Immoral for Dube to remain Zifa boss

HARARE - My last article on football was way back in 2008, when I sensed that something sinister and deadly was unravelling in a sport the great Pele calls “the Beautiful Game”.

I wrote an opinion piece for a local weekly, expressing alarm at the way the Warriors were being made to play dubious friendly matches or tournaments in Asia.

What I was writing about then later turned out to be Asiagate, a match fixing scandal that was unearthed years later.

At the time, I was compelled to air my views given the national interest football has in our society. When I requested space from my sports editor, Enock Muchinjo, to write this opinion piece, he looked bewildered because he knew there was something really wrong which I wanted to address. 

Yes, Enock is right, our football is rotten, it’s in a mess and with the Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) elections being held today, there is need to raise a few issues before councillors make the wrong decisions today. 

The Zifa elections have generated widespread interest — ample proof that football is a national pastime in this country. 

For an event which has attracted so much national interest, it is therefore critical that the elections are held under conditions which are free and fair.

The nation demands a credible, free, fair, and legitimate election whose outcome is not contested. Unfortunately, those conditions do not prevail for such an election to take place today.

The football-loving public of Zimbabwe does not have confidence in the electoral process, and the general view is that the polls are skewed in favour of the incumbent, Cuthbert Dube. And it’s sad.

In any election, the Electoral College process should be put in place to ensure a system of fairness.

That has not been the case. In this instance, the Electoral College of Zifa was chosen under the supervision of the current Zifa executive led by Dube.

Its independence is, therefore, questionable and surely we cannot have Dube being both the referee and player.

Dube is an interested party, seeking a fresh mandate after four years of shockingly poor governance, characterised by unnecessary witch hunts and personal fights at the expense of football.

Under his administration, the Warriors have missed out on the last two editions of the African Nations Cup, a barometer of success in any country which claims to be football-crazy like ours.

Against this background, Dube should not even be contesting the elections today because he cannot manage an election process for which he is a candidate.

With hours left before the polls, one of the four candidates, Trevor Carelse-Juul claimed that he was denied the voters’ roll. Who are these faceless men and women, in the so-called Zifa Council, who will decide whether we remain stuck with the Dube administration or move into the future?

What are their credentials and what have they done for Zimbabwean football to be vested with such powers?

The bottom line is the generality of Zimbabwean football fans are sick and tired of the Dube regime and wants a new leader with vision to take football to the next level.

The Zifa electorate must be careful not to play games with people’s emotions.

There is a time when you curse the law, and that is the situation we have before us. It’s very unfortunate that a national popular vote will not be used tomorrow, and our fate will have to be decided by men and women that the nation and the contestants do not know and have no faith in — an electorate prone to manipulation and often accused of accepting money and gifts in return for votes. 

An election whose outcome will have Dube as the winner will simply not be acceptable to the majority of football fans in this country, and the Zifa chairman must have listened to that inner voice clamouring to be heard.

When Dube won elections to lead Zifa for the current term, I was at Prince Edward School where the polls were held as an uninvited observer and most people I spoke to claimed the election process had been fundamentally flawed.

We can’t afford to have another term with Dube at the helm.

On Thursday, Dube launched his election manifesto, saying he wishes to complete the good work he has started.

What really is the good work he is talking about? Asiagate? Which has turned into a big farce that even Fifa wants to hear nothing of it anymore?

The way Zifa mismanaged the Asiagate issue alone, rushing to convict people without proper procedures being followed, should alone be reason for any self-respecting public official to step down.

Yes, the matches were fixed but Zifa under Dube clumsily handled the issue.

It will be immoral for Dube to remain at the helm of our football after four years of failure and after being lampooned in the press for his roles in the demise of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) where he was board chairman and the Public Service Medical Aid Society (Psmas) where he was the chief executive officer.

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let him finance his personal team. we are not interested in dirty money. we want transparency and clean hands in football. he is old and has never played football. lets give the work to the young, true and honest people with football in mind and heart. this time dube you are out. my vote is a majority!

think - 29 March 2014

You are dead right Dube should at least have a little respect for soccer funds and let the ZIFA chair be filled by someone else or is he like Charamba (President Mugabe's spokesman who appears determined to take the president down with him?) so far gone that he thinks he did nothing WRONG?

gutter poet - 29 March 2014

Kikikiki i gues the writer is fuming now because the Thief Dube stole the elections. Dube is President again for the next four years. Like it or not he will be at the helm like Robert Mugabe who is shepherding a dead flock. This is how Zimbabwe is ruled, Money rules in Zimbabwe if you didnt know. At least the Zanu PF election theft should have told people how Zimbabwe is governed. Dont be surprised those with money will continue to be in power even if no one likes them. How can the council vote independently when ZIFA itself owes Cashbert all that Money we hear in the papers? There is no way. He will just tell them that if i lose my Money becomes due and payable. This is Zimbabwe lets accept our fate or else lets take action. Without action we will continue to be ruled but tyrants like Mugabe and Dube.

Exiled - 29 March 2014

why are players not allowed to vote because they are the biggest losers if ZIFA continues to fail us. thieves are running the show yet the players who make the game suffer in the hands of these misguided elements. it is our own country we are killing by aiding mbavha idzi. Dube's re-election should be made null and void. what has he done for football since he came in power?

jani - 31 March 2014

Cashbert Dube ex Premier Salaries Medical Aid Society.....kikikikii.. had a better MONEYFESTO...for the Zifa elections ! kikikikikikiki....

MARI JAHWI - 31 March 2014

Zifa being run on medical aid subscriptions Bravo Cashbert

protestor - 1 April 2014

I really see nothing wrong with Dube's re-election, I really dont. People dont mix issues here. Otherwise u are castigating all members of the Zifa structures countrywide who voted him back. Although personally I would have preferred one of the other candidates, I really see nothing immoral in Dube seeking re-election. Looks like most of you listen to Barry Manandi and Mike Madoda's programme where they repeatedly and spiritedly tried to decampaign Dube. Musasanganisa nyaya anhu wee

Taurai - 3 April 2014

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