150 000 expected at Makandiwa's Judgement Night

HARARE - More than 150 000 people, including foreigners, are expected to attend Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s “Judgement Night” prayer session at the National Sports Stadium on April 19.

Makandiwa, a popular preacher with a huge following throughout the country and on the continent, announced at a recent church service that this year’s Judgement Night would surpass the previous one held two years ago.

The United Family International Church (UFIC) leader said this would be a ground-breaking session which he believes would bring in new developments in a country battered by acute economic difficulties.

Said Makandiwa: “God has finally remembered our nation and remarkable things are going to happen after this. Zimbabwe has never experienced anything like it before.”

Makandiwa preaches during a church service at the National Sports Stadium.

Last year, Judgement Night was cancelled at the last minute after administrators of the venue drilled holes in Makandiwa’s plans by making too many demands which the church could not meet.

A spokesperson for the church, Prime Kufakunesu, said this year’s event would be bigger than the one held in 2012 judging by the response they were getting from the public.

“Judgement Night is an all night prayer session where Prophet Makandiwa will take time to defeat dark forces which bring ills like bareness, poverty, sicknesses, conflict, failures in the lives of the people.

“Judgement Night has grown in popularity among UFIC church members and Christians from other churches. We have received inquiries from people as far as the United Kingdom, South Africa, Malaysia, Uganda, from Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Ghana, Nigeria and many other parts of the world.

“We urge our visitors from out of town to quickly make bookings because hotels will be fully booked,” said Kufakunesu.

He did not reveal what miracles Makandiwa would perform but emphasised that “tremendous things are going to happen and the nation should be ready.”

Already, people have started speculating about “the tremendous things” expected during Judgement Night with most followers saying that Makandiwa could make a prophecy that might change the country’s political landscape. But others are speculating about economic fortunes turning around while others are predicting social changes to the country.

UFIC officials have however decided to keep people in suspense and guessing as they are not revealing the major developments  Makandiwa is going to foretell.


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"God has finally remembered our nation and remarkable things are going to happen after this". Really, Makandiwa? I thought good things occur every other day. It seems Makandiwa will start pointing at every good thing that would happen after his "judgement night" and claim all the credit. It's unethical, if not criminal, conduct.

Goodboy Rhayisi - 2 April 2014

pakaipa mhen l will b there as soon as today

perfect kachepe - 2 April 2014

We only know of one judgement to come and this will be done by Jesus Christ. Bhururu yako iyi ndeipi? Instructions on judgement are very clear, 'do not judge least your Father in haeven will judge you'. Chako bhururu chin'anga ichi, this is satanism and the devil will never be like Jesus Christ. Judgement is for Jesus Christ only. Multitudes shall be deceived and perish. N'anga dzinotishupa dzichifembera bhora, kupitsika kwemadziro, now economy, vamwe dhisiri; sorry maningi.

Vonai - 2 April 2014

The god of the christian bible is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction. Jealous and proud of it, a pity, unjust, unforgiving, control freak. A vindictive, blood thirsty, ethnic cleanser. A misogynistic, homophobic, racist. Infanicidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent, bully.

homosapien - 2 April 2014

For the first time i will be there

SIMBA - 2 April 2014

@Vonai-1 Peter 4 :17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

Nashe - 2 April 2014

Huyai nemazimari enyu imi mose makaremerwa mutenge ruponeso. hamawoyee ngatitsvakei mwari mumweya nomuzvokwadi....

Chidondova - 2 April 2014

At last. Someone posted exactly what i agree with. Big up to "homosapien". Keep posting the truth.

Sangoma veMheni - 2 April 2014

Zimbabwe is facing economic challenges, which we expect Prophet Makandiwa to deal with, as he prays for Zimbabwe. Homosexuals will repent after the Prophet`s prayer and we expect politicians to come in the open, to worship God. It is indeed a miracle we are going to witness

Prophet D - 2 April 2014

Zimbabwe has finally been remembered. Ukasandiona ndiwe unenge usiko.

Archie - 2 April 2014

I will be there for the first time as well ndoda kunyatsombozvionerawo ndega!!!

Born Again - 2 April 2014

Makandiwa ko ndege yekuMalaysia iripapi chaipo mudhara.? Kana wati zvekuMalaysia kure kure uko, tavekutaura zvemuno, nhayi Kandiwa mu'Indian tourist paNyanga apo aripi ? hapana mhinduro, ?ko Goridhe riripi rawakati richanaya. Hapana futi, ko wakati uchanofamba pamusoro pemvura kuKariba urikuenda riinhi tikuperekedze,? Chaunogona masaramusi ekukudza nhengo dzemuviri dzevarume nekudzora zviuno zvemadzimai nhai. ? Nyangwe nhengo dzacho dai muchitanga matitaridzaka kuti heyi diki iyi ., ndatamba nayo yave hombe. Ini hangu regai ndinamate mwari wangu ndichiziva kuti i am a sinner and ndichapinda denga nenyasha.

Tsikamutanda - 2 April 2014

Judgement Night is not about judging people, but it is an opportunity for deliverance from poverty, sickness, lack of faith, sin etc. These are the things that will be judged and chased from people's lives. Noone ever said this is Judgement Day for sinners, but Judgement Night for sins and demons. If you have demons, they will be judged out of your life. So celebrate. But if you are the demon, you will be judged and chased out that night. Cry.

machakachaka - 2 April 2014

"uyai mose makaneta makaremerwa". zimbabwe warangarirwa mhani. muporofita uyu handidi naye mhani. uya uone ugodzokera

wind - 2 April 2014

Viva Prophet Makandiwa, viva the greatest conference of the year! A gathering of Christians at one place all worshipping God, 150 000 is no joke. Only God can allow such. Judgement night! where poverty, disease, bondage is going to end....Can't wait. Long live Prophet Makandiwa

for Jesus - 2 April 2014

@ Tsikamutanda, its mind boggling your fascination about a man of God you don't believe in, you always read about him and always post nasty comments. This is exactly what the Pharisees and Sadducees did, though they did not believe in Jesus they were always around Him to criticize and persecute Him. You have fallen victim to media reports who have published his prophecies but for some reason known only to them they do not publish when these miracles actually take place. Come and judge for yourself on the 19th April whether the Prophet is fake or not. Meanwhile read Isaiah 6:9

for Jesus - 2 April 2014

The bible thumping thief is propheting to profit from the desperation that these hard times bring;Go all ye so foolish to believe in false miracles and thou shall be relieved of dollars.But really, l admire this con man called Makandiwa...

mascara - 2 April 2014

@Vonai - Nhamo kunewe wakakudza satan kuti ndiye anogona kuita minana kupfuura Mwari wakasika denga nenyika. My father worships the living God , and the living God will be doing wonders on judgement night. You may come and b an obeserver hako ,then come sunday 20 april, ozopupura pawakaona Prophet vachishopera

Divine Solution - 2 April 2014

@tsikamutanda huya uzvionere zvinenge zviriko and get each and every one of the questions you asked being answered. to the rest come and experience the God of our Father proving he is a capable God.

esther - 2 April 2014

ndichadzora zvimaZim dhora zvitendero zvese izvi zvisvave......vanhu vangu voparara nokushaya zivooooo.

Chidondova - 2 April 2014

unotsamweyi wanzwa kuti "Prophet Makandiwa will take time to defeat dark forces which bring ills like bareness, poverty, sicknesses, conflict, failures in the lives of the people." kasi you are son of the devil. the only spirit i know which is against the prosperity and well being of humans is the devil and his followers. QUESTION? are you one of the follower of devil? Zimbabwe has finally been remembered and Prophet makandiwa being used by the Almighty will usher a new season in this beloved country. we all need hope and its in our midst. pasi newe negative comments, you benefit in the suffering of people.

zoey life - 2 April 2014

@mascara- baseless argument. Why do you call the miracles , false? We need evidence to believe you. Anyway , am not surprised , you inherited your behaviour from your forefathers Pharisees and Saducees who even questioned the Messianic of Jesus Christ. Haters will always be there but mugovadii ,baba vangu

Divine Solution - 2 April 2014

Criticize, accuse or find fault in what the Man Of God has said, I just hope that you guys will stick around to enjoy what God is going to do through his servant

Itai - 2 April 2014

@Chidondova- nhamo yako ndeyekuita zvekuudzwa ,usingasvikewo even pa City Sports apa, uchizviwonerawo wega. Apa you are now misleading the whole world ,with your ill informed post. I invite you to NSS on the 19th of April, uzvinzwirewo wega , 1st hand

Divine Solution - 2 April 2014

@mascara be very careful with your choice of words, kana uri munhu akaenda kuchikoro youshould know that its not wise to publicly attack someone or something you don't believe in yet you don't have facts. Show us the evidence kuti people are being ripped off their hard earned monies. My father sustains people's livelihoods from his own pocket and also sustains the ministry because the multitudes cant sustain it! be wise get your facts straight before you embarrass yourself.

for Jesus - 2 April 2014

@Chindondova do not attack a principle that you do not understand. Do you even read your bible? God is a giver He gave us Christ! Christians should also give. Ananias & Saphira died for misrepresentation over their own gift. Get facts about giving to God before you attack. No one is held at gunpoint to give in UFI, those who don't want or don't have do not give. Come and see for yourself

for Jesus - 2 April 2014

@Tsikamutanda- 2kings 2:19-22, If these elders had not approached Elisha for the healing of their waters , Elisha was going to leave the town without healing the waters. If you were humble enough , the prophet would have addressed your questions. But without doubt ,you ask with sarcasm. Anyway , you are not worthy to argue with because even your language on public forums like these ,is uncalled for. But unfortunatelY , you cant stop God to move ,because you hate Prophet E Makandiwa. Things will happen , come 19th April. Unongopfuurawo nepo, uone zvinenge zvichiitwa na Mwari anoshumirwa na baba vedu. Hololo

Divine Solution - 2 April 2014

Hololo hololo hololo loooooooooo

Itai - 2 April 2014

Zvekuona zvinebasa reiko kana kusweroti come and see. we believe in one God and waiting for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. so many things we are promised munguva yemberi e.g. rufu chairwo ruchabviswa, varwere vachaporeswa, nhamo ichapera, vana chaivo kutotamba nevanawo veshumba, thats we are waiting fo kwete zvenyu izvi zvedu zvichauya. zvenguva ino zvinopfuura izvi. we believe in the bible only. hameno KO IMI MUNOSHUMIRAWO ANIKO. wat surprises me ndezvekuti people munotukirana zvinhu zvedenga makakwana here nhai chero bedzi you worship the true God , siyanai nazvo izvi muchaita mhosva naMwari mukatongwa futi.

chokwadi - 2 April 2014


patrick kamupazanga - 2 April 2014

@Chokwadi- my wish for you , is to live what you preach. You are condemning kutukana and yet your post is full of hurt to the extent of asking us , whom we serve as if you have other thoughts about the God we serve. We serve the Almighty God. UFIC haisiriyo yakatanga ne advertising , it happens in all other churches, so whats your problem. Because its UFIC?Dai kuporesa varwere nhasi, iri mhosva, ko Jesu nevadzidzi ,vaiponeserei , vakadii kuti muchapona pandichadzoka. Hamheno ,mirirai rugare rwuchauya, isu totofanogarika pano, kumberiyo ,tichigarikazve. Honestly , judgement night is not being imposed on people to come , let those who want to attend , do so, zvaizokunakirawo dai wauya,waonawo kuti pano pasi unokwanisa kutogara usina zvirwere , uchifara. Then you would also confirm the God that we serve.

Divine Solution - 2 April 2014

just come with your situation, be it personal or at continental level and have your it changed!

@tfa - 2 April 2014

tadii kunyarara. God is God and He will forever be God.

loved - 2 April 2014

@homosapien. Your statements are the most breathtakingly blasphemous that I have ever personally witnessed. I am no saint but I would tremble and fear to issue such judgment against My Lord and God. It is quite obvious that you are an intelligent person, so how come you do not ?

indefense - 3 April 2014

God has remembered this nation through His servant Prophet E Makandiwa. When God answers prayers , He gives a person and in this nation ,a Prophet has been sent.We are in the days of Pophet E Makandiwa. @Vonai God judges using people in His office so all diseases ,lack , bareness willbe judged though Prophet E Makandiwa

CK - 3 April 2014

People are missing the great miracles which they need in their lives by criticizing this man, it happened even during the times of Jesus people criticized and hated him to the extend of crucifying him........

Clemence - 3 April 2014

@Chokwadi, its surprising how you expect vana vaProphet Makandiwa to keep quiet when their father's name is being massacred by people who don't even know him on the net! Maybe its because you have never come across some stranger insulting your Pastor, ukanyarara then wasiyanei neari kutuka Pastor vako? Manga majaira kutaura zvamunoda about the Prophet pasina anokupai ma facts, manje isu vana vacho tiripo & haitisi kuzonyarara because Baba vedu vakatidzidzisa kuda Mwari zvechokwadi & we have testimonies in all sectors of our lives. Pamberi na Prophet Makandiwa

for Jesus - 3 April 2014

Who cares.....

Kurupt - 3 April 2014

@Kurupt- Honestly is that all you have to say. Its not mandatory to put up a comment eey. Those 150 000 + who are attending plus millions who will be watching live streaming do care. Hololo

Divine Solution - 3 April 2014

Upi uyo anochinja kuita nyoka nemishonga yekwa Nana Kwacho weku GHana. hapa zviripi mishonga chete

Patrica - 3 April 2014

@Kurupt you care because you are reading.

for Jesus - 3 April 2014

Usazoita zvekuudzwa.

Evelyn Masenyama - 3 April 2014

@Patricia - surely , you are already manifesting. I kindly invite you to attend ,then toonawo tese pavachange vachichinja kuita nyoka. You are misguided my friend. UFIC in our thousands, we have never seen my father changing into a snake. Get your facts right. I stand to be corrected

Divine Solution - 3 April 2014

@Patricia the mind is very powerful, if you use it to imagine false things such as the ones you have stated you will begin to see them, they are called dillusions. The good thing is that the 150 000 coming for judgement night are not caught up in false imaginations & dillusions. Don't get left out vamwe vachibuda mu Egypt!

for Jesus - 3 April 2014

Kufamba pamvura kuKariba? Ngaaendepasi peKariba anotionera extent yecrater so that make informed decisions on how to budget and repair this strategic establishment. Ngaasangoperera mutown chete muface uyu. Kune varikuda prosperity kukariba nekuBinga uko. tithing yacho iriyetswanda yerukweza nembudzi.

frankly - 3 April 2014

The devil is in trouble. JUDGEMENT NIGHT 2....satan & his demons will be judged...kikikikikikikiki


@ vonai sell whatever you own and give to the poor and see if that will do any good to you.by a prophet people are preserved,by believing in a prophet you prosper. dont show your stupidityto the whole nation you embarass your family.you skipped RUNYARARO PRIMARY SCHOOL dzidza kunyarara pane zvausingazive.


critics to be honest with you,in my personal capacity i will be judging you on this night.so that you wont touch the annointed of GOD.

anotonga - 3 April 2014

Tichaonerera gore rino. na"Money spinner" I am sorry for those gullible who sacrifice their income for these occult whims...

frankly - 3 April 2014

idzo pfungwa dzakakufoirisa grade 7,marriage,kumba unorohwa nemudzimai kubasa unobika tea ndodzaunouya nadzo kuzvinhu zvaMwari .Shame on you panouya ruponeso rwako ndopaunovhura muromo une mazino akaora nefodya colgate chaiyo mukanwa hamutoizive.TINOFARA PERSECUTION MAFUTA TINOZORA MACRITICS TINOVAUDZA HUPENZI HWAVO


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