Makandiwa braces for mega-show

HARARE - Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s United Family International Church (UFIC), buoyed by its backing from government, says it will go ahead with the “Judgement Night” prayer session on April 19, despite claims by Ghanaian pastors that the popular preacher would have been arrested and his church closed down.

The pastors led by one Lawrence Ajoba have been quoted widely claiming that they had written an explosive letter to President Robert Mugabe arguing that Makandiwa was a fake prophet.

The pastors claim they are ready to travel to Harare to provide evidence that Makandiwa was actually using witchcraft sourced from a Ghanaian traditional healer to perform miracles.

The Ghanaians claim that they will also reveal to Mugabe what they call false prophesies by Makandiwa on the First Family.

At least 150 000, including foreigners, are expected to converge at the National Sports Stadium for the “Judgement Night” and UFIC officials yesterday insisted that they would not lose sleep over such empty threats to close down their church.

But the Ghanaians were quoted in the media as saying: “We are coming to Zimbabwe, but first we want the Head of State to understand the nature of the person we are dealing with”.

“We are not alone. They are actually a significant number of real Zimbabwean Men of God, who are in the background.”

But Makandiwa and UFIC spokesperson Prime Kufa said they would not be distracted.

“We are going ahead with preparations and there is nothing to suggest that we will in any way cancel the mega-show.

“As for the people from Ghana who are coming up with their theories, we don’t know what their problem is.

“They are claiming that the traditional healer who is giving Prophet Makandiwa powers to perform miracles stays in Ghana so they must deal with him first before coming here. We have nothing to do with their coming here.

“All we are interested in is the big day for Zimbabweans on April 19, where Prophet Makandiwa will deliver one of best ever sermons which will change the lives of Zimbabweans. We have been receiving amazing inquiries about the big day and that’s what we are all focusing on.

“All logistics are being put in place for the record crowd expected at the National Sports Stadium. Forget about what these people are saying and as Prophet Makandiwa said ‘God has finally remembered our nation and remarkable things are going to happen after this. Zimbabwe has never experienced anything like it before.’ This is what the nation should focus on, not these distractions,” said Kufa.

Visitors are expected from South Africa, Malaysia, Uganda, Botswana, Namibia, Ghana, Nigeria and many other parts of the world.

Kufa steadfastly refused to reveal what miracles Makandiwa would perform but insisted that “tremendous things are going to happen and the nation should be ready”.

Already, people have started speculating about “the tremendous things” expected during “Judgement Night” with most followers saying that Makandiwa could make a prophecy that might change the country’s political landscape.

“But others are speculating about economic fortunes turning around while others are predicting social changes to the country.

Only on Friday, government through Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi, endorsed “Judgement Night” saying it greatly contributed to the promotion of religious tourism.

“We want it to happen peacefully because we see the values, the cultural values, that we want to promote amongst our people, the religious and spiritual values that this country needs so much going forward.

“They (UFIC) have been working together with ZTA for the last two-and-a-half weeks now and they will be driving costs down for the benefit of the arrival of the travellers because this event will move people domestically and internationally.”

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Amen. Nothing will stop Judgement Night, but it's the other way round as every curse or negative situation will be stopped on the 19th of April. Those from Ghana talking negative about my father and together with their allegations are also welcome to Judgement Night2. When power meets power- those Ghanians will go back to Ghana with a testimony of deliverance from their stupidity. They don't know the person they're dealing with, how can you try to fight a man of God who is defended by God Himself. My father will be on fire as always. Usazoita zvekuudzwa

Courage Chirandu - 6 April 2014


FTC - 6 April 2014

judgement night? is that right? inodaidzirwa nen'ganga inoconvoker mashavi? kusaziva zvakuri kufa nhayi.

galante1 - 6 April 2014

M not a UFIC member but i will not stand aside when a fellow christian is attacked this way. Let those pastors stay in their country. Or is it because Makandiwa is destabilising their spiritual realm? I believe so. They were quoted as saying some1 in the diaspora will rise and take over from Makandiwa as he is their true prophet. Aaaaah! Dont they mean that guy domiciled in Germany who once said Mugabe will die in their sleep? Kkkkkkkk! and they said Mugabe should arrest Makandiwa immediately after Grace's death! Eish! So they think Mugabe is looking forward to his wife's death? Strange behaviour indeed. All i can say is: Makandiwa go on ahead with God's work. Only God will judge you accordingly

givvy - 6 April 2014

To GOD be the GLORY! My life will never be same again after this night.

Makatendeka - 6 April 2014

The God of my Papa Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa reigns! Judgement night is the night and we are all waiting. Unfortunately the so-called men from Ghana will not detract us from what God has planned for this nation. Let them come and receive the deliverance they so much need. Usazoita zvekuudzwa! He is a faithful God.

charity makore - 6 April 2014

regai tionezve

trasmie - 6 April 2014

regai tionezve

trasmie - 6 April 2014

Chokwadi let the dead bury their own. The problem with these people is that they don't read theBible. What did Jesus say before he left , he said those who obey his commands will perfom miracles more than he did. Friends delight in reading your Bibles. Indeed they need deliverance form ignorance.

Zhou UFIC - 6 April 2014

These people need to be told that Prophet Makandiwa started Perfoming miracles and wonders, deliverances and healings years back well before he had aqcuired a passport to travel out of Zimbabwe to consult the Ghananian sangomas they give so much credit to. It's a pity that they give the devil the power that he does not have. Deliverance, Deliverance.

Zhou UFIC - 6 April 2014

we canno be distracted by these smallboy pastors who even fail to hear and see from God.they r witchdoctors themselves.Prophet rovai basa tinenge takazara,

prince - 6 April 2014

we will be there in spirit. My life will never be the same again. Bring it on Judgement night. Love from Australia

Australia - 7 April 2014

let the Ghanaian pastors come.JUDGEMENT NIGHT - POWER will meet ''power''. Zimbabwe remembered at last....

jeff - 7 April 2014

At least 150 000, including foreigners, are expected to converge at the National Sports Stadium for the “Judgement Night. Be careful here please-how many people can the NSS take-60000 and we are expecting double its capacity??? Accidents!!! Accidents-stadium collapse.

Chris MuNdau - 7 April 2014

I think The Daily News need to change your negative reporting. Whilst the article seems okay it has many undertones which are negative. By this time it is obvious the Makandiwa is at a higher level above. Lets accept this point and just watch what God is doing.

peter juta - 7 April 2014

Let them come.When power meets power,the lesser one bounces.The ghanaian pastors we go back home with a changed story they will preach that "Prophet Makandiwa is true man of God''.These pastors need deliverance.

kuda - 7 April 2014

zvin'anga zveku Ghana muri mapenzi. tisiyei isu naProphet Makandiwa. whether you like it or not, UFIC will never be closed kusvika Jesu achiuya. VIVA judgement nyt.

wind - 7 April 2014

These powerless Ghanaian pastors, why should they not keep quiet. If my father Prophet Makandiwa has brought strange fire in the church, why then should they not come with the real fire and quench the strange fire. I thank God for such a man, Prophet E Makandiwa who has been sent by God to deliver a message of hope and a new life in Zimbabwe. Judgment Night 2.....usazoite zvekuudzwa!! Where POWER meets power!!!

Mwana waPAPA - 7 April 2014

Last time Makandiwa promised to walk on the Kariba waters. He also said gold will surface atop the ground like manna from Heaven in 2013. None of that happened. What's wrong with Zimbos that they get conned so easily?

Feldman Babdura - 7 April 2014

Courage and others - in as much as I would not want to ruin your faith but it is wrong to call anyone on earth 'father' (in your context) for you have one father and he is in heaven. These are not my words but Jesus was saying that the true authority lies not with men, but with God. Do not give them the reverence and honor which belong to God.

bonie - 7 April 2014

Those who don't believe in the man of Good Prophet Makandiwa its best you shut your mouth we already in April lets see weather theses so called 'pastors' who say they are coming weather they are coming/no DEFINATELY they are not coming this is all being published & said to tarnish the prophets image THE DEVIL IS A LIAR wait & none of them is going to pitch up as they say they are coming.. JUDGEMENT NIGHT HERE WE COME!

Kundai - 7 April 2014

@bonie. Amen that

Noe - 7 April 2014

Judgement Night ndizvo, when power will meet power. Usazoita zvekuudzwa!

Evelyn Masenyama - 7 April 2014

amen ,amen sons and daughters of the prophet this is zimbabwe not must come to get your share of blessings from God on judgement night through the prophet.what have you done in Ghana where the sangomas are kings ?

juda - 7 April 2014

Though not an UFIC member, there is no reason why the Ghananians shld distract Makandiwa, if they have power let them prove that. God is the one who shall reveal these occults if any and there will be no amnest. If he is send by God leave him alone to fulfill his mission he called for. Prophet brace the whole nation with power so that all whom accuse you will be tongue tied

Ngodza Power - 7 April 2014

It is good that various churches are doing all in their power to draw people closer to God. Of course it is not all who preach God who will see his Kingdom. To the publicists, National Sports Stadium has a carrying capacity of 60 000 people. If the powers that be allow 150 000 people in, two-and-half times more, i shudder to think if the stadium will not collapse. Please avert national disaster in the name of testing God, What is there to be gained through parroting wild figures anyway?

Gutsie - 7 April 2014

I dont know why people keep on saying bad things about this man?i mean he has never done any wrong to anyone all i hear are good things that he does and this is an opportunity for all those critics to come and see for yourselves and not hear from people.

Ngoni - 7 April 2014

I thought it is supposed to be Easter, is it judgement night? who judges, who is qualified to judge, hey if you don't read the Bible you can be taken for a ride. Ngoni Makandiwa has done nothing wrong but his followers have corrupted the word of God in the Bible we all read that is the problem. If you saw him and Angel kneeling to that Kusi Boateng, then you call him papa it means when you meet Boateng you will actually sleep on your belly.

Maita Manyuka - 7 April 2014

150 000 yabva kupi anyway. Asi vakatoita register ye vanhu vachauya. pamwe Mzembi vanhu 10000.

Maita Manyuka - 7 April 2014

" buoyed by its backing from government" ?????, Who is Government ? I do not think this statement is true.

Kangoto - 7 April 2014

Peter Juta, there is nothing in negative about this story. The reporter is mealy starting the facts as they are. So what negativity is there?

Shoko - 7 April 2014

A true man of God we wont miss it for nothing

alex - 7 April 2014

when power meets power i expect an explosion or implosion, wounds and scars. but the blind who sit and beg along first street and samora machel leading to the National stadium may remain blind after the judgement.

tv repair 0775612174 - 7 April 2014

What a load of B.S. Does this cheat pay for these advertisements in the Daily News. I sense an obsession with Makandiwa in this paper.

connie - 7 April 2014



Haiwawo vanaConnie, munoziva news kupiko. Zvanzi advertisement, advertisement.

Mhofu - 7 April 2014

The Lord God will always protect His own, regardless of what they say about Prophet Makandiwa, he will continue to rise & rise & rise. No demon or person will stand in his way because God called him

for Jesus - 7 April 2014

I love Prophet Makandiwa because he has filled the missing link, miracles. Jesus did so many miracles, Peter healing people with his shadow, Paul giving people handkerchiefs to take them home, raising from the dead. What happening with blinded people of today. Those who are not revealing the supernatural i wonder whom they represent because my God is not limited to a small human brain that has so much weaknesses. They think its only devil who can perform miracles. If devil can do that then God has to do more. Enough of receiving lectures from the pastor without the supernatural. Lets go Prophet critics were there even in the time of Jesus and they will ever be there. Jesus is in action saints. Judgement will prove that Prophet Makandiwa is a trusted man of God. May God have mercy on those who judge Prophet to be false and those so called Ghanians who want to solve Zimbawean issues.

mumu - 7 April 2014

I just want to know 1 Who will be judging 2 Who will be judged 3 Why being judged 4 how being judged

concerned - 7 April 2014

Believe it or not these guys are using ocultic powers. If you could just follow their comments it is as if they are not Christians. MaKristu hanzi munhu akakurova dama mupe rimwe. Why is it that Makandiwa and Angel knelt down with their faces on the Ground When their God Father Boateng, came to Zimbabwe. Nana Kwaku Bonsam Admitted giving them his juju. Don't worry the congregants were brain washed.

hamunakwadi - 7 April 2014

l would love to see the end of this so called prophet........they all seem to end the same way.............

cde - 7 April 2014

Sickness,Poverty,Lack,Diseases etc will be judged and the one judging is God,the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Sprit.

manu - 7 April 2014

Let the pastors come then once and for all people can see who belongs to God and who belongs to the evil one.Even Elijah did it on the Mount Carmel 1 Kings 18:17-46

Nimz - 7 April 2014

So the Ghana based pastors are turning themselves into police officers, judges/prosecutors. Let them keep their beliefs and leave the prophet of God alone. Judgement night.....walala wasala

David Chiwere - 7 April 2014

Let them come and the God of our father will judge them. Ndivo vachafumira Mwari wa Prophet Makandiwa kusvika Jesu achiuya

stiwe - 7 April 2014

Tibvirei apa judgement,judgement yokudii,You should all repent in the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST including Profit Makandiwa wacho ne'anga yake iyoyo.

Fortune - 7 April 2014

Tibvirei apa judgement,judgement yokudii,You should all repent in the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST including Profit Makandiwa wacho ne'anga yake iyoyo.

Fortune - 7 April 2014

Mazimbo murikufarira chin'anga ichi muchiti chinokusvitsai kupi. Makandiwa in'anga and muchapepuka maniwa.

Hoza - 7 April 2014

No man will stop what God has ordained! Pamberi nejudgement night. usazoita zvekuudzwa!!

pamberinejudgement night - 7 April 2014

May God bless this event.

thomas muzvidziwa - 7 April 2014

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