Mliswa accuses Mnangagwa of being 'Mafia'

HARARE - The nasty factionalism within Zanu PF is escalating into dangerous open warfare, with motor mouth Hurungwe West legislator, Temba Mliswa, spectacularly fingering Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa in “Mafia” activities yesterday.

This prompted analysts to predict that this factional war could even turn violent and cause chaos in government.

Mliswa’s stunning accusations also came as Zanu’s main factions led by Mnangagwa and Vice President Joice Mujuru have intensified the battle to succeed President Robert Mugabe, who at 90 years is showing signs of getting tired.

Speaking at a media conference yesterday, Mliswa, the chairman of Zanu PF’s Mashonaland West Province, also accused Information minister Jonathan Moyo of abusing State media to fight the ruling party’s deadly factional wars.

But it was his damaging claims against Mnangagwa that caught the eye, and which could drive the debilitating intra-Zanu PF fights into another level.

Mliswa stunningly alleged that Mnangagwa had connived with businessman Billy Rautenbach to use members of the Zimbabwe National Army in their mining deals in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) when the country’s military intervened in the DRC’s political crisis just over 15 years ago.

Clarifying his position on the nature of his dealings with Rautenbach, Mliswa accused Moyo of taking advantage of his ministerial position to malign Zanu PF members who were not in his faction.

“I am sure the minister of Information belongs to a certain faction and so he will also attack another faction. l say this boldly. If you also trace his record he has been implicated in factions before, it’s not secret.

“So that is very clear and l will not mince my words. Don’t use the State media to attack people appointed by the president. At the end of the day it is not good. It must stop at some point. Yesterday it was Mutasa, now it’s Mliswa, next it will be His Excellency," a miffed Mliswa fumed.

Asked to clarify which faction and agenda Moyo was pushing, the Hurungwe West legislator claimed that Moyo belonged to the Mnangagwa faction, as evidenced by his participation in the alleged attempted political putsch in 2005 that later came to be known as the Tsholotsho Declaration.

Added the former warriors’ fitness trainer: “He (Mnangagwa) established a mafia operation with John Bredenkamp and used our soldiers in DRC and they (army) never got anything in return. Minister Mnangagwa was working with Billy and Bredenkamp at that time.”

Mliswa also vowed to continue fighting the corruption war, saying he would not be intimidated by the State media to be quiet. He said his current crusade against corruption was consistent with both Zanu PF’s and government’s policies aimed at ensuring to that the country’s much-criticised economic blueprint, ZimAsset, worked.

“I am determined as an MP to ensure that the country’s resources, whoever is involved, should account. The ZimAsset will not work without dealing with issues of corruption,” he said.

Elaborating on his business relationship with Rautenbach, Mliswa said they had been business partners, although Rautenbach had later allegedly proved to be dishonest after he got a mining concession with a 30 percent stake at Unki coal mine.

He further alleged that even here, Rautenbach never engaged in any serious business, but merely speculated on the assets before disposing his shares there.

Mliswa vehemently denied allegations that he was an extortionist who wanted to fleece the businessman, as Rautenbach has alleged, saying he had entered into a verbal agreement with Rautenbach in the Unki deal after the latter indicated that he would not get funding from western investors because of the legislator’s Zanu PF connections.

He further claimed that Rautenbach was “a crook that had fled South Africa for economic offences that include fraud import on tariffs”.

“Why then would he claim that l extorted money from him when he landed his helicopter on my farm. Would you really land a helicopter on a farm of someone who is an extortionist?” he asked rhetorically.

Mliswa also said Rautenbach was working “hand in glove” with top government officials, representing the interests of “white Rhodesians”.

“As far as l am concerned, he is the single largest land owner in the country and he is white. He has Mwanesi ranch, 2 000 square kilometres in Chiore. He has got Chisumbanje (30 000 hectares). He owns Sabot and it is now in the hands of foreigners,” Mliswa claimed.

He revealed that he would take the minister of Mines, Walter Chidhakwa, to task on government policy on people who speculate with mineral concessions, saying the country had gained nothing from the Unki deal.

Mliswa went on to tear into Arda chairman Basil Nyabadza, saying Rautenbach bought him an upmarket house in Mutare in return for business favours.

“Unfortunately, Nyabadza has become an Uncle Tom. On the Save Conservancy he was busy fronting whites. Where there are whites involved, he is there. He doesn’t have a spine. He resigned as provincial chairman of Zanu PF to pursue the interests of whites in this country because Zanu PF would certainly compromise his sort of Uncle Tom, Mr Nice Guy amongst the whites,” added Mliswa.

“I thought our position was to take land from whites and give it to the blacks. So where have we shifted as government in terms of policy and that’s our role of oversight?

Analysts canvassed by the Daily News yesterday said the level and tone of the factionalism in Zanu PF meant that things could only end badly in the party soon.

“The level and extent of factionalism in Zanu PF makes the MDC factionalism look like a Sunday picnic in the Harare Gardens. Things are so bad in Zanu PF that the nation must next expect serious violence and a complete breakdown in government service.

“Judging by what we have seen in the past, we can even expect murders and ordered hits on perceived opponents within the party; things are that bad. The selective, hypocritical and self-serving allegations of corruption are just the beginning of a nasty descent into total anarchy, more so at a time that the economy is not performing,” said Shepard Mntungwa.

Economic analysts who spoke on condition of anonymity said revelations by Mliswa are tantamount to a political confession by Zanu PF that the party is made up of cash vultures.

“Beyond Temba’s hullabaloo, the whole saga tells the story of a nation that allows politicians in Zanu PF to merchandise their public offices. We elect people into these offices so that they can represent the interests of the public. But they turn around and betray that trust by misguiding investors and ultimately depriving the nation of the genuine economic benefits.

“It’s time for change in this country- we need a new political dispensation made up of people whose approach to political administration is not to enrich themselves but to serve the nation. Zanu PF has outlived its political relevance, the economy is on its knees thanks to their draconian approach to wealth redistribution.’

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This is getting very heavy and dangerous. The questions to ask are where, when and how will all this corruption and thuggery end?

Khumalo - 2 April 2014

Nyabadza was fronting Whites and got paid for his corrupt activities with a house in Mutare. You Themba were fronting Billy and did not get anything in return..kkkkkkiest hence the motor-mouthing. Wakadhonzerwa carpet mufana. ZANU PF is a grouping of thieves.

Tsikamutanda - 2 April 2014

Whoever said ZANU PF was for the development of Zimbabwe?True we inherited a vibrant economy from the whites but people did not realize the greediness of our leaders.Maybe it was too early .


Whoever said ZANU PF was for the development of Zimbabwe?True we inherited a vibrant economy from the whites but people did not realize the greediness of our leaders.Maybe it was too early .


Mliswa munin'ina wavekutambira kunonyudza, usada kunditsvaka, this is a warning my boy Im sure you know my capabilities as a 'mafia' so ita easy.....unefa

Ngwena - 2 April 2014

Well done, Temba. Continue attacking your fellow Zanu PF mafias. Baya mupfanha kusvikira vati baba vana Mnangagwa ivavo. Ramba wakadzvanya masvada kusvikira varidza mhere. Unogotyei iwe uchityisa !

Demba Muriswa - 2 April 2014

This is getting interesting. Jonathan and Mnangagwa used to be untouchables before the arrival of Mliswa. We now know that the 2 owls (Jonso and Ngwena) have no horns after all. Well done Temba Mliswa.

Simbi Veke - 2 April 2014

This is what the general public has always been saying that ZANU PF is a mafia gang interested in feathering the private nests of its members. Thanks but no thank you, Mliswa!

Samuel Mhiripiri - 2 April 2014

This is the beginning of the end of ZANU PF. Conrad "Billy" Rautenbach must be thanked for starting this war in ZANU PF. Unbeknown to Rautenbach, Mliswa has a waspish anger and once he feels insulted he really comes out with his guns blazing at the source of his anger. Carry on the fight ZANU guys. It's much more interesting than the Mangoma war.

Real Change - 2 April 2014

To be or not be that's the question. With factional fighting everything where do we hide .Mliswa remember Chindori Chininga

aluta continua - 2 April 2014

Ko mudhara anoti kudii nemufana asina matyira uyu.Kuti anopedza gore rino iyeyu?

chimuti - 2 April 2014

Basil Nyabadza, what is your response to Temba Mliswa's allegation that Billy Rautenbach bought you an upmarket house in Mutare? We need quick answers or else we make our own conclusions.

Pindurai Tinzwe - 2 April 2014

“As far as l am concerned, he is the single largest land owner in the country and he is white. He has Mwanesi ranch, 2 000 square kilometres in Chiore. He has got Chisumbanje (30 000 hectares). He owns Sabot and it is now in the hands of foreigners,” kkkkkkkk I thought Zimbabwe will never be a colony again

beegee - 2 April 2014

mliswa mwana wani iyeyi

Jeksen - 2 April 2014

mliswa mwana wani iyeyi

Jeksen - 2 April 2014

Tamboti tanzwei? Tichanzwiririra gore rino. Chivindi chaMliswa chandishamisa zvikuru. The young man has spine. Indoda sibili. He is as courageous as Sidney Malunga. Hopefully, he won't meet the same fate!

Nduna Sidhuna - 2 April 2014

gore rinopra zveshuwa. let him gear up.

sinyorita - 2 April 2014

Mliswa mwana waani

Jeksen - 2 April 2014

Themba's star is rising very soon he will join his ancestors soon watch ur back bro.

protestor - 2 April 2014

Keep on piling the pressure, Temba Mliswa. The more you talk, the more you are protected. It is your insurance against ZANU PF assassins. Tell the world all the corruption going on in ZANU PF. Don't leave anything out. You must also write down all the dirty dealings and photocopy them to 3 or so friends of yours in case anything untoward happens to you. Carry on the good work.

Masimba Sakuringwa - 2 April 2014

So are you telling me that even Robert was part of this scheme to harvest diamonds in the DRC using our soldiers? So all those soldiers died for the sake of these goons who call themselves revolutionaries. Revolutionary my foot. You will eat dust!

mwana - 2 April 2014

Saiyai chokwadi chavakubuda pachena.mwari pindirayi

zim - 2 April 2014

what Mliswa said holds water but the driving force and the timing of these utterances deserves a thorough analysis because it seems like he belongs to a faction which is aiming to use all the ammunition at its disposal to discredit him(Munangagwa),so that when the D-DAY comes he wont be a contender to presidency.However we applaud him for bringing the issue into the public domain.

wevhu - 2 April 2014

This is becoming frighteningly dangerous.

Sinyoro - 2 April 2014

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Keep exposing them Temba. They will not do harm you, except trying to dig some dirty on you as the Herald is doing. Its Jonso who started this war yet his factions has the most corrupt and ruthless people.

Tongo - 2 April 2014

ndaita mucheche

patrick kamupazanga - 2 April 2014

Kuridza ngoma ne --------ndinokuziva .kwamulswa kiiridza ne demo chairo kkkkkkkkkkk umuliswa vakiti aya fadza sibili

ngwena - 2 April 2014

with mdc out of the league, hapasisina wekudya here comes cannibalism, hino hukwana dzapera gondo rakudya vana voro cos nzara haisi kumira

zanu woye - 2 April 2014

with mdc out of the league, hapasisina wekudya here comes cannibalism, hino hukwana dzapera gondo rakudya vana voro cos nzara haisi kumira

zanu woye - 2 April 2014

with mdc out of the league, hapasisina wekudya here comes cannibalism, hino hukwana dzapera gondo rakudya vana voro cos nzara haisi kumira

zanu woye - 2 April 2014

The corruption activities amongst Themba, Nyabadza and Mutasa were first revealed by Fingaz some 2 years ago when Themba admitted that he was linking the so called "whites" to senior politicians. I personally knew of this long before he spilled the beans through his trusted relatives. When the story came out in the Fingaz noone took notice plus no action was taken and as the language of excuse because "the Unity GoZ was bickering" and Zanu Pf was busy defending it's territory from MDC. What some bull....!! Zanu Pf is a safe haven for corrupt people from Mugabe wacho to the Thembas nana Butau. Remember chero Gumbura muZanu futi. Noone will point fingers to each other muZanu coz Themba will turn and spit in every one's direction. CRY BELOVED ZIMBOZ!! SHAME

Tawa Zaru - 2 April 2014

Musanyepera Mwana uyu. Iwe shamwari wave kutambira kumadaka manje. Zanu ndeyeropa ............

McAaron - 2 April 2014

"Mliswa stunningly alleged that Mnangagwa had connived with businessman Billy Rautenbach to use members of the Zimbabwe National Army in their mining deals in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) when the country's military intervened in the DRC's political crisis just over 15 years ago." If this Billy dude was in bed with Emerson 15 years ago, why then did he need Themba 's zero lobbying skills to acquire interests in Hwange etc... recently?. Emerson is more connected than Themba. Yes uThemba sehlanya.

Qiniso - 2 April 2014

Mliswa is crazy bcz he thinks he can be in the limelight by attacking his fellow guya when himself is also dirty,tired of these dirty tricks,nxaa

Mr Leco - 2 April 2014

Thembah, Its okay for to expose these bigboys but you you also form part of them, What ever will happen to them, will happen to you also. You are just trying to gain popularity but you are also very corrupt. Taneta nemi vaThemba.

TANATSWA - 2 April 2014

In the detailed Herald report he admits that he invited Billy to fund the Chisumbanje project/estate which he had applied for yet he says he was approached by Billy. What is the correct position

Timothy Thorton - 2 April 2014

Vachakutsvaira havo wamboimba chikomana! Kukudhonora havaregi,mutambo wavo.

David Kasiyamhuka - 2 April 2014

Whatever faction, as long as you are ZANU you are all the same. Zimbabwe is a better place without any of ZANU corrupt clueless idiots

Ziziharinanyanga - 3 April 2014

Despite the fact that Temba's story is all about sour grapes, this story has makes quite some interesting reading. Of course if Billy had pid up, Temba would never have uttered a word. He says land and resources belong to black Zimbabweans and yet he facilitated for Unki resources to be awarded to Billy, who later sold them and used the money to 'invest' in Chisumbanje. Anyway, it seems Billy really owns ZanuPF. None of the fingered guys are actually revealing any details in their defense, they are only refuting the allegations by claiming that Temba is sleep-talking. Lets see where this goes. And shame on Mutasa, last week he had too much viagra, now he is in the eye of a bush fire started by Temba.

chikwambo - 3 April 2014

iwe Temba wadii watorawo Mangoma. Ukati hapana paanokwana here panyaya yenyu yekuZanu iyi

svinurai - 3 April 2014

Svinurai vakasvinura, Temba naMangoma vanogona kutsemura dai vabatira pamwe.

Madhunduru vepagatsi - 3 April 2014

tighten ur seat belts guys because another 2008 is around the corner at the hands of Zanupf .Our leaders are alwaya busy filling their pockets living luxurious lives while we the people are at the helm of suffering.Those who were implicated in the salarygate scandals were not even arrested nor tried I don't know whats our presidents thinking .its shocking to here that chombo fought to reinstate the Harare city council town clerk this shows he has something to hide.The president himselve doesn't have the nation at heart its almost 3 months after the Tokwemukosi Floods but he never set his foot there to see the suffering citizens Mwari pindirai Themba tell us more list all those who are involved in nasty deals the economy is melting down everyone is aware but ZBC inobroadcaster as if everything is flowing as if milk we are in the land of milk and honey.Guys todii

nomalanga - 3 April 2014

Varikutogadzirira kuparara kwe Zimbabwe so isu tichingovateerera. Whilst Temba is dirty but he has given us an insight of what ZanuPf has done to this country. We are now very aware that with zanupf we will only end up in chaos just wait when the so-called immortal becomes mortal and see a Somalia in this country. What disappoints me is that in ZanuPF we have not seen one who has said guys we have done enough harm let us clean the act, Mugabe is busy wishing for Grace's visa to EU and his game ranch that acting on this is a dream. He could have more skeletons in his cupboards and would not want to rock the house because for a normal being he would have by now acted heavily on this, but alas like I said after his landslide victory, we are in a bat cave now. Takungomiza miza ma bats arikutimhara.

Maita Manyuka - 3 April 2014

A s for the clowns in MDC, instead of taking advantage of the chaos in ZPF and consolidating theirown party, what do they do? they decide to do their own version of in-party factionalism and mudslinging. Cry, Beloved Country!

John o - 3 April 2014

Some more popcorn please. I knew that it wasn't just going to end with maiMaujuru supposedly shooting herself in the foot by saying the media should not expose corruption. In one we have Ngwena, Johnso and the rabid Kerere going toe to toe with amiMujuru, Mutasa, and the the rambling Mliswa, who may have an ally in Gono. I wonder when the likes of Chinos will jump onto the fray. Interesting times lie ahead.

Will - 3 April 2014

When will the Politburo seat to expel this schizo case from our party? Uyu munhu chokwadi anoda pyschiatric help...mirai muone.

Don Wezhira - 3 April 2014

Mliswa must have some serious political backing if he can call EM a mafia!! The deputy must support him for him to get away with it. And for him to say he had to intro Billie to politicians is silly. Billie needs no introduction. Mliswa to me seems to think he is our Julius Malema and look what is happening to him..........on his way to jail heheheh

Grim reaper - 6 April 2014

Hi Billie calking mliswa an extortionist isn't fair.........he is a lying extortionist racist farm thief crook. And stop comparing him to Malema...,,,,,,, Malema has never stolen farms from people

Objective dude - 6 April 2014

Is this really true? What morals can we claim to have as a nation?

Mwana wevhu - 7 April 2014

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