New Highway Code to be unveiled

HARARE - A new draft of the proposed Highway Code is set to be presented to the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCF) this week.

Enerst Muchena, TSCF spokesperson, told the Daily News that consultants working on the road safety rule book have been given up to the end of the week to prepare the draft for inspection by TSCZ and its partner Zimbabwe National Road Authority (Zinara).

Muchena said the new code will be difficult to counterfeit as it will carry new security features.

“When we see the draft, it shall be presented to the public for scrutiny then sent to the ministry of Transport, Communication and Infrastructural Development for approval before it can be produced and sold,” Muchena said. “New features like a seal similar to the one put on the provisional drivers licence will be on the code so that we can detect who has been illegally producing the document.”

He said it will provide broader rules for existing regulations as well as a provision for new regulations unlike the old one still in use.

Among some of the new rules will be those for public service drivers like commuter omnibuses (kombis).

“Since the transport industry is now awash with private owners, it was seen fit to have their own set of rules which they have to adhere to,” Muchena said. “Even animal-drawn vehicles now have rules, for example the kind of reflective material and where to put it.”

He indicated that TSCZ is the only legal seller of the code and anyone found selling the book will be breaching the law.

Despite the streets being flooded by vendors selling the Highway Code, Muchena highlighted that by buying the plagiarised book, people risk being misinformed about traffic regulations, which carries serious repercussions.


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If traffic regulations can be plagiarised (transgressed) with impunity what of the Highway Code itself - food for thought

Mukanya - 2 April 2014

I just do not get it. Am I right to understand that the new highway code should not be mass reproduced to disseminate this new driving knowledge? Is this document being marketed for profit? If not, why the security features and who is benefiting from that? What is the reason for all these security features? Please help clear my ignorance.

Tutume - 2 April 2014

Security features are only important at first production, but when we buy, we don't look at that, we want correct data only. so the issue of where to buy is useless because we can photocopy. Don't particularize small issues by making them big.

think - 2 April 2014

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I just witnessed a horrific accident along Dieppe Road near the Cocacola plant. A combi and a T35 bus. Probably caused by an array of indiscretions one of which may be ignorance of the highway code. Now some bright spark wants to make the book even more expensive for drivers to access the information contained in it. For what? I ask. If we want more knowledgeable drivers we should work on reducing its price not coming up with expensive security features for it. For Petes sake it is not money. Priorities priorities... Tsve kugadzira maroads and potting light bulbs in street lights.

lovethynation - 2 April 2014

I don't understand this, this booklet shpuld be availabel with or with n security seal I thought a new highway code book with new rules and regulations. Ko zvekuti counterfeit zvabvepi kunge ZESA inoti kana une card number pa paper kana pa fone hanzi filler form wasting resources or pane akatopihwa business risina basa.

Maita Manyuka - 2 April 2014

Highway code, Highway code for what?? Your officers are selling driver's licences so who needs the H/code. Sort out corruption PROBLEM ye government chii chaizvo!! Taneta ne corruption yamapurisa and other public officers. Damn it! Get rid of corruption first!!! I agree with "maita .." panotori ne corruption pakuprinter H/code iyoiyo. We no longer have confidence in the system that is supposed to protect us.

open eye - 2 April 2014

Buy one photocopy and resale all wrongs righted and all wrongs reserved. Its called entreprenueship - 2 April 2014

I guess when they release the new highway code they would have spruced up our roads by covering all potholes. Kwete kutiunzira new highway code inotaura nezveroad signs matsva asi mumigwagwa musina. But then I think I am asking for far too much because knowing our people, nothing meaningful will come out of it

Nesongano - 2 April 2014

In a wold that is Technologically evolving, would have thought the TSCZ should not spend money on preventing illegal copies of the book being sold but rather maybe invest in making e-versions of the book available online for those who cant have access to one, after all almost everyone has a smartphone. it begs the question on whether more value is placed on PROFIT sales or rather on the actual safety of our roads???

KayCee - 2 April 2014

is this real? ah nxaaaaa security kushaya zvekuita uko

JONSO - 2 April 2014

instead they should concentrate on putting those features on drivers' licenses not highway code. it shows a higher level of intellectual dwarfness on these people. just put the highway code on-line and everyone has the chance to download and read it so that we reduce road carnage on our highways period.

ad zoo - 2 April 2014

The high way code should include regulations such as , 'It is an offense to for truffic officer to demand bribes from Commuter operators'

gweje - 3 April 2014

Can someone please STOP Obert Mpofu. Since his removal from the mines ministry h has been having sleepless nights trying to figure out how to steal in his new ninistry.

John o - 3 April 2014

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