Zim may face rebellion: Biti

HARARE - Zimbabwe may face a rebellion because of lack of vision and leadership, an opposition leader has warned.

MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti warned in a wide-ranging interview with the Daily News last week that failure by ruling leaders to act on the issues that are affecting the 14 million citizens reeling from an ill-performing economy and failure by opposition to exert any form of influence because of its own internal challenges, could give rise to rebellion, including even by the military.

“Now the effect of our fragile economy on the backdrop of a country where democracy itself is in intensive care, where opposition itself has its own challenges, where the ruling party itself is tearing each other to pieces, is that we face the day of real invasion of parties, a real possibility of a military coup d’état,” Biti said.

“But the sum totality of this is lack of leadership, lack of vision and lack of love.”

The former finance minister said the economy was in a deep trench of stagnation and deflation, an unfortunate situation which he claimed could last for 30 years as there was absolutely no economic activity on the ground.

He said that although many countries such as Argentina had gone through similar episodes in their history, none of them were a fragile state as is the case in Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe is a fragile state, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is very low, poverty levels are high and its per capita income is less than $300,” Biti said.

He said Zimbabwe was going to die from this comatose state because there was no economic activity.

Biti said the economy could only be revived through credit lines because it was not capable of generating financial resources required, adding the goodwill of others would also come in handy and give the economy a jump start needed to revive industry.

Biti said there was need to ensure transparency in all sectors to ensure that every cent generated was remitted into the country’s coffers.

To achieve the ideal of getting the country out of the economic malaise, there was need to have dedicated people working together for the common good.

“To get out of this comatose requires urgent surgery by expert surgeons, by dedicated surgeons, by super physicians in the form of your government. But that’s the problem if the chief physician is 90 years and the actual technical expert is a farmer from Headlands, so these things are beyond them from what is required,” Biti added.

“We are going to require post operation maintenance and care. It is beyond these parties that are afflicted by asinine factual factional fanaticism that is unprecedented.

“We see deputy ministers attacking ministers and Parliament has become a civil war for two main factions and opposition with its own problems is now an innocent bystander in boxing matches taking place in the two main factions fighting for dear life.”

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You have spoken truth to power, Biti. You are accumulating some good marks in the court of public opinion. The ZANU PF zombies, of course, won't listen and the upheaval will take them by surprise while most of them will be at their concubines' homes.

Dickson Munamati - 8 April 2014

Biti is one person with a clear vision. He says it like it is, even admitting that there are problems in his own party. We need more leaders like you, but my advice to you is work closely with Tsvangirai for now until you get groomed to take over.

Dr Know - 8 April 2014

kikiki, 'the ruling party tearing itself to pieces', what a comment from a man who is in the frying pan of his own party. Loud mouthed, and clueless idiot.

reason - 8 April 2014

hahahahahah. reason only has one word in his vocabulary. " idiot" is what u post everyday. shame shame shame

ndozvo - 8 April 2014

To Reason, the only reason you reason in such a stupid way is because you are reasonably dull. This platform is not for people to call each names like "idiot". Reason well Reason.

Dr Know - 8 April 2014

Biti as a person with a vision and the love he mentions must do the right thing. 1. Avoid the rebellion in your own party by joining hands with your comrades. 2. Work closely with all democratic forces to effect a positive change that will effectively bring sanity to the ailing economy. 3. Admit that you lost elections as a party and not Tsvangirai as is alleged you opined. Otherwise Biti you're one of the articulate brains this country can't lose. But you need to organize and go back to the basics and objectives of progressive parties. Always remember not to wash your rags in the public, if you have issues why not solve them through structures.

Regalia - 8 April 2014

@reason sometimes I wonder whether you have cooked brains or frozen. If you have something reasonable to say why not say it instead of portraying your foolishness. There is no platform you have ever given a sound comment. The truth well spoken by Biti is what stings you like a bee. I applaud you Mr Biti.

kt - 8 April 2014

good analysis wakutaura semunhu akatendeuka usafurirwe nevamwe vakarasika sana........

protestor - 8 April 2014

With such docile people in Zimbabwe that is 99.999% possible. Look how homes were destroyed and they were quiet, hunger in 2007/2008 and runaway inflation they were quiet. Zimbabweans are very good at running away from reality, when they arevfaced with such problems they run away to other cuntries, the day we will be denied entry into those countries and those in chased away is the time when the caged cat will spring to action but of now why worry just jump the border into RSA or Botswana wapedza.

Maita Manyuka - 8 April 2014

The happiest man will be Mugabe should he die living a chaotic Zimbabwe because the man weverybody to believe that he was the center that held everything. He is a jealous man knowing his days are over and would want to die with everybody. Remain calm Zimbabweans. The devil is on his death bed and Zimbabwe shall live forever.

Ziziharinanyanga - 9 April 2014


see - 9 April 2014

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mina - 9 April 2014

we could have rebelled in 2000 or 2008 when things were worse.dont dream mr biti .I SUPPORT YOU BUT WHY DO YOU ALWAYS WANT PEOPLE TO REBEL.

brree - 10 April 2014

Shungu chete ndodzakubaya

zvazviri - 10 April 2014

We need a new brand of politics in Zimbabwe. The colonial-victim brand is now problematic. People now want to move on with live and focus on improving their own lives. We need politics that unify us as Zimbabweans in all our political diversities and make our Zimbabwe a great place to live in. Politics dze "Pasi nema British" in 2014 from a country that claims to be the most illiterate guys?

CDE Sinjonjo - 11 April 2014

its a pity that Biti wants to play clever by pushing the blame to zanupf. he was in gvt for five years n wat did he do besides telling us there was no money? chart yo own way Biti and dont try to sell us yo crocodile tears. yo talk is always full of threats to Zimbabwe and its people,that dangerous talk my frend or you are playing the Western script again?

parapinda - 13 April 2014

@parapinda When Biti was min of finance there was no payday when civil servants failed to get their , just within a year after Chinamasa took over Govt if failing to raise enough salaries and they are having to tell ssb that they will only provide funds for the net salaries only and failing to pay the service providers like medical aid providers.

chemazitama - 14 April 2014

mr biti is a mastermind , reason keep calm and learn and please observe what he says than display your hd ignorance

SNOWMAN - 14 April 2014

To Maita Manyuka Why do you talk about somebodys life days? Why do want the President to die and what about you? My friend you are going to die also and it doesn"t matter whether you beleive in satanism.Its only satanists who enjoy some peoples deaths like u. The words you said and with thine shall you be!!! amen

gmaly - 14 April 2014

To: ZIHARINYANGA Why do celebrate about some bodyS death? I beleive its the devil who celebrates blood, and especially to easter holidays.Your beleief in satanisb does not work but it will reduce your life time!!! What you said definately you will be reduced!!!!! The presidents beleives in God and thats why God put him there.The unfortunate thing satanists have no scriptures and they revase ours the bible.That is why you enjoy death and i am sorry it wont happened it will be you. Its an insult to the almight becoz its God who put or pull leaders.Are you trying to say YOU are better than the almight and we will see the outcome of your life!!!! You say you count the lifes president you are counting down and what about yours.Do you count up not down? If a months baby can die what about you nekuchembera kwavakaita! Never be so satanic and comfortable that you not dying pliz!! You can go first before those whom you want them to GO!!!!! Its only satanists who think can inherit this earth for ever!!!!!

JETS - 14 April 2014

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