash your dirty linen in public. Mangoma and his team are very intelligent, therefore they should now stop complaining and form their own party. They are now so free to do so, and should stop accusing Tsvangirai alone. If these guys have done this in ZANU-PF, they could have disappeared like a whirlwind blowing. Do not joke with ZANU-PF. Mangoma is so lucky because MDC is full of Christians with full of love. Viva MDC, nevapanduki. Every house has rules and channels so as MDC-T.

Chabvondoka, UK - 11 April 2014

This is not democracy at all Tsvangiirai! Yu are saying one thing and yu do the opposite. Yu were not supposed to kick these guys out for speaking their minds. We call that democracy. Its so true what Mangomasaid and lm so sorry for people who blindly support Tsvangirai. Give n all his misgivings

Bashoma Haward Munyuki - 12 April 2014

There is no democracy in MDC T. It is either you are with them or against them. If you do not agree with them, you are a Zunu Pf operative. If you are a Ndebele, you are labelled a tribalist. MDC T is not different from Zanu PF. MDC T leadership are not true nationalist. Thoko Khupe, Lovemore Moyo, Abednico Bhebhe will realize this very soon, wait and see. Biti is the only a true nationalist and the sooner he leaves MDC T and join other nationalists in the MDC party, the better.

Open eyes - 12 April 2014

Mangoma idhara re Zanu. It is obvious that the economy is faltering and the next ZANU PF President will not be as strong as President Robert Mugabe. It follows that the best way for ZANU PF to face a weaker MDC candidate. Can you imagine a weaker MDC candidate than Elton Mangoma?

Ndaneta - 12 April 2014

mangoma is no the party and so is morgan however what mangoma is a scapegoat in a game where some of the players in tsvangirai are either intimidated by him morgan or that they actually believe him ..then this is a problem with having power hungry people surround you they will push morgan until they break his back the will push him to take the shots ..morgan is a product of those who gave him and power and those who have an agenda in the event that morgan wins the presidency''''

Gava - 12 April 2014

Chabvondoka, how come Tsvangirai has never dealt with perpetrators of violence? Is it your view that Mangoma's transgressions are worse than violence? Is it also your view that one should be expelled before a hearing is conducted? What happened to the tribunal that we had been told would hear Mangoma's case? Do you also believe that Tsvangirai should not be taken to account for failing to account for the money he withdrew from both the Reserve Bank and the Finance Ministry for renovations to the Highlands mansion? As an outsider I find it laughable that one can be expelled from the party for advocating leadership renewal in a party which clearly needs it. It is barbaric to use violence as a weapon for staying in power.

Ruramai - 12 April 2014

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democracy does not mean care free attitude -free for all or day dreaming. Kungoita zvawada leadership style unoiwanepi Mangoma. Kurwara uku.

Chawada Hapana - 16 April 2014

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