Tsvangirai, it's now too late to visit flood victims

EDITOR — Morgan Tsvangirai’s visit to flood victims at Tokwe-Mukorsi basin comes too late.

How can an aspiring national leader acknowledge the existence of this national calamity three months down the line?

The Tokwe-Mukorsi floods which affected over 2 000 families and several livestock were covered

extensively by both local and international media so one cannot say Tsvangirai was not aware of the predicament facing the flood victims in Chivi.

President Robert Mugabe declared a state of national disaster in the Tokwe-Mukosi reservoir catchment basin as floods continued to wreck havoc in Chivi. Anyone who witnessed the victims in Chivi playing cat and mouse games with crocodiles certainly agrees the disaster warrants national sympathy.

Honestly, how can Tsvangirai, all of a sudden decide to visit the area when all pillars of assistance are pitched to normalise the affected families?

He is poised on nothing, but gaining cheap political mileage out of the sufferers’ plight.

He is seeking to get visibility as he is scouting to be covered by the press while touring this place.

It is quite clear that when the Head of State, president Mugabe declared it a national disaster, he did not see the actual gravity of this matter till this week.

The government was surely seized by this natural catastrophe, and acted speedily to save human and animal lives.

Tsvangirai’s failure to react quickly to such issues may relay the wrong message to the affected families?
This behavioural trait militates against his efficiency and effectiveness in dealing with matters. This may explain why he is fire-fighting in our party and failing to maintain cohesion amongst his supporters.

MDC is the people’s party as we know it, but when the people are in the middle of calamities, such as this Tokwe-Mukorsi disaster, we forget about them. Surely, this soils our image in the public spectrum.

Wake up and smeell the coffee Tsvangirai.

Suitable Kajau

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This 90 year old octogenarian mugabe you are shoving down our throats as declared this or that, have you see Mugabe in Masvingo visiting these 20 000 zimbabweans? declaring a state of emergency in the comfy of samora machel air conditioned smith Erra offices is so different that physically touring Mukosi victims. Morgan is not the president of zimbabwe.

mafikizolo - 30 March 2014

As much as Morgan could have gone there earlier, he is doing so from his own resources and maybe could have appealed to donors but mind you there those in responsibility to improve the plight of these people. He can't appeal to foreign gvts as it will be political fodder for regime change, he has no gvt fuel or vehicle, his bafday bash was not even worth celebrating yet others plus foreign dignitaries were there stepping on each other to give their gifts to the emperor. He is no longer a PM but an opposition leader and he can't even negotiate help for the this illegal regime!!!

L M. M T. Nyati - 30 March 2014

this Morgan guy, isn't he finished already, surely he should have common sense to tell when his time is up so embarrassing cant believe he is my home boy nonsense

chitova o - 30 March 2014

this Morgan guy, isn't he finished already, surely he should have common sense to tell when his time is up so embarrassing cant believe he is my home boy

CHITOVA - 30 March 2014

Its never too late nokuti vanhu vachiri murushambwa gwenhamo ikoko nekuti Zanu yakangovapa chipunu chetsvigiri vaise mudende remaHeu . Kuenda kwake toita ZANU iwedzere rubatsiro ikoko nokuti hapana zvaakaita . Iwe mpfana Kajau zvekungonyora uripakompiyuta zvasiyana nezvirikuitika nekuti isu tine hama dziriko dzirikugozhegwa nehupenyu ikoko . Asi iwe hauzivi basa reOpposition party kahi

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 30 March 2014

Leave Save alone

Chemical Solution - 31 March 2014

ko nhai imi vaDaily news editor mave analyst here kana kuti news reporter,zvamatova buzy kuAnalyser vaSave nekuti vaenda kusina kuendwa nevamwe

me - 31 March 2014

It's never too late to do a good thing, Mr Editor. The visit by Tsvangirai will continue giving the limelight to the Tokwe-Mukorsi people. He will, of course, bring with him a few gifts to the displaced people. Not to be outdone, ZANU PF will also mobilise resourses such as extra tents for the families, food and clothing. Morgan's visit to the displaced people is more than welcome!

Feldman Bandura - 31 March 2014

HAHAHAHA!!! Ah Moggy.... he should just do what he needs to do and slide quickly into non existence...

EnsignTongs - 31 March 2014

mafira kureva is a man of great analysis. how can you expect an opposition president ahead of the rulling president. mr president Mugabe was celebrating his birthdays and weddings whist Masvingo was on fire. plus its him through his fast track disorder who settled people inside a water body. rubbish

wedumbu - 31 March 2014

Hapana nyaya apa, Mugabe was eating cake isu vuno Masvingo tichiona ngwavaira!!

Nesongano - 31 March 2014

When the Chombos and the Bhasikitis were visiting and assisting the victims at the height of the disaster, Morgan was in Harare mending relations with his wife. Tokwe-Mukosi area was flooding and too stormy, so he did not want to endure the discomfort associated with such situations. Now mvura yavara, he finds the area visitable. Save wo futi vanorasa timing yavo. He always slips. Can he be my president? I shudder.

machakachaka - 31 March 2014

zvaitwa Save chikara che ZANU. Iyo harahwa iya yaka rigger ma votes edu haina kana kutsikako ku Torkwe kwacho. Ndaizviziva kuti munoendako Dzivaguru! ZANU ndiyo yakakonzera iri dambudziko isina kana ku resettler vanhu! zvakaoma chokwadi!

economist - 31 March 2014

well done Save. Its a pleasure . Your visit is most wellcome

RAYMOND - 31 March 2014

yes what about our Great leader akambosvikawo here apa Self interest and preservation at its best

protestor - 1 April 2014

the president has never been there wani......Morgan is not the president of Zim.Chii chakaipa nekushanyira hama dziri pakutambudzika.Dai zvakaitwa nemaorganisations and the so called government was enough dai vanhu vasiri kuchema.I salute you Mr Tsvangirai!!!!!!!

totoko - 1 April 2014

Save vagonesa kuendako.. Its never too late. Hapana chakamboipa. Soon you will start loosing readers dailynews nekuti hamuna nyaya.

Nechips - 1 April 2014

Problems that people in Tokwe-Mukorsi face are still far from over, so I think Tsvangirai's visit is most welcome. Histrory will record Tsvangirai's visit and none of Mugabe's.

Dr Know - 1 April 2014

Hahahaha April Fools Day

Zimbo - 1 April 2014

If you have nothing to write you can write articles about soccer or any other sport rather than tarnishing the image of a national leader. That is not good at all. Imagine if it was you

Adam Munapomba - 4 April 2014

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