Let's take action: Tsvangirai

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says it is time to take the President Robert Mugabe-led government head-on through action which he did not specify.

Speaking at a rally in Zhombe on Saturday, the former prime minister in an uneasy coalition with Mugabe for more than four years said the country, whose economy is on a downward spiral, cannot be held captive by one man.

“We know that people are facing problems but Mugabe does not care,” said Tsvangirai as he pointed to company closures and subsequent employment losses.

“We will soon be mobilising Zimbabweans to take action. Zimbabweans cannot be held hostage by one man,” Tsvangirai said.

The MDC leader said, since Mugabe is the author of the current problems — that have worsened since last year’s general elections — he must be brought down to the negotiating table.

“We are now a basket case. Mugabe must be brought to the negotiating table, not by the MDC but rather by the masses of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Zimbabwe’s service delivery sectors are on a death-bed that could produce a crisis, with hospitals in the intensive care unit, water getting scarcer and thousands of children dropping out of school, and increasingly desperate citizens being caught up in the crossfire.

With social service delivery at an all-time low and unemployment rate sky-high, the situation, according to social commentators, may provoke a showdown between the State and it’s citizenry especially the restive civil servants, who are yet to get their promised salary increment.

Although Mugabe has on several occasions promised to review salaries of government workers — with civil servants expecting the rise this month — his government has failed to pay up and in the process stocking up anger among its servants.

Tsvangirai said present problems can only be solved through a holistic national dialogue.

“In the past 34 years, we have realised that liberation does not mean freedom.  The current national crisis has fingerprints of Zanu PF and Mugabe,” said Tsvangirai.

The bloated, bankrupt State cannot sustain the social spending that kept the peace; the nation already faces water shortages, power outages, rising prostitution and rampant crime.

Analysts have warned that unless government implements reforms that will resuscitate the economy—the country is headed for a disaster.

Mugabe’s 26-member Cabinet has only hastened the country’s decline — for example, 10 women die daily while giving birth.

Official figures say 960 women die per 100 000 live births. Zimbabwe’s healthcare system was functional and could meet the needs of the country.

The situation is worsened by shocking reports of corruption with the public now demanding action from Mugabe.

The 90-year-old Mugabe is under increasing pressure to reshuffle his Cabinet which has dismally failed to deal with prevailing economic challenges.

Analysts say what is needed now is pressure on the government to change course and open negotiations with opposition leaders, something that has since been dismissed contemptuously by the ruling party.

And with the next scheduled elections four years away, Tsvangirai said there is need to reach a consensus beyond parochial party interests.

But the opposition leader, who is struggling to contain disunity in his own party appears to have little leverage and analysts say it is time for Zimbabwe’s neighbours to use their influence, before the chaos becomes uncontainable.


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Point of Correction, He musnt be brought to the negotiating table. He should just leave office!!!

muMDC - 31 March 2014

Morgan must not forget that the people rejected him on 31st July 2013 and voted for Mugabe.

godfrey gudo - 31 March 2014

This is what an opposition leader must do - put pressure on a non performing leader. Though Morgan did not say much but such a tone helps him to identify with the masses and he doesnt have to wait for 2018 he must keep in touch with the electorate. Whenever he hears a company has closed he must go and sympathize with the workers. Where he hears that workers are not being paid he must point out my heart is with such etc that will make him a better opposition leader instead of focussing on petty internal party issues which neither gain him support nor sponsors.

Tichaona - 31 March 2014


peter mayor - 31 March 2014

the fantasy of the dying man who is taking the country down with him mugabe has failed and does nt want to accept anything that says failed, mugabe has done nothing bt destroy zimbabwe..................... tsvangirai we need action

the patriot - 31 March 2014

now u want the masses 2 negotiate with him but wen u went for the referentum u sidelined them (chinokanganwa idemo.....

goddy - 31 March 2014

I know that by 'action' my former prime minister means throwing stones at the passing bus. Sad.

machakachaka - 31 March 2014

Listen to this " Mugabe must be brought to the negotiating table not by the mdc but by the masses", this is por leadership, a coward indeed. Who will lead the masses zvamazvibvisa nhayi vachidavakadzi. Imi munenge muchiitei when the masses force mugabe to the negotiating table? Tsvangison if you are not prepared to take leadership of what you are proposing then let someone take over. This is not trade unionism where where you have these endless negotiations. In politicks the game is faster than that. Baba imi weakness yenyu yekuda vakadzi yakakupedzai, jere munoritya but mukaramba muchitaura sezvizvi munokuenda manje-manje. Zivai zvemvana dzenyu nekuti kutungamirira vanhu makutadza. I see sikala's thinking translating into words using your inward orifice.

garaimose - 31 March 2014

@TICHAONA newe muMDC itai henyu mhirizhonga tikupei size yenyu. tinenge tichingoti mukuda kubvisa mambo akasarudza zviripamutemo.kukutsikai sitereki.totokutaurirai .danger zone. isu vanamusoja hatina madocket tinopa instant justice.mabata.

musoja - 31 March 2014

Daily news,pliz we are tired of seeing Simba's picture,Aa-a,Bvisai mhani chiPicture icho!!!

Dailynoisy - 31 March 2014

Garaimose usataure zvisina basa hapana asingade vakadzi, President Tsvangirayi vari nani vanoda vakadzi vobva vabuda pachena vonyenga vodiwa ko ana gumbura vaitorapper, get away nemastatements ekupenga Morgan Tsvangirayi ndiye Prsident wedu achatotonga dzake 5years musingade musingade achatonga chete.

Tatenda Mafira - 31 March 2014

which people is Mr Godfrey Gudo talking about - Nikuv?

Johno - 31 March 2014

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handy man - 31 March 2014

Daily News Taneta kuona simba pachipicture icho. matadza kuisa vanhu veku Tokwe Mukosi here . haaaha maakuzobhowa manje. Asi makamera enyu akafa kani. even eBirthday taneta kuona vachidya keke isu tiri kutambura kudai

svinurai - 31 March 2014

Ha-a-a i get very annoyed by this guy who likes interjecting a lively discourse with his/her advertising.Put your advertisements on the mainline paper please kwete kutiudza nezva ma ceiling ako asina basa,akuudza kuti tinedzimba dzacho ndiani pfutseke

Toni - 31 March 2014

Iwe Musoja uri mhata chaiyo unoti kana uchiba nehurumende tose zvinotifadza here. Mugabe is nothing but a failler, Dictator, Killer, Lucifer, imbwa Mugabe. We need Action Guys

Chokwadi hachiputse ukama - 31 March 2014


Hazvichanakidzi - 31 March 2014

Save must checked muridzo.

simba - 31 March 2014

The problem with Tsvangirai is that he's overzealous. Why talk like that when you actually know that you still want some negotiations? Before you organize another rally you'd be making numerous trips to the courts to answer charges of treason!!!

Regalia - 31 March 2014

With Tsvangirai it is all talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk and no action, then he goes for elections before reforms were implimented , then he loses again and again and again. People no longer have faith in Tsvangirai because each time he goes for elections he gets out witted by ZANU PF and NIKUV with elections being rigged right in front of his eyes. Why does Tsvangirai go for elections when he knows that he has been cheated 3 times then he loses elections? Why does he go for elections before reforms are implimented?

Pinocchio - 31 March 2014

Unfortunately most of us will blame and criticise Morgan for any industrial action that he can call for, they will shout louder if he does nothing. Please just shut up because you're hopeless. You can't even lift a finger to point at the massive corruption surrounding you. I respect him for standing up to Bob. He has his weaknesses yes likely all of us, but he does something about it. Let's support any peaceful action that he may call out to save our country. Zanu has killed our country and by year end they will kill us. We should not allow them to sweep salarygate under the carpet. I won't, and I will be acting with MT.

Haiwawo - 31 March 2014

I agree with Haiwawo. Nyaya yekuratidzira ndeyedu Isu tisinacorruption. Let rally behind Save. Enough is enough.

simba - 31 March 2014

It would be interesting for Pinnochio to tell us what Morgan should do rather than talk talk. After that tell us what you have done you yourself about one tiny bit of corruption. I agree with Haiwawo, we are the ones who talk but do nothing. Even when police ask for bribes. Please let us wake up.

maggie - 31 March 2014

Ibvapo tsvangirai waonkaa kuti you slowly becoming a candidate for zim political dust bin and now woda kushandisa vana ve zim kuita chaos munyikankuti mugipinda muoffice mogwira zvigaro sezvatinikuzivai muchiita. Manje tangwara wena isu tomirira 2018 kubvisa Mugabe wawakakoniwa tichitsvaka umwe leader ane musoro kwete rombe rakaita sewe risina kana plan yose, step down vamwe vaitewo. Plus gushungo vachakusotai mukada kuita noise

Bashoma Haward Munyuki - 1 April 2014

hatidi chi lybia style mu zw,dai prsdnt mgabe agara ....look @ Tripoli and cairo...in zw there is order and rule of the law....no guns in a peacefull country...zvichaita chete

matica - 1 April 2014

Our neighbours will not take any action in our favour because our demise culminates in their advantage.But in the long run,they will cry foul when we flock in our multitudes into their territories.

Sinikiwe Shumba - 1 April 2014

Its a shame Mr Tsvangirayi Zim is full of cowards murikutaura mega rememba what happened during the final push in 2003 vanhu vakakutizai

protestor - 1 April 2014

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pumps - 1 April 2014

Matica I dnt think u know the meaning of rule of law. how many people amongst those who fought for the liberation are benefiting. how much are we getting from our diamonds. How much are we getting to save for vazukuru vedu. How much property have you acquired when one greedy civil servant owns half of Bulawayo and the whole of Victoria Falls and Hwange? Has any of your grandfather or even you ever dreamt of buying 145+ haulage trucks? How many people have died of cholera, poor sanitation and health services when some can afford to go to Singapore or India for medication? Who should be whose servant here, the Ministers (and President) or the general citizen?? Wake up my friend and do not say things you do not know. If you knew kuti taiitei mumasango waisasekerera nyika ichiparadzwa kudai. Munin'ina wangu Tsvangirai anonogona asina kurwa hondo asi hazvirevi nyika inotongwa nehondo. It is funny how much you pay for your road licence but the roads are not service at all. Have you noticed that the Toll Gates are no longer automatically identying vehicle number plates? What do u think is the motive there? Muka munin'ina unevana nevazukuru vachada nhaka

Master Cde - 1 April 2014

Whatever this idiot says we dont give a damn, because he tried hard working with the West to kill our economy, Most of our tattered economy were a result of this traitor, and we rejected you. We shall be able to pick ourselves without the contribution of your nonsensical and treacherous groans mr Goblin.

reason - 1 April 2014

So "prostitution is on the increase"? I never expected such words to come from yu know who's mouth! But then its April Fools today. Kuhondo wakatiza, Yu called for a final putsch and was sported at a scenic resort by the sea, so who must do that for yu this time.

Don Wezhira - 1 April 2014

Haiwawo wareva chokwadi. Garazviya waiva pabase ripi iwe?

Master Cde - 1 April 2014

people must stop thinking like they need mental care because statistics proove that Mugabe has done nothing but destroy a country that was once something.....at this present moment our shops are full of foreign products not only that half of the people of zimbabwe are in foreign countriez and those in zimbabwe are jus struggling

dreAD - 1 April 2014

Reason I wonder if you have an appreciation of economics? Don Wezhira, have you ever seen any President on the forefront of a war? Inzwa ka, sanctions were removed and how has it helped. When you say Tsvangirai tried hard working with the West to kill our economy, unorevei? Give us material evidence you have. Is corruption part of Tsvangirai's ploy to kill Zim's economy? Did he scare away investors by any ridiculous foreign investment policy? Mai vako kumusha varikufamba vasina shangu because of Tsvangirai here? NRZ yakauraiwa naTsvangirai here and imagine how many people lost jobs? How do you expect someone who owns a fleet of haulage trucks be an influential Minister in transport yet he competes with NRZ for business? Its politics my colleagues

Master Cde - 1 April 2014

zvakangooma kuti gudo riri kuseka rimwe gudo mahobi. Mr Morgan must try farming nokuti kutonga nyika zvingavaomera. Tingaona chisionekwi Gumbura akapiwa amnesty

Furatidzai Chisingaitwi Bhobho - 1 April 2014

Action and Action - let the people who have be caught on the wrong side of the law be brought to book even if it is a Minister - let them go to jail - President was there too even though it was to liberate the country

pty - 1 April 2014

Please Tsvangirai for once, forget politics. Its not in you, you cant stand up for what you say, actually you have no principles. Give us a well deserved break.

Patriot - 1 April 2014

Please Tsvangirai for once, forget politics. Its not in you, you cant stand up for what you say, actually you have no principles. Give us a well deserved break.

Patriot - 1 April 2014

Please Tsvangirai for once, forget politics. Its not in you, you cant stand up for what you say, actually you have no principles. Give us a well deserved break.

Patriot - 1 April 2014

Many highly amusing comments. Yes Tsvangirai has made some seemingly silly mistakes but he is trying. Yes he runs in elections we all know are going to be rigged, but he does so hoping that the trueth will eventually be realized publicly and something will be done about it. if no one stood for elections Mugabe would not have to rig anything and there would be no hope whatsoever of change. To fail without trying is the worst possible failure. Definitive failure is only realized when one stops trying. The fact is the only way to change the situation Zimbabwe is in and to get rid of Mugabe is to work together to do so. One man alone cannot face Mugabe and his cronies/bought supporters and bring about change. Only a mass of people standing together as one can dismount such a corrupt and unjust government as that of the one dictating to Zimbabwe.

Happy - 3 April 2014

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