Sulu composes for Makandiwa

HARARE - Renowned Dendera artiste, Suluman Chimbetu, has composed a jingle for Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s forthcoming “Judgement Night 2” pencilled for the National Sports Stadium on April 19.

The jingle, largely a remix of his late father, Simon Chimbetu’s, hit Kumagobo, speaks of a graduate who has finished school and has learnt his trade but is facing difficulties in securing employment in the urban areas of this country and is now contemplating  going for “Judgement Night 2” to seek some divine solution to his problem.

In the jingle, the persona is aware of the cause of his unemployment, mhepo dzakandisona (evil spirits) and therefore wants to go kwaMakandiwa kujudgement Night for remedy.

Chimbetu captures the difficulties that this young man is enduring in his quest for employment and reminisces on these challenges when the persona lays bare his transport options to the venue and his resolve to be there whether” nengoro (on a scotch-cart), netsoka (on foot) or necommuter (by public transport).

The young man’s conviction that he will get salvation and deliverance during the highly-anticipated Judgement Night 2 shines through the jingle.

The persona tells his loved one that the issue of his salvation, like that of the biblical Zacchaeus, who climbed a sycamore for him to have a glimpse of Jesus Christ, would ensure he would be at the venue come April 19.

Sulu then delves into the often-debated issue of spiritual fatherhood when he captures the persona’s journey to the venue of the Judgement Night 2 as a journey back to the father, “kunaBaba kuJudgement Night.”

It comes out, from Chimbetu’s lyrics, that the persona’s journey to the venue is some sort of home-coming by a prodigal son who has realised he needed to get back to his source (Spiritual Father) for deliverance and blessing.

Prophet Makandiwa’s last Judgement Night, on April 6, 2012 was a hugely popular and extraordinary all-night church gathering. No church event has had that impact, before, during and after it had been staged like that unique Easter Friday night at the National Sports Stadium.

More than 120 000 people gathered at the stadium. That the 60 000-seater stadium was filled to the brim was amazing.

That more than 30 000 saints sat on chairs around the athletics track surrounding the football pitch was a spectacle, and seeing another 30 000 more being accommodated at the Magamba Hockey Stadium where some overflow facility had been arranged was beyond human comprehension.

It was not just a church all-night prayer meeting; it was a prophetic coming together that drew people from all walks of life, different parts of the country, continent and, indeed, the whole world.

Locals from outside Harare started trickling in a day before the event and the church had to arrange accommodation for them at the venue while hotels reported brisk business as foreigners from Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, Switzerland, Brazil, England and Italy, just to mention a few countries, that booked themselves in before the event.

And that it was a Passover gathering with a difference was never in doubt, from the thousands gathered, the power and quality of the word preached, the prophecies given, the PA system in use and the general preparations that had been put in place for the event. It was a night well-lived!

It now appears Judgement Night 2, like its 2012 predecessor, will be a massive life-transforming spectacle, what with the enthusiasm already generated. Commuter omnibus talk, newspaper headlines and indeed the massive billboards dotted around the country, capture the Judgement Night 2 mood that has already gripped the nation. 

As night will give in to the morning on April 20th, 2014, one expects, as was the case with the morning succeeding Judgement Night 1 on April 7, 2012, that a lone white bird would circle around the stadium five times, announcing, as did the dove from Noah’s ark (Genesis 8:11), that all was well outside and, as the Prophet has promised, “that our nation has been remembered at last”.

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JAH PLEASURE - 3 April 2014

Nyaya yanyorwa neMwana WeMuporofita iyi, shuwa idi kudai, verenga futi uwone/unzwe

Cde Chinx - 3 April 2014


kitsi - 3 April 2014

The God of the Prophet is for inclusivity, even our own artists are composing songs for church conferences! For sure the devil is in trouble. Viva judgement night!

for Jesus - 3 April 2014

This article is also a free jingle.

Che Guevara - 3 April 2014

Diversity in our church,thank you Sulu for marketing Judgement night 2. We will be there. Thank you my father and mother for this vision. Zimbabwe remembered for sure

Divine Solution - 3 April 2014


patrick kamupazanga - 3 April 2014

Zimbabwe is remembered , Judgement Nite 2 will transform our lives and Zimbabwe at large . Thank you Papa for this Easter Conference .

Morris Ben - 3 April 2014

Thats how powerfull God is, He works in ways u can never imagen. Satan akairasa.

Marshall Mutinha - 3 April 2014

we are in the last days

makonya deci - 3 April 2014

So Sulu does not need salvation or judging? I thought his audience is largely the lost souls? Makandiwa is a Hypocritical religious banker

capote - 3 April 2014


jb - 4 April 2014

The problems that young man is facing are not due to bad luck as Makandiwa would like to have us believe, it is because of a corrupt bunch of people leading us. No need to take advantage of people's suffering for your own personal popularity and ever increasing wealth. God is for all, not just those who worship him through Makandiwa. Just how much is he expecting to rake in at this Judgement day by the way?

Dr Know - 4 April 2014

These prophets will vanish when the economy improves mark my words.over 500 companies had closed and one is expecting to get a job through a prophet~s deliverance.Namatai kuna mwari akuvhurei maziso kuti muwone chokwadi chezvirikuitika.You are being fooled.Period

praise - 4 April 2014

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Satani akangwara hey he is winning souls dzevana vaMwari netuma tricks twake hezvo nyika yakutorwa kuiswa mu church isu toti tarangarirwa, WATCH OUT! WE ARE IN THE LAST DAYS "mukaona izvi zvoitika moziva kuti kuguma kwenyika kwave pedyo.

Chokwadi - 4 April 2014

In Zimbabwe the 'Mr & Mrs we know it all' are just too many on things we don't understand the spritual but claim to understand why not keep our mouth shut just watch & see weather they will vanish or not cause what is for God stands forever,let God judge his own people,the bible says BELIEVE IN THE LORD YOUR GOD SO YOU SHALL BE ESTABLISHED & BELIEVE IN HIS PROPHETS SO YOU SHALL PROSPER 2 CHRONICLES 20 V 20...

Peter - 4 April 2014

@praise The economy will only get better after a word from that very PROPHET you are criticizing.Kunobiwa ndiko kunoda mapurisa nemagadhi akawanda.only true prophets stand the test of fire,distance and time.Its not about companies closing,but new indeginized and UFInised firms being established.Read ytour Bible well whenever God remembers people he gives them A MAN.Mwana wekukireshi ngaasashoropodze vavakumayunivesiti achiti malekichara achavatiza,inguva chete ukakudzwa naJehova unosvikawo ipapo.DEVOTE YOUR TIME AND SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE AND BRING YOURSELF TO THE JUDGEMENT NIGHT AND YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN

CONCERNED - 4 April 2014

@ chokwadi thats very true on a laymans mind.the best way to win someone to CHRIST is to fit into his environment or go in his territory and work from there.i happen to own a building which i rent out to tone of ufic assemblies in the country for their services.FOR the past 15 years my entity has been falling and crumbling.i have noticed that since they came into my life business has been boosted i am now struggling to meet my customers orders .each month im getting at least $38000 as profit after paying all my taxes and dues.i used to attend a certain church but the kind of informatiion im getting now,i have realised JESUS IS MY ONE STOP SHOP.i thank the GOD OF PROPHET E MAKANDIWA.

peter - 4 April 2014

@capote .an estimated 80,3% of sulus fans are going to grace this occassion beyond any doubt.ende kana mukuru uya otaura pachatendeukwa zvapo rega uone.i am one against the MAN but i have seen he will never go down but continue to rise and rise.KUSHAYA ZVEDU BRAIN ASI MUKURU UYA AKADANWA

CRITIC - 4 April 2014

well done Sulu....tinenge tiriko no doubt

mwanawemuporofita - 4 April 2014

People of God let us be very careful about commenting of things we do not have knowledge or insight of, the bible says in Jude 1 verse 10"But these speak evil of whatever they do not know; and whatever they know naturally, like brute beasts, in these things they corrupt themselves." Zimbabweans it is high time you desist from speaking ILL about Man raised by God, if it where in Nigeria or Ghana and you speak ILL and badmouth Man of God ndopaunoona kuti hauna kungwara, its only in Zimbabwe were we think takafanana navo vanhu vaMwari totaura zvatinoda, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is a Man of God a Prophet raised for Zimbabwe, the sooner we Zimbabweans realise this and respect and revere the prophetic the better for us all bacause we need him whether we like it or not..for our economy to be standing as it is is because of his prayers..... BE WARNED!!!!!

Tsitsi - 4 April 2014

believe it or not, Prophet Makandiwa is a true prophet of God. thank father for the easter conference. ndirikunorarirako musi wa 18 April. 19 April unondiwana ndirimo

wind - 4 April 2014

well, after the makandiwa cleansing, where is this youngman going to secure employment in this economis environment?JOKES

bhoramusango - 5 April 2014

hey vanhu weee tendai kuna Mwari kwete kumunhu akaita sewe,ndatenda hangu Dr know and praise ndimi chete vandaona mataura choikwadi,Jesu Idombo,Makandiwa ivhinga

gangara - 5 April 2014

pane vamwe vari kuti heeee papa papa kunana Makandiwa,kuna baba vake chaivo haadi kana kuvaona tibvirei apo huhuhuu

gangara - 5 April 2014

Heysh! Someone said for the economy to be standing as it is, it is because of Mukandiwa's prayers....weeeeelllll! The economy is not looking good for everyone but Mukandiwa, offense intended.

Odza wepaHarare - 5 April 2014

Thank you Sulu. Judgement Night- when power meets power. My father, my father the chariot of Israel and its horsemen thereof. Usazoita zvekunzwa

Courage - 6 April 2014

Kana ana Sulu vakuzvionawo ...tingasarirei ivo variwo vaitiimbira tichidya nyika rutivi.



peace tsepo - 11 April 2014

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