Moyo hits back at Mliswa

HARARE - The following is an unedited statement issued by Jonathan Moyo last night in reaction to allegations made against him by Temba Mliswa.

“The allegations you are putting to me sound like they are coming from quarters that have been caught with their fingers in the till and they imagine that they can fool the public in the hope of covering up their corruption by seeking shelter under the laager of factionalism. 

It is important to understand that just because some individuals in Zanu PF bask in the folly of factionalism by declaring that they belong to a faction as has been done by our party’s chairman for Mashonaland West province, does not mean that those whom these individuals see as not belonging to their faction or whom they don’t want to belong to their faction actually belong to another rival faction. No.

There’s no logic in that primitive presumption.

Factionalists have no business using their factionalism to define Zanu PF members or leaders. 

For the record, lest there’s a serious person out there who does not know, I am a member of Zanu PF and a cadre of the party and not of any faction.

More specifically, I am a full member of the Zanu PF politburo in my own right and not as anybody’s factional extension nor as an expression of anybody’s factional ambitions. 

I am fully aware that I am part of Zanu PF’s national leadership with a mandate to serve all members of the party under President Mugabe. 

There’s no member of Zanu PF whose card has a factional identity.

My role as part of the national leadership of Zanu PF is to serve the whole party by advancing its policies and interests led by President Mugabe and not advancing the interests of a section of the party or advancing the schemes or ambitions of individual party leaders. 

I therefore do not belong to any individual leading any faction in the party. 

The notion of belonging to a faction is repugnant that it flies against the face of having gone to school where the purpose was to be grounded in rationality over emotion.   

I am in Cabinet appointed by President Mugabe and therefore part of the leadership in government as minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services with a policy and constitutional responsibility to serve all the media and the entire information sector and broadcasting services. 

My remit is to serve all not some of the media and I am determined and committed to discharging my responsibility without fear or favour in light of the constitutional oath I took upon assumption of my duties. 

In this connection, and under President Mugabe’s direction, I have been working very hard with my colleagues in the ministry to depolarise the media and to depoliticise and depersonalise public discourse to promote the development of a professional and ethical mainstream media that is conscious of Zimbabwe’s national, security and economic interests as are defined in our new Constitution which also enshrines the freedom of the media. 

While a lot more still needs to be done in this regard, I am sure media practitioners would agree that important steps have been taken in what is indeed going to be a long journey with bumps along the way.

We now have laid a foundation for a mainstream media which is not divided along the simplistic and divisive factional lines or binaries of public versus private media or state versus independent media. 

Only someone whose hands have been stuck in the till would be unaware of these very public truths.

When all has been said and done, the bottomline is that Zimbabweans don’t care about factions, what they want to see addressed as a matter of urgency is corruption, corruption, corruption. 

As minister responsible for the media, I am happy that the entire media in Zimbabwe has without exception prioritised the fight against corruption. 

All thinking people should be commending the media and not condemning it for doing a great job. 

In doing this job, the media has not been divided by any political or professional barrier.

While people can say what they want and daydream as much as they want, the idea that anyone can seek to pocket US$165 million only and only for introducing any investor to high ranking figures in our society is simply corrupt and totally unacceptable.  

Nobody should get away with such criminality simply on silly grounds that they belong or do not belong to this or that useless Zanu PF faction. 

Money should be made from real work and not from hoping in and out of helicopters expecting to pocket US$165 million under the cover or presumed protection of a political faction. 

That is not business by any stretch of the imagination, it is pure racketeering and racketeering is corruption which should be punishable at law without fear or favour”.  

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well said prof.

bruno husay - 2 April 2014

I salute you Prof. straight to the point always, the beauty of education at its best,

charles keche - 2 April 2014

Chabvondoka manje...But well presented by Prof Moyo..corruption needs to erased

Chief - 2 April 2014

You are spot on, Jonso. I like the part you say wealth should be legitimately earned. I hope you practice what you preach Pastor Jonathan. Back to Mliswa, I believe the youngster has now put himself into a tight spot. There is no way he will wriggle himself out of this cesspit. ZANU PF will sacrifice him and that's for sure!

Bornfirst Majongwe - 2 April 2014

Well said and done Minister. Let's walk the talk. Mliswa has bared it all without being coerced or beaten to pulp by our "people's police". So why is is not in police cells or court. Until ZANU PF walk the talk I will always say there are part of the scheme.

dick mboko - 2 April 2014

Walking the talk is the key element of taking Zimbabwe out of corruption. I remember Cde Chinoz suggesting that in parliament such cadres need support from the leadership and all key stakeholders.

Simbarashe Mclean - 2 April 2014

Very concise Prof. and we comment you for the work you are doing in being the main cog in the wheel of depoliticising the media and exposing institutionalised corruption. You have my vote!!!!

jacktheswede - 2 April 2014

I do not think anyone in Gvt can match this guy's intellect in whichever context. His word selection coupled with their logical coherence is exceptional. Not to suck your c*** Prof but this is just brilliant absent the veil of politics.

Sangoma veMheni - 2 April 2014

Well said Prof. - 2 April 2014

Well done MOYO. This year is the year of judgement.

solo - 2 April 2014

Yes, Johnso, she bemourned media reporting of currupt activities, saying this was a fight against Zanu pf, but you correctly insist that the media should shout loud against corruption, whether it is done by this or that faction, this or that party, and this or that individual. Themba is useful in some instances, like putting on his true factional colours when he is angry. Thank you brother Themba, we now know you are with the lot that cry when corruption is exposed. Both public and private media have done a good job when it comes to reporting corruption. Now we have newspapers worth buying, but MPs not worth paying.

machakachaka - 2 April 2014

Professor Moyo has been very consistent in his fight against corruption. Surely those who want to be seen as businessman should earn their money and not just be paid for things that are not invoiceable. Keep on exposing these questionable characters that are not helping in promoting Zimbabwe as an investment destination simply because of their greediness.

Stewart Bobo - 2 April 2014

Mutasa kaira kat izii so mweni adzipwa nenyama yemhuru.Its from his own flesh and blood s mouth.The old gagool is corrupt to the core since the time i have known him during his stay in London.The man had no interest in the struggle as he never put his foot in Mozambique.His role was like that of Chanetsa,Shamhuyarira and many other lots like the chombos who fought the struggle by associating with the fighters and praise singing which of course is what our commander in thief relishes.Now that the cow has no milk to milk these opportunists are showing their true colours and deeds. wait ,relax and you will enjoy the drama.

mambara - 2 April 2014

you really are walking the talk Sinyoro. uri munjanja chaiye chaiye Jonso. mutungi we chitete chikobvu kubandika chete chete. vemachira machena.

sinyorita - 2 April 2014

Hande Prof........icho

cde - 2 April 2014

I still remember the story of one professor who stole from Ford Foundation, Kenya, and bought a house in South Africa. Don't pretend to be an angel, Jonso.

Chokwadi Ndeichi - 2 April 2014

The scale of Muliswa s corruption is about 7 times bigger than president Zuma s Inkandhla debacle and yet the commander in thief is mum about it.The man can go to bed seriously believing he is in charge of the country.He believes that its his God given right to misrule,plunder at the expense of the masses and seriously thinks he will get away with it?lest he has forgotten how Gadaffi,Chauchesko,Idi Amini,the list goes on have finally ended.In his life time shall judgement be given to him.He is worse than colonialism itself as Zimbabweans are perishing through hunger,diseases, both in and outside the country.our poeple have been reduced to beggers ,thieves,prostitutes just because of one evil man .

mambara - 2 April 2014

Wakaipa Jona shumba yerudzi rwaDavid vafumure ndiwe wakabata masaisai well done minister


Gukurahundism has its limitations. Moyo's faction is dead and buried its leader has failed in the Midlands his home ground. Very soon it will be 'misodzi mokoto mokoto' begging Amai Muguru.

chero ndadya - 2 April 2014

Batshale ka Mliswa! Let Themba speak his mind. The very same fundamental you are defending honourable Minister Moyo by promoting freedom of the press and diversity of opinion is not divorced from freedom of expression which this young man is exercising. However I understand your bewilderment in that this young man is reaching for the unreachables and touching the untouchables within the establishment. This may quickly diminish the gains you have made so far in liberaling the media as your chefs may not be happy with the way in which the skeletons in certain cupboards a falling out. The public is also surprised by this frank reporting which in the not so distant past was a rarity as the powers that be kept a tight lid on information deciding what, where and when on what we were allowed to hear and what we were not. Simply put, you have given too much room to the pen leaving some of us the top there not comfortable and unable to control what is spilling into the public domain. We will reassign you soon. Watch this space.

Juju Dubulibhunu - 2 April 2014

Please leave Mugabe out of this! The man does not have a working brain anymore. He is just scared to be separated from Grace, and busy stealing fro his family so they can be comfortable when he dies soon. The guy is old and really unconcenrned about what happens to Zimbabwe today and in the future. Surely what can you expect from such an old goat? Leave him alone. The other day he was fighting the EU which was trying to take Grace away from him. H ehas many battles to fight...or a group of pple trying to take land from Grace at Mazoe. Those are the things he can fight...NOT CORRUPTION! Bob benefitted from corrupton since 1980 and to expect him to fight it now, at 90, is daydreaming at its worst!

Tongogara - 2 April 2014

I would like to thank Themba Mliswa for bringing some unspoken issues regardingthe war in DRC and how Munangagwa and Mugabe benefitted from this war, and using our soldiers or personal gain. Munangagwa is a mafia, and we all know it. We also know that its the reason why Moyo is very angry. I encourage Mliswa to put out in the open all Munangagwa deals of corruption, and the media to write it (before Mliswa is murdered by Munagangwa, of course). We heard in hushed voices that Bob had his own fleet of gonyets with pickings from the DRC adventure. Zvinhu ngazvibudiswe nekuti nguva yakwana!

Nikita Mangena - 2 April 2014

Kudzidza kwakanaka chokwadi!

Sinyoro - 2 April 2014

Well done Prof. Temba Mliswa is simply saying what he knows about corrupt escapades. Follow the leads and expose corruption. He might turn out to be a very critical witness, after all.

mavuso - 2 April 2014

Well done Prof. Temba Mliswa is simply saying what he knows about corrupt escapades. Follow the leads and expose corruption. He might turn out to be a very critical witness, after all.

mavuso - 2 April 2014

You can onyl fool a few people Jonso. We know which faction you belong to and your unbridled ambition is well documented. You have used the media to attack your opponents. At last you have met someone who can stand up to you. Why is it that your expose have not talked about the war in the DRC, ZISCO and Shabanie/Mashava Mines. Its because your godfather is behind all this.

Tongo - 2 April 2014

Do you remember Suluman chimbetu's song Dzamutsana what a song now l can see the meaning of it.

taka - 2 April 2014

hapana zvandambotaura ini bvunzai Themba ndiye anoziva

patrick kamupazanga - 2 April 2014

Jonathan Moyo just has to shut up. No amount of peotic wording no matter how beautifully interwoven can erase the truth. The truth is sturbon and it sticks. It does not matter how educated you are and to which universities you went to. Temba Mliswa has brought out painful truths that have left you exposed. Morta mouths are contesting and now Jonso has met his match and not to be outdone he has started ranting and raving pounding the podium in anger and frustration ans the sturbon truth is being let out by this young fearless energetic Temba Mliswa. My challenge before the cabinet reshuffle is for you to publish what really happened at SMM and off course what happened in the DRC.

Progressive Zimbabwean - 2 April 2014

I agree with Jonso's stanze on corruption, but Mliswa is just as elusive as mpofu n chombo and others'i'd be surprised if they do anything to him!!

David - 2 April 2014

Hates off top Jonathan. I dont agree with him sometime but the guy is articulate and well spoken. Themba ari kutambira kuno Nyudza. I also believe this boy is mentally challenged. Look how he is provoking everyone from Mutare to the Midlands including hanzvadzi yamai vake Mutasa

mafikizolo - 2 April 2014

Prof Jona Moyo for president

Robsugar - 3 April 2014

I salute you Prof. keep it up the good no to corruption,

patricia - 3 April 2014

Themba has done us a big favor in bringing such scandals into the public domain. The DRC war has a net negative effect on the p[resent and Zim future generations. If Prof Moyo is so sincere in his fight against corruption then he has a starting point on the people being exposed by Mliswa irregardless of his motives. l know that Zanu is corruption., and now that jonso has met his match and no amount of lipstick and poetry nor aration can paint a pig into a zebra.

zimbabwean - 3 April 2014

but why not investigate the allegations being leveled by comrade themba to see if what he is saying is false? why be one sided and demonise him when he has revealed so much?

mambo - 3 April 2014

so this Temba guy wants 163M for introducing this mafia called Billy to his mafia connections in gvt. i dont understand how someone can get rich that easily in Zim. may be i also need to introduce a few business connections to some relative up there and charge less. opening a company called Connecting To The Top kwaaaaaaaaaa

chirimupoto - 3 April 2014

Did I read well! The part that the spin prof said"... it flies against the face of having gone to school where the purpose was to be grounded in rationality over emotion". Was this still a quote from the prof's statement or its the reporter's? Are we witnessing a grown up Moyo now? or it's the chameleon character that we have know him for. What a good day that will be when Moyo ceases to be an emotional man, and become a rational one. Just saying

Taurai - 3 April 2014

he ,sanctions, he sanctions, imi muri mbavha ,kunyepera masanctions zvenhema , basa murikubira nyika zvenyu, muchamama chete

jonathan - 3 April 2014

he ,sanctions, he sanctions, imi muri mbavha ,kunyepera masanctions zvenhema , basa murikubira nyika zvenyu, muchamama chete,iwe temba wakuzotijairira manje wakurebesa muswe tinokunyudza ukada kufarisa woziva pekugumira

jonathan - 3 April 2014

........ no wonder mudhara hired you professor..........that was on merit. Check Mliswa's arguments and feel the dangers of udofo.Mliswa is guilty as charged.Point of advice to all Madhara...never ever associate with that loud mouth...............haana hana

manyemwe wa bonnie - 3 April 2014

news news... newspapers now worth their salt.... Regai Themba ataure, asi makutya.... Jonhso taurawo zvako zvaunoziva aaa...

kutapira - 3 April 2014

Kungoti Themba haana kudzidza zvinebasa rei, as long as he is telling what he knows all is fine....

kutapira - 3 April 2014

Sounds like hogwash from the minister to me. Mliswa must have said something in ramblings that hit home. For someone to deny that there is factionalism in ZANU PF is mischief at it worst. For someone to claim that he is serving all is simply untrue - go and ask any official from MDC, ZAPU or MKD. As for corruption, every patriotic Zimbabwean is against that, but so far the leadership of the country has chosen to do nothing about it, serve for a revelation here and there leading to nought. Real action would be to see dockets being drawn up and people being taken to court for their corrupt activities. Allegations of corruption have been raised against many politicians; many of them should be behind bars by now, but they remain free to engage in more corruption.

Will - 3 April 2014

If Prof. is serious about exposing corruption, he should ask Themba Mliswa to tell him what really happened between him and Billy. Themba ought to be a useful state witness who can locate the epicentre of corruption in Zanu PF. government. Until the Prof. does that we will doubt his sincerity in his attempts to fight corruption.

mavuso - 3 April 2014

Vamoyo makato zvipengera henyu

vhavho - 3 April 2014

Thank you Prof what's left is to see the police in action. Am surprised to see Themba still walking free. Until we deal ruthless against this epidemic corpution Zim will continue be a laughing stock

Chris - 8 April 2014

its actually surprising that pple lyc jonso vari kuramba zvinhu zviripachena ,,,abuse of office,,,,attacking pple from the other fuction....who doesn't noe that they is factionalisim in zanu pf and in any other political party ,,,its not new....iri wekwangwena tozviziva.....nyoka yemunhu ,,,,,,,,,VIVA MAI

wezhira - 9 April 2014


Vincent Gwarazimba - 9 April 2014

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