Tsvangirai plot: Western donors fingered in conspiracy

HARARE - A damning MDC dossier claims that Zanu PF is working with suspended MDC deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma, as well as secretary-general Tendai Biti and treasurer-general Roy Bennett to oust Morgan Tsvangirai from the leadership of the party.

Some Western embassies are also named in the report as having allegedly pulled together millions of dollars to help the coalition of MDC “rebels” and Zanu PF to oust Tsvangirai.

Both Mangoma and Zanu PF strenuously rejected the accusations yesterday, while Bennett could not be reached for comment. Biti said he could not immediately comment as he was in church.

Authors of the sensational dossier claim that Zanu PF does not want to face the MDC leader in the 2018 polls, which President Robert Mugabe is unlikely to participate in due to advanced age and health.

It is further alleged that the “rebels” are aware that Zanu PF is using them to remove Tsvangirai from the 2018 equation, while Western donors are blindly supporting the project.

The 17-page document, seen by the Daily News, details how the MDC rebels supposedly started putting their plan together to depose Tsvangirai, with the active support of Zanu PF agents, in 2012.

Central to the rebels’ strategy, the document alleges, was financial sabotage of Tsvangirai and the MDC’s campaign in last year’s disputed elections, as well as the diversion of party funds, as well as political espionage.

On top of the reported spying and manipulation of private issues, the rebels and Zanu PF also allegedly put together sophisticated propaganda programmes, as well as well-oiled plans to bribe party structures in a bid to turn them against Tsvangirai.

It would appear that some of the claims in the dossier are central to the charge-sheet recently served on Mangoma — who has been accused of embezzling party funds to use them to win over party structures.

A miffed Mangoma rubbished the dossier yesterday, in turn alleging that the document had been authored by MDC organising secretary Nelson Chamisa — who was unreachable yesterday to defend himself or comment on these counter allegations.

“Don’t phone me to ask about Chamisa’s false reports,” Mangoma fumed.

“First, I never benefited anything from Zanu PF, be it farming implements or whatever. It is on record that I was the only MDC minister who was arrested several times during the unity government.

“This was so because I refused to be corrupted and work with Zanu PF.

“It is Tsvangirai who is working with Zanu PF. He is staying at a Zanu PF house. He is married to a Zanu PF daughter. If there is anybody who is working with them, it is Tsvangirai. He and Chamisa are the ones working with Zanu PF,” he  said.

Mangoma was suspended last month after he sent an open letter in January asking Tsvangirai to resign as MDC leader, saying he was a hard-sell candidate in the next polls because of his personal indiscretions and his failure to push through reforms while in the four-year power-sharing government with Mugabe.

Mangoma also alleged Tsvangirai was behind his assault outside Harvest House and has gone on to file a police report. Tsvangirai has denied organising his lieutenant’s beating and the case is now before the courts.

“Instead of responding to my letter, Tsvangirai hired Chamisa to look for thugs to beat me,” Mangoma said yesterday.

“Violence is the strategy of people working with Zanu PF and everyone knows that it is

Tsvangirai and Chamisa who are working with Zanu PF.”

The dossier also claims that Zanu PF had invested $10 million in the Tsvangirai ouster project, which it says started with the sabotage of the MDC leader’s presidential bid in last year’s harmonised polls, through the denial of campaign funds by Mangoma.

“The plan to divert and withhold funds was mooted in 2012 by Bennett, Mangoma and Biti for the major purposes which they are sabotaging the party in order to create a basis for judging Tsvangirai as having failed and therefore push for his ouster,” the document says.

“The sabotage was targeted at both the daily affairs of party management and administration, as well as the 2013 elections.

“It was proposed by the Zanu PF intelligence system and accepted by the MDC rebels that if Tsvangirai lost the presidential election it would be easier and justifiable to push him out of the MDC leadership position even before the 2016 congress,” it says.

While the Daily News could not independently verify some of the claims, the document alleges that some money was diverted by the rebels, allegedly including $4 million from the United States of

America, $3,2 million from Britain, $2 million from Australia and $1,5 million from Scandinavian countries.

The rebels reportedly raised an additional $5 million from other donors, allegedly by hoodwinking the diplomatic community into believing that the plot to oust Tsvangirai was “well-advanced and guaranteed of success”.

The document claims the rebels have also received a total of 100 vehicles from America, which were handed to their sympathisers in South Africa.

The dossier claims the diverted money has been used to buy the support and backing of party structures towards the leadership change agenda, with specific targets having been the provincial chairpersons and secretaries.

The strife has also sucked into its vortex members of the MDC secretariat, chiefly Toendepi Shonhe, and the secretary for policy and research, Fortune Gwaze.

“The duo have been the major force behind implementing the strategies of publicity campaigns, information leakages, bribing members of the party and structures to back the plot, as well as operating secret channels  of misinformation and propaganda,” the dossier claims.

Both Gwaze and Shonhe were not immediately available for comment yesterday.

The document further claims that secret service officers were spying on Tsvangirai and manipulating the information they gather to create bad publicity.

“Communications experts have been deployed to record Mrs Tsvangirai’s conversations, as well as invade her personal communication channels such as e-mails, to misinform and distort information

towards specific destinations and for intended goals,” the document reads further.

“Zanu PF agents have been sent to Mrs Tsvangirai and asked her to co-operate in plans to destroy the MDC leader in return for money ranging between amounts of $2 million and $5 million. According to intelligence sources, she has declined the offers.”

The rebels are also said to be waging a cyber-warfare against Tsvangirai.

“Under this programme, Internet network sites such as Harvestlikis and Radio Chokwadi on the Facebook platform are funded and operated,” the document alleges.

“They are invariably used to tarnish the image of the MDC leader and other party officials known to solidly stand by him, through falsehoods, misinformation and propaganda.”

The dossier claims Mangoma personally benefitted through access to resources such as farming implements and also business tenders, as well as deals, courtesy of the manipulation by the Zanu PF system.

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This is b*******

Hasu - 7 April 2014

So is Tsvangirai now saying the elections were not rigged but he lost because of internal sabotage, which is which here???

VaMturikwa - 7 April 2014

You guys ought to be serious if you want to be politicians . You can not blame Zanu Pf for all your faliures .

Mose Ruddolf ( Hitler) - 7 April 2014

My advice to Mangoma if he wants to progress in politics is to stop being emotional and respond to all the allegations leveled against him point by point. He can provide a dossier on how Nelson Chamisa rigged the MDC-T primary elections in favour of his friends and other political upstarts in return for money. He can detail how Chamisa's fortunes skyrocketed soon after the primary elections. Morgan's shenanigans are well documented and they only need to be rehashed now and then for good measure.

Portiphar Mudumbwi - 7 April 2014

Personally I believe Chamisa's version of events. Mugabe and ZanuPF are afraid of Tsvangirai as evidenced by their continuos attacks on him through the Herald, Sunday Mail and ZBC. Why is ZanuPF spending so much resources if they think he is finished? The lurid details of his private life that we read in the public press point to round the clock electronic and physical survaillance. We all know ZanuPF wants a one party state and the only man who commands enough support to stop this is Morgan hence these desperate manouvres. And lastly Mangoma's actions are suspicious. Why was he so eager to involve the police when his shirt was torn but is not bothered about the Glen View 29 or the more than 200 supporters who were butchered in 2008?

Zvichapera - 7 April 2014

You guys give us a break.Whom do you think you can fool with this kind of reporting. Roy Bennert conniving with zanu(pf) .Who lost everything because of zanu(pf) policies.Who is now rich because of getting contracts and wifes from zanu(pf). dailynews,wasn"t expecting that kind of reporting from you.

beyond - 7 April 2014

Zvichapera,this shows that tsvangirai are riding on the backs of fools. If its about the Glen-view 29 i refer you to the rebels press conference on thursday.

beyond - 7 April 2014

Zvichapera you believe chamisa"s version hopes you also believe his source of mega riches.

beyond - 7 April 2014

There is nothing wrong with Zanu pf saying bad things about Tsvangirai, just like there is nothing wrong with MDC-T saying bad things about Zanu pf. It is called politics.

machakachaka - 7 April 2014

HOGWASH Daily News Be Serious Mhani. So Zanu-PF Works with Bennett of All People; Who Has Been Banished in Zimbabwe by the Same Zanu-PF. Zanu-PF Works with the British and Americans to Remove Tsvangirai. If Ever Zanu-PF would Want Tsvangirai to Be the Leader of the MDC-T in 2018; AND Wallop Him Again. For the Record Tsvangirai was Beaten by Zanu-PF in 2000; 2002; 2005; 2008 and 2013; Why Honestly Would Zanu-PF Be Afraid of Tsvangirai? Look for Better News not this HOGWASH

iiooooo - 7 April 2014

@iiooooo, or is it Icho, please do not try to censor the Daily News. The paper must report everything, be it on Zanu PF or MDC. If you do no like it, better visit those newspapers and websites that rock your boat.

Khumalo - 7 April 2014

I completely agree with you Khumalo, I much prefer a newspaper that tells us everything than one that edits some things out just because they may offend a few people. Otherwise we might then all just need to watch ZTV and read the Herald.

Khetai - 7 April 2014

My worry is these people have found ousting Tsvangirayi a priority rather than ousting ZanuPf which has torn to shreds the social norms and living of Zimbabweans. I would have wished they won the elections and then ask Tsvamgirayi not to contest the next elections since his battle would have been won. Alas these people are not fighting the scourge of Zimbabwe but are busy destabilising a project we thought would bring the much needed change to the country, I am shocked, really shocked and some of them claim to be Christians yet they are backbiters. They sabotaged the people's project just to get at Morgan Tsvangirayi. Tsvangirayi is not staying in a ZanuPf house that sows mangoma to be very immature, so he thinks Zimbabwe is a ZanuPf country so what the hell is talking about when he has a Zanupf farm himself? Zvekusungwa zvine basa Kuruneri akambosungwa wani, ko temba Mliswa haana kumbovharirwa, na Chiyangwa asi ndeveZanuPF so equally vaingokusunga havo vachiziva kuti uri willing tool to destroy this project. And you have done it big time. Congratulations. To the so-called Western Diplomats don't look at these people lokk at what the roots are saying if you are indeed trying to help democratising Zimbabwe.

Maita Manyuka - 7 April 2014

The way Mangoma responds seems to suggest there some substance in the allegations. He really wants to be president of MDC and can work with whoever including zanupf to depose Tsvangirai. Good luck.

Edzai - 7 April 2014

aaaaah jesus Christ ,tsvangirai is now desperate to be in power,mangoma and biti were the only hardliners in mdc who didi not even wanted to join the inclusive gvt,Bennet and the west supporting Zanu Pf kkkk lol come on

bob - 7 April 2014

Tsvangirayi failed 5 times to dislodge Zanu PF: 2000; 2005; 2008 and 2013. What makes you think he can do it in 2018? If the team fails to win anything, just change the coach. It looks like he is "fixing" the matches. Who then is working with Zanu PF, Mangoma or Tsvangson? Change the coach. Period.

Open eyes - 7 April 2014

Do not wast time thinking over trivial things or issues in the papers. the truth of the matter is that zanu policies don`t fit in developmental issues on this planet panguva ino. Iwe unoti Face East for what? developing countries face everywere fo development.!! Chitororo takaita chakapera. Do not dream kuti Umlugulu, Mkwati or Nehanda to come and instatall internet in your home. lets follow the footsteps of develope nations tigorarama savo!!! mdc is trying this, lets all heip in good faith..

herber - 7 April 2014

Iye tsvangison mari yemaroora ake neyokufadza pfambi dzake yaimbobvepi. This is another corrupt idiot, which donor would support this nonsense. Tsvangirai is a trade unionist with zero political stamina to tople or lead Zimbabwe. Zvirinane kugara nenyoka yaunoziva. Nyange zvodini haapapindi; vote Ngwena for president 2018.

Vonai - 7 April 2014

My sense is that the dossier is scurrilous and full of accusations. One point I just won't buy is the one about how Bennet is working with ZANU PF !! That is the very depth of desperation from MDC spin doctors trying to spin this yarn out of a donor funding drought and ctry curry favour with them to bring them back. MDC T is a still born project for as long as tghe piper who pays calls for another tune. The song is no longer "morgan". They have studied him long and hard. They want nothing more to do with him. He is a dud rocket. One that just won't fly !! The masses unfortunately don't chose leaders. Its the money man. So if MDC wants change to come, they must listen to the money men. That is politics. Those that anoint can surely dis-anoint ! Game is up Morgiza !

bollo billings - 7 April 2014

Mangoma smell the coffee ur time is up n politically finished. People r allowed to dream so dream on. As people belonging to the mass party we now know who is wolf in sheep's clothing. U r now on the road to self destruction.

SANDILE NARE - 7 April 2014

dAILY nEWS you are losing credibility here. You are now the PR department for the MADEMC T !

bollo billings - 7 April 2014


bollo billings - 7 April 2014

I fail to understand why Western governments that have advanced intelligence units would all of a sudden choose to work with ZANU and against Tsvangirai. What's the motive behind all this? We need further clarification on this so we can know who our real enemy is and who is working with them.

Dr Know - 7 April 2014

Have you ever wondered how the current First Secretary of Zanu PF rose be where he is now? Ndabaningi Sithole was deposed!! Biti and Mangoma group are pursuing such an agenda, unfortunately they lack the charisma compared to the above given scenario. If I were them the results of 2018 election is the best to act upon unlike now.

muzukuru - 7 April 2014

I respect your opinion @bollo billings, but I would rather read and trust Daily News than any other paper in Zim.

Mercy - 7 April 2014

In the first place why is this Mangoma so obsessed with deposing Tsvangirai? What's the name of his project and what is he selling to the Zimbabweans to become a candidate for 2018? I mean one of those fly-by-night aspirants who'll get 0,001% of the votes and then die a natural political demise.

Regalia - 7 April 2014

desperation of tsvangirai n his cronies.do the honourable thing tsvangirai n resign.there better mdc supporters who cn do better n captain the party forward.the honour cums wen u resign wen pple still love u.mdc is bigger than tsvangirai n chamisa.its nw 14 yrs no leadership renewal.hw do u tell Mugabe to leave office when u tsvangirai u feel to do the same.lets stick to 2 terms policy.

isaiah - 7 April 2014

Why is Tsvangison so eager to cling to power like Bob, kaBoblet......lol!

Tsvanglet - 7 April 2014

I am sure when people say the month of feb is the month of love due to the valentine's day, then this is the month of fools. pranks

Brian Masunungure - 7 April 2014

This MDC division is a pure ZANU business who are afraid of Morgan in the 2018 elections. MaMDC believe it or not ZANU is very good at using people from one party kuti vamukirane. Do you remember what happened in their last split? The late R. Gasela confirmed that kana wadya mari yeZANU hauna kwaunoenda for free. This time their mission is to use MDC members to oust Morgan. Its a game of politics people need to take off their blinkers. Mukavarairwa munoyeuka bako manaiwa kare.

Ndoda Hondo - 7 April 2014

Tsvangirai is causing Zanu PF sleepless nights especially given that they know in Zanu PF they do not have a good candidate replace Mugabe and actually win against Tsvangirai. So they do all the dirt stuff to discredit his name. Tough luck though becaz we are now used to the game and we do not pay any mind. Tsvangirai ndizvo.

Parks Papindanyoka - 7 April 2014

Useless and speculative reporting. if this was true, why did Tsvangirai keep Mongoma and Biti as his lead negotiators all these years? If you don't agree with us, you're ZANU Pf or CIO, if you support MDC Ncube, you're a tribalist, if you support MDC-T, you are an agent or puppet of the West, when will Zimbabweans have their independent thinking? Stupid!!!!

Chimwindo - 8 April 2014

lets take the report as true and look at what who ever author is chamisa or morgen has said in summary. the mdc has lost snr members Biti Mangoma Bennet and sponsors America Britain and werstern embassies to Zanu Pf. So Zanu Pf is winning 2018 it is a better party clever people. MDc madandara.

Tinashe Charles Hozheri - 8 April 2014

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The dossier story stinks of Chamisa - it lakes sophistication. That trick was outdated even before it was tried during the Welshman Ncube split. The quality of journalism in this country is appalling, who writes this nonsense? But I guess we just have to learn to do with what we have when the cream of the crop is in the diaspora.

Mgcini - 8 April 2014

Tsvagirayi watambura nokuita marally gore rimwe risati rapera after ellections, Why? Unoda kuvhara chokwadi chokuti haachadiwi pachigaro, This shows how powerful Biti, Magoma, Bnet etc are. "The Authors of the sensational dossier claim that" Dailly ews must say those who want tsgso to stay ( chamisa and team) said, This news paper rinoreva nhema- (biti neZanu vabatana) hema tsuku. Closs your offices daily news. Ndonyarira bepa iri

tibvu - 8 April 2014

Zanu PF gives Roy Bennet the choice, "you want to come back to Zimbabwe, get your farm back and start your comfortable life" then back our plan. Zanu has equally arrested Chris Kuruneri who was never tried in any court but spent two good years in custody on remand then why not cooperate with Bennet if they could do that to one of theirs. Was Jonathan Moyo not banished from the same party but look at where he is; Zanu is good at using condoms for their benefit even if it means inflating a used one with their mouths. This document has to be analysed with a sober mind and not by drunk people. We know we were promised Tsvangirayi would be irrelevant to Zimbabwean politics after 2013 elections but he still is the most reported person today even muKwayedza. Elton Mangoma claims he was the only minister who was arrested but he forgets Zanu could have threatened him with more arrests this time with no trace because he is no longer a minister now or worse still meet a black dog like the late Sidney Malunga. We are not stupid. If Zanu can work with Israel why would they not work with the British and the Americans when the same Isralites (Nikuv) are working with USA 24/7? This is just a sober analyses and mind you Chamisa could also have been the author of this document but why point at him if you cannot elaborate Mr Mangoma could this mean that you wanted him to be part of the plot and he refused after having attended some meetings with the donors????????

Chenhamo Chikezha - 8 April 2014

Bennett was once a Zanu pf zita rake achinzi Pachedu so its easy for him to go back to his old party, he wants to get the little that he has in zimbabwe, so be careful mdc -t.

pagomo - 8 April 2014

Bennett was once a Zanu pf zita rake achinzi Pachedu so its easy for him to go back to his old party, he wants to get the little that he has in zimbabwe, so be careful mdc -t.

pagomo - 8 April 2014

we wnt politicians not academics like biti and mangoma .to hell with u guys you will never get anywhere

smarimbita - 8 April 2014

@Natural- I am surprised you would advertise these herbs which have been fingered as the main cause of cancer and impotence. I would urge those really brave to use this at their own risk.

gutter poet - 8 April 2014

Daily News please do something about these idiots who advertise all these dubious goods on your forums. It is very irritating and dangerous.

Pet Hate - 8 April 2014

This story is a complete cook-up by the Daily News and its people who lick Tsvangirai's as with their eyes closed. You refer to Mrs Tsvangirai. Does Tsvangirai have a wife? If so, is she not the disgraced daughter of an equally disgraced Zanu PF murderer who went scot-free. The theories you present are so far-fetched as to leave one wondering if the Daily News is not run by Tsvangirai-crazy lunactics masquerading as a newspaper. Be serious guys, Zimbos have been lied to for the past 33 years and no amount of camouflage will make this look like a sensible story because its hogwash. Curiously, why is this so-called report leaked to the Daily News only when there are so many media houses in Zim? We thought you were back to tell it as it is, but unfortunately you are telling it as you are told by Chamisa. We really miss the old Daily News, it was a great. This new one is not even a pale shadow of the old, its a Tsvangirai factional newsletter.

Nja Yekhaya - 9 April 2014

This @nja yekhaya is not a very smart dog. The Daily News has not manufactured this report. The newspaper says very clearly that it has been availed this MDC dossier. So what is your problem nja yekhaya? You want Daily News not to cover the stories that you don't like? That is pathetic to say the least Mr Dog? May I advise u to read those propaganda mouthpieces that do this kind of journalism that you like and leave some of us to enjoy this paper.

Malvern - 10 April 2014

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