I went to school for wrong reasons — Tuku

HARARE - Music superstar Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi bemoans the time he wasted pursuing academic studies that he had no passion for.

The 62 year old internationally recognised music icon who has just returned from a three-month world tour believes he could have achieved a lot more if he had taken music seriously from a tender age.

Tuku made the remarks on Wednesday during the tour of his Norton-based Pakare Paye Arts Centre by Sports, Arts and Culture minister Andrew Langa.

“I built this arts centre in 2003 to fight most parents’ attitude towards arts,” said Tuku.

“Art is considered as a loafer’s job by society that is why children are forced to spend time pursuing academics instead of developing the talents they are good at.”

The Sarawoga singer now realises that he went to school for the wrong reasons.

“I wasted a lot of time pursuing academics just like some university graduates who end up being employed by artistes to display posters on the streets,” said the Bvuma hit-maker who added that the purpose of education should be to enhance talents inherent in children.

The award-winning musician who has been in the music business for over four decades wants Pakare Paye Arts Centre to inspire young artistes.

“I hope it will go a long way in helping youngsters to follow their hearts. The moment one becomes an artiste he also becomes a business person. Society should understand that one can make a living through arts,” he said.

Tuku told Langa that he is single-handedly financing the construction of the Norton-based arts centre.

“I am building this centre on my own. I didn’t receive even a single cent from anyone. The centre is far from being complete but I hope it will go a long way in helping youngsters to follow their hearts.”

Langa, who is the first minister to take charge of the new Sports, Arts and Culture ministry, said Tuku is a living proof of what a professional approach to the arts can achieve.

“The government appreciates very much what you are doing. You have managed to transform yourself from being a mere entertainer to a businessperson,” said the minister.

The Insiza North legislator conceded that the government has not fully played its part in facilitating arts development in the country.

“As government I must admit that we have not done much to help artists but I can say we are going to help you in sourcing funds you need to complete the centre. We are going to engage the corporate world to assist you,”he said.

Apart from Tuku’s Pakare Paye Arts Centre, Langa, who was in the company of National Arts Council of Zimbabwe Elvas Mari, also toured Murehwa Cultural Centre that was established in 1984.

Though the Murehwa facility was supposed to be the first of many such district cultural centres, it has remained the only one three decades on.

“We are negotiating with the Chinese government to build a big cultural centre in Harare but before we embark on that one, we have to refurbish the one we have here in Murewa.Centres of this nature keep our culture as Zimbabweans intact,” he said.

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I do not think Tuku is giving good advice to youngsters. Education is something you can always fall back on when times get rough. There was a time when times were rough for him in Kwekwe, had he any qualifications at that time he could've seeked employment. Those graduates who stick up posters for you are only doing so to try and get something to eat.

Dr Know - 8 April 2014

Hezvo!! are you serious TUKU? How many children are living negitare,hwamanda orchipendani? Ko kuvawo neruzivo rwezviri munyika?geography, history, maths, scientology, aerodynamics ..... hazvina basa? Ko vanorarama nokufunda vangani?

herber - 8 April 2014

You know what, Mtukudzi, most of the people who attend your shows are university graduates. I understand your point that people must follow their hearts but you have the danger of being misunderstood if you do not choose your words carefully. Imagine if we had all become musicians, who would have attended your shows? There is of course need for division of labour in society. Now due to schooling some people are able to perform some engineering feats to refine your music. You are always speaking on the cellphone, thanx to Econet engineers. The morale at your shows is boosted by people high on Chibuku beer, thanx to Delta biochemists who brew the beer. Should you have a headache after your shows you just take paracetamols. Thanx to the pharmacists. When ZIMRA wants its pound of flesh you of course seek the help of your accountants. We must give thanx to formal education. Without it there would not be any progress in society.

Girajuweti - 8 April 2014

ummmmmmmmmmmmmm musadaro mdara,munotirasa

majorbussy masvingo - 8 April 2014

Itai kuti maivharwa nechikoro we have got proof Mwari vakakuitirai nyasha

protestor - 8 April 2014

am surprised by wat this old man is saing cuz school is everything it brings enlightment i thing he shld just sae ndanga ndiri dofo kuchikoro so he wasted his tym cuz aiperekedza vamwe otherwiz iye anoda vanhu vakadzidza to be his manager at the end of the dae .since he z a role model i think this wil by quoted by our children so that they will not love xul to hell with this csool is the only way out

hauna msoro - 8 April 2014

Tuku, as much as we love you, dont give twisted advice.You should have actually said pursue education to achieve your passion. I know makaperera muO level and passed but thats basic education every child must get before deciding on a career. U wanted to play drums at grade 2, smoke dagga and die at grade 6? Now I actually blame you for making Sam mature too fast for his age. No Samanyanga apa marasika. ndini wenyu ziFAN renyu ziguru

Fan yaTuku - 8 April 2014

You seem not to understand Mutukudzi Guys. In fact it all depends on your definition of of education. All he is saying is persue your talents and don't be forced zvausingagone. Reading and writing yes, But persuit of accademics for the sake of it means nothing if you are not developing inborn talents. Not everyone should be academic. that kind of thinking is myth and has actually deprived Africa of potential talent development in fact it has enslaved others in professions they have no passion of because of the societal stereotypes. Michael Jackson was not a graduate but ws very successful, I tell you if his parents had forced him to peruse law Jackson would have died a destitute. Education should enable people do discern and acknowledge that people are different and their talents compliment each other. when we need a Weather forecast -Geography come in, when we need to fly aircraft engineers come in, but when we need relaxation and entertainment the non accademic Mutukudzi and Vharazipi come in. lets talent be identified at an early age and allow it to develop from there so as to excel. After all Mutukudzi said" I WENT TO SCHOOL FOR WRONG REASONS" meaning he went to school ( which is right) but his purpose was to develop academically not to develop arts which is his passion. The education system did not develop his artistic skills. I rest my case.

VISION 2020 - 8 April 2014

Waudze VISION 2020. Vangomhanya kungotaura vasina kumbonyatsoverenga. After all Mutukudzi is nit as dull as you think vakomana, Haana kumboti mhunhu vese aite artist. Ati iye akaends kuchikoro nechinangwa chisicho. Angadai akaenda kuchikoro achisimbirira kuzvinagwa zvake zvekuita develop arts, chete chete ndoozvavarikutaura vakuru vedu ava

DK - 8 April 2014

In other words DK you are saying those who graduated in marketing ,accounting etc who are not working persued wrong choices.Its the state of the economy bruru why they are doing such jobs.In gone by days who could not envy a university graduate. Atadza kutaura chete apa.How many musicians are going back to work zvaramba kumagitare or how many soccer players are dying as paupers yet they had persued their talents at tender ages? Chikoro ndizvo

Chimuti - 8 April 2014

Of late Tuku is making weird comments. Doesn't he know that education makes a well-rounded, knowledgeable citizen. He was also saying he doesn't know how much he spent on building the arts center..that really paints him as a poor manager of his affairs.

Observer - 8 April 2014

Surprise surprise, the Minister now wants to give Tuku money to complete his business, as if he has asked for some. Tuku, be careful - these politicians now want to make use of your popularity for Zanu PF propaganda. Ramba mari yavo - ngavaendese mari iyoyo kunobatsira ma artists ari kustruggle to make ends meet. Vave kuda kukujairira.

Bnjamin Chitate - 8 April 2014

Its probably interpretation gone wrong, just like what his missus once said ''Ndigere mushe kudai nokuda kwemari yenyu'' and the fans got livid. She didn't mean bad but said it badly. Shonalising the English language is problematic.

top heavy - 8 April 2014

Dai musina kuenda kuchikoro na Samanyanga mungadai muchigona ku runner business re kuimba? Kuita ma projects? Kuverenga nekunyora nziyo dzacho? Chikoro ndo chakatokusvitsai ipapa, regai tifunde, tozoridza magitare tiine ma degree

Bla Cedza - 9 April 2014

Knowledge is power. Even gangsta music artists like Snoop Dogg do encourage young people to go to school.

Sinikiwe Shumba - 9 April 2014

imi ka u didnt understand tuku at all.wld he have sent his own kids..arikuti besides education yedu yemabooks let ur child discover their talent

pakare - 9 April 2014

Tuku tell the Minister that Zimbabwe education is useless because graduates are being employed by grade 3 musicians to put up posters in the streets. It is because there are no jobs and other opportunities for the graduates.Education itself is good.

Maita Manyuka - 9 April 2014

ndinofunga haasi kuti vanhu ngavarege kuchikoro asi kuti ngavazive zvavanogona and zvavanoda and develope that kunyanya se zvinoitwa kunze kuti munhu anopiwa scholarship kubidikidza nekutamba nhabvu kana kumhanya then oita degree riri relevant ne passion yako so that what ever you do u will be happy and successful because unenge uchiita zvinhu zvaunida.

EISH! - 9 April 2014

A wizened old man of 62 should be advising young people on the importance of education.After all education is the foundation of life.Many top notch musicians were highly educated.I can site people like Brian May of the rock supergroup Queen who is a Ph.d holder.Here at home we have the likes of Prof. Fred Zindi, Prof. Jonathan Moyo the Information Minister, Dr. Roger Hukuimwe, and many graduates like Pastor Charamba and Fungisai Z.Mashavave.To run Pakara Paye successfully Tuku also needs a business foundation derived from education.

tafamutekwe - 9 April 2014

haaaa apa mudhara waakundigumburisa, dofo harigone kuManager mari yaro kunyangwe ikawandisa zvakadii, tarisa tyson the great fighter ever haachina kana cent aingodyirwa nemaManager nemaPromoter, nekupara mhosva dzinodya maCent nhasi broke, COZ haana kuita gwana.

mashotopiyana - 9 April 2014

Tuku could have driven home his point without denigrating education and university graduates. I sense pride when I hear it.

Taurai - 9 April 2014

Tuku is right how many self made billionaires dropped out of University in the USA just to pursue their innate talents. Academic education is good but there is also skills education which should focus on the diverse talents of different individuals. Most people are motivated to be Nurses, Doctors, Accountants and Engineers not because they have the talent but because of the packages associated with the professions and its a shame.

Straight Talk - 9 April 2014

tuku is saying hurumende ngaisimbise zvidzidzo zvema arts muzvikoro chete chete,mwana akure achitoziva kuti ini ndiri artist. iye akaenda achiti pamwe angangoita zvimwe zvakasiyana ne ma arts asi akazvikoniwa, zvemagatare arikuzvita asina rubatsiro rwaani as achibudirira. ndiri umwe wema artists today i m living in south africa but i have realised kuti dai ndakabatirwa padhuze ne chipo ichi ndirikure. imi vanomutsoropodza statement yake zviri kuratidza zvega hamunzwisise ma arts uye muchaita dambudziko rokufunga kuti mwana anofanira kungoinda kuchikoro ozo discover talent yake apedza form four.

chipazhamongo - 10 April 2014

tuku haana kutaura asina kufunga, dzimbo dzamunoteerera zhinji dzake dzine madimikira nekutaura kwake zvimwe chete.imi bedzi mangoita kurasika mutauro we ma arts. unova ndiwo mongo we rudzi. zivai zvipo zvevana venyu mugozvibatira pedyo vakure vachidada nazvo vasaita zimutevere nekuda kwekushaya zivo. chipazhamongo idetembo remutupo wangu haisi nickname.

chipazhamongo - 10 April 2014

mudhara ariright. people should pursue their dreams. if u are an academic pursue academics. if you are a passionate about arts pursue arts. it is a public secret that most academic subjects being done at schools and even at tertiary institutions are not relevant as far as one has to earn a living in zimbabwe. in other words there is too much emphasis on academic studies where nearly everyone will be looking for a job. who will create the jobs?

mafirakureva - 10 April 2014

mudhara this is wrong at all vanhu vane pakasiyana pavanosimuka napo educaion is very important vamwe tinazvo zvekuimba bt first things first ndaiku bhigai bt ths haa maya hatingawirirane kana taimba tozodiiii

bruce - 10 April 2014

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