Govt closes Chiyangwa varsity

HARARE - Government has ordered several higher education institutions to close shop until they are formally registered.

St Linus University from which flamboyant businessman Philip Chiyangwa obtained his controversial doctorate degree is among the unregistered institutions which have been instructed to stop teaching.

Chiyangwa made headlines last year after he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Business Leadership by the Philippines-based University.

James Makamba, another prominent Zimbabwean businessman based in South Africa, also holds a degree from the same institution.

Apostolic Faith Mission’s (AFM) Living Water’s Bible Seminary, which has produced a number of renowned preachers like the late evangelist Phanuel Chiweshe — who mentored several others including the charismatic Emmanuel Makandiwa — was also affected by the government directive.

“Apostle” Tavonga Vutabwashe’s Heartfelt Institute Ministries has also been affected. The young pastor is also a product of Living Waters Bible Seminary.

In a statement published in the State-controlled media yesterday; the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (Zimche) said the law required that all institutions, including foreign-based ones, offering such services also be registered locally.

“In terms of section 10 of the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education Act (Chapter 25:27), Zimche wishes to inform all stakeholders in higher education that the degrees offered by institutions which are not registered under the Zimche Act are not recognised in Zimbabwe.

“It has come to the attention of Zimche that there are colleges offering degrees in association with institutions domiciled outside Zimbabwe.

“The institutions must be registered in their countries. Further to that, they must be registered with Zimche.

“Failure to register with Zimche means that the institutions in Zimbabwe that are facilitating the teaching of these degrees are violating the Zimche Act of 2006,” read Zimche’s statement released yesterday.

Universities such as Pan African College of Zimbabwe, Megham Consulting, United Theological College, University of Africa (not Africa University), Christ College (except programmes offered under affiliate-ship with Great Zimbabwe University) are officially closed.

Zimche has also nullified degree programmes from Triune, Calvary, Atlantic International and Harare Theological College.

The statutory body has encouraged aspiring students to verify credibility of institutions with National Accreditation Authorities of host countries rather than rely on institutional websites.

“It is in the best interest of those intending to study abroad to check with Zimche if the qualifications they intend to acquire would be recognised in Zimbabwe, especially if it is a professional qualifications which may require registration with a professional body in Zimbabwe,” concluded Zimche.

In a bid to retain what is left of sanity and quality in the education sector, government, early this year, de-registered 300 colleges found to be non-compliant nationwide.

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Editor, You must have been lost or day dreaming when you wrote this article. Is St. Linus Uni based in Zimbabwe and has it been closed? You even wrote yourself that the University is based in Philippines? Kushaya nyaya asi?

Support - 31 March 2014

Mr Editor Sir the headline of this article is not supported by the story. At first I thought this was \chiyangwa's Uni he built in Zimbabwe but it turned to be a University outside Zimbabwe. Budai pachena and tell us zvamanga muchida kutaura or are you telling us that Chiyangwa got an Honorary degree from a fake University

matombo - 31 March 2014

Mr writer you are just stealing from your company for you dont know what you write, you say Chiyangwa's varsity like as if he owns it. You deserve zero credits.

deeds - 31 March 2014

Poor reporting, asi news dzenyu hadzina editor here? headline ne story yacho hazvifambirani. poor poor 0%.

chiyangwa - 31 March 2014

Please everyone knows St Linus University is a DIPLOMA MILL. It is not a registered education institution by any standard

Godfrey Sibanda - 31 March 2014

Well done ZIMCHE! Monitoring of standards is applauded. Ma doctorate enhema awanda!

Standards - 1 April 2014

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handy man - 1 April 2014

How can government close a university based in Phillipinnes? There manifest ignorance in this story. Government can only regulate institutions based in zimbabwe. If individuals choose to study with institutions based outside the country, it's their choice. Who said education is about recognition by government?

Bachinche, gorge - 1 April 2014

Reporter, you are doing your paper a great disfavour by writing trash and displaying your sheer ignorance.Zimche has no power to close a university based outside Zimbabwe.Moreover, its the university which chooses who to bestow honorary degrees its not as if the individual applied to be honoured.You are just full of malice!!

noah nkiwane - 1 April 2014

People who are rushing to condemn the writer are just exposing themselves. Zimche did not close a diploma mill in the Philippines. They closed a branch of the fake university which was operating in Zimbabwe. A recent example is when Telecel was faced with closure. Now as you might know (I doubt it considering the size of your brain) Telecel is a Zimbabwe based 'branch' of Orascom Telecom which is based in Egypt. Government was not threatening to close Orascom but its Zimbabwe based arm. Got it? This fake university was giving out fake degrees to fake graduates here in Zimbabwe, pretending to teach here in Zimbabwe; so Zimche shut down that offshoot that is operating in Zimbabwe. The angry fools fuming at the reporter just show the shallowness of the people who are offered degrees by such bogus unis. Simple comprehension and you failed outright. No wonder they are closing your so-called universities would that would shamelessly hand out to pin-heads like you these so-called degrees that are not worth the paper they are written on. Now that you are back to zero, go to real university and get a real degree. Ko munotyei?

Zivanai Ozzy Chinoda - 1 April 2014

April fools day

bakasa andrew - 1 April 2014

we just as well close all schools what is the use off schools when there are no jobs also our zanu pf crimmenals only want blind un educated zombies they are easy to f around.

jack - 1 April 2014

Chirungu chenyu reporter,the heading implies that a college owned by Chiyangwa was closed,wakapasa a leaked English exam paper

Tafirenyika - 1 April 2014

What will be done to people in public institutions based on qualifications from such universities i hope they will be degraded accordingly.

Tsotso - 2 April 2014

Lorieta uri huku yemunhu. Zvinei nemusoro wenyaya zvauri kutiudza

Chenai - 4 April 2014

I sympathise with Chenai for she knows not that Lorieta is the so called Dr Aluta, advertising for free!

Yeoman - 4 April 2014

You know what really worries me are the products of good universities such as Cashbert, Chombo, the other piece of garbagge my brain refuses to recall the name from Harare City also need to have their degrees withdrawn from them since they have disgraced the institutions that gave them the degrees. Zvirema zvevanhu why steal when you can actually make some money fairly? Leave the government and become A FREE PROFIT AGENT AND SEE HOW YOU FAIL!!! SPINLESS PEOPLE WITHOUT ANY ETHICS. zVESE NEVAKURU VACHO.....

mhere - 5 April 2014


trasmie - 6 April 2014

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Freida - 7 April 2014

this is good article. thanks reporter. There is many fake PhDs at local varsity. Plese zimche can you investiget HIt

chakanetsa - 7 April 2014

Headline on Chiyangwa misleading so much for the entire contents in your paper.

moses marufu - 7 April 2014

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